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Nexus 7 Accessories to Soon Hit the Web – Includes Bluetooth Keyboard Dock, Folio Case and Rotating Stand (Updated)

Update:  These aren’t official and the site that posted them was essentially lying. The accessories are actually from a company called Hip Street. The only official gear for your Nexus 7 is the stuff that leaked earlier in the week.

Well, now that we all have our Nexus 7 tablets, what else is left that we need? Oh, that’s right – accessories! The folks over at Mobile Fun have received details on five accessories that are said to be produced by Asus and that will go on sale through their site in the near future. The products include a folio case, rotating stand, Bluetooth keyboard docking station and case, film screen protector, and a standard stand case. 

These may not look as cool as the pogo dock or some of the other accessories we saw leaked earlier this week, but these will surely be popular with buyers since we’ve heard many asking when they could expect to see a keyboard dock for all of their important emails and document editing. As soon as these hit the stores, we’ll let you know. Planning to pick some up? Which one?

  • Schneiderj

    The main accessories that I hope they make for my nexus 7 is 1. A doc that allows the use of a micro SD card and a case like the otterbox or life proof cases. But I won’t hold my breath on the SD card doc/adapter. Glad I got the 16G instead of the 8G. Too bad the 32G wasn’t released when I got this. But I did hear that someone ordered a 16G and received a 32G! Wouldn’t that be awesome?

  • Candycanejane

    I bought a kindle fire case for my nexus, it fits perfectly. It is leather like the one shown and can stand on it’s side.

  • Ryan Powell

    These all look awful. They might bring some extra functionality but I have no desire to wrap my beautiful Nexus 7 in one of these. How did Asus go from that sexy pogo dock to these?

    • Keith0606

      I use my current case (which is a rotating one) some of the time and take it out at other times. I agree it’s not that great to look at but, when i’m traveling or playing some games (with a physical controller) I use it in the case, for either protection from drops/scratches or to hold the tablet up. That said, when i’m sitting at home on the couch I just take it out. Ugly or not, I don’t think you can get away without using a case at least some of the time.

      • Ryan Powell

        I agree they have their place. I just always feel like the red-headed step child when it comes to accessories for android devices vs apple. The official ASUS case that came out at launch looks nice but the lack of magnet feature ruins it for me.

        I haven’t been using a case for my Nexus 7 thus far but I rarely travel with it at the moment. So far I’m tempted to grab the DODOcase for protection when not in use or when I’m bringing it to work but the adhesive idea it uses has me holding back.

  • ::swoon::

    This must be what Apple fans feel like 🙂

  • Daniel Clifford

    Now remind me why I just pulled the trigger on the i-BLASON case yesterday???

  • Dan

    Cahnge this site name to Nexus7-life already, holly shi*

  • ddevito

    What is a keyboard on a tablet good for? Google Docs? Anything else? For this use a chromebook

    • Keith0606

      I use it on occasion for work when i’m remoting into a windows machine. Keyboard and mouse combo on windows 7 make it much more usable than touch.

    • New_Guy

      Good for those of us taking courses online and travel a lot. I am one of them and would love this case. Will likely pick this up when it comes out.

    • It adds functionality to an otherwise portable device with limit input ability. You may not need a laptop if you have a keyboard accessory.

    • brando56894

      The keyboard dock on my Asus Transformer was useful but not really as useful as I thought it would be, so I’m debating on whether or not I should get this. The only reason I had it (besides the extended battery) was because it hard to type easily on a 10″ screen.

      • cb2000a

        I really like the keyboard attachment to the Transformer. Not so much the lag though when typing on it.

  • I have a bluetooth folding keyboard made by Palm that I use for the N7 and my GNex, but it’s still a bit of a hassle to carry around. A keyboard dock would be nice.

  • Keith0606

    I might be interested in the keyboard. I’ve had problems with my logitech bluetooth keyboard for android and nexus 7, wondering if anyone has had any luck with it or any other bluetooth keyboard. Basically it’s flakey stops typing frequently or gets virtual a “stuck key.” My bluetooth mouse and speakers work fine though.

  • James Hoffman

    I have the infinity and keyboard, and its nice but even on that I mis-hit keys due to the size. I can’t imagine using a 7″ form factor keyboard with any more celerity than the on screen keyboard.

  • trumpet444

    I hope this trend keeps up because accessories for android devices have been pretty lackluster.

  • Interested in a charging dock that has speakers.

  • Greyhame

    Need a HDMI capable dock, then I’ll buy.

    • chaosrv

      As great as that would be it just isn’t going to happen, I’m afraid.

      • Greyhame

        I still am holding out a little hope that, although it probably won’t happen with JB, Google could pull a magic trick with KLP. Although if HDMI requires more than four connections and it’s impossible with the pogo pin setup, then by all means correct my little hope to no hope.

        EDIT: I checked, and it does. However, the actual HDMI connection would be on the dock itself. So the questions is whether four pins is enough to transfer the required data to the dock (and let the rest of the magic happen there).

    • Daniel Maginnis

      rather an hdmi dock or wireless video out?

  • RedPandaAlex

    Kellex, I’d be really interested in a review of that keyboard. Seems like it would be really, really cramped.

    • Alexa White

      Second that.

    • Liderc

      Agreed. Cramped keyboards make me want to smash them against a wall. I’ve been typing since I was 8, if I can’t type 150wpm on it then it doesn’t deserve to exist.

  • King of Nynex

    Besides looking cool and the convenience, why bother with a case/keyboard when you can use USB OTG for a real keyboard and a real mouse?

    • Daniel Maginnis

      cool/convenient is a huge factor to some. especially when you are suggesting plugging in a pig tail that is neither cool nor convenient. i wouldnt mind using my logitech k400 keyboard for school cuz it has a built in touch pad, but would likely only do that if it had BT. sadly it does not, and i would likely look ridiculous typing on a keyboard that is larger than my tablet.