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Swiftkey 3 Updated With Jelly Bean Compatibility

Swiftkey 3 received an update today that makes it fully compatible with Jelly Bean (Android 4.1). They also tossed in UI fixes, squashed some bugs, and fixed prediction popup issues. And yeah, that’s pretty much that. This is one of those apps that I actually recommend people buy, for those that haven’t purchased it yet. If you aren’t a swiper, this should be on your phone or tablet.

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Cheers @wipegently!

  • ChrisTraeger1

    Haven’t looked back at Swift Key ever since they screwed up with their beta 3 “redesign”. It’s actually become less functional than some of the other knock offs in the market. 4.1 JB keyboard FTMFW!

  • gnexus3

    is the update available through the amazon marketplace? i got it from there when it was on sale but no update for me.

    • Jason Smith

      It took a couple extra days but I saw the update.

  • elChupacabras

    Can someone please explain to me why swiftkey is so good? whenever I try to use it it picks up about every sixth keystroke. Swype has always worked very well for me.

    • Prime7

      I don’t see the big deal, either, but I’m also a Swype user (and it’s really hard for me to go back to pecking away at the screen).

  • fixxmyhead

    first app i bought yesterday when i got my nexus 7

  • PC_Tool

    Since when is it not compatible with JB? I’m running Rootz right now with it installed….

    • balthuszar

      it says the update makes it fully compatible…it doesnt say it never was compatible

      • PC_Tool


        Never had an issue with it. I like to see updates, though so…no big. 🙂

        • balthuszar

          which was exactly my point…updates are always good, especially if they allow even a random minority more complete access

  • is the same version available on the Amazon market??? (i got the free copy there)

  • John


  • Spinnaker0

    Does this correct the auto correct bug that auto corrects to words that do not actually exist if you hit the first letter wrong? gerro, ketter, etc….

    • balthuszar

      i’ve had it correct my correct spellings to non-existent words

    • michael arazan

      mine red underilines words that are spelled correctly almost like it is a grammar error when it is not. But the predictive text is better than ics , but on the stock browser using stuff like dicus it has problems recognizing what i’m typing into.

  • Wayne Lloyd

    I would love to have Swiftkey on iOS!

  • I dropped Swiftkey when I got ICS, never lookin back now that I have JB

  • nhizzat

    Does this fix the issue when backspacing in Google Chrome?

    • Ryan

      God, i hope so. It is really annoying.

      • Ryan

        Nope, still doing it when I backspace in google search

        • nhizzat

          Damnit so much…

    • is this an issue across the board? I honestly thought i was the only one that had it, and that it was an issue with Swype.. I still don’t get the hype behind swiftkey. My buddy dropped Swype for it, and i don’t get why..

      • nhizzat

        I’ve experienced this behavior with all 3rd party keyboards when using Chrome and only Chrome. I never use the stock browser and rarely use Aurora (new Mozilla browser) so I can’t comment on those.

      • Tyler

        Try it any maybe you will see, they have a trial in the play store.

  • I actually prefer the Jelly Bean keyboard, I tried it a day ago and found that it did a much better job at determining what I was trying to type. It allowed me to type faster. I’ll try out this update, and see if i should switch back.

    • c4v3man

      The stock JB keyboard is fine, but needs secondary characters on the screen. I’d rather hold down a letter for a second to get a quick number than have to press 123 , then the number, then 123 to go back to characters.

      • stewie

        You can do that on stock for numbers…

    • wickets

      You dont find the stock board having a bit of a lag? I like it too, but sometimes I feel that my fingers are pressing keys faster than the letters are appearing on screen….I dont condsider myself to be fast. btw, new SK upgrade is decent enough

  • Hopefully one of the unnamed bug fixes is squashing what seems to be nasty memory leak that makes the keyboard unresponsive if it’s been running for over a day or so for me (on ICS).

  • But JB keyboard does the trick as is!

  • 4n1m4L

    Light flow was too