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Team Win Recovery Updated to 2.2, Now Includes On-Screen Keyboard in Recovery

If you haven’t heard of the Team Win Recovery, it is completely touch-based (no more volume rocker BS) easy to navigate recovery. Built from AOSP, it has had many custom features added and is quite widely used by the Android community alongside ClockworkMod Recovery. It received a major update yesterday, which brings a full keyboard that users can access to edit file names and other actions, a pseudo terminal emulator, and backup archive splitting. 

Full Changelog:

  • On-screen keyboard in recovery! — supports long press, backspace repeat, and swipe left deletes everything left of the cursor
  • Name new backups and rename existing backups
  • Rename files and folders in the file manager
  • Pseudo-terminal emulator
  • Support decrypting an encrypted data partition on Galaxy Nexus (enter password using keyboard)
  • Backup archive splitting — allows backup and restore of data partitions larger than 2GB
  • Simplified XML layout support between resolutions
  • Added dual storage selection radio buttons to zip install, backup, and restore pages
  • Improved zip install compatibility
  • Updated update-binary source code
  • Numerous small bug fixes and improvements

If you want to access the newest version of the recovery, you can download it from the via link below.

Via: TeamWin

Cheers Adam!

  • coolsilver

    I tried it some time ago but ended up going back to clockwork for two reasons. Easy updates, One touch backup with Rom Manager. As well as BAMF roms required it at one point to change features.

  • Jwhap

    I have been using cwm for years. I keep hearing good things about twrp, I guess old habits die hard!

  • PC_Tool

    Used this to flash it:

    Been using it to switch between recoveries ever since unstableapps first “touch” recovery.

  • droidman101

    Anyone know any good themes for this for the gnex?

    • Your Momma

      Your Momma

  • RW-1

    You can use both … one of the reasons that I decided NOT to make any recovery perm on the Gnex.
    You’ll end up having two different recovery folders and backups to manage, depending …
    So you try ’em, then decide which works best for you, and then get rid of the one you don’t want.

    • droidman101

      Yes, until you need to use it as a recovery. You know flashing a recovery as “permanent” isn’t actually permanent right?

  • jgheld

    I was backing up with CWM for a long time, but one time when I went to restore a backup, it was corrupted. Had to redo everything. I have used TWRP since then, and never looked back. I love it!

  • Michael

    did the name turn anyone else off?

    • MrChips

      Yeah, I envision TWRP like “Twirp” as in “Hey! You little TRWP! Get off my lawn!” 🙂

  • teng247

    have it on my Kindle Fire and was easy and straight forward but i started with CWM and im just used to CWM. Both are great though

  • i heard this was glitchy with jelly bean?

    • Stewie

      Acutally you heard it backwards, more people who were not using it were having issues on the GSM port. When i decided to jump on JB, TWRP was recommended to me at tha ttime instead of CWM to do it.
      That is not a flame to CWM, just the way it was. Can’t say for the latest AOSP ROM’s though.

      • interesting. ive had zero problems with CWM touch. i heard people were having trouble with both. im just glad i havent had any problems :D. also im on the lte nexus

  • Flashable (from recovery) zip here:

    EDIT: Ugh, sorry double post. Stupid Disqus.

  • Stewie

    You will love it, now if it could charge the batt like the recovery I used to have for my OG did, it would be gold.

    • YankInDaSouth

      Pretty sure it already does … it may not register at charging, but the other day while making a backup while plugged in my % went from 37 to 38

      • RW-1

        long time buddy …. what you been doing? I just went to the AOSP with franco 217 ….

        • YankInDaSouth

          Hey dude!!! What’s happenin’?! I ain’t been doing nothing much … just flashing some JB goodness 🙂

  • Flashable zip here, for flashing from another recovery (like clockwork): http://rootzwiki.com/topic/29798-twrp-220-flashable-zip-toro-and-maguro/

    • John

      Nice. I wasn’t sure if it had been packaged up yet as a flashable zip.

    • I love you. Awkward?

  • Teabling

    I’ve never heard of this one. I just installed it to try it out and I really like it. I think I’m going to keep it

  • skyskioc

    I have heard a lot of good things about this if I install it can I use this or clockworkmod to do all of my flashing ? do I get to choose if I want ?

    • John

      You can only have 1 recovery installed at a time, but you can switch between the two at will. They both do exact same thing. TWRP just has more features is all.

      • I prefer TWRP (for now) just because it’s a little bit more clear as to what it’s actually going to do and you can queue up installs.

  • Still scared of getting rid of CWM.. the buttons are buggy sometimes but at least I never have problems installing/restoring anything like the touch versions seem to have time to time with new things.

    • CWM touch works flawlessly, as does TWRP.

      • Well, I switched to TWRP finally, and it’s great!

    • droidman101

      I know what you’re talking about in cwm touch… haven’t experienced this at all in twrp.

  • this is very interesting… gonna try to install it

  • Southrncomfortjm

    Wish I would have known about this before buying ROM Manager. Will probably give it a try anyway.

  • I love the look of this. I’m just having problems shaking my loyalty to CWM. I may end up checking this out though.

    • John

      No reason not to. It’s dead simple & quick to switch between the two.

    • Pandalero

      I felt the same way. I’ve used CWM for 3 years between my OG Droid and Inc2. Just got the Inc4G, for which no CWM version exists. I put TWRP on it and it’s badass.

    • r0lct

      I didn’t until I was forced to in order to rom my old Fire. Now I’ll only run it on any of my devices if I can help it.

  • Sean Livingston

    use goo manager to install it per the instructions on their website. Best recovery there is.