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Reminder: Verizon has Mega Share Everything Plans, Ranging From 12GB to 30GB

Reports are floating around the web today, suggesting that Verizon has had a set of super secret Share Everything tiers for the mega-data hogs out there that they aren’t promoting. The fact is, that these plans have been there since day 1, Big Red has just limited their visibility to make life simpler for those switching to these new shared plans. While DL readers have known about these plans for some time now (we even listed them in our AT&T comparison), we thought it was a good opportunity to remind you about them.

For those on Share Everything that imagine a time where 10GB of data at $100 is not enough, don’t worry, Verizon has more tiers for you to entertain. The next plan after 10GB is 12GB and will run you $110. The chart above details the rest, but as you can tell, there is even a 30GB plan for $200 in case you and your family plans on getting really wild some month.

I would assume that Big Red may even go above and beyond 30GB if you need them to.

To our Share Everything readers, I ask you, how are you liking your plan? Satisfied with tiers, pricing, etc.?

  • Gage Cook

    This sounds like a ‘screw everyone’ plan…

  • Has anyone actually GOTTEN the 30GB plan? Verizon says it’s not an option.

  • WickedToby741

    I really don’t get why anyone is acting like these are “secret plans.” It’s been this way since the plans were introduced. Did everyone miss the part where Verizon said “$10 for every extra 2 GB over 10 GB” provided you do it in advance? Verizon will give you any even number GB plan you desire. Want a 24 GB plan? No problem. $170 a month. 72 GB plan? $410 a month. They’ll sign you up for any even number GB plan you want as long as you’re paying. Guarantee it.

  • jon

    The plans only go up to 20 GB. The 30 GB plan was canned right before June 30th when share everything came out. But there was internal documents and emails that did mention it which is now causing confusion.

  • Joe

    What are the overage charges for these plans?

  • smwandrie93

    Okay one thing alot of people are forgetting here is that this is just the price for the data and voice you also pay as following:
    $40 for smartphone
    $30 for basic phones
    $20 for jetpacks/mbb/netbooks
    $10 for tablets
    Another thing people are looking at is just their DATA bill not the voice and text…
    Lets play it this way, say i have 4 phones on verizon, a jetpack and a tablet.
    the 4 phones are 2 smart 2 basic
    On the old plans with 1400 minutes and unlimited texting it would be $120 for the first 2 lines, $10 for each line afterward. So that would be $140 just for the minutes and texting. Add $60 to that for the two smartphones w/ unlimited data your paying $200 for just the phones. (these users used about 4 gigs total between the two of them.
    Add on the price for the tablet and the jetpack on the lowest plans (5 gigs for $50) you add $100 to the price. (using about a gig on the tablet and 3 on the jetpack)
    now with the share everything plans i would be paying as followed:
    Unlimited minutes/texting and 8gigs of data=$90
    2 smartphones =$ 80
    2 basic phones= $60
    1 jetpack = $ 20
    1 tablet = $10
    with a combined total of *drum roll*
    thats higher than $300?? i think not.
    Now lets not forget about the mobile hotspot feature which is now FREE on the share everything plans. $20 a pop for the old plans so $340 compared to $260…. theres your savings right there… nuff said!

  • DroidDrool

    I walked into the VZW store today to get a SIM card (long story) and chatted with the tech. Said I can cut ~50/month off my bill (5 lines- all smart phones one with hotspot) if I moved to a 10 GB/month plan and that each line will then have hotspot enabled at not additional charge. I’m not sucking down data liker some others (I use oepn WiFi every chance I can).
    The only concern is having 5 hotspots may encourage greater data usage!

    When you purchase your device with service from AmazonWireless.com, we automatically pass along an instant discount from the carrier to you. This discount has been provided to you based on your agreement to (a) activate a new, or extend an existing, line of service for this device with the carrier, and (b) maintain this service in good standing for a minimum of 181 consecutive days. If you do not activate or extend a line of service in connection with this device, or if your service is canceled/disconnected before 181 consecutive days, AmazonWireless.com will charge you $250 per device, plus applicable taxes.

    So basically I’m starting a Share Everything 6GB data plan with 3 Smartphones, that’s 120$ for activation, ADD the 35$/line activation fee and im paying 225$. ADD 80$ for the shared data and I’m paying 305$. ADD 299.98$ for the phones ( 2 Galaxy’s S3 and a Nexus for 1 cent) and I’m paying 604.98. Now, the “Verizon” taxes are like 3.45$/line (really unsure about this), so that’s about 10.35$/mo for all 3 lines.
    Thats 615.33$ in TOTAL. Take out the 250$ AMAZON DISCOUNT and Im at 365.33. After that It’ll be about 210.35$/mo. With my dad’s employee discount( IF they give it to us), which is 20% so 42.07$ off that gets us to 168.28$/mo.

    That should cover all the “shady” expenses Verizon dumps on us, my head hurts.
    Coming from Italy, where you basically have to be skeptical about everything due to everyday corruption, this still sounds insanely expensive. Nobody uses plans, we all use SIM cards, and we don’t pay if someone calls us or doesn’t answer. We can pick any phone we want and pay like 60 euros for a pretty decent data plan. Not sure If we got 4G LTE everywhere but it’s still pretty good. Looking at the crappy coverages the other companies have it looks like Verizon does not have ANY competition in this, which is pretty sad. Sometimes I wish I went back to my Italia, at least we got good food, good phone plans and soccer 🙁

  • ghostrigger

    So i used 42gb this past month. I have everything on plan unlimited minutes and unlimited texts and unlimited data. I also have hotspot wifi , insurance , and roadside service. My bill is under 200 a month if i switch to share everything i would be screwed.

  • MKader17

    If you knocked the prices down by $30 for each plan it would be reasonable.

  • This is the exact reason why I refuse to use wifi unless absolutely necessary. Legalized robbery is what this is.

    • AnAngryJOE

      true very true, i mean wtf is the point of saying u have the fastest nwk if people can’t flipping use the thing.

      • BA_Carroll

        That have the fastest network because they don’t want you actually on it

  • I still live with my family, and have been downgraded to 2 GB a month. It’s not too bad but I have to be wary of every kilobyte I use up.

  • greekmanx

    I can tell you now I work for verizon wireless and these plans are not secret I have signed people up to the plans all the way up to the 20GB the 30GB plan was scrapped before launch of the plans that pic is the leaked one before it was official.

  • I actually dropped my unlimited (never thought i would) for the 20GB share everything. I only did this because I have 4 smartphones to worry about. Two of those belong to very active and sometime clumsy teenagers (and I’m not paying the insurance). We’ve had to strategically transfer our upgrades to replace some of those phones at subsidized prices. I was going to keep my unlimited and pay full retail for my phones in the future, but after calculating the actual cost of keeping my line separate (and unlimited) and the other 3 lines on a share everything, it came out to be pretty close (within $10/$15). I’m the real data hog (I average 13-15 GB per month), so the family is going to have to suck it up and use that slooooowwwww wifi.

  • Jeremy Martin

    I would like to know what the salaries are of the people who come up with the price points for these plans. To them this might not seem like that big of a deal while driving around in a company bentley.

  • ernie

    Good thing I’m not switching to their mega “Pay-4-everything” plans and waste +$200 for 30 gigs of mobile data I use a month :p

  • Nicholassss

    i’m on unlimited so i’m not too worried, but to keep my bill around the same each month i’d need the 30gb at something like 100 bucks.

  • 30GB Plan was removed the same day they introduced them.

  • paul_cus

    F tiers.

  • friend

    The 30gb plan isnt available to the general public and was removed from the share everything lineup since day 1, and all of the plans from 1gb to 20gb are promoted instore to customers whos usage in families would be exceeding the shown amount of 10gb. The plans above 10gb are not hidden. As for the photo the 30gb plan may still exist but only be made available for retention purposes or extreme measures, not for consumer purchase… just thought id help correct the message within he article…

  • RW-1

    Sigh … It’s high time that Federal Regulators step in and make mobile data just like broadband!
    You pay for what you use. the fracking greedy schemes is just way out of hand here.
    Enough of this inane pay for what you think you will use beforehand.
    Let the data hogs be hogs and pay for it, let the normal users pay for what they actually use each month as well.
    We don’t pay beforehand for broadband, we don’t pay beforehand for say, water – neither should we for mobile data. Period!
    Why it won’t happen is because these greedy [email protected] count on the masses not keeping an eye out on lowballed data caps, and that VoLTE will come into play as well, AND that they lose out on all the nice overage fees that they reap in.
    I’ll gladly pay full retail for my unit to stay out of this pile of $hit.

  • MrToTo83

    Correction, The 30Gb plan was removed last minute. The highest plan you can get is 20GB

  • ArrowCool

    Verizon is super shady. My roomate is on a plan with his sister. She went in to Verizon to complain about a discrepancy on the bill . They told her that together they (her and her brother) don’t use 6 GB a month and that they would be better off on the tiered data vs. unlimited. (keep in mind neither is upgrading a phone)

    Now, no one ever accused either of them as being the brightest bulbs in the shed, however 2 lines w/ unlimited would be about $60 a month for data, and the 6GB shared is $80. So how the hell is that cheaper?

    So after he told me this, I told him he was screwed. I know for a fact he uses more than that much data a month. I had him pull his old bill out and looked at that. Combined they are using just under 10GB a month. So I put the data widget on his phone. In the 2 days they had the new plan, they had already used .60 GB.

    Long story short it appears Verizon is giving people false information to get them to move over to the shared plans. Now I am not saying my roomate and his sister are completely absolved of responsibility. They could have easily did the same thing I did (It took me all of 10 minutes to compile all this info for them) but this is clearly just another underhanded tactic by this completely unethical company.

    • AnAngryJOE

      I actually dared a few of those idiot sales reps to show me the savings in this crap, there ins’t any in any scenario they tried drawing up at all. Heck had a buddy is on the lowest of low fam share plans. Even with all their combined txt packs and what not, under that bs new share everything they would have been paying 10 to 20 bucks extra no matter how those lames at vz tried slicing it, im like look u kno you new plans of bs so stop trying push it so hard .

      • Rayzkain

        Sup fellas, well I just came from verizon. Im still under the old plan of 1400 minutes unlimited texts, 1 smartphone 4 dumb ones and paying bout 160/mo.
        So I asked him whats up with the Shared plan. Doing my research before going in, I already knew, but he told me my bill would go up $100 per month then he smiled at me lol, I smiled back. Then I asked him sup with the upgrade, he said dont worry it wont kick you to there new plan and I can stay on the old one as long as I want. Data plan would be still 2gb/$30

    • ilovetechnology

      Yep, I believe it. I had a phone rep trying to convince me that spending $50 a month more was a better deal. This same rep also told me that she hadn’t heard any complaints about the new pricing structure and that everyone she had spoken to thought they were great…

  • normmcgarry

    This sucks compared to my 5 unlimited lines for $205 a month.

  • imronburgundy

    Gotta love the ratios of $ to gigs. $50 gets you 1gig. 3x that gets you 20 gigs. By that logic, 1 gig should be $7.50. Switching to prepaid when my wife’s contract is up.

    • Joel

      the $50 is for the plan which includes unlimited calling and text as well as 1gb. Old plans had $50 just for the calling and text and charged more for data.

      • Stewie

        Yes, what a laugh .. Unlim callign and testing UNTIL VoLTE comes into play, and then it counts against your limited data plan = You get screwed again.

      • The $40 per phone is for the minutes and texts, the $50 base fee is for data.

  • violator702

    I wouldn’t mind the data package if they didn’t charge a monthly fee for every device that uses it.

  • MikeCiggy

    A friend and I are currently on a plan with two gNEx and 6gb of data shared. We havent been using the entire six so ill probably be changing it with in a week or two to 4. We actually pay less money on this share everything then with the old plans.

    I know.. mind blowing…

    • AlexKCMO

      How does that work? How many minutes and texts did you previously have? $30*2 = $60 and the 4GB is $70.

  • Hmm.. 30 Bucks gets me 30GB.. Or more.. Depending on the month.

  • Craig

    Are customers really stupid enough to sign up for these plans? Even the overage charge at $15 per Gb is 50% higher than the non shared plans. These plans benefit no one but Verizon. With Voice over LTE even the offer of unlimited calling is meaningless and Verizon knows it. They are conditioning customers to accept these insane data charges as they know that eventually all you will be buying is data.

    • Acehalo2

      “These plans benefit no one but Verizon.”

      They know that and that’s why they love it and are pushing it so much.


    F off vzw I was told data hogs was a reason they revamped there planes. Figures they would lie to there customers to make money. I’m buying a device out right and not through vzw…ftw.

  • Butters619

    $200. Oh I needed a good laugh this morning.

  • A.Walker

    This is perfect for the Duggar family!

  • Corporate greed in full speed. Unfair. Goes again global trend of cheaper prices. Verizon has the most expensive cellular service in the world. FCC needs to break up VZ and ATT into smaller companies – end duopolies and monopolies in the wireless industry. These prices are on top of the many hidden ‘fees’ that show up in our bill. They clearly state the fees are not taxes. What are they then? Why are they not part of the plan price when customers sign up?

    Break up VZ. They will continue to gauge their prices until somebody has the guts to stand up to them.

    • TheDrunkenClam

      “FCC needs to break up VZ and ATT into smaller companies”. No, they don’t. The government oversteps its boundaries and impedes on business way too much as it is, and you want MORE of it? That’s the problem we have in this country right now.
      If the American consumers decide that VZW prices are too expensive, then they’ll vote with their wallet and go to a different company. This is how capitalism works.
      Now based on your statement I will assume you have gone with your principles and are NOT a current Verizon customer…?

      • AlexKCMO

        Oh really? Then why hasn’t everyone switched to MetroPCS or Cricket?

        It’s not a matter of VZW’s prices are too expensive, it’s that between the big 4, all their prices are close enough.

        If I ever lose my unlimited data, I’m buying a CLEAR MiFi Hotspot and switching to Google Voice. It will cost me $40 a month for unlimited data, texts, and calls. I’ll keep a dumb phone on Verizon’s network for those occasions when I need a phone and will have no service.

    • michael arazan

      Verizon and att pay off enough congressmen with their lobbyist to not have to worry about it, like every other corporation out their. They all lobby and pay off congressmen to screw the american people all for the sake of profit.

      Who represents the american people, Do the american people have to lobby our own congressmen that used to represent us?

  • David Hussey

    The price just doesn’t justify the switch. If they can shift prices downward, it may eventually start looking attractive to connect a dozen devices to the plan.

    • Remember you also have to pay per device as well so your plan starting to get close to 400$

      • mbaldwin85

        Exactly. So $150/device for 20GB is absurd. If it was just a flat $150 I would probaly reactivate my Xoom instead of only using it on Wifi.

  • Mrz4587

    The ultimate mega package is my unlimited package!

    • ericsorensen

      Same here. Cloud music players use about 50 GeeBees on my verizon Nexus

      • 4n1m4L

        Pix or it didn’t happen

        • Let me see if i have my 40gig in a month from syncing my spotify on extreme quallity.

      • in a year no way in just a month

        • michael arazan

          I listen to tune in radio for at least 2 hours a day every day and i use 2 gigs a month just for tune in.

    • For only $30

      • Bigwavedave25

        I may have missed something but looking at this again it is not as big of a jump in price as I thought…
        (Currently) Wife and I both have smartphones that we pay $30/ea for unlimited data. She uses around 2Gb (iPhone) a month and I use 10-15gb (GNex). On top of that we pay the first line fee then $10 for the second. Add separate unlimited texting for both of us and taxes. After her 20% discount our monthly bill is just over $140/mo. So for us, this pricing is actually on par with our normal usage.

        If I started home internet service, my monthly data usage would PLUMIT. We could go to a share all $100/mo plan get bonus unlimited talk (don’t need) and text. This would pay for home internet/wifi and the bonus that it all entails. Not to mention we are thinking of tablets (need wifi) for the kids soon. Oh God, any they don’t even have phones yet.

        This is all if the column on the right above is the “total” combined price for service. I now have something to really consider! We would loose unlimited mobile data, but I could get by as long as I had wifi available. I feel my precious “unlimited” status is coming to be short lived with new phones (Nexi) coming out. I will not be paying $500-700 for an off contract phone, can’t afford that anymore. Plus I’m sure Big Red will eventually find a way to get everyone off unlimited data soon enough.

        Does this make since to anyone, or am I really missing something in the chart above???

        • Airek

          I think I see what your getting at, except the prices above don’t include the monthly access charges that you pay for each device on your account, which is $40 for each smartphone that you have and then you pay for the data package as well.. So in your case on a Share Everything plan right now you and your wife would pay $80 in device charges just for the smartphones, then just for kicks say $60 for 2GB of data to share making it $140 before your discounts or anything else. Hope that helps

          • Patti

            This is what has me upset with Verizon right now. With four phones, two that are smartphones and two that are basic, to pay $30 for a basic vs. the previous $9.99 is ridiculous and I am looking at other providers now. I want their old coverage back already. If they could have left their per-line fees alone it would have been ok. So my bill just jumped up.

          • Bigwavedave25

            We haven’t changed anything on our account and our bill is the same. So your bill should not of just randomly jumped in price. If that happened call customer service immediately or find a manager to yell at.

            If you have new service or added lines and were “forced” into the share everything plan (from the old nation wide plan) then I can see where your bill would of spiked under the new pricing.

          • Bigwavedave25

            Ah, ok. Thanks. That’s what I was unsure of and missing. Didn’t know if the device line access charge was bundled into the right column. So it’s not.

            Alright, back to being pissed off at Big Red and championing my “unlimited data” status…

  • PokerFaceMoose

    I am 99% sure they got rid of 30GB plan and only go up to 200 now.

    • PokerFaceMoose


      • Joel

        The 30GB plans have never actually been available and will be some time in the future.

        • smwandrie93

          As a rep i have put people on the 30 gig plan, actually the first person happened on day one…. they have it and they use it

  • SirSoloDolo

    At one time I thought 30 bucks for Unlimited data was costly. After seeing this chart, 30 bucks isn’t so bad

    • Butters619

      That is how they want you to think.

    • Edwin M

      Agreed, without unlimited, I would be paying about $90 a month for data.

      • michael arazan

        when they first promo’d this only up to 10 gb a month, i thought they said you’d have to pay $20 for every 2 gb after 10 gb? But in the chart it is $10 for every 2 gb. So were they lieing to me or was the extended chart not updated?

        • WickedToby741

          No, it was $20 if you go over for an extra 1 GB and $10 for an extra 2 GB if you do it in advance. These “secret plans” really aren’t a secret at all. From the start, Verizon said “$100 for 10 GB of data and $10 more for every 2 GB after.” Verizon is simply creating “plans” based off of a rule they already had in place.

  • Unlimited_for_LIFE

    What is Share Everything???

    • mbaldwin85

      I see what you did there