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DROID Charge Receiving Minor Update to FP5

A new update has been approved for the DROID Charge this morning, bringing it up to build FP5. While the document above lists out all sorts of changes, it is actually the changelog from the previous FP1 update, only the bullets have been rearranged. We are assuming then that this is nothing more than a minor bug fixer. If you receive it, be sure to let us know of any differences.

Update:  For some reason, Verizon changed the support doc back to the FP1 update from March. We’ll keep an eye on it and see if it changes again with a new changelog.

The update itself is 19.3MB and will likely rollout to everyone within a week. More.

  • workinprogress

    I can now use flash without my phone freezing–at least for now!

  • reznikk

    ive actually never had an issue with this phone, i actually like it, never lagged on me, battery life is eh, but other than that I like it, ive never replaced it, lol, i do want an S3 tho


    Maybe this update will fix this disaster of a device with its self rebooting, intermittent delays making calls from the call log, etc.

    I’m on my 5th Droid Charge in 14 months including 3 in the last 2 months and am so fed up, I’m ready to tell Verizon what they can do with it.

    • Kurt Edens

      With all those replacements they will offer you a different 4g phone if you tell them its till problematic and you won’t accept another droid charge.

    • DJyoSNOW

      I hear ya after my fourth in the past month….I finally have a winner. (no re-boots)

      • DMZMAN

        Just got #6, AND IT WORKS! Glory Halauah! Will wonders never cease….

  • NeilCosmo

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  • Caleb Martin

    How about my Rezound?

  • adfdfad

    I have this phone and it was top of the line at one point. It is very laggy and needs every update it can get.

    • KleenDroid

      Have you tried a factory data reset or are they all laggy? I did think this phone had a nice looking screen.

      • SKAVENG3R

        I had this phone.the lag was so bad it would stutter all the time…app drawer menus ect. it was by far the worst phone I have had.it looked great but functionality it more important then the look. It got so bad they gave me a update to what ever phone I wanted.

        • skaveng3r

          BTW go HEAT °^_^°…poor Portland :/

      • DMZMAN

        The screen and sound quality are about all this device has going for it. Everyone I’ve encountered lately who has this phone seems to be fed up.

      • daniel

        it still has one of the best screens samsung has the best screens the charge was the first to have it

  • ozo012

    Where is the f()cking Rezound update Verizon?

    • KleenDroid

      It was held up so they could get this out.

  • iHeartMotorola

    Um, yay? I’m happy that my old Charge will see an update, but development is at a standstill, our main kernel developer has sold his device, and only one developer is maintaining a custom ROM. Nevertheless, this is still good news for Charge owners and it does show that Verizon still cares, despite the fact that the phone will not receive ICS (or Jelly Bean) officially and the chances of it receiving a fully-functioning AOSP ROM are slim. On the other hand, I upgraded to the Galaxy S III (though I miss the sweet Butter of my Galaxy Nexus) and am using the Charge as a backup phone/MP3 player (GNex battery issues are no joke), so I’m relatively unaffected.

    • KleenDroid

      For the heck of it have you tried a JB rom on your Nexus to see if it helped your battery? The battery should easily last all day.

      • iHeartMotorola

        Did that, still sucked. My best friend wanted the ‘Nex anyway and I wanted the GS3, so I sold the Nexus and bought the Galaxy S III. The Galaxy Nexus is a nice phone, but the Galaxy S III’s screen is a bit nicer, the performance is better, and the battery life is far longer than the Nexus or Charge. My only gripe with the S3 is with the bootloader.

        • KleenDroid

          Sounds like the SIII is a nice phone… enjoy

          • iHeartMotorola

            It is. I really like it and recommend it to anyone. However, it was a bit over-hyped. It’s a great phone, no doubt about it, but it is not the last word in technology.

        • 1phoneman

          Hey just took my 2 SIII’s back. Didn’t pick up 4g where my charge did. But dont get me wrong i hate my charge and verizon would not do anything for me to trade for new phone. But verizon has best service inmy area. Any advice on how i can get new phone that works?

    • Gingerhead

      Note that one of the changes is to disable USB connection when on WiFi.

  • S0 glad, I got rid of this phone. Bought it back when it there were only 3 4G phones to choose from, and I certainly wasn’t going with the Thunderbolt or whatever the LG bing phone was. Had nothing but trouble keeping a data connection through multiple models.

    • KleenDroid

      You should have went with the Thunderbolt. It is an excellent phone. With every phone there are a few that have problems…

      • Tyler Chappell

        I remember having a case of buyer’s remorse with my Thunderbolt after this came out, mainly due to the battery life. But of course now I am sooo much happier I had the Thunderbolt instead of the Charge or the LG Revolution, both of which are plagued by all sorts of problems. I had my TB rooted and everything, once I installed a Gingerbread ROM about 2 months before they officially released it for the TB, all my problems were gone with reboot and battery issues.
        Can’t wait to get a fully-working ICS ROM on here, as the Charge and Revolution have long since been forgotten about and abandoned.

  • jeradc

    “USB tethering while in Wi-Fi mode is now blocked” does not sound like a minor bug fixer. More like a feature remover.

  • Buy This

    This is not the Droid (update) you are looking for.

  • dumpy dee

    I thought Verizon dumped the “Droid” name from this phone?

    • KleenDroid

      Of course they did.

  • Edwin M

    People bought this phone?

    • I did back when it was first available and then the Galaxy Nexus launched 7 months later…

    • KleenDroid

      A few did but then they traded back for the D2.

    • killer4247

      I bought it but through Verizon customer support I got it traded for a RAZR Max then a falaxy nexus instead of the RAZR maxx. So now i got a free nexus out of my charge without another upgrade. Sent from my galaxy nexus

  • KleenDroid

    I wish Verizon would quit wasting time on updates for phones like this and get the important updates taken care of.

    • Buy This

      Yeah dude! F*** those consumers who, in lieu of a more expensive and supported phone, opted for an entry-mid level smartphone device! Perhaps they were first timers. No matter. YOUR “IMPORTANT” updates are on the way rest assured!


      • KleenDroid

        LOL, I love your response. And from the amount of anger and frustration I sense you own this phone…. LOLOLOLOLOL I imagined I would stir up a few stuck on this clunker. It was posted here to avoid this thing so I imagined nobody actually purchased it.

      • ha +1

      • Dudepuncher

        Not to mention those of us who paid top-tier price at launch for what was supposed to be a marquee phone and took it up the poopchute for doing so… thanks, Verizon!

        Speaking of poop, the vomit orange/crap brown theme Samsung used for this is ATROCIOUS.

        • killer4247

          Call vz customer service. Tell them you are beyond frustrated, crappy battery life, tell them you need a working phone and ask for a supervisor and keep complaining and tell them you have a deal from at&t to leave and have your etf paid. They jumped out of their shoes to offer me a new phone no upgrade. Went from the charge to a bionic to a nexus, but now you could probably just ask for the s3 or nexus and tell them that’s reasonable. Hope this helped.

    • Greg Morgan

      Actually I think if Verizon sped up their update process then they could actually support these phones. This phone is only a year old. In lieu of making us sign 2 year contracts, shouldn’t they continue to support their phones they sell?

    • 1phoneman

      Its not a waste of time for those of us who still have it!!!!!!!!!

  • WalkerNA

    Jelly Bean!! j/k

    • DJyoSNOW

      Andy why is the Charge per say the most under developed phone?

  • Greg Morgan

    Trying to convince my wife to buy a different phone since this one basically is no longer supported. It’s lagging like crazy and she’s constantly having to reboot.

    • this phone was only reliable for about the first couple hours I owned it

    • killer4247

      Try a good ROM. Best ROM I used on my charge before it got traded to a nexus was gummy charged. And imoseyons kernel with under volt and 1200 MHz over clock. Try that and see if it helps. Almost completely removed my lag. Oh and use loopy smoothnes! It helps a ton! It felt like my nexus on 4.0(non butter) when I had that smoothness tweak installed. Hope this helps.

      • Greg Morgan

        I would love to do that. But my wife does not want me hacking her phone. She already doesn’t like the fact that I do it to mine. Lol

  • Andrew

    Droid Screen. Love this phone.