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Try Not to Damage Your Galaxy S3, Asurion May Not Have Replacements Yet

Since the Samsung Galaxy S3 is so new, as in less than a week, it would make sense that there aren’t many replacements available for warranty claims. Carriers themselves are having trouble with initial stock, so you can imagine what it must be like for insurance companies. According to two of readers who had to file claims on their new devices already, that is indeed the case through Asurion. From what we were told, they are without replacement devices and weren’t all that clear as to when they may have them in.

So grab a case and guard your new Galaxy S3 with your life.

We have reached out to Asurion to see if we can get a better understanding of the GS3 situation. Once we hear back, we’ll let you know.

Cheers Neil and Roxy!

  • Anon

    This should be illegal. Asurion replaced your BROKEN phone with a refurbished one. That’s not what I’m paying insurance for. I’m paying insurance for a new device, I should get a new device back if I replace it. Additionally, how can they insure something while also knowing that they are currently unable to replace them? That’s like me selling you a cheeseburger but not being able to make one. Should be illegal.

  • DeeTexas1960


  • DeeTexas1960

    Asurion can replace the Galaxy S II either! They claim they have too many people who need a replacement and are unable to provide a replacement. They will give a HTC EVO for replacement which is a DOWN GRADE. Seems misleading that Sprint can sell a customer a Samsung Galaxy 3 or 2 and tell the customer they will get a replacement if they purchase the insurance when Sprint should be aware Asurion can provide replacements for either models…. Seems like a scam to me. If they cant provide a replacement due to lack of stock then an upgrade should be in order or maybe Sprint needs to re-think using Asurion as their insurance provider. Isnt it misleading to sell a phone and tell the customer it can be replaced if its lost or stolen with a comprable phone. AND A HTC EVO is NOTHING like the Galaxy SII!! Buyer Beware!

  • CDF

    Had my white SGS3 for a month and it flew out of my shorts pocket yesterday as I was trying to get it out. It got a little stuck, so I applied a tiny bit more force and that was all. I had the TMo Case–the case went flying and the phone landed on the ground. Screen works, but it shattered. I have had Android smartphones since the G2, and never dropped one before. Called Asurion and was told I should have it in 48 hours. Asked about “comparable” model and was told that the computer was showing it in stock.

    Maybe they stocked up since mid-July. I wasn’t asked about blue or white, but I am impartial.

    So much for the T-Mo Case. I am getting a better one and a screen protector.

  • justsaying916

    The people who break their s3’s must have terrible luck. I watched the cnet tourture test of it and the phone worked briefly underwater as well as survived being tossed in the air on to tile.

  • Just completed a claim with Asurion on my Verizon Galaxy S3…..on BACKORDER.

  • thajack

    They don’t have a problem collection your insurance payment every month, though, so don’t worry about that part.

  • JazzoRenee

    Amazon has a great insurance coverage, one flat rate depending on how much your protect cost……… Just search Square Trade in their search bar… I have one on my ipod.

  • JazzoRenee

    I brought a dixtronic case off Amazon came with a screen protector 5$. I might get the case VZW sales because I liked their case on my last OG Galaxy S.

  • achaff86

    I bought a cheap case off of ebay until I can get an otterbox!

  • Sonny


  • firant

    /sigh. I pre – ordered a GS3 for my wife’s birthday. She loved it for 4 days, then left it on her desk at work and it walked off. She works in a public service law office providing legal defense to juvenile defendants. No good deed.. etc…

    • JazzoRenee

      Ohh they have those apps/services were you can track your phone.
      But she probably didn’t have it long enough to apply.
      That really sucks man.

  • Spike760

    There’s a bunch in the Verizon Wireless in Anaheim Hills, CA for anyone in SoCal that wants one. 😛

  • autoverse

    Wait – so what the hell am I paying for if I can’t get a replacement right away? Maybe the agreement doesn’t specifically say that you get your replacement ASAP (and I know one of the services only guarantees a comparable phone), but still – I consider this a disruption of service, and maybe, because technically we’re not “covered” in the first month…maybe we shouldn’t have to pay…

    what do you think?

  • Jamison

    Hey Kellen, Tim, or whoever might have a tip, I have a question regarding the toggles in the notification bar on the S3. Does anyone know if there is a built in app I can disable to get rid of these toggles or an app to access them in order to modify it? I just got mine in (my girlfriends) and haven’t had enough time to play with it yet. I was wanting to use a custom toggle bar like morequicklypanel but didn’t want two toggle bars up there. Thanks for any help. PS, I want to know if this is possible without rooting, I don’t have any plans to root.

  • good way to get out of your verizon contract i would think. you pay for insurance then they cant fulfill it.

  • Javis Sullivan

    Yea almost dropped my on a tile floor yesterday. You’d never believe the acrobatics performed to keep your shiny new S3 safe.

    • JazzoRenee


  • Owewil3225

    That makes sense cause the salesman at Verizon cracked his screen a week ago and said he was waiting for one

  • If you guys want to see some nice cases then I would check these out. They are a little pricey but well worth it. I have one on my G-NEX right now. I have always bought my protection from here.


  • TheDrunkenClam

    They shoulda put softer floors in that kitchen

    • Dania

      Agreed I dropped my on my Grandmother’s very hard(compared to my kitchen) tile floor on the first day of visiting/vacationing.

  • I’ve actually had this happen to me. I canceled my original pre-order as it was due to ship on 7/16. Went to the VZW store and purchased on release day 7/12. The very next day my phone slipped out of my pockets while I was getting on of my car (I drive a KIA forte, so it wasn’t very high from the ground). The screen cracked, and the plastic silver side things got dinged up. The phone is still usable however looks really ugly to me so I filed an insurance claim that night, and tried calling the following day. The rep on the phone said the phone was on back order, with no comparable models so they couldn’t even give me an option to choose a different phone if I wanted. I finally got an e-mail today saying that my phone was in and ready to be processed. Ordered it and will be here Wednesday.

    It is expected 3-7 business days to get back orders in for anyone wondering.

    Also, I don’t know if the phone will be a new, or referb. Couldn’t imagine to many refurbished phones that literally JUST came out though.

    • Sonny

      I lost my Verizon S3 on Sunday Jul 15 while vacationing. I filed a claim on Monday Jul 16 and got the same back order blah blah script and still awaiting. Hopefully the replacement phone will be available sooner than later. Can you update and let us know if they sent you a new or refurbished phone? Thanks

      • Sure, I got a brand new phone in box with all items my first one had. However on the box there was a sticker that said “Updated”. I’m not sure what that means. I checked and there is a number which I believe to be the hardware number on the back under the battery that says “12.07”. My previous phone said “12.06” I haven’t found anything online as to what that means.

  • Eric

    After filing last Wednesday, my S3 replacement finally shipped today and will be arriving tomorrow!

  • matt

    Where is my blue s3 32gb??? I pre ordered june 5th literally the first guy to register at my local bestbuy…THe unit still hasnt come in yet!!! whats going on?

    • dwaynaz

      Thats your first problem. You went to a Best Buy to get your phone.

    • achaff86

      I learned my lesson when I pre ordered the thunderbolt through best buy, I didn’t get it until the end of APRIL I was suppose to get it march 17th I believe so i’ll never get another phone from best buy, i’ll just go to verizon!

  • That totally makes sense pay for a service that you don’t get when you need it… SMH

  • well… so much for the “awesome” gorilla glass 2 ! 🙁

  • Bionic

    I will not be using Asurion for my next phone purchase, Best Buy offers the best protection at the best price.

    • they dont offer theft or loss protection… so no they do not have the best protection… try an indirect store.. they have the best protection

      • Bionic

        no one offers theft or loss dude, how easy would it be to say ooops i lost my phone give me a new one, come on now

        • Actually yes they do… you just have to do some research… Asurion does.. as well as the two policies I bought for my Gnex phones

          • Bionic

            i guess that is where the 100 decuct comes in then versus the other options. good to know.

          • mustbepbs

            Yeah Asurion is $6.99/mo and has a $100 deductible, twice a year. The rep said the only thing they don’t cover is meteors. I’m going to be pissed if it breaks from a meteor smash and it’s not covered, though.

          • pball_inuyasha

            Just do what I’d do, play with semantics.

            Asurion Rep: It looks like a meteor broke you phone, sorry we can’t replace it.
            You: Nah it got hit by an asteroid, so I’ll take that new phone please.

        • dwaynaz

          Bionic, you really need to research before you type things out, man.

    • Honestly Apple offers best coverage for the price.

  • This is why we can’t have nice things!

  • android4life

    get smart pay $10 a month to best buy and pay no deductible and have a new phone in 4 days

    • Bionic

      you pay like 40 bucks at time of purchase for that as well right? So you kinda pay a 40 dollar deductible but obviously thats better than 100

      • no there is no up front fee… its just a flat 9.99 a month..

        • Bionic

          that means you purchased the cheaper plan which covers less. There is another plan where you pay 40 bucks up front and then 10 a month and you can seriously walk in and drop it in front of them and you get a new phone.

  • Im still waiting for Verizon to give me 2 Certified Like New Replacements (CLNR) for my Gnexi I have 2 with the one way audio.. and they agreed to replace them with Galaxy s3’s … Just waiting for them to ship them…

    • If true .. +2 for you.

    • Salam Zebian

      How did you manage that? I got two replacement gnexs both with the purple screen issue. How did you get them to give you an S3, who did you talk to?

      • I called them ever since december when I first had the problem.. And they kept a track record of all the problems i have had with them… Advanced tech support.. plus it was confirmed by a buddy of mine that in my account notes I am to recieve one blue and one white s3 CLNR when they become available… basically will be the ones that websites and reporters got as review units… hopefully next week I’ll hear more 🙂

        • Javis Sullivan

          why are you getting downvoated? lol

          • maybe cuz i know my stuff… and wont settle for a phone that doesnt work as a phone… maybe

  • GalaxyNote!!

    Yes as i too had to get my white S3 replace as well. When i called today they told me that they just received the blue version in but doesnt know when the white version will be available so they offer me the blue version as i decline it and told them ill wait until the white version available. They left my claim open for 60 days..

  • Pedro

    Kellex, nice to see you finally got your manicure!

  • My Worth Avenue Group is great for Insurance. I have my tablets under them, and am about to put my phones under the plan as well Awesome customer service.

  • MyStroPro

    Or…. don’t drop it…. why people drop phones so often is beyond me.

    • bose301s

      So I guess you’ve never dropped anything in your life? :rollseyes:

      • MyStroPro

        Not a device that costs nearly the price of these. :rollseyes:

    • nightscout13

      It happens. Just like dropping your keys, or your lunch occasionally. Though when holding an expensive piece of technology, one must use more caution.

    • Trevor

      Agree. Anyone that’s cracked the screen on their S3 already probably isn’t responsible enough to own a smartphone anyway.

      • This, I know people who break phones on a regular basis yet I have had now 4 different phones all were in such great shape I gave them to my little siblings (Typically because they had broken their’s) and they then used them till they broke them.

    • To act as if you have never dropped your phone and are above that is a clown statement bro !!

      With this phones design – the sleek design, light no grip plastic material, 4.8″ screen having more height than width so it doesn’t fill up the palm of your hand, and rounded corners – does make it a little harder to hold when using apps, gaming, scrolling etc ..

      • Trevor

        I wish Samsung would have put a matte finish on the back of the phone. Actually, I wish all phones had a matte finish on the back cover. Makes them easier to hold.

        • Agreed .. I liked the rubberized tacky material they used to use on the original droids. But at the same time why make it more grippy when people can by covers and other accessories ?? #Conspiracy !!

          • michael arazan

            Time for one of the case makers to make a case with a belt loop clip, like the old time pocket watches with fasteners to vest. For those who may be blonde or accident prone, jk. Dropping a phone is just a matter of time, happens to the best of is.

      • To be fair, it is possible to own a phone without dropping one. I never ever have. Ever.

        • It is and Im not in that category either.

      • MyStroPro

        Actually, yea, I’ve never dropped my phone. Kudos though for trying to prove a point.

        The only insurance claim I’ve ever had to make on a phone was for a touch screen that gave out about 9 months in on the LG Voyager and the only part I’ve ever had to personally replace was a faulty antenna on a StarTac. Maybe I just keep good care of my devices.

        There is a small dent on my Razr from when it vibrated off the edge of something, but that’s all it is, a small dent that looks like a chip in the casing. These devices are built pretty rugged if you ask me. With regards to cell phones, if you can’t hold the device in my opinion, its poorly designed and you shouldn’t buy it.

        • autoverse

          “There is a small dent on my Razr from when it vibrated off the edge of something”

          I would constitute this as a drop, Mr. Perfect.

          Question: what flower does your poop’s smell most closely resemble?

    • TheOiulkj

      Gravity, google it.

      I used to say the same thing before my phone grew feet and jumped out of my iron grip. You better knock on some heavy duty wood MyStroPro.

      • Nemesis099

        I used Siri and now I have pictures of stallions on my phone?

        Seriously though my kids play with my phone and they have dropped it multiple times. Even if you never drop it you never know who will.

    • autoverse

      Ahhh…the holier-than-thou internet troll. Every good underdog story needs one.

      • MyStroPro

        Not trolling, being honest. Don’t lend a 700 device to morons and keep it in your hand. I’ve never dropped my phone because it would scare the crud out of me. Maybe it is just me and how I value my devices… no clue.

        • autoverse

          I value my life more than anything but I still have health insurance just in case…
          I’m a great driver without a scratch on my record. I still buckle up every day…
          I value my car and take great care of it. I still have a liability and collision policy on it…
          My point is stuff happens – stuff you can and can’t control.
          I don’t ‘lend my 700 device’ to any morons, but there’s still the odd chance that it’ll bounce out of its dock, fall out of my hands, fall off a table – whatever.
          I’d rather pay insurance for a year (then I drop the policy) + $50 for a replacement than the $400+ alternative (assuming the eventual depreciation).

  • Aruns

    Rubbish phone

  • xformulax

    I don’t understand how/why anyone can use asurion… terrible service, overpriced, etc etc.

    • 5.18 a month with a 99$ deductible. it really isnt that bad…

      • Bionic

        100 deductible is ridiculous, Best Buy is the way to go, pay 40 bucks at time of purchase and 9 bucks a month after that and you can drop it right in front of the Best buy guy and he will be cool with it

        • Sobr0801

          My fiance, a best buy mobile employee would agree with you on this. To bad they didn’t have a Rezound for me to purchase.

        • me

          doesn’t replaced lost or stolen, so useless to me generally speaking.

    • nightscout13

      HMM…. $5 a month and $100 deductible, or $599 for new replacement.

      • SquareTrade. One time price, $99 deductible.

        • nightscout13

          Word on the web, is that SquareTrade has shady practices, and does not deliver as promised. I’d rather stick to Asurion, whop is trusted by most.

          • Bionic

            Wrong, I dropped my 32 inch TV and square trade didnt even ask to inspect it, they simply gave me money for a new one, LOL

          • nightscout13

            I might have to look into it then. Thanks.

        • mustbepbs

          SquareTrade only gives you money back, not the item you warrantied. So basically when you factor in the deductible, you’re still out at least some for a new phone purchase.

        • JTSk8Man

          I had Squaretrade for a phone and tablet I purchased on Ebay with phone I couldn’t get accidental cuz it was used but it’s still covered but the tablet was new so got full coverage but I sent the peace of crap tablet back and Squaretrade refunded me and the company who I got the tablet from gave me a free case for the new tablet they sent me which I also recently sent back now I know it’s best to go with a Major name brand I’m thinking Nexus 7 after I get a GS3

      • Bionic

        5 bucks a month? i think not, most smart phones are at least 8 now.

        • nightscout13

          $5.18 a month, i just checked my bill. (Verizon)

          • Bionic

            you must have a cheap/old phone

          • nightscout13

            In chronological order: Droid 1, Droid 2, Droid 2 Global, Droid X, Droid Charge, Galaxy Nexus, and now: Galaxy S3. Still $5.18 on my bill. It may be because of how long i’ve been with Verizon.

          • Bionic

            maybe its because i have 2 lines

          • Bionic

            i just looked. my bionic cost 7 a month a my wife’s retarded iphone cost 9.99. lame

          • nightscout13

            Strange, if we’re both on Verizon, why do we have different price for insurance? How long have you been with Verizon?

          • Bionic

            18 years, lol. Maybe it depends on your plan, i dunno.

          • nightscout13

            Im grandfathered unlimited. Figures they would want $10 a month for iPhone. Smug.

          • Sobr0801

            They have two seperate coverage plans I beleive. One is around 5, the other is around 8

          • dwaynaz

            Well. The only reason it costs you $7 a month is because you have total equipment coverage. That means that you have a extended warranty and insurance all in one package.

          • PS I have the $8 a month, it ‘s $5 just for Asurion… $8 with the extended warranty…