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The DROID X360: ICS-Powered PS Vita Device that Ships with Illegal Emulators

One of the best things about Android is that it can be adapted to a lot of different hardware, but in the case of the DROID X360, it may not be such a good thing. The body of this device is clearly reminiscent of a PS Vita, the latest handheld from Sony, but with Ice Cream Sandwich taking the place of their proprietary Vita software, this isn’t your ordinary handheld gaming center. 

The device is said to come with 9 game emulators to make up for the lost PlayStation capabilities. It can run Nintendo64, “OG” Playstation, Gameboy and other games. Unfortunately for potential buyers, Google has been very harsh with emulators of any kind in the Google Play Store. If this device comes to light, it’s hard to believe that we will ever see it for sale in the States. This would get hit with so many legal suits that it would never even see stores. It’s a cool concept, merging great hardware with great software, but the approach leaves something to be desired.


Via: Ubergizmo

  • Well, I have one… took some work tweaking to get everything to go the way it should.. I just can’t beleive the emulator discussion here…. check google play…. there be pleanty of emus there…. didn’t have to come pre-loaded… now on the other hand, PvZ and some roms that came preloaded are illegal…

  • S_V_R

    It would be cool if there was a handheld device that docked your phone in it so that you could get the controller feel. The phone would service as your screen and have the controller portion of the dock controlled via bluetooth to the phone.

  • I just want a case like this to put my phone into!

  • fauxshizzl

    According to every site i can find them for sale on, they do come with the Google market right out of the box. Why piss off just Sony and Lucas, when you can go for the trifecta and get Google pissed at you too?

  • Gary_Boyer

    I bought a DROID X360 game tablet from http://goo.gl/gGA23, it’s very cheap and cool

    • JoshGroff

      Decent price, would still prefer an Xperia though (personal preference.)

  • Buckoman

    Technically, emulators aren’t illegal. Partnered with the fact that they are free (you’re buying the device, not the software that comes on it) and the only thing that would be illegal are the ROMs. Sure, some older games have lost commercial production, and that would be fine, but it’s not the device maker’s fault if someone does something illegal with their device and it’s software. That’s like saying that Apple should get in legal trouble if I pirated media.

  • angermeans

    This is one of the reasons I bought my PS Vita. Let’s hope it comes soon. Emulators on the Vita would be great and this kerf just makes me wish I could. Hell I would even be happy if Sony would release an update to play PS 1 games so incan play me some FFVII.

    • JoshGroff

      Don’t they give access to the PSN? Should be able to access the PS1 classics just like you can with the PSP and PS3.

      • angermeans

        Yeah its kind of crazy but Sony has not added ps1 support for the vita yet

  • ashylarry5500

    Emulators are not illegal. They do not work by themselves, you still need the BIOS files which you are “supposed” to only be able to attain from downloading from your legally bought system. Now, downloading BIOS off the internet, or more seriously: distributing them, is illegal. ROMs are not illegal either provided that you have a physical copy of the game. Now, of course, you are able to gather all of these without buying a damn thing, which is illegal but the software by is not inherently illegal.

  • Biohaz7331

    By law from what I read a while ago basically stated that any game or gaming hardware that is not in production anymore ( I.e. N64 or PlayStation) can be emulated if the hardware or games are not made anymore or are not easily purchasable.

  • TheDrunkenClam

    I don’t get why psx4droid was taken off, but fpse remains?

    • JoshGroff

      I’m not sure, but I know Yongzh has since abandoned it (as well as most of his other emulators seemingly.)

  • Blood

    i’d buy this for $50 anything above that is a ripoff.

    • really? it’s running full android. You can’t get one of those throw-away 2.3 running single core tablets for $50…

  • SD_Scott

    Still bet this gets updates quicker than through Verizon…

  • 2Ceedz

    Use DroidEmu from the play store..runs just about all of them also… so what exactly is making this illegal?!?! If shipping with only emulators, I dont see what the issue is (exept for sony patents…if they infringed.

    • That and the name Droid is owned by Lucasfilm and licensed by VzW

      • JoshGroff

        Yes, but it’s not Droid Emu, it’s Droidemu, see what they did there?

  • regkilla

    Anyone else notice Mario and Link’s face blurred out in Super Smash Bros?

  • I’d buy one. My Vita is collecting dust.

    • kixofmyg0t

      Ill buy ur Vita.

      • Frank F

        ill sell u mine its on Craig’s list los angeles

  • regkilla

    I would get this!

  • Mr ilheis

    There use to be something similar called a Dingoo.

  • If it could play PS3 games, I’d be throwing my money at the screen right now

    • JoshGroff

      My PS3 plays PS3 games quite well, maybe you should buy one.

  • haha

    this thing is hilarious, $112 for something your phone/tablet/computer/hacked psp/hacked NDS/xbox/wii/and more can do

  • joel

    Anyone else notice it skipping and freezing?

    • Yep.. that and it seems like some of the buttons don’t work the way they should or he just sucks at playing

    • fixxmyhead

      yup and u can tell the games are not optimized cuz it froze on that mario game after like 10 secs also has glitches in the super smash bros game

  • Bob

    Don’t let the “DROID” monicker fool you – this is not a major OEM pushing this, and I’m sure Google isn’t supporting it.

    • NoSh*tSherlock

      No way….I thought this was a Verizon product..Damn it, there goes my $112. I thought I was just sending it one of Verizon’s Chinese distribution centers…

    • Mikesevenfold

      Bob…thank GOD for your warning…..

    • DroidRanger

      Captain Obvious! My hero! Thank you for saving me and my hard earned money!

  • T4rd

    Umm, yes please!

  • That is kind of like this Ipad like thing running Android! It looks photoshopped but it was selling on Amazon awhile back (might still be)

  • Pedro

    Shoot! Using the DROID brand ought to get VZW all in a tizzy.
    The heck with the emulators.

    • Kurt Edens

      I believe the Droid brand is the property of Lucas Arts and is licensed to Verizon for use in the line of phones.. I’m sure Verizon wouldn’t be all that enthused by the device anyway though.

  • Richard Garrison
    • AgustinRodriguez

      Bless you sir.

    • is that site legit ?

      • Truth

        Yes, just be careful to research the vendors on it. If you are not careful, you will get ripped off

  • domobraden

    Emulators are not illegal. Not in any way, shape, or form.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Correct. As far as the Emulators go

    • Prime7

      It can run Nintendo64, “OG” Playstation, Gameboy and other games.”

      Which of those are homebrew games?

      • Andrew

        The legal issue is that technically you could be making ROM’s of games you own personally and merely using the emulator for the sake of convenience. And that is legal.

      • tyguy829

        you can homebrew a N64 game for example…

    • Trueblue711

      The emulators also can’t use copyrighted BIOS ripped from the system in order to be legal.

    • eh

      So what. The main purpose of this device is to play games illegally not matter what the manufacturer claims. Plus are the emulators for this using legal BIOS files?

      • jeff

        Aren’t ROMs illegal in the US unless you make the ROM yourself out of your own original game? Also, any sort of ROM of a commercial game may be illegal in some countries no matter how it is obtained.

        I bet all those games in the video are illegal. I automatically assume anyone who says they’re using emulators and ROMs legally are actually not. I’m sure I’m more right than wrong with that.

        • alan

          Yup, totally illegal unless you make the ROMs and BIOSs from your own copy yourself. Downloading them even if you own the game or console is illegal despite the “fair use” and “archival/backup” clauses people tend to misinterpret.

          • michael arazan

            Since when has china ever given a crap about intellectual properties, copyright laws or patents, etc. Obviously a chinese device, that copied android and microsoft names to name their device for branding. If china ever had to pay up everything they have stolen from the U.S. they’d probably owe the U.S. as much as we are in debt to them.

          • No it is completely legal if I can show proof of purchase I am clean, however sharing it with others is illegal so you still have to be a hair smart.

        • JoshGroff

          You must own the original game, the rip does not have to be your own.

      • Cowboydroid

        The main purpose of this device is to play more games on what would be an otherwise gimped device. That they are being played illegally is the fault of the developers for not supporting more universal hardware and software. It doesn’t have to be illegal. This is supposed to send a signal to them that there is a demand for more versatile hardware. But instead of responding to that demand, they’d rather take a more nonsensical route and litigate.

      • The whole thing about the proprietary stuff are this: If the copyright holder, whether it be BIOS or ROM dump, want to pursue people from stop using them, they can. But owning them is by no means actually illegal. It’s like owning swiss knife or lockpick kit. Just because you have them, doesn’t mean you’re using them for illegal purpose.

        Most seems to come to line at this: If you own the original item, under Fair Use clause of the Copyright Act, you probably wouldn’t get in trouble, as rule of the Fair Use allows you to make backup (meaning ROM dump or BIOS used as a backup would qualify as Fair Use.) Sony and Nintendo said “NO, YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO” on this however.
        On the other note, if you’re massively hording ISO for 360 and sharing them around, which is how most people get sued in first place…

        • JoshGroff

          What if you only emulate consoles that are no longer in production and sales will in no way affect the console or game maker? I would definitely use that as a defense. It’s pretty solid as well.

          • guest

            actually, i remember hearing a podcast by techstuff (how stuff works) about roms/emulators. one mention was for “defunct” companies. and while there may be no more company, nor a way to get the original game…those copyrights are still valid and you “could” be prosecuted by whoever holds those rights. so if a company is “bought” and cleaned..the new owner will own those rights. or if a company goes belly up, the last “owner” would still retain the copyright.

            ianal, but this seems to be the case..

      • JoshGroff

        Here’s my main thought process when it comes to emulation. We’ll use Sony as an example. Let’s say you wanted to play FF7 because someone told you it’s the greatest game ever, you exhaust your resources and find the only places to buy it are eBay or Amazon or some other second hand online market, no money from the sale in any way benefits Sony or Square Enix (which is why said copyright laws are in place.) I think there should be something in place that makes it so if it’s impossible to obtain and still be able to support those who the copyright laws are in place to protect, that it should be legal. (Yes I know it can be obtained through the PSN, it was just an example)

        • Daistaar

          That’s a bad example is FF7 is acquirable through various routes including the PSN (which negates your entire argument). Not to mention that most developers are trying to circumvent the archive clause by reissuing games in collectors editions, re-releases and classic packs (Think Sonic, every new Mario, Final Fantasy, etc…)

          Issues with legality usually stem from illegal distribution and not legally owning an item.

          • JoshGroff

            Did you even read my last sentence? Also, like I said, it was an example, would you prefer something a little more obscure like Brave Fencer Musashi?

  • ddevito

    yeah I think I saw one of those being sold in Chinatown the other day :p

    • You should have picked it up! I wouldn’t mind trying it out 😛

  • teng247

    Man does the person playing suck at games…