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New Root Method Released for Verizon’s Galaxy S3, No Odin Required

The previous root method for the Galaxy S3 on Verizon was causing enough problems with users, that developer Noxious Ninja decided to try to find a different way. Not only that, but he wanted to find a method that did not involve flashing a pre-rooted system.img. After trying a variety of current tricks, he found one from the Asus TF300T that worked. He even created a 1-click tool of sorts for those that aren’t interested in going to adb route. We have it all for you below. 

Download:  GS3_debugfs-root_r2.7z


  1. Install the USB drivers if you don’t have them already. [Download]
  2. Download the GS3_debugfs-root_r2 package and extract it somewhere (you’ll need 7-Zip or some other modern compression tool)
  3. On your phone, enable installation of third-party apps (Settings –> Security –> Unknown sources, near the bottom in the “Device administration” section)
  4. On your phone, enable USB debugging (Settings –> Developer options –> USB debugging)
  5. On your PC, make sure you don’t have any other Android devices connected, any Android emulators running, or any Android tools like PdaNet running.
  6. Plug your phone into a USB port on your computer. For best results, use a port directly on the machine, and not a USB hub.
  7. Double-click RootDebugfs.bat and follow the directions on the screen. Your phone will reboot 3 or 4 times during the process; just leave it plugged in. To be safe, don’t switch to any other applications while the root process is running.

Video instructions:


Via:  XDA

Cheers fortitudinevincimus!

  • jgreenberg3

    i used this to root my phone but when i try to use CWM it says my phone is not rooted

  • Chuy Sanchez

    This doesn’t work for the new update to 4.1.1

  • finally got around to rooting my verizon galaxy S3 thanks for the video, and I did donate.

    One problem I had was I was was getting an “more than one device or emulator error” from the root tool. It took me awhile to remember I had bluestacks installed and the tool was seeing it somehow. I removed bluestacks and the root went fine. Great video

  • Jaymes

    the best way to root the s3.. extremely great.

  • Ricardo Martinez

    Min 6:30

    In this screen, I don’t have the text you have, it looks that something is wrong before that, but I don’t know what it is :C
    any ideas?

  • someone1

    my phone wont be detected by the debug root thing

  • Dustin White

    I just used this and it worked flawlessly! Thank you!!

  • i keep getting an ‘adb’ not recognized as an internal or external command can any one help

  • SamFisher

    after i root windows pops up that hardware id id missing and dosnt show the phone on my computer or kies.

  • John Mueller

    While this was a very simple process and having rooted in the past. It seems after I have rooted with the above file (GS3_debugfs-root_r2.7z) and installed the drivers.

    After the process ran I had Superuser. I ran that and it did not need any updates.

    It now seems some of my apps do not update and have to do manually. Also it seems I have lost some performance after the root as well.

    Has anyone else run into this at all?

  • zachariah

    So for att, they won’t block your service??

  • RickParrent

    FYI, this works for AT&T Galaxy S III phones, too. I just rooted mine. Thanks!

  • Josh

    As far as a root goes, this is the most painless thing I’ve ever encountered. Very neat. Very organized. Instructions are very clear. Best method of rooting you could possibly ask for. If you’re hesitant on rooting your device because of how complex it might be, please try this. I’ve failed countless times at other devices and gave up due to frustration. I was able to complete this root in less than 5 minutes. Fantastic job here

  • joseph marques

    will you be creating an unroot option???

  • I want to try different roms on my VZW S3, but that means 2 silly questions:
    1) if I flash a non VZW rom, does it mess with 4g lte, or is that separate
    2) does it mess with the camera app, will I lose the panorama and hdr functions?

  • skid

    How would you return to stock after using this method?

  • jamjr74

    Why does this not work for me? It skips root process and goes right to checking superuser status…..

  • kng60ft

    Whatever type od swype is on this SG3 sucks azz. and it wont let me download the swype beta

  • Rick2179

    how do you unroot and go back to stock after using this root method?

  • Dan The Man

    do you have to unlock the boot loader before rooting on this device? Please answer, it would mean a lot to me.

  • ParkerKincaid

    Quick and simple way to root the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3. Worked like a charm and my experience with the phone is greatly enhanced.

  • justaddh3o

    I’m getting the custom unlock boot screen after using this method. It was easy a pie though

  • Kevin B

    “Kick out the epic motherf***er!”

  • BirdDog0

    I don’t think it gets much easier than that folks! Aside from the unit being shipped from Samsung already rooted for you that is. Hats off to the Ninja!

  • Leon

    Any chance this will brick S3? since this not flashing S3. Safe to root?

  • billybobjon

    ok sorry to be a chatty kathy here but i just actually went to USE root
    access and it didnt work after a couple a reboots to my s3 i was kinda
    confused because the super user icon was there…hmm….just wanted to
    let everyone know if you have this problem, go into superuser.apk app
    and slide over to “info” then a button that says “tap to check for
    updates” click this and then click update at the bottom of the
    screen….for some reason that fixed the root and it started
    working…for me anyways…

  • billybobjon

    usually im rooting to get hot spot access but now since foxfi im rooting for a whole new reason…lol to connect my ps3 controller…the games are so good now and on screen controller suck so bad…i think i getting hand cramps from playing dead trigger

  • billybobjon

    ok no joke that was really easy and took 4 min

  • CJ

    Upgraded line to GS3… Walked out and drove back to work…. Rooted immediately…. LOVE DROID-LIFE!!!

  • Doesn’t work on my phone. Tried several reboots, no worky. SuperUser IS installed and it allowed itself to update AND gain root access, but no other apps can gain access. Root Checker app says phone is not rooted.

  • Congratulations to my SIII brethren, GO ROOT NOW!!!

  • The original root method wasn’t hard by any means.

    • BirdDog0

      Perhaps, but this is RE-TARD easy. Sh!t Hawt…well done gents

  • Brendon

    The usb package is for verizon do the drivers work for
    AT&T also and does this root method work for AT&T

  • four_zero40

    Would this format my phone or erase anything from my phone?

    • Prophet Zarquon

      Yes your phone will be reset during this procedure. Google contacts & media on the SD will be unaffected.

  • ryanerikk

    Can anyone help. i can’t seem to load this file on my phone. Computer states no file found which it is loaded on my computer. Please help

  • vibbix

    If I have to exchange my S3 for a warranty, how do I unroot it?

    • You can’t turn it in for warranty… The system counts how many times it’s been rooted…

      • Prophet Zarquon

        I’ve seen no evidence of this.
        Rooted phones can be un-rooted & returned.
        Sprint just accepted my Evo 4G & I had that fully rooted with rEvolution & default apps removed, until I restored it prior to trade-in.

        • On samsung it counts it, not on other phones. Vibbix there is an app in the appstore called triangle away. You can unroot using odin and then reset the reflash number. Thats what I would do.

          • Tadas Paegle

            there’s a reset tool Away Triangle

  • justin

    i’m completely new to this rooting thing. i did as instructed. i now have “superuser” app but i dont see anywhere with the name rom manager

    • Nathan Corachea

      you download that from the app market. im not sure if theres any roms in rom manager for this phone yet though. i havent checked

  • So once i am rooted, The next step would be to get a rom correct? What roms are available and recommended?

    • Nathan Corachea

      i think you also need to installed a custom recovery. and if you want somethng super stable theres this invisiblek rom, thats bascially stock but stripped down up uneccasary apps

  • Can anyone point me to a working Google now apk please? I rooted and installed one of them but it either hangs or fc….lol.

  • AbelRod

    so does this mean i can use my upgrade to get the subsidized gs3 and root it?

    • trixnkix637

      I have a subsidized gs3 and have rooted it using odin. I only flashed a stock 4.0.4. rooted rom, but no problems yet. Pushed Google Ears & Google Now after getting root, and both work great.

      • ryanerikk

        I have tried but failed on getting my phone to root. Could you help. Thanks

        • trixnkix637


          I followed these instructions (unzip the root66 file you downloaded with 7zip to get the .tar file you will need to flash). Then I used ROM Manager from the Play Store to flash ClockworkMod Recovery after getting root (don’t use the touch version.. I hear there’s some bugs with that and the VZW Gs3).

          It will take about 8-10 minutes to flash the .tar file to your phone using ODIN. Root66 is a completely stock but rooted rom. No JB or removal of bloat but you will be rooted.

          Hope that helps!

  • Ken Bosse

    I though installing a recovery was harder than just installing the app? Or is that the easy part and then trying to install files from a zip is where the bootloader comes into play..?

  • evams

    *temp glitch* looks to be running smooth again. Gonna wait to ROM – waiting for AOKP

    • Tcali

      I don’t know, I actually like Touchwiz. It really is nice!

  • joegard

    This works and is so much easier than downloading a 1.5GB stock rooted system image. Props to Noxious Ninja!

  • Aardvark99

    Oh yeah! Widgets in Nova’s App Drawer now works, next up Titanium Backups from my old phone.

    • That’s what I wanted too but wasn’t going to go thru the whole ROM replacement to get it. This worked perfectly!

  • evams

    Anybody expericed slowness when launching programs after root? Wonder if you can reroot using this mod?

  • Destroythanet

    Nice! Always good to have more options. Although this doesn’t seem to be any simpler than doing it with Odin, which is already pretty easy.

  • Davros

    This is the first phone I’ve actually been pretty happy with stock. (Except no Wallet) However I’ll be doing this tonight purely on principle. So has anyone used Wallet on a rooted S3?

  • hows the battery life on this thing?

    • Jim McClain

      Hey joe I’m ahead of you now,got my 6th gnex monday,sent it back today,couldn’t hold a signal,was on the phone with verizon and they had no idea what was wrong, so number 7 is on its way,unbelieveable huh

      • jothen2002

        Yeah I have had a “trouble ticket” with them for a while regarding my GNEX signal…no fix in sight. I have gotten some credits out of them…and will be getting an SG3 warranty replacement instead of the GNEX next week …as soon as they get one in stock …

        • Jim McClain

          Credits? the signal on my 5th is great,but the mic keeps cutting off,hoping number 7 is the lucky one

    • MrToTo83

      The battery life on my S3 is good. It lasts all day with me using it all day. Im in the country and signal is always hit or miss but its better then prevouse devises.

    • Tcali

      Simply great!
      I get approximately seven & a half hours to nine hours with moderately heavy usage whilst being connected to a 4G tower nearly 90% of the time!

  • Doesn’t work for me for some reason. I’m on Synergy 1.1 and ive tried everything from reinstalling the app to pushing superuser onto it but it can’t gain root access. Ive even tried updating the binary and it fails each time.

  • Daryel Villavicencio

    This uses an exploit that will most likely be patched in the next update. This exploit is detailed by Dan Rosenberg. It’s already been patched up on my Motorola Atrix HD.

  • Sevillian

    Amazing. Now its time to play!!

  • machete

    Is the bootloader still locked? Thought so. Moving on.

    • Yes, yes, yes, we know. Nesux > all. We get it.

      How have those official, straight-from-Google updates worked out for you?

      • machete

        machete not know. He unlock bootloader on day one and has been rom’ing and loading kernels like no tomorrow.

      • Tcali

        I think I know what you are trying to express, but I think you forgot to account for the fact that Verizon is not the only cellular provider to subsidize it. Outside of the United States, in a fictional place called Everywhere Else, they receive updates directly from Google & not at your provider’s whim.

        • Fair enough, though it’s also fair to assume that a US-based website targeted at Droid users would be predominantly populated by Verizon customers.

          Also: Condescension is a nasty trait.

    • I remember when i saw someones phone with the latest OS and rooted and all custom. Thought it was cool for like a day or two. Now when someone trys to brag about how their phone is rooted/custom romed all i can think of is..

      • TheOiulkj

        Whatever you have to tell yourself.

      • Tcali

        Your opinion is yours alone.

    • Adam Metzner

      Is it still locked? Yes. Do they have a work around with custom kernels, recoveries, and roms? Yes. Who needs it unlocked?

      • machete

        why is rom forum for g nex busy busy busy but rom forum for sgs3 is crickets …loud crickets

        • Adam Metzner

          Rootzwiki has about 4 roms. And I know Droidhive has both CM9 and CM10 running with very few bugs. And the fact that this phone hasn’t even been out FOR 3 WEEKS YET! Also a dev is working on AOKP based on Jelly Bean. I’m not saying that the GS3 is better then the Gnex, I own them both. Just pointing out that your statement is wrong.

        • Tcali

          First, I must point out that the way in which you had formulated that sentence is simply horrid.
          On to the point, the bootloader is signed, not encrypted, this means that there is a greater likelihood for disabling the checks at startup or at the very least, bypassing it.

    • NexusownersareworsethanISHEEP.

      You Nexus Jackasses are something else!!! The feeble mind of someone with a

      superiority complex. You are following in the footsteps of the ISHEEP.

  • J Dub

    Eh…root is root. Running CM10 right now. My locked down SGS3 has JB before almost all other phones. What’s that about?

    • KleenDroid

      Nexus had it first but you’ve got a Samsung that’s why… Nobody gives a hoot about Motorola anymore.

      • Trevor

        bs samsung rarley updates the galaxy tab 10.1

        • KleenDroid

          What does the galaxy “Tab” have to do with anything?

          • Tcali

            @KleenDroid:disqus Agreed

        • Tcali

          I stopped reading at “bs…”

      • Tcali

        Point taken, but I think the reason that Samsung updates their devices *relatively* fast is because they are trying to appeal to consumers that root, consumers that fiddle & tweak their phones to their hearts content because they are aware of the fact that the average consumer will give significant weight to the input of the technological “fanatics” to the point where it may affect what they purchase. At least, that is the impression I get.

    • ryanerikk

      Could you help on how to download CM10.

      • You can download Rom Manager from the Play market and download CM 10 from there.

      • J Dub

        Don’t use the ROM Manager method for CM10. It will install the wrong recovery. CM10 needs a special recovery that is easily pushed to your phone. There are tons of how to’s on XDA and Rootzwiki.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    cheers back at ya…

    I am going to give this a whirl tonight or tomorrow as I never wanted to do the more invasive Odin method – but I am waiting for some details on how it might interact with OTA updates relative to will it block them, will installing a recovery block them, and will OTA Voodoo RootKeeper work. Since VZW has not yet had an OTA for the SGS3, we don’t know yet just what will happen.

    • Doan

      I’m not aware of any root method that works well with OTA updates.

    • J Dub

      Might as well just flash one of the many stock based ROM’s out there. A recent player, SynergyROM, looks like a winner and I think specifically stated OTA were blocked in the ROM.

    • Not an expert, but in the past, OTA updates have often un-rooted devices and closed the exploits the root process used, so it’s usually safest to avoid them.

      Once rooted, you should be able to freeze the update app. Also installing a custom recovery should short circuit the OTA process when it forces itself through (ie. You’ll wake up in the morning to your phone sitting at recovery).

      • Aardvark99

        I’ve had good luck with voodoo rootkeeper and OTA updates.

  • airplane


  • Damu793

    DAM!! i love this website!

  • terkey

    Curious… is there a way to un-root also? Would this be done through Odin?

    Does this trip the “flash counter”? (i assume not since you’re not flashing anything?)


    • FortitudineVincimus

      read that thread at XDA, all of this is covered there.