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n7player Hits 1 Million Downloads in the Play Store, Celebrates with Premium Version for only $.99

Who doesn’t love a good deal on a cool application as a great way to end the week? n7player, a really slick music application that we have covered before, has hit 1 million downloads in the Play Store and decided to celebrate with a sale. The application itself is free, but the premium unlock download is only $.99 instead of the $3 it usually is.

Just a reminder, this application works with music stored on your internal storage or SDcard, so do not look for Google Music support here. If you have that music though, check out this application and its unique and slick user interface. The sale lasts until August 10, so give this application a look.

n7player | n7player unlocker

  • MattSweeden

    The only nice thing about it seems to be Rammstein playing. Everything seems too crowded.

  • JeffDenver

    This app (still) does not recognize embedded MP3 album art. That is something that is critical considering that the entire interface is based on album covers…I really want to like this app, but until they fix this, it is pretty useless. Poweramp is better in every way, including the UI.

  • Rammstein!

  • Really? Rammstein?


  • what rom is that nexus running?

    • Kie

      toggles look like AOKP

  • alex drum

    is that pull down menue in the rom you are using or is it an app?

    • Such

      X2.. what app is that?

  • Apostrafee

    My favorite music app period, the UI is amazing!! Def jumping on that price

  • GOJIRA !!!

  • imns

    Kind of sucks to be buyer $1,000,000 – if that person waited just a few more minutes they may have only had to pay $1 instead of $3

  • picaso86

    N7 player looks really crowed.. I personally don’t like it

    • ChrisTraeger1

      That and don’t like the fact I have to use two finger pinch to zoom in on artists. I wish it were easier to navigate so I could use it while I’m driving.

  • El Big CHRIS

    Useless to me due to no access to Google music or Spotify. Not their fault of course…

  • Mike

    thats a pretty wide range of music there! Gojira m/

    • Was thinking the same thing. GOJIRA!!

  • interstellarmind

    google really needs to let that API for google music out so the music player apps can go nuts. they’re really only hurting themselves by holding it back (or at the least, not accelerating it’s release to the public) because I’m sure most Android users use google music to store their music (20,000 songs stored for FREE – you’d be stupid not to) and they will not be using these music apps.

    which means less apps in google play. and isn’t it all about google play now (it should be)?