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CM9 for Verizon’s Galaxy S3 Now With Working Data

The kexec boot sequence that CVPCS created earlier in the week is close to being ready for prime time. So close in fact, that an eager developer grabbed it, along with a data fix for CM9 on Verizon’s Galaxy S3 and tossed it all together with instructions for you to take for a test drive. The instructions look fairly simple, but it will require that you have the Android SDK working and know some adb commands. We have them for you below if you are ready. 

Downloads:  CM9 ROM | Recovery | Gapps


*We take no credit for these. Pulled straight from BeansTown106’s post.

1.  Transfer the CM9 ROM, Gapps, and d2vzw_recovery.img to the root of your emmc.
2.  Push the kexec cwm to sdcard and install:

adb push d2vzw_recovery.img /sdcard/
adb shell
dd if=/sdcard/d2vzw_recovery.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p18 bs=256k
reboot recovery

3.  Reboot into recovery.
4.  Wipe data/factory reset.
5.  Install CM9 zip.
6.  Install Gapps.
7.  You should be booting into CM9.

Should you run into issues, hit up the source link for support.

Via:  RootzWiki

Cheers Steve and Matthew!

  • Why are we never happy with stock? LOL.

  • Nathan Corachea

    Ok I have a simple question. I really like the camera and the quality of the pictures of the galaxy s3. but if i root like cm9 or cm10 whenever it comes out, will my picture quality degrade? Cuz i noticed the pictures on my old DInc didnt look as nice when i installed cm6/7 on it

  • J Dub

    If you are rooted you can remove the first 2 lines of code and run the rest in Terminal Emulator. No need to have ADB installed on your computer or the drivers. Just make sure all the files are names appropriately and on the root of your internal memory.

  • Orion

    I’m eager to see what CM does for my SGS3. While I am really enjoying it, there are two things that are dampening the experience.
    First, I’m a big google voice search fan, so the deletion of the magnifying glass hurt, but I figured I could use the icon and keep the functionality. But while the market shows that it is installed, I can’t find the icon to put on my desktop. In order to get google voice search, I have to long press the menu button and then tap the microphone icon. Admittedly, a nit, but when I use it as much as I do, it makes me pine for that magnifying glass button. I thought the S voice double tap would be fine as a sub, but good @!#$%, S-Voice, IMHO, is complete horse$#!%. I hate it. So, I’m hoping that CM gives use a doubletap google voice search.
    The second is that the bluetooth on mine works fine, but people say I sound soft or at a distance from the phone when I use it, and I never got that complaint with my Droid Incredible. I’m hoping CM’s version has some magic that will bring back that on-the-phone-proper clarity.

    • Lakerzz

      I use Nova launcher (prime), and set the swipe down gesture to open voice search. Also I set swipe up to toggle notifications. I love it!!

    • seth

      I feel Ur pain I can’t live without G search try going to Ur widgets Select the Google search bar works great

  • ipodmypants

    i don’t understand the android community anymore … so much hate/trolls.

    Respect the tech! I’m really liking my S3.

    it is one tight butthole of a phone

    • trixnkix637

      workaholics reference. I see what you did there.

  • AheadofVZW

    That’s nice…I’m running a fully functional CM10 on my GSM Nexus

    • These type of comments just make people look like assholes.

      • Indeed. We’re all on the same team here. No need to make “I’m better than you” comments.

        • AheadofVZW

          Yes sorry you are right, but Verizon and CDMA are bad for Android. I wish more people would see that. They screwed me for years. I am sorry to say you guys will always be behind the curve on everything Android if you stick with Verizon…(except for the battery killing, overkill marketing tactic called 4gLTE)

          • That comment is completely incorrect. I have a Verizon Galaxy Nexus and am currently running Jelly Bean 4.1.1. You can’t get more on the bleeding edge than that.

          • AheadofVZW

            Well if people don’t want to root and like there phone stock, the GSM Nexus already has official Jellybean with the correct radios and all…that’s all I’m saying. Google probably will not release another Nex on Verizon after the way things went down this time. Sorry for being harsh but I lived with Verizon blinders on for years. GSM no-contract let my Android free.

          • But you just said you were running CM10 on your GSM Nexus, which means you would have to root and install a custom ROM anyway, just like the Verizon Galaxy S3 and Verizon Galaxy Nexus users have to do. So I really don’t see how your argument has any merit other than to try and convince us that you are so much better than the rest of us because you chose GSM over CDMA. Stop making this an Android vs. Android argument. We’re all on the same team here.

          • AheadofVZW

            Alright you are right, we are all on the same team. I shouldn’t be a dick about things. The Nexus is a great phone all around, on any carrier and the software on all of them is ahead of the pack.

  • Does anyone know whether there will be any issue with CM9 being able to utilize the SGSIII’s 2GB of memory? Is there any secrete sauce built into the SGSIII that lets it utilize that much RAM? Thx!

  • cb3ck

    I own a Verizon GS3, and used to be a flashaholic with my old fascinate, but until we have a shot at Jelly Bean I don’t think I’ll be flashing CM9 anytime soon. Honestly if you put Nova or Apex on stock GS3 it’s still a pretty dang good phone. Yeah the bloatware is there and the wifi notifications suck, but overall it’s rock solid and all of the features are working well for me. YMMV but I’m quite content to keep my phone as is until we get a solid JB Rom to come out.

    If you are new to rooting and flashing ROM’s you may want to hang tight to see the bugs get ironed out. You may also see a simplified method to rooting and roming this phone. If you read through the thread linked, you see that there are some small humps and bumps still to overcome, but major kudos to the devs for getting this working in the short time the phone has been out.

    • ipodmypants

      I would agree. I’m loving the phone so far in stock form. I’ll probably still root to get rid of the wifi nonsense and to disable ads, but other than that I’m a happy camper (with Nova launcher and bloatware disabled).

      but who knows … as a recovering flashaholic myself, only time will tell before I cave as always. =P

      Phone history:
      OG droid->Droid X->Droid Bionic->Galaxy S3

      • I dont see a reason to change the phone, wifi notification is poopy and the radios arnt the best but other then that. Flawless.

      • DeathfireD

        What wifi nonsense and ads are you talking about? I turned wifi off to get rid of the notifications. Haven’t seen any “ads” though.

    • Ken Bosse

      agreed. I use to flash a lot with my T-Bolt, but this phone really doesnt need it. The ability to freeze apps in ICS is good enough for me when it comes to the bloat ware. I started to mess around with Knova but have not had a chance to fully set it up. I think tonight is the night.

    • Bassdj

      Totally agree. I’m so happy with the Galaxy S3 stock rooted. I tried CM9 and remembered all the TouchWiz features I missed. Back to Touchwiz it is!

    • Casey Puyleart

      I’m not a flashaholic – once I find something stable that I like, I’ll stick with it (except maybe upgrading) because I hate having to re-set up all my stuff.

      That said, rooting and flashing ROMs on this thing is far easier so far than anything I had to do with my D2. Seriously – 5 minutes with Odin and a rooted base image and you’re in SU heaven. Another ten minutes digging on XDA and I had:1. Installed CWM and completed a full NANDROID2. Installed a deodexed/zip-aligned stock system ROM
      3. Killed the WiFi notification4. Killed the WiFi popup5. Killed the “location service” icon next to the network on the task bar6. Updated my system UI to add WiFi toggle (where it should have been all along)
      Somewhere along the line, I now have the “CUSTOM” icon when I reboot, but who the hell cares. Five minutes with Odin and the thing will be back to bare stock if I need it. And for the time being, I can use tools and features I simply don’t have access to in ICS (although the app disable in ICS is a Godsend for 99% of the bloat).
      I’ll be holding off on CM9 (as tempting as it is) until things stabilize on that front, but as for standard root, the only thing easier that I’ve rooted so far has been my Xoom.

      • btod

        is there an easy way to root without using adb?

  • E4ST2W3ST

    Dang, why can’t they do this with the razr/razr maxx. I know they partially developed a kexec exploit for it, but not much came out of it from what I saw. The aosp roms are so glitchy at this point (data/screen issues), they leave much to be desired.

  • world.wide.wes

    I don’t understand can someone explain? I thought that having a locked bootloader meant you definitely can’t load a custom rom? Only the possibility of gaining root privileges?

    • You can still run ROMs, it’s just more…..complicated to get to that point. Perhaps someone can explain better, I’ve never owned a phone with a locked bootloader (and never will).

      • ipodmypants

        having a lock bootloader only prevents one from flashing custom kernels. Having had a droid bionic, we were able to do great things with everyones beloved locked bootloader. We had custom/stable GB roms and even ICS roms (with some features missing/not working) running the GB kernel. Major props to the devs fro that one. Not being able to flash custom kernels definately slows down development and flashing newer OS versions (until verizon releases official OTA).

        • TheDrunkenClam

          This verifies what I said above….. glorified themes…

          • No, by bypassing the factory kernel you can run a full custom kernel meaning it s a true ROM that has all teh features and can be tweaked to your liking. They are booting from a different location. The DX2 for example has “glorified themes” Kexec changes where the phone boots from. Custom Kernels is what it is all about. They tried doing kexec on the DX2 but could never get it finished. The SGSIII is not running “glorified themes” there is a custom kernel which is what a lot of other phones are lacking.

        • zepfloyd

          That’s not exactly true. Locked bootloaders prevent replacing the boot partition with a custom kernel. As is the case here, it’s still very much possible to run a custom kernel on the GSIII alone (NOT on top of the stock kernel as is essentially the case with Moto)

    • Javis Sullivan

      This utilizes the workaround discovered. I.e. it boots from the recovery partition instead of the bootloader. irrc.

    • trixnkix637

      Think of a bootloader as a front door with numerous locks on it. It’s still possible to pick & break in but it will take more time & tools (usually requires a workaround). It is possible to get both custom ROMS & root with a locked bootloader as anyone with a Droid X will tell you.

      • Doan

        This is more like breaking in through the window. Picking and breaking into the door would be unlocking the boot-loader, which we’ll probably never have.

        • zepfloyd

          don’t be so sure, progress is being made. There are number of options that may allow for a new bootloader.

        • joegard

          Breaking in through the window but never opening the door from the inside, so you have to keep going in and out through the window

    • A guy by the name of Austen Dicken did it (as far as I know). Here is a post where he explains how it is possible: https://plus.google.com/105844328547178759011/posts/NaZUCL6oe1q
      This was from an earlier post, before everything was working. I created a circle for the guy titled ‘SGSIII Guru’ 😀

    • TheDrunkenClam

      I’ll give it a shot… When the boot loader is locked, in order to run a “custom ROM” the boot process is highjacked and tricked into loading the ROM. On the droid x, this was called “bootstrapping”. Its not really a fully custom ROM though, because some things such as the kernel can never be changed. And many times, if the phone is still running, for example ice cream sandwich, a newer version (jellybean) ROM can not be loaded. This is because the stock software is still being ran at the point of boot. These ROMs are just glorified themes running on top of the stock software. So these ROMs tend to always be dependent on which kernel, radio, and android version is currently available to said device. Please correct me if I am wrong.

      • zepfloyd

        I’ll correct you a bit here. the GS3 situation is NOT the Droid X situation. Less partitions are locked out, in fact really only certain parts of the boot partition are. You CAN run full custom kernels on the GS3 but you will have to boot to recovery each time (automatically) to inject Kexec into the main kernel which cold reboots into the custom kernel. Installing this method posted will result in a full true CM9 port. The caveat is, you have to boot from the recovery partition each time instead of the true boot partition. This isn’t 2nd-int.

        • TheDrunkenClam

          How were they able to unlock the thunderbolt boot loader so quickly (I’ll assume there was no encryption involved). Is the gs3 bootloader encrypted? Were samsungs previous Verizon phones encrypted, like the charge?

          • zepfloyd

            The T-bolt was unlocked a few ways, the first as I recall was because the community got a hold of an unlocked RUU of the firmware. Didn’t own the phone but others can chime in. GS3 bootloader is partially encrypted. Certain sectors of it are, and potentially (still under review) only the first string of those sectors. I know that sounds confusing, but it’s a big hill to climb. Also it’s not really Samsung’s lock, it’s qualcomm’s as it’s their chipset and SecureBoot in use. This is the first Samsung on Verizon phone to be locked down.

    • world.wide.wes

      wow thanks for all the replies everyone! makes a lot more sense now

      • world.wide.wes

        i probably should have put this at the bottom

  • This is why I love my Gnex. Even ROMs for non-Nexus phones are still stuck on ICS, nevermind the stock firmware.

    • Don’t you just HATE being stuck on ICS? So prehistoric :-

      • ICS is JB beta.

        • trixnkix637

          with all the jb apk’s running around it’s not hugely paramount to be running official JB or a JB Rom.

          • I have to disagree on this one. Project Butter is one of the most important changes to Android ever, and it is not available in an APK.

          • Agree, I’m not sure what he’s talking about with the APK stuff. You can’t turn ICS into JB with APKs. And like you said, Project Butter is really the biggest selling point of JB, along with Google Now (which yes, can be had with an APK) and the MUCH improved speech recognition and hundreds of bug fixes. JB is not an interface change with added features but more of a refinement of Android’s core.

          • trixnkix637

            Allow me to clarify.. i’ll take a slice if I can’t get the whole pie (JB Official). I can live without having JB if can get some of what JB offers while admittedly losing out on things like Project Butter. It’s the lesser of 2 evils until my device gets official JB. IMO. (It’s one of those I don’t know what I’m missing but I haven’t had it scenarios.)

            Phone History:
            TMobile G1, OG Droid, Droid X, SG3 (soon)

          • If you’re that anxious to get JB, why get the SG3 and not the Gnex? You’re going to continue to be outdated with anything other than a Nexus device.

          • What’s the difference between “official” JB and a JB ROM? Any JB ROM built from AOSP is official JB.

        • JSIN

          Your beta

          • NexusPhan69

            You’re* is what you probably mean. Saying ICS is his beta is quite the compliment.

      • ddevito

        not the point – non-Nexus phones (unless Google changes their release schedules) will ALWAYS be 6+ months behind (it seems).

        By the winter we’ll be running Key Lime Pie while everyone will be waiting for JB….it’s a vicious neverending cycle it seems

        • Actually, most phones will still be waiting for ICS while the Gnex will be running Key Lime Pie.

          • ddevito

            sad, but true. And by all means I’m not rubbing it in anyone’s faces, I can understand their frustration.

        • zepfloyd

          I somehow doubt we’re getting another full version of Android in 2012.

          • I actually hope we don’t. Google needs to slow down a bit. I realize ICS was really just JB beta and JB was the TRUE Android release this year, but now they need to take another year and do a seriously awesome major Android release next year to make iOS truly feel ancient, not that it doesn’t already.

          • zepfloyd

            Remember when Eclair was both 2.0 and 2.1? I expect we’ll see something similar in the fall with the next nexus phones. 4.2 or whatever they call it will still be Jellybean and the differences will be rolled into maintenance/bug fix updates for everyone else. I actually think Google wants to get away from major fall releases into what happened this year, along with the PDK program. This will allow the new phones shipping at holiday (when most are sold) and those competing up against the new annual iPhone to be shipping with the latest version of Android.

          • ddevito

            that will be a mere “band-aid” and not a solution to the “problem”

          • zepfloyd

            just don’t see Google announcing another version when the largest group of users will be 3 versions behind at that point. OEMs will revolt.

          • ddevito

            I don’t disagree with you, but think about it…if Google slowed down, would JB (or the current version of Android today) be as good?

          • ddevito

            If that’s true then they’re won’t be a new nexus phone, and all signs point to another, multiple in fact (OEMs). I doubt Google will go a whole year until they release (or at least announce) a new version.

            I honestly don’t rememberknow, but have they gone a whole year without a new OS? I came onboard with the OG in 11/2009, which had 2.0 (along with the N1) – Froyo came a few months afterwards, Gingerbread 6(ish) months later (Nexus S), honeycomb is the only exception with phones since it was designed for tablets, then ICS in October/November/December-ish…

            JB can be considered a tablet release (Nexus 7), so if what I just babbled was somewhat accurate, then why wouldn’t we get a new one this winter?

          • ddevito

            I could be wrong about which OS the N1 shipped with – I don’t remember.

            And I meant to say the OG shipped with 2.0, then got 2.1 like a month later, then Froyo 2.2 a few months after that

  • E

    This is awesome. I can’t wait for CM10!

    • Until you realize CM9 drains battery. I went back to Stock Rooted ICS on my NS4G, the last few versions of CM9 even the RC are horrible IMO.

      • Irish Cream

        Ummm, no… i get reallllly good battery life on cm9 for the sgs3 so far