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NVIDIA to Add Support to Tegra Chips for Miracast Wireless Display Standards

From the same creators of the WiFi standard, comes the Miracast wireless display standard, which allows for the wireless beaming of the display contents on your mobile phone or tablet, directly to a large HDTV screen in your house without a wireless router. To sum it up, you won’t need anymore HDMI or MHL cables cluttering up your home theater to copy your phone’s display onto your big screen in the living room. 

NVIDIA is embracing this technology and has added enhancements for Tegra-powered devices to take full advantage of Miracast. To get a an idea of what they’re doing to enhance the new standard for wireless beaming, check the video down below.



  • Gnex, S2/S3 owners. We have a version of this already called WiFi Direct. You’ll likely need a dongle for your TV though, some TV’s come with it however.

    I know a few guys who didn’t know wtf and was just dicking around on their TV’s and phone’s and then noticed they both had WiFi Direct and it works 😛

    • WiFI Direct is the delivery platform, but it is not all that is required.

      • Bigwavedave25

        Can you elaborate? I have a GNex and a Sammy smart tv… what else is required?

        • The Gnex has the required hardware, but the OMAP SoC doesn’t have the software support yet.

  • feztheforeigner

    How do I take advantage of this? Do I have to buy a new TV with the standard?

  • RBI411

    Could fix a glaring flaw in the design of the Nexus 7. Heres hoping.

    • Sean Hayden

      it was never a flaw. Miracast has been in the works for a while and expected to release Q4. HDMI out is old news and google/asus knew that.

      • RBI411

        I don’t care what you want to call it. The bottom line is that right now the N7 has no video output. This would give it that. I want it if its capable of being done.

  • j__h

    Can you still stream a movie to the device at the same time?

  • Daniel Maginnis

    hmm… seems interesting. but i remember when my buddy got a new i-core based laptop and it had this feature built in (yeah, diff tech, but same concept). he used it once i think. not sure how often i’d use it, especially considering you will likely have to buy a $150 receiver for this. only thing that would force me is the fact that the N7 has no video output, so this would be the only way. then again i dont have anything stored on my N7 and my ps3 makes a very suitable media player.

  • shopdroid

    Will it require a special TV or some sort of adapter on the TV side? What about the tablet end? Does N7 have this already?

  • duke69111

    I think this will be great if they will make it so that you can turn off the screen when when beaming something to the TV. Like watching a video, you can not currently turn off the screen on an mhl adpter or it will shutdown the video.

    • Big_EZ

      That sucks. All of my devices have hdmi out and it works with the screen off.

      • duke69111

        What devices do you have? I have the Galaxy Nexus with the Samsung MHL adapter and if I am watching a movie or youtube ect and I turn the scren off the tv picture shuts down as well.

        • Big_EZ

          Bionic, RAZR Maxx, and Asus Transformer Prime. They all have HDMI out and still mirror even when the screen is off.

          • duke69111

            I wish mine did that, as it kills the battery fast when the screen says on and outputs video.

            Subject: [droidlife] Re: NVIDIA to Add Support to Tegra Chips for Miracast Wireless Display Standards

  • So does this have to be built into both the device and the television?

  • cool