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Gamestop Sells Nexus 7 to at Least One Lucky Customer

At least one lucky Gamestop pre-orderee is walking around with a new Nexus 7 today. After receiving a text that his pre-order was ready to be picked up, he went into his local store and came out a winner. It’s still not clear if any other Gamestop on the planet is selling the device today or if this reader of ours simply got lucky. Whatever the case may be, a quick call into your nearest store to see if they are able to sell isn’t a bad idea.

Update:  From what we are hearing, Gamestop is allowing pre-orders to be picked up. If you did not pre-order, they likely won’t sell you one.

Cheers J!

  • Keith Kyzivat

    get over it. What the hell is the problem waiting an extra few days!? Are you going to die without your Nexus 7? No. Now, paying for shipping when people are picking them up from B&Ms without paying shipping, and not pre-ordering, that’s not terribly nice… It would be kinda nice if El Goog would reimburse for shipping, or tack on some extra Google Play credit…

  • BradyC

    I was able to pick mine up at 10:30am CST yesterday from GameStop. I didn’t see anyone else in the store. This article must be about me…..

  • I ordered the 8Gb model, no one had/has it for pre-Order but Google.

  • Carlos carrasquillo

    My debit card was chaged today 🙂 giggity…!!!

  • KJ

    So…I had a thought…yeah just the one…this is kind of Google’s first really big launch of an actual hands on product. I get that they’re having some growing pains, and it’s tough, but try to remember any other device that had a long wait period for it to actually get released. I’m not techy, but the one that comes to mind was the Galexy Nexus, what was that, last November? That was a catastrophe! I remember the threads and how Radio Shack accidentally sold some and it was a whole nightmare of delay delay delay for months. At least this is only a week or two.

  • I called about 6-8 GameStops in the Milwaukee area, they all said they only ones they have are the ones that were pre ordered and that I could come in to the store on Saturday and get on the next wave of Pre Orderes (they were all unable to access the pre order information today for whatever reason.

    But the last GameStop I called had a Nexus 7 that was not pre ordered, so I drove over, walked in and bought it. 🙂

    • KJ

      Glad you got your Nexus & 🙂

  • It’s interesting to read that the GameStops that are handing out the devices say that they are not “selling” them because they are pre-orders. Talk about semantics. Based on the receipts that I’ve seen today, a lot of people put $75 down when they pre-ordered and paid the balance today. How is that not “selling” the device? Just sayin’.

  • I already preordered.. I called my Gamestop (Lincoln, NE) and they said they think they can sell them. Which sucks, because today is my damn BIRTHDAY! Would have been a great gift to myself but I figured I’d have it before people buying in stores.

  • C-Law

    I called like 5 GameStops. None will sell one unless you preordered

  • Atst88

    Just spoke to GameStop in Charlotte/Huntersville, NC. I was told only Pre-Orders can be picked up. They will not be selling them to people retail. ALSO, the guy I sopke to said the “Next Wave” of Pre-orders will ship August 2nd.
    I dont trust anyone I speak to over the phone, but that was directly from Gamestop…

    • During my quest to find a Gamestop who would sell me one today (which I did find one and I did buy it) I was told this same date of August 2nd. But I was also told date of July 17th and 18th for when they would get more. 1 Store told me August 2nd and 5 told me July 17/18th.

  • scooter1265

    Got mine from GameStop today. Pretty crappy for Google to give them to retailers first and not ship them out to the people who pre-ordered them the day it was announced.

  • SeanBello

    just walked in and bought one, no pre order. pic forth coming. got salesman to take a pic of the sale screen. rang up as $9999.99 with a street date of 8/7

  • I was so happy I got mine at lunch. Its just sitting in my office charging now. I dont have wifi here and this is taking forever. Come on 5 pm.

  • I guess they don’t call it Friday the 13th for nothing, huh? :-/

  • The Google Play store charge just hit my bank account. Now, let’s see how long it takes to get any sort of communication or confirmation from Google.

    • Russ

      When did you order?

      • I placed my order on June 27, about 30 minutes after the Nexus 7 went live on the Google Play store.

        • david

          did mine about the same time and have not seen a charge yet.

          • DroidBricker

            I debated for 2 days and ordered on the 29th; my charge hit today as well.

  • Oodahm

    Google rep also said that Game Stop purchases will not be supported by Google, since they know the OS inside and out. He said it like it was a real threat. Too bad Asus also supports the device.

  • 0xabad1dea

    Local Gamestop confirmed they may now sell the Nexus 7 but that they and the next three nearest Gamestops only got enough to cover their preorders.

    Guy at Staples: Nexus What?

    Guy at Best Buy: Lol they don’t ship us nuthin’.

  • buckeyes247

    Just received confirmation from staples that my order is finally
    being processed, no shipping information but at least it’s being processed and
    not in cancel status anymore. It states I should receive the Nexus 7 by 7/17. So hopefully they are finally shipping
    out! Best of luck to everyone…

  • Bionic

    Alright well im going to work now, but this whole possible delayed by the FCC thing has me worried.


  • RocketPunch

    Google Play customers = 2nd class citizens. Period.

    The bottom line is, if you want to get your hands on Google hardware first, DO NOT order it directly from Google. Nexus 7 launch CLEARLY demonstrate how Google have no idea how to do retail.

  • Bionic
  • Adam

    I dub this “Nexus-gate”

  • Justin McDermott

    It boggles my mind that Google would rather have their support center overloaded with calls and questions rather than sending out a short email letting us know when to expect the shipment.

    • Oodahm

      Agreed. I even asked about that. The rep obviously didn’t have an answer. But yeah, tell me something. I’ll say this, I’ll never pre-order order anything from Google Play again. I may not ever purchase any hardware from Google Play – in stock or not.

      • SeanBello

        I’m with you on that. beyond furious. I never pre-order anything and the one time I do, this happens.

    • Bionic

      totally agree

  • Dc

    I just called my local Gamestop and was told all cancelled/unredeemed pre-orders are being sent to other stores to keep up with demand.

  • Josh Flowers

    called local, “if you didn’t pre-order one for pickup, you can pre-order one for future pickup which should be available August 7th”. that’s a lot farther than mid-July.

  • Oodahm

    Just got off the phone with Google. They said that they didn’t ship the devices to Game Stop. They’re claiming Asus did and they “they (Asus and Game Stop) will be reprimanded”. He also said that those in the “first wave” should be receiving notices of delivery today. I ordered mine on July 5th. He said I should be seeing something no later than Wednesday.

    I also asked about getting a shipping refund and/or Google Play credit. For now, Google not giving up anything. However, both yesterday and today I emailed them so it’s on record. That way if they do change their mind, they will most likely give compensation to those who are documented as having a complaint.

    • KnowYourEnemy462

      Phew, I feel a little better. I ordered mine on July 2nd and thought I’d be stuck in the 2nd wave.

  • Ryan Powell

    The more I think about it the more I realize what has happened. Google wanted to reward their loyal fans by hand delivering their Play Store orders. I’m picturing Mr. Jellybean arriving at my doorstep any day now with my Nexus 7 and a pack of jellybeans. I’m at peace now.

  • Jay

    Google said oh well….we won’t be doing anything about it and we can’t cancel it. Wont refund shipping….

    • Havoc70

      i am already on the phone with CC company to make sure Google Cant charge my card. they are going to stop it from coming through. I just called my local GameStop and the guy had one that was a preorder cancel so he put my name on it for me to pickup after work

  • gamestopman

    The majority of stores only got enough to cover there preorders, and preorders are held for 48 hours. After that time the stores call the customers and if they changed their mind they are sellable. Otherwise you can still preorder but the second batch will not ship until the first week of August. (Yes, I work at one.)

    • Zach

      Is the 8gb version an option at Game Stop?

      • Scott

        no only 16

    • DroidMe

      I was told the Aug ship for new orders also when got mine today

  • DroidMe

    YES!! They are shipping It true just picked up mine from Gamestop and coworker had his delivered this morning… So depending on when you ordered your pre-order and where you are you may get today.

    • Bionic

      I ordered on day one and my card hasnt been charged yet, so i doubt it

  • Jason Farmer

    Has anyone cancelled their play store order and just gone to pick one up?

    • BJ

      As I just said below you wont be able to just pick one up, Game stop is the only one “selling” them and they are still in a pre order phase.

    • Bionic

      I already tried. You cannot cancel it because “UPS aleady has them”

      • WalterWhite

        I called google earlier this week. They said to just refuse the package.You will be refunded your full amount.

    • InspecThaGadget

      I, too, pre-ordered my Nexus 7 from Google Play on 6/29 and Google Wallet still shows that my card hasn’t been charged. After reading comments posted here, I decided to call my local GameStop. The Game Stop rep said the Nexus 7 was available for sale TODAY! I flew on over to Gamestop and despite it literally taking 25 minutes for the sales rep to process the transaction including her having to call her District Manager a few times, I walked out with my new Google Nexus 7 tablet WITHOUT pre-ordering from GameStop.
      I really like Google products and the company as a whole, but they REALLY dropped the ball on this one. I would suggest cancelling your order with Google Play and heading over to a GameStop near you!!!

  • axel foley

    a word to the wise: never preorder unless a preorder is necessary. manufacturers want to sell to everyone, not just the loyal followers. the random person that walks into a store with no intention on buying anything is the person they’re targeting. loyal followers will always comeback.

  • BJ

    Just got off the phone with GameStop Manage and indeed they are fully selling Nexus 7. In fact they are on what they called “the third wave” so if I went in to get my Nexus from GameStop I would get it August 7th. He said they sold out all thier pre-orders and the 4 extras they had in stock. They also are waiting for Google to ship the “secondwave of pre-orders” plus 5 extra units. I tried to get in on the second wave of units, but he said he had a list of customers ahead of me. So there is a method to Googles madness. Maybe this is because they know they don’t have the infrastructure of a Amazon or a Apple to handle this roll out that they are doing it in wave based on dates of order which would seem very logical and fair.

  • Got mine too just now. Good luck to everyone else.

  • Bionic

    This is the case i ordered by the way. Its really cool and better than anything on the play store.


    • KnowYourEnemy462

      Thanks for the link, that looks pretty sweet.

  • Just picked mine up from Gamestop. They said they decided to let pre-orders pick them up despite Google telling them not to. I wouldn’t put all of the blame on Google with this one because it seems retailers didn’t want to wait for the OK.

    • When I worked in the music business the moment one retailer started selling a CD before another retailer it started a cascade effect. The other retailers would start selling regardless of any embargo by the manufacturer and then the cat was out of the bag. I imagine office max and others will be next to open up their sales as they don’t want to lose out on their competition getting a step up over the weekend.

  • JeffE

    by the time everyone gets their Nexus 7, they will be announcing the another device that will be better than this one.

    • Ha! Equipped with Kandy Korn.

    • Bionic

      LOL, probably the nexus 10

  • Danny

    Just called a Gamestop and the guy said he has one available to sell…a 16GB!!! He was really koo and said he would hold it for me till I get out of work and pick it up later tonight!

    • Danny

      Only bad thing is I wont get the $25 pay store credit or Transformers 3 pre-loaded…oh well…beats waiting 2-3 weeks

      • Bionic

        you sure you wont? cuz office depot people are getting those included as well

      • SeanBello

        yes you will

  • EvanTheGamer

    Got the text message from GameStop just a few minutes ago and am calling at 10AM when they open. I so hope that today is the day I finally get my Nexus 7. And it’s funny, I’d have much rather of gotten my N7 yesterday and not today, Friday the 13th.

    But whatever, this is the N7 and I don’t give a flying monkey. haha!

    • Bionic

      lucky you

      • EvanTheGamer

        Not yet. I have a funny feeling that my GameStop of ALL GameStops won’t be getting it until next week(knock on wood!). I hope that this isn’t the case, but I called yesterday and the manager said that Google said that they delayed the N7, so…..not really sure what to think.

  • InspecThaGadget

    I, too, pre-ordered my Nexus 7 from Google Play on 6/29 and Google Wallet still shows that my card hasn’t been charged. After reading comments posted here, I decided to call my local GameStop. The Game Stop rep said the Nexus 7 was available for sale TODAY! I flew on over to Gamestop and despite it literally taking 25 minutes for the sales rep to process the transaction including her having to call her District Manager a few times, I walked out with my new Google Nexus 7 tablet WITHOUT pre-ordering from GameStop.

    I really like Google products and the company as a whole, but they REALLY dropped the ball on this one. I would suggest cancelling your order with Google Play and heading over to a GameStop near you!!!

    • EvanTheGamer

      HEY, that was MY Nexus 7 they sold you! You thief!


      jk, I got the text message from GameStop today and hopefully they’ll have some in-stock for people who pre-ordered it. I hope!

      • InspecThaGadget

        Lol, hey survival of the fittest!!! Its funny because when I called she said she had just received an email from corporate saying they could sell it Today (not just for pre-orders). She called her DM when I got there and he confirmed it.

        • EvanTheGamer

          From CORPORATE?! Hell yeah! That’s definitely reassuring, so if she got the OK from Corporate then pretty much all systems are a go!

          What’s weird is that I called my local GameStop yesterday and the guy actually said that Google said that they delayed the N7 a bit and he wasn’t sure when it would be available. So…kinda strange that he was unaware(he being a manager and all) that the N7 would go on sale today. Maybe he was unaware that there was a stock of N7’s in the back. lol

          Anyways, I just hope they can start selling the N7 today.

          • KJ

            When I picked up mine (granted it was pre-ordered) they told me they got an email just this morning to “sell em if you got em”

        • EvanTheGamer

          UPDATE: Just got back from my local GameStop with my Nexus 7! OH hell yeah! Can’t wait to boot it up, charge it, and finally just take in the excellence that is the N7!

          Now I am so glad that I didn’t pre-order from the Google Play Store. So damn glad!


      • Booyah

        Does the Gamestop order come with the $25 play store credit and Transformers?

        • InspecThaGadget


        • EvanTheGamer

          Yep, what the employee told me when I first pre-ordered it.

  • scott

    16gb only

  • Just had a thought. How many of you who Pre-Ordered, also ordered the case with your N7? Curious if a shortage of cases is delaying some pre-orders?

    • Bionic

      i doubt it cuz the case said it wasnt available yet when i ordered mine