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Verizon Will Begin Shutdown of Remaining Alltel Data Network in January 2013

Remaining Alltel device users on Verizon’s network, you have until January 2013 to get rid of your current phone and pick up one from Verizon. Well, if you want to keep using data that is. At the beginning of next year, around January 10, Verizon will start to shut down the Alltel Data Network that came with their acquisition of the smaller carrier in 2009. By April 2013, they plan to complete the shutdown.

If you have yet to pick up a Verizon phone, know that your Alltel phone will still be able to send texts and make/receive calls, however, your data services will go bye-bye. Again, this is for current Verizon customers that are using Alltel devices.

Any Alltel customers in the building? If so, have you received a letter with these details from Verizon?

Cheers Aaron!

  • jamz93

    where did this photo come from. by that question i meant where can i find the whole document?

  • Alltel Devil

    Verizon liked throttling my data until I called the Attorney General and also filed an FCC complaint.Now its time to go to war! Unlimited Alltel people stand united and fight!! We have unlimited data contracts and verizon will be forced to service them or pay dearly. Let’s put and end to Verizon and its scum sucking liars! Contact your state Attorney General and join in class action lawsuit to destroy this dirt bag company.

  • Victor

    I still have 2 Alltel HTC Desires and 1 basic Alltel phone running on an unlimited data plan with unlimited texts and 500 talk. I have not received any such letter AFAIK. I can upgrade to VZW phones and keep my current rate and features except I will only get 2gb data instead of unlimited. The only way for me to keep the unlimited is to buy my own phones and activate them.

    But once my contract ends in November would I still keep my unlimited data. If there is no contract anymore what will stop VZW from moving my plan to whatever they want?

  • Midwest

    Verison has already made some changes. We are using old Alltel phones in several parts of the midwest For the last two weeks, when someone tries to calll any of our phones, they may or many not get a message saying the number is not in service. After redialing as many as ten times, the call will go through. We have missed numerous important calls including work related and the birth of a baby. Many friends, family and business associates think we have changed our numbers without telling them. Verison has been sympathetic, but extremely unhelpful. We have spent a minimum of ten hours talking with support. There is no way to speak with the same person twice. Every person we talk to has a different response to our problems. They want us to switch all our phones and plans to see if it will fix the problem. We cannot get anything put in writing to guarantee it.

  • Drake

    I had an alltel data card with unlimited data. I received this letter which let me get a new 4G hotspot free with no contract renewal and i got to keep unlimited. Problems?? Hehe 🙂

    • Rolliby

      Drake, you’d better read the fine print again. 2 year contract AND you do NOT get unlimited. Verizon will have a cap on every plan. I have Alltel air card and unlimited – but they have already reduced the service so badly that it is no better than dialup. Before the takeover – it was FABULOUS out here in the boonies. Now – it is Verizon CRAP, we’re the puppets and they are pulling the strings HARD. Open the wallet brother.

      • Drake

        Would you like a picture to suffice? I’m able to upgrade the device in a few months and I’ve used 14GB of UnliimitedGB

  • Drake

    I had an alltel data card until last week. I received this letter and got the following deal:
    A free 4GLTE data stick or 4GLTE mobile hotspot with no contract extension; and
    I got to keep my unlimited data plan.

    It shows up on my bill as 4G MOBILE BROADBAND UNLIM 59.99.
    Not a bad deal even though I only get 3G at my house.

    • Rolliby

      Just call to cancel. You’ll find out you are under contract.

      • Drake

        I am, indeed, still under contract. However, I didn’t have to sign a new contract and can renew in 3 months.

  • disqus_IKqkt0oADw

    If im going to have to switch to Verizon ill switch over to a different carrier first

  • Curt Carter

    As a note, isn’t this just to the percentage that was purchased by Verizon? Wasn’t there a small percentage ( I was in it originally ) that was purchased by some weird company like “ATN”? What about that percentage?

  • EldrinSMP

    Alltel claims this isn’t true, at least for non-corporate customers. Of course their customer service people also claim Alltel isn’t a part of or in any way affiliated with Verizon, so we’ll see how that goes.

    • Tim242

      All of Alltel was not purchased by Verizon. At&t got some, and private investers got the rest. The private investors formed a company called AWCC(Allied Wireless) but do business as All tel. They are in no way associated with Verizon

  • What about Chad?

  • Google needs to enter the cell phone carrier competition, call their network neXus, and it should be super affordable, along with super fast speeds, in order to revolt against this carrier monopoly. Verizon and AT&T have the most control freakish plans, all in the name of forcing their customers to paying them more money.

    • InyRules

      They should just buy T-Mobile.

  • master94

    Forcing those attel customers to vzw over priced share evrything plans no doubt.

  • RestlessDroid

    My family has all Verizon phones but we are still in an alltel plan. Will we see any change?

    • g3treal

      If you use an Alltel device, yes. But you said you’re using VZW devices on an Alltel plan so nothing to worry about.

    • Girlfriends family is the same, they all have verizon phones but an alltel plan.

    • Midwest

      See my post on this listing (Midwest). You won’t be happy.

  • soccercoach

    Actually they give you 2 options. One is to get a new 4G phone at a subsidized price, 2 yr agreement and pick a tiered data plan OR……..two take any cpo phone free of charge and keep your data plan. In my case it is unlimited. I can live with that.

  • Ryan Frankenstein

    i’m actually in an alltel area. (zero verizon cover for 30 minutes in any direction) I’m told through the grapevine that verizon is getting some towers up to have service here but as of right now coverage is pretty weak over an Extended network. if you ask someone from verizon they know Nothing about any of this.

  • trust_me_im_lawyer

    I guess that my 8830WE will no longer be able to serve as my backup phone.

    • soccercoach


  • Knlegend1

    My comment is missing lol.

  • Jim McClain

    was just talking with verizon tech guy… he had no idea what Jelly Bean was

    • michael arazan

      I called verizon cs, they had no idea that google released a new updated os to android. I asked when the new update was going to be for my gnex, and she said i should of got it by now. She thought I was talking about 4.0.4, seriously?!

  • I have not received this letter, but all the phones are my Alltel plan are VZW models…

  • rb

    well….bout friggin time. All the 50-70 yr olds that are stuck in their ways with their original Alltel plans will finally switch over. (Parents)

    • Rolliby

      Shut up kid.

  • Lucky Armpit

    I was an Alltel customer back in the day. I was with them when they were 360 Communications. I bet THAT name brings crickets to the room, heh. When I heard that Verizon bought Alltel, I was NOT happy. Alltel had great cellular service and FANTASTIC customer service. VZW has great coverage and I’m rockin’ 4G for about two weeks now since it was turned on in eastern NC. Their customer service, however, has really see-sawed from over-the-top wonderful to really Verizon? Really? Sigh.

    • Teef

      Alltel bought 360 Communications…Alltel has been around since 1983

  • Liderc

    Wow, could someone still be using an Alltel phone?

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    I COMPLETELY forgot about this buyout

  • ddevito

    Verizon to Alltel:


    • Sqube

      Yeah… as of 2009. I think VZW deserves a smidge of credit for keeping the lights on that long, instead of offering a $25 credit and telling everybody their phones would stop working in six months.

    • Correction

      Verizon to Alltel:

    • yppans


  • PissedOffAlltelCustomer

    As an alltel customer I am outraged! Who is to tell me where to buy my phone from? Last I checked this ‘Merica not the Facist states of america.

    • tyguy829

      And who are you to tell a multi billion dollar company what to do with a dying network that was just costing them money?

    • MKader17

      Theoretically Alltel is telling you that they will no longer offer data. Except now Alltell is Verizon… So a company is telling a customer that they will no longer provide a service and if you want to continue to use the product you will get less but you are free to change to a different product or stop using it company. Pretty standard stuff.

      • Tim242

        There is still an All tel, that serves 800,000 customers.

    • Joshua Colon

      You don’t have to continue with Verizon. & they have given you plenty of notice about the change. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

    • I think everyone but me missed the sarcasm in your post…6 downs? Tough crowd…

      • PissedOffAlltelCustomer

        whooosh to everyone else in this thread

  • sillyrabbittricks4kids

    Come Jan 10th you will be raped by Verizon’s family sincerely yours Alltel

  • What’s an Alltel?

  • crickets…

  • 4n1m4L

    Isn’t it about time for there to start being some leaked nexus ‘s

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Lol . . .

    • Chris

      +10 LOL. Slow day in the world of Android!

  • SirSoloDolo

    I miss Cingular. They had friendly customer service

    • InyRules

      I miss them too. I had my very first cell phone with them, and I’ve hung on to that number for dear life. I’ve been on all 4 big national carriers with it.

      • shnickburton