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New Root Method Released for Verizon’s Galaxy S3, No Odin Required

The previous root method for the Galaxy S3 on Verizon was causing enough problems with users, that developer Noxious Ninja decided to try to find a different way. Not only that, but he wanted to find a method that did not involve flashing a pre-rooted system.img. After trying a variety of current tricks, he found one from the Asus TF300T that worked. He even created a 1-click tool of sorts for those that aren’t interested in going to adb route. We have it all for you below. 

Download:  GS3_debugfs-root_r2.7z


  1. Install the USB drivers if you don’t have them already. [Download]
  2. Download the GS3_debugfs-root_r2 package and extract it somewhere (you’ll need 7-Zip or some other modern compression tool)
  3. On your phone, enable installation of third-party apps (Settings –> Security –> Unknown sources, near the bottom in the “Device administration” section)
  4. On your phone, enable USB debugging (Settings –> Developer options –> USB debugging)
  5. On your PC, make sure you don’t have any other Android devices connected, any Android emulators running, or any Android tools like PdaNet running.
  6. Plug your phone into a USB port on your computer. For best results, use a port directly on the machine, and not a USB hub.
  7. Double-click RootDebugfs.bat and follow the directions on the screen. Your phone will reboot 3 or 4 times during the process; just leave it plugged in. To be safe, don’t switch to any other applications while the root process is running.

Video instructions:

YouTube Preview Image

Via:  XDA

Cheers fortitudinevincimus!

  • jgreenberg3

    i used this to root my phone but when i try to use CWM it says my phone is not rooted

  • Chuy Sanchez

    This doesn’t work for the new update to 4.1.1

  • finally got around to rooting my verizon galaxy S3 thanks for the video, and I did donate.

    One problem I had was I was was getting an “more than one device or emulator error” from the root tool. It took me awhile to remember I had bluestacks installed and the tool was seeing it somehow. I removed bluestacks and the root went fine. Great video

  • Jaymes

    the best way to root the s3.. extremely great.

  • Ricardo Martinez

    Min 6:30

    In this screen, I don’t have the text you have, it looks that something is wrong before that, but I don’t know what it is :C
    any ideas?

  • someone1

    my phone wont be detected by the debug root thing

  • Dustin White

    I just used this and it worked flawlessly! Thank you!!