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Nova Launcher Updated to Beta 3, Merges with the Jelly Bean Hotness

Last night, the Nova Launcher beta received an updated to version 1.3 beta 3, which merges the already speedy launcher with the Jelly Bean base. A couple of the features that the Jelly Bean stock launcher has brought to the table is the ability to automatically move icons and widgets when placing something new on a homescreen, along with the ability of re-sizing widgets automatically. You’ll notice some slight speed and performance enhancements which is always something to be happy about. 

If you’re running the market version of Nova, go into Nova Settings and hit “check for updates.” In the top right you will see the three dot settings button – select that then choose the beta option. The new application will download and you can simply install over the current Nova and you won’t lose any settings.

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Cheers Adam!

  • So, this is how I’m using different launchers now –

    1. Go Launcher – With big icons – like MIUI on homescreens.
    2. Apex Launcher – With custom icons theme pack etc, still normal yet beautiful looking.
    3. Nova – Desktop visualizer- Windows phone 7 like images used as icons. And can go back to normal/custom icons with ‘restore’ options; since Nova allows multiple backups with different names, unlike Apex which only allows one backup.

  • Bigwavedave25

    Woohoo! JB animations!!! And so smooth…
    Plus, love the new “restore saved settings” options on the homescreen at install. Or was that there before? Never the less, awesome.

  • SubMatrix

    This beta is quite laggy when swiping between home screens on s3, stock rooted. Reverted back to previous version of nova (1.2.2).

  • jonny6pak

    Does Nova have an option to disable the action menu that appears when long pressing a icon/widget on the homescreen? Does it have an option allowing me to change the behavior where long pressing on the homescreen opens the wallpaper dialog (like on the default launcher)?

  • Ricola

    For some reason on the Nova Beta, Navigation app crashes on me. Anyone else experience this? Went back to Apex and it works. Love both launchers anyways!

  • Tom Ace

    For a launcher that is all about features and options, you’d think I’d be able to change the menu button in the app drawer to a play store icon..

  • Greg Smith

    Had tried Nova with AOKP M5, but held off in reinstalling after moving to JB ROMs as I heard that it did not play well. Just installed the beta over Liquid Smooth JB Beta 1 and it works like a charm. Nice to have it back.

  • rodney11ride

    all i can say is “app drawer grid size 7×7” are you kidding me! lol

  • J Dub

    Dang it. Right after I switch to Apex due to the JB goodness. Back to Nova I guess where I have actually paid for Prime.

  • saint_stephen

    Does Nova Launcher now implement all of the JB Launcher features? Is it noticeably better than the stock Jelly Bean Launcher? I’m running 4.1.1 and have been contemplating getting a launcher but am for the most part happy with stock… Nova won’t impact battery usage, will it?

  • ten2o3

    I could fling to delete icons all day … weeeee …

    • Matt

      How do you fling to delete? Im not understanding how this works.

      • ten2o3

        grab an icon from the app drawer, or long press and hold one from your homescreen, fling towards the top of the screen…gone. Widgets too

        • Oh man I’m happy about the fling to delete feature!! When I read that Apex had incorporated the JB base code into their launcher, I was super stoked for this feature and then promptly disappointed that it didn’t work. Back to Nova I go!!

          • Huh? Apex does this too.

            Anyways, I agree, the new updated Nova is a bit better than Apex right now.. until the next update.

  • Eta508

    damn, where did the Apps icon go after this beta update?

    • Eta508

      oh well, just added it back.
      In case you’re new… long press on home screen, nova actions, app drawer.

  • ddevito

    Jelly Bean is indeed HOTNESS

  • T4rd

    I got this yesterday. It’s definitely a noticeable speed improvement over previous versions. I just switched from Apex back to Nova (Prime) and right now I think Nova has the edge over Apex in terms of overall performance and features.

  • Sweet! Looking forward to playing with it on my ATP tonight, and impatiently waiting for ICS on my D4 so I can install Nova on it.

  • John Burke

    Nova Launcher’s support for global Badge Notifications (not just SMS, Missed calls & GMail) make it a win for me!

    • htowngtr

      Yea I love the unread notifications for Nova

      • Eta508

        if they could just get IMAP/Exchange notifications working. Only thing I miss about touchwiz since I get way more emails over calls/texts.

        • John Burke

          Have you tried setting it up with Missed It! as the “Provider” for TeslaUnread?
          I get Badge Notifications for all my Apps from Amazon App Store to Words With Friends – every App that produces a Notification in the Status Bar can be set to produce a Badge (unread count) Notification.

  • KleenDroid


  • TheWenger

    I like how the two main launchers (Nova and Apex) keep trading off which one is better. It’s like the two compete with each other really well and use the others’ success to make their product better.

    • Mark

      Nova was smoother for me before the Apex update, now Apex is smoother than Nova was. Now Nova updates…I can’t imagine that it’s any smoother than Apex currently is. I hope I’m wrong.

      • KleenDroid

        Apex rocks…. go in it’s homescreen and drawer settings and change the minimum scrolling time to 5. It is set at zero default but is so much faster when set to 5… give it a try.

    • Isn’t capitalism great?!

      • socalrailroader

        Sometimes, sometimes it stinks.

        • michael arazan

          Capitalism is great until nova and apex become like other giant corporations that lobby’s congress to get their way and undermine the american people all for the sake of profit.

          • That is not true free-market capitalism, it is the antithesis of it.

    • serrastone

      I agree, it’s like one updates, then the other does the next day. I go back and forth between the two constantly!