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UK Judge Orders Apple to Post on Website that Samsung Did Not Copy iPad Design

We need some of these U.K. judges shipped over here as soon as possible. In a recent ruling, Judge Colin Birss has ordered Apple to place a statement on the official Apple website that Samsung did not ripoff Apple’s iPad design with their Galaxy Tab lineup. Apple’s lawyers did contest this at first, explaining that this is essentially promoting Samsung on their own site, but the judge incredibly dismissed the claim.

Along with the statement that will remain on Apple’s site for the next six months, they must also publish it in several UK newspapers and magazines to help Samsung’s overseas image. Booyah!


Cheers Ryan and Matt!

  • socalrailroader

    I will not make false accusations, I will not make false accusations, I will……. 😀


  • Apple made this judge so mad, she made a ruling that is 100% humiliating to Apple and it’s shareholders. Samsung is getting free advertisement on Apple’s site!! I don’t think this has ever been done. And it proves Apple is a lying company that has lost it’s way.

    Be on the lookout for people to jump ship at Apple and many Apple fanatics to start a riot.

    I bet Tim Cook and Apple’s Ego is about as small as an ant right now. No longer can they say that competition is copying their IP because the writing is on their website!! LOL

    I have to get a wallpaper shot once Apple post it and post it as my avatar forever.

  • Fiat Liberty

    “We need some of these U.K. judges shipped over here as soon as possible.” No we don’t, we need to end copyright laws… end government awarded monopolies.

  • They will have this on their site when the iPad 5 is released. Yes, 5.

  • I think this is the happiest news article I’ve read all week. Maybe month? Yeah probably all month.

  • This is insanely awesome. As both and Apple and Samsung fan I can not believe it has come to this.

  • nightscout13

    A WIN for all mankind. Seriously, We need judges like this here in California.

  • CHRIS42060

    Gotta love a little iKarma

  • TrevorSP

    this just made my day lol

  • Buckoman

    Where can I find where they published it? Just visited their co.uk website and can’t find it anywhere.

  • Neomastermind

    Apple PR twist: Samsung did not copy the superior design and superior functionality of the magnificent Apple iPad, whose brilliance is likened to that of our very own Sun. Never has there been a more beautiful product ever created and the only way it shall be surpassed is if Sir Jony births another. -Apple PR

    • Treknologist

      Good thing the Samsung legal team has to approve whatever statement crApple comes up with! LOL

  • ness

    lolz, can’t wait to see this on Apple’s uk site. Well done judge…well done.

  • jj

    i think this is the beginning of true justice….

    all the major companies being sue by apple should ask the judge for a disclaimer when the verdit is read….. loser shall post of no infringement patent of any kind on their website.
    man….can you guys imagine the front page of apple.com….{clap – clap} {clap – clap}

  • J.B

    haha, well that backfired on Apple.

  • wonder if it will be in print so small you cant see it

    • Artune

      You’ll only be able to see it in retina display mode

  • I like this. You sue and lose YOU should be punished. It will make apple think twice before suing everyone and their grandma.

  • I’ll be checking in on http://www.apple.co.uk to get that screen shot.

  • Steve Wojciechowski

    I’m just going to publicly state this, if you buy an apple product you are dumb.. plain and simple. I just read an article that stated people were going after apple for false advertising with how well siri works. You know what apple’s answer was? “Buy a different phone.” Not “oh, we are looking into it, hope to improve in the future, blah, blah”, the said “Buy a different phone. Reminds me of “Don’t hold your phone that way.”

    If you support a company like this, I cannot associate with you, I’m sorry. The worst part about this is not apple’s snobby attitude, its the fact that there are actually people supporting this notion, as if that is an appropriate answer. God help you apple lovers.

    • nucat176

      Can you link to Apple’s reaction to the Siri stuff? I’m honestly just curious. I am an android fan and I do believe you I Just want to read more about it.

      • Treknologist

        I can tell you it is quite true. I remember reading it, I think on Daily Tech. Even a quote from Tim Cook saying that very thing, if I remember correctly!

      • NeedName

        took me all of two seconds to find an article on the topic. . . Google is your friend


        • nucat176

          Thanks for the link, you don’t have to be a dick tho. Nonetheless, hilarious. And very typical of apple.

    • Anonymouse

      http://www.facebook.com/steve.wojciechowski1?ref=ts Is this you? I think I might have known your sister

    • Erickbernal27

      First and foremost.. You sound like a punk kid.. “If you own this then I can’t associate myself with you” oh wow, what are you going to do next? Delete me as a friend from facebook or unfollow me on twitter?
      Second, Apple was right when they specifically told the guy trying to sue them to “Buy a different phone” obviously when he purchased the phone he knew about Siri if it didn’t work exactly how it should have he should have returned it, not wait months after and then try to sue Apple, and try to make a quick buck.

  • Dan-O

    And now write on the board 50 times…I will not be a patent troll

  • AlexKCMO

    I feel like I need to find a montage of Kelso from That 70’s Show yelling “BURN!”

  • JabroniUNM

    God save the queen

  • Stewie

    It’s about time the patent Troll got it in the ……