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Toshiba Thrive Receives 4.0.4. Ice Cream Sandwich, Praise Xenu

Toshiba is finally getting around to pushing out Ice Cream Sandwich to Toshiba Thrive owners. After a delay which turned an eta of “end of Spring” to “early Fall,” Thrive owners were left in the cold as to when they could expect their ICS goodness. According to an official forum post, along with the update, there is some audio/video enhancements, improved signal strength, and improved camera functions.

Thrive owners, if you haven’t pulled that update yet, go get it!

Cheers Drew, Nathan, Scott!

  • common_sense_north

    Any solution to the constant crashes using any browser? Is there a way to view crash errors?

  • Toshiba releases untested ICS on to Thrive users, bricking most of the tablets. Toshiba refuses to fix the issue.

  • disappointed customer

    Now the thrive is all screwed up because of this ice update,who said this was the greatest thing ever? They are nuts I want my old thrive back to normal. Facebook is messed up and my games are freezing up. Please get it back to where it was. Toshiba technician could not help me when I called him. ICS is not compatible with Facebook! What!!! They better fix the problem or else sales are going to go down. I am very disappointed as you can see.

  • Paul

    Hi….looking for some feedback here when using the Chrome browser, which is now available to use with ICS. I synced Chrome to my account and bookmarks are successfully linked. However, after I load some pages and return to view the tabs again, the content of the page vanishes in two seconds…which happens to all tabs. They all have to be closed and reloaded from scratch. Anyone else experiencing this???

    • John

      yes, this happened to me too! ended up uninstalling it! fustrating!!!

  • Drew

    Wow, and I emailed you guys about getting the update yesterday and BAAM! You covered it! I love this Site! I’m Drew by the way! I had my thrive on ebay until the update finally came through, but immediately took it off when I checked the status of the update. Good job Toshiba, took a while but good job!

    • kiwi101

      Wish I had the same experience…..regardless which browser I use, they all freeze or crash with ICS. Looks like yet another tablet headed for the dumpster.

  • SolipsisticPsychologist

    “Praise Xenu” (sic)? Yeah, let’s praise a cult’s “God” that a drunk, high pedophile dreamed up to help sell his books of stated fiction. Not to mention that this same child molestor also stated that if you want to get rich “create a religion”. Your child molestor and Xenu can eat my wang.

    • ninjapocalypse

      Yup! No one was aware of all these things, having missed the massive media coverage following the South Park episode that millions of people watched. Obviously the writer of this article was ONE HUNDRED PERCENT SERIOUS so I’m glad you pointed out his evil intent. Thanks! Oh, and good luck passing fifth grade literature! That’s around the time your teacher will explain how sarcasm is used for jokes.

  • rick

    I hope Xenu comes and sticks his foot up Samsungs a@@ and gets them to release ICS for Galaxy tab owners like me…..

  • How embarrassing for Samsung that Asus, Acer, and now even Toshiba have gotten ICS updates to their tablets before them. Tis why I sold my Tab 10.1 in favor of the Nexus 7

  • msk

    ok, I LOL’d at the Xenu reference.

  • So, that just leaves Samsung then?

  • zizzybaloobah

    Yes. I’m one of the sad sacks that bought the Thrive. I really wanted the full-size ports and the SD slot (since my that’s what my DSLR uses).

    Between the bloatware and other performance issues it was quite a disappointment. But I did get a good deal on it (for the time) and it was adequate for what I needed.

    Of course I’m batting a thousand in picking wrong devices. having selected the Bionic almost a year ago, and which still doesn’t have ICS (even though the Droid 4 soak test is imminent).

    This strange twist of fate also magnifies Motorola’s craptitude when Bionic still doesn’t have ICS, while the tablet everyone’s gave up as a lost cause suddenly gets a new lease on life.

  • james

    Xenu? Seriously? If you even were a scientologist (which I doubt), it would be the equivalent to saying “hail satan”. ….just felt like putting that out there

    • Casey


  • PhillipNorris

    already running a rooted/deodexed version 🙂

  • Someone bought the Thrive?

    • c_topher_v

      You need to charge your phone?! Here, plug it into my Thrive.

  • just as I was hoping someone would break into my apartment and steal it so I could claim it on my insurance I am now hoping that doesn’t happen. ABOUT TIME!

  • Technically, US Galaxy Tab 10.1 owner’s are still waiting. Now add the Thrive to the list of inferior tablets being updated.

    • David Gray

      HA! You when WAS inferior….now my Thrive is kick’n ARSE! I love this thing before and I love it even more now!