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ESPN Fantasy Football App Updated for 2012 Season

Wow, fantasy football season about to begin? That sure came up quick. If you have already joined leagues on ESPN or are planning to, the ESPN Fantasy Football app is your best friend, especially now that it has been updated for the 2012 season. With this sucker on your phone, you really don’t even need to visit the web interface for your league, as it is about as fully featured as you’ll find. The massive ad at the bottom is a bit much, but the app is free.

How many leagues have you joined/created already? Did you realize that the first preseason game was last night?

And in case you were wondering, we will be doing another elimination group.

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  • Nick

    I can’t find this app in the play store and the link on the mobile site doesn’t work…. I’m using a Galaxy S 3. My girlfriend’s droid can find the app in the play store, but not my S3. Anyone else having this issue?

  • Mindchatter

    Got it already oh yeh

  • Greg Smith

    Not into fantasy football myself, but I heard that the NFL contracted with Google+ for fantasy football draft hangouts

    • Lucky Armpit

      Yeah I got excited about that as I thought all of us on Hangout would be fun, but our league is with ESPN. 🙁

  • Eric Callahan

    Anybody else having problems getting this app to open? I’m running 4.1.1 on Verizon G-Nex and also Nexus 7, it won’t open on either.

    • r0lct

      Worked fine for me on GNex w/BB (4.1.1). Also works on my N7 (stock).

      • Eric Callahan

        Weird, mine is BB as well…

        • r0lct

          I’m running the 7/24 build, but I wouldn’t think that would matter too much.

          • Eric Callahan

            Yeah, and if it was an issue with a certain BB build one would think it would run OK on my Nexus 7, right? I’ve uninstalled and re-installed the app on both devices to no avail.

          • r0lct

            Is your N7 stock?

          • Eric Callahan

            Nope, unlocked, rooted, and installed JR003D.

  • Jammer

    Ironic that you say the ad at the bottom of the screen is a bit much when I can’t even see it over the Toyota pop up ad from your site that covers every article now. I’m not complaining, you do a great job and you deserve to make what you can, just pointing out the irony of your statement.

  • twinkle

    yey for updates! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Cool stuff!
    Technology is changing everything! –> http://eepurl.com/lyB-L

  • michael arazan

    I remeber playing in fantasy football back when I was in high school, back in ’91. We were the only ones doing it and had pots of up to $500 back then, can’t believe how big some pots get up to now in the ten’s of thousands in larger offices and groups. I wonder if there are any websites to do this with to make an even larger cash pool.

  • TexasNexus

    No they didn’t, they’re still using that unsightly menu button, c’mon guys!

  • Cowboydroid

    Started boycotting EPSN after they contributed heavily to OSU’s snub out of the title game last season. Didn’t mind deleting their horrible app at all. Scoremobile is much better.

  • I’m in two leagues on NFL.com, one I’m managing and one of my friend’s leagues. Looking forward to joining the Elimination tournament. Gotta do better than last year, eliminated in week 2…