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DROID RAZR Sees Another Leak to 6.16.215 – Chrome Included, Plus New Kernel and LTE Radio


A new update has been found for the DROID RAZR on Motorola’s servers as build 6.16.215 and it looks to be an important one. The baseband (LTE radio in this case) and kernel have both been updated. Forum members who have already flashed this are claiming that they can tell a difference on the connectivity front, too. Along for ride is Google’s Chrome, though we aren’t sure if Moto is also removing the stock browser. An Atrix HD leak appeared last week that had Chrome included as well, so we’re thinking that Motorola is ready to accept the non-beta Chrome that was released a couple of weeks back, as the new standard for their devices going forward.

In order to flash this, you need to be stock 6.16.211, which means no frozen apps. Also, if you want to return to 6.16.211, you can via RSD Lite and the leaked fastboot file from last week.

Via:  DroidRzr

Cheers TopSnake!

  • Ahmad

    the 4.0.4 ics .. always freezes and full of bugs! it made my razr useless!! when i use it now my head hurts and i always keep my finger crossed not to reboot the phone and wait!!!!!!!! PLEASE MOTOROLA DO SOMETHING I MEAN WHAT THE HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bre

    Does the updated version have instagram?

  • How does the battery drain measure up by comparison to that of Gingerbread vs. 215?

    • ddfuji

      i bet you it is still gonna blow compared to GB, unless they fixed the damn screen issue which i doubt

  • lz76

    The browser is different n i can’t figure it out.help!

    • ddfuji

      its google chrome…

  • adam

    Will this ever be an OTA update? 99% of Razr owners don’t even know what flashing roms even means. I have never done it myself.

    • Lucky Armpit

      If the update was found on Motorola’s servers, then yes, the assumption is that it will be OTA at some point.

  • AlbertoL

    I lost adobe flash support on my Razr Maxx after the upgrade to ICS. Is there any way to revert back to Gingerbread?

    • Niteperson

      You can still install Flash from Google Play.

      • AlbertoL

        The Razr doesn’t support Adobe Flash after upgrading to ICS even after installing flash from the market. Its a known issue. Does anyone know a workaround?

        • Andrex

          It works fine for me. Maxx on stock ICS.

        • evltwn

          It still does. After I downloaded ICS, I noticed that flash had been uninstalled and just re-installed it. Worked fine for me. Have you also downloaded Adobe Air?

          • ddfuji

            mmmmmmk everyone above. adobe is no longer providing flash support on any ics devices. sure your browser has built in ics. but flash wont work on the phone ever, unless adobe changes there mind. there is no workaround, probably not untill we get a unlocked bootloader and custom roms and all that good stuff

    • Lucky Armpit

      Works fine for me too. When I got ICS, it uninstalled Flash. First thing I did was head out to the Play Store and install Flash. Did so with no issue.

  • enob

    Maybe the new kernel will help with Jelly Bean development.

  • My wife has the RAZR, and since the update to ICS her music app has been behaving badly. Every time she stops playing a song and leaves the app for a bit (not sure exactly how long, but more than a couple of minutes), she has to reboot the phone to get the external speaker to work. Anyone else seeing this behavior?

  • Nokaoii

    I wonder if any of this will fix the ENORMOUS battery bug that some users are reporting over on the official Moto forums that is seeing no traction on the news sites.

    • jeesung

      people on the DroidRzr thread are reporting much improved battery. others are saying about the same (but 211 wasn’t too bad to start)

      i installed this afternoon so too soon to say for me.

      • ddfuji

        211 was bad to start, compared to GB though, i lost about 4 hours of battery life a day going to ics

    • CaptainJoeSchmuckatelli

      The battery bug is no longer, they released an update to apart actions that actually gave an update to display/brightness controls. I had the MAXX bug & it was awful… but it could have been much worse on a RAZR.

  • Brandon Jackson

    Any word on an actual release because I love my og razr. Its as good as a gnex in my opinion but having better battery life and 4g connectivity would be awesome.

  • Asmodai

    As a Droid 4 owner I would like to thank all you RAZR owners for beta testing my update.

    • noc007

      LOL! Still it would be nice to not be two versions behind on a phone that’s not even six months old.

  • loveemee

    update didnt work on my maxx tried to force it, said unavailable at this time

    • jeesung

      this isn’t OTA. you need to follow the link and manually install it.

    • ddfuji


  • Ricky

    Have had my Razr Maxx for a month now. I do have a Major Major problem with the Razr….The power button seem to be utter Garbage. I must be having to apply 40 pounds of pressure to power the phone up or to wake the phone up. It may take 2 or three attempts to wake or power up…..Very Very frustrating!

    The side rocker button give a confirm click on the up side but no confirm click on the down. It seems defective as the down requires more pressure.

    This is very very disappointing as now if I return the phone to Amazon Wireless they will only give me a used phone as a replacement!

    Is your Droid Razr behaving in this matter? I would like to know.

    • I have a Droid Razr and 2 Razr MAXX’s and none of them behave that way. Sounds like you have defective hardware, which should be covered under warranty through the manufacturer.

    • I’ve had mine for a little over a month. Must be a hardware issue with yours, because I haven’t experienced this. You might be able to get a new one if it’s still on warranty.

    • Alexander Garcia

      Return it for a non-defective device. Mine has been perfectly fine since February 2, 2012.

    • TheShadow

      I do not have those problems with my Maxx. My only issue with the power button is that it could stand to be slightly more prominent so it’s easier to find with my finger.

  • Sith77

    Oh come on now . Is the rezound completely banished

    • Alexander Garcia

      To Verizon, the answer is YES. There are only 3 phones right now that are making Verizon any “real” money. The iPhone 4S. The Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx. The Samsung Galaxy S III.

      • JoshGroff

        That’s because people are sheep and buy into over marketed devices.

    • JoshGroff

      I downgraded mine for a Wii, Thunderbolt, Brawl, accessories, and $60. Best trade I’ve done in a long time, I love that kickstand so much, plus that $60 can go to my N7. No sense in worrying about updates to a phone I rarely use as anything other than a glorified MP3 player whilst at work. Plus we all know VZW will probably fudge it up and release a buggy OTA and take months to fix it. I’ll stick to the dev community (which is pretty decent for the Thunderbolt surprisingly.)

  • Alex

    I am running the .214 Leak (stock), anyone know if I can go from .214 to .215?

    • jeesung

      the XDA thread says .214 will have to go back to .211 and then to .215

    • xanaxdroid

      On droidrzr.com you can find a package that will downgrade you to 211 with no data Los then just apply the 215 update. I did it the other day.

  • Flashed this two days ago, smooth as hell. And I’ve still got two things the Galaxy Nexus doesn’t, battery life and signal. You can’t have your JB and use it too. Well not for long, anyway. Enjoy!

    • hkklife

      Don’t forget to add “expandable storage and “decent build quality” to your list.

      Also, how is the battery life on your phone now? Is it back to where it was running GB?

  • dshizzel

    They’s them what flash, and them what waits for OTA.

    • JoshGroff



    I don’t know about you but my Nexus already running Jb!

    • LiterofCola

      Don’t know about you but nobody asked you

  • T4rd

    I played with my friends Maxx last with (stock) ICS weekend. For being almost the exact same hardware as the Gnex, it sure seemed laggier all around. I especially noticed in the stock Browser and in Temple Run. I guess Blur really does interfere with performance a bit :-/. Also, the display was just like I remembered on the regular Razr when I went to get my Gnex; garbage. Don’t mean to hate on the phone, but I’m glad I didn’t get it.

    • Michael Schnider

      To each there own!! Gnex is a pretty sweet device. Just something bout the razr I really like

      • T4rd

        Indeed. Options are always good! Also, that battery life is a major pro for the Maxx, so much that it pretty much makes up for all its other shortcomings for a lot of people. I’m near a charger at work and home, so I don’t need that huge battery so much. It would definitely be nice though to have it on occasion ;-).

        • Michael Schnider

          Agreed. Have had both the OG Razr and Maxx and cant say I have ever been in a position where I was upset I didnt have the Maxx

        • unaffected

          As a nurse I’m no where near a charger as I’m using my phone for net casts and xm radio so a max would be awesome.

      • LiterofCola


    • maxx

      Were you playing with his cause yours was on the charger?

      • T4rd

        Lol, sure. Why couldn’t I play with mine on the charger too..? =p

    • itsacardigan

      It must be his phone…cuz mine seems to run smoother on ICS than it did on GB. I have Nova as the launcher…..tis like butter….but not as buttery as JB.

      • T4rd

        He used the stock launcher, I think. It was smooth in the launcher and in some other areas, but some of the same apps/games I used on the Gnex ran somewhat slower on it. Like I said; Temple Run was one of them, like every few seconds, it would hiccup. It made it somewhat annoying to play. Zooming/scrolling in the stock browser was definitely a bit laggier too. Not a big deal, I just thought it was interesting considering they have about the same hardware inside.

        • maybe he had something going in the background
          I’m not a great example because I traded my Nex back when it was still on 4.0.2 but there were no areas in which it performed better than my Maxx that I could notice, except the browser but that was n GB for the Razr.

    • JoshGroff

      The G-nex has a 4460 instead of 4430 and is clocked 200MHz/core higher. You should take that into account as well. Although, we all know that those overlays will slow you down a bit. All in all a pretty fair review, Motorola’s screens aren’t the best but they do have nice readability in sunlight.

      • T4rd

        They’re actually clocked the same at 1.2 GHz, even the GPU’s are clocked the same at ~307Mhz even though the 4460’s GPU is supposed to be at 384 MHz. So I’m not sure what the advantage of the 4460 over the 4430 is anymore..?

        • JoshGroff

          Oh right, I was thinking the RAZR and Bionic were both clocked at 1GHz. I also forgot they under-clocked the GPU on the Nexus. Just goes to show I need some freaking coffee… So I guess that makes them pretty much identical unless the 4460 is more efficient at the same clock speeds.

  • Buy This

    Glad to see other phones getting leaks and more support, especially after the recent slew of Targa builds.

  • master94

    Wish the update was Jelly bean

    • The RAZR will get JB in 8 to 9 months, if ever.

    • Michael Schnider

      Amen to that ha. Imagine all the people that don’t care about updates freaking out…lol

  • ICS eh? How quaint.

  • wickets

    Rather sad that the razr gets more care and attention than goog’s nexus does. So much for all the goog to love and cherish our nexus phones forever BS /end of rant

    • Considering I’m typing this from my GNexus running JB, exactly what do you mean?

      • wickets

        Im on JB too, but only because some really VERY smart generous techno dude allowed me to do so by offering me his rom, otherwise id be on the same ics as everyone else……but outside of that, the galaxy update history vs razr sucks….and if samsung/goog cared they would fix the radios before they fixed anything else. Do you get what I mean now???

        • You do understand that’s the point of the Nexus line right? Nexus devices are meant to be used as developer devices by the community. If you have a Nexus and you’re sitting around waiting on your carrier to update your phone, you’re doing it wrong.

          • wickets

            yak all you want to about the nexus being a developers phone….doesnt mean squat if you cant get a signal ….goog doesnt take care of it, ergo they and samsung suck vs. the razr and fyi if you read anything I write on this forum you’ll know i have both nexi; vzw and gsm

          • Sp4rxx


            You sir, are not very smart – Google has absolutely NOTHING to do with your signal – that’s VZW. Start flaming them and not Google.

          • I get GREAT reception on my Gnex.

          • unaffected

            Maybe Google should not offer any more Nexus devices to Verizon.

          • Google doesn’t care that much. The more people that buy the Nexus, even if it doesn’t get software updates right away, the more people they can get using Google services. It’s not about Android to Google, it’s about their services, that’s where they make their money.

        • kyle

          I have to kindly say you don’t know what you are talking about. The HSPA Galaxy nexus has JB officially. The ONLY reason the LTE version doesn’t is because of VZW. But the unlocked bootloader counters that.

        • I just asked a question. No need to sound like a crying girl.

    • huh

      why are you crying? Nexus gets Jellybean.

    • seriously

      dude, you JUST got ICS. We have jellybean. There’s no need for any attention

  • John

    Already? Nice..