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Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android Updated, New Mobs and a Bow to Slay Them With

Last night, Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android was updated. In terms of updates, it’s pretty decent and brings some new mobs and a means to destroy them. In the caves and outside at night, you will find skeletons and spiders trying to ruin your fun, but Mojang has added in bows and arrows for you to defend yourself. Along with that excitement, the game should see better brightness, decay time for items has been extended to five minutes, and now the hotbar has six slots on all devices.

Minecraft was a pretty big deal when it was first released, but is anyone still playing it on their mobile?

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Cheers Justin!

  • xXleathshotXx

    wen do you get the update cause i wont to do them

  • Anthony

    I like the iPod version. It gets rid of the urge to play minecraft when I’m away from my Xbox but it still needs more updates to it but I still play it almost everyday

  • It’s only really fun on it’s creative mode. If I’ve got a few minutes to kill when I’m out and about, I’ll pop up my world and build something new. But in survival mode, It doesn’t really feel rewarding. This update is a step in the right direction, thanks to more mobs, but we’re still lacking stuff. Most notably Minecarts, Creepers, Random dungeons, and a little bit bigger worlds. Other than that, I’m glad I payed the 7 dollars for it. Mojang is very good with their updates, and I think my purchase was worthwhile.

  • This needs much more crafting ability. I got this game when it was released after having never played any other versions of the game. At the time there was only creative mode. I built some stuff up but quickly got bored. Then they added survival, the problem is you can hardly make anything. There needs to be options for a lot more crafting items to keep it a bit more fresh. Also with this update, they are spawning inside my buildings which is dumb.

    • PuzzleShot

      Mobs spawn in places with insufficient light. How much light is in each part of your building?

      • Completely 100% lit.

      • Don’t know why my comment disappeared but the building is completely lit with torches.

      • David Henry

        I actually have the same issue. I have torches EVERYWHERE (went crazy with them when survivor first showed up and you had unlimited torches) and they still show up in hoards. Haven’t checked since today’s update.

    • Having similar issues. I close the door, come back later, and somehow I have Zombies AND Spiders waiting for me with an open door in a well lit space.

  • I just got into it a few months ago, it’s a blast. Looking forwarded to what’s in store.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Awesome…but I wonder…I wonder when the mobile version will see that huge PC update(Adventure update, 1.8). But Xbox 360 will probably get it first, then maybe mobile, but who knows for sure.


    Minecraft was a pretty big deal when it was first released, but is anyone still playing it on their mobile?

    Unfortunately not, BUT now that I got Sixaxis Controller app working on my Nexus 7, perhaps I’ll install it and play it on the tab when I’m out n’ about.

    • mustbepbs

      I used to play it a little on my old Xperia Play. It’s just not as feature rich as the PC version. I found it boring and pointless to play.

  • cvpcs

    I think the app will be more incredible when you can use it to log in to SMP servers. Until then I’ll just play on my desktop.

    • This, the moment I can access my normal servers I would use this a lot more

  • KleenDroid


    • mustbepbs

      Why do you post the same comment all the time?

      • JoshGroff

        Well, in this case, it truly is amazing. 🙂

    • EvanTheGamer

      No, your comment is amazing.

      • KleenDroid

        To be honest with you I am amazed that you appreciate the amazement in my comment.