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DROID Charge Minor Update to FP5 Finally Ready, Again?

Just over a week ago, Verizon posted a support document, suggesting that a new update as build FP5 was ready for the DROID Charge. Shortly after posting, they pulled the document, replacing it with the previous FP1 update list. We aren’t sure if that meant that the update wasn’t ready or if some other issue arose. What we do know, is that the changelog looks massive, but it’s identical to the FP1 list. This should be nothing more than a bug fixer.

Charge owners, if you see an update, be sure to let us know.

More info.

  • litemater

    Got a notification on my Charge today 8-15-12 for the FP5.

    • ghulio

      i got the same thing, mines taking for ever 🙁

  • smwandrie93

    didnt they drop the droid branding??

  • Speez

    shoulda said, not a great phone but with a decent rom it runs ok for what I use it for

  • Speez

    I still have the charge, it was free because of an awesome deal I get through Verizon. Not a great phone, looking at getting the Razr HD whenever it comes out although not looking forward to paying more than $30 a month and probably losing my unlimited data 🙁

  • streetlightman

    it was actually a good phone when it was current. it was the best option available at the time if you wanted to keep unlimited data and get an LTE phone

    • hkklife

      Yep. Of the triumverate of oversized, underwhelming VZW LTE devices available prior to the Bionic last year (TBolt, Charge, Revolution) the Charge was the seemingly best choice of the three at THAT TIME.

      Now, howevre, the TB looks to have matured much better, thanks to its additional RAM and internal storage. But back at launch (April-May 2011), the Charge had better battery life, was a little less chunky, and had a much nicer camera and screen.

    • Thank You! This has always been my justification for this phone, I just cant wait to replace it though 😛

    • honestly, i had the revolution and LOVED it for the few days i had it. but there was some problem with it and whenever i would boot it up it would just go to black screen and i would have to factory reset using a button combo to get to stock recovery. so 3 of the ones i got were glitchy. so i had to switch to the charge. i actually did not like that phone at all. i mean it was a great option for lte, but i liked the revo so much better. now my poor mother is stuck with my old charge

  • peterd3

    Nothing yet

  • Neutronxray

    Wow an actual update for Verizon & Samsungs Basted child lol Shelved my Charge long ago. Anyone want to buy a newly updated Charge? lol

  • Andrew

    Charge updated and factory reset? WTF?

  • JaronDW

    “Charge owners, if you see an update, be sure to let us know.” …Crickets..oh wait…we abandoned that phone long ago!

  • ddevito

    (Over)Charge(d price)

    • JayLeno

      lol! What is today, National Ugly Step Child Day- first the software upgrade for the ugliest paperweight (i.e. T-Bolt) and now the oversized chin Charge.