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Gamestop Sells Nexus 7 to at Least One Lucky Customer

At least one lucky Gamestop pre-orderee is walking around with a new Nexus 7 today. After receiving a text that his pre-order was ready to be picked up, he went into his local store and came out a winner. It’s still not clear if any other Gamestop on the planet is selling the device today or if this reader of ours simply got lucky. Whatever the case may be, a quick call into your nearest store to see if they are able to sell isn’t a bad idea.

Update: Β From what we are hearing, Gamestop is allowing pre-orders to be picked up. If you did not pre-order, they likely won’t sell you one.

Cheers J!

  • Call 1-855-83-NEXUS!! They said all pre orders from the play store are going out today and you should get them in three days!

    • Bionic

      i paid for 2 day shipping so that right there is more bullshitt

      • UPS doesn’t ship on the weekends, so two day shipping would have it arriving Monday or Tuesday, depending on when they track the package going out.

        • Bionic

          wrong, they have saturday delivery

          • Fine. Even if so, two deliver would put the package at your door on Monday — which is in three days.

          • Bionic

            monday would be totally fine by me, but seeing as how my card hasnt been charged yet, i doubt it

        • ArrowCool

          Let me help you all understand this, as I ship UPS domestic and international for work on a daily basis.

          If you have 2 day shipping, and it is shipped out today, you will recieve by end of day Tuesday. Yes, UPS does have Saturday delivery, but it is an option, and a very expensive option at that. Normal ground and air shipments do not have Saturday counted as a transit day. In fact the only time Saturday is counted as a transit day is if it is to be delivered on Saturday.

  • Charlie

    Did Gamestop have the 8gb version as an option to preorder? Or are they all the 16gb version?

  • Steve Benson

    I hope the street date on that receipt is wrong. 8/7 would be a brutal wait.

  • Adam706

    Order date: Jun 27, 2012 10:24 PM EDT. nothing here

  • Call 1-855-83-NEXUS!! They said all pre orders are going out today!!

  • Scott

    Yup, just got my text from game stop. Picking my preorder up now.

  • Bert336

    just called 4 gamestops and they all have them instore now but for Pre-orders only…wtf GOOGLE???

    • Bert336

      also, one store told me if i can come in today and pre-order with 50 dollars, he will guarantee me one for Tuesday delivery! i may have to get in line for kicks and giggles!

  • StuartDMT

    I pre-ordered on Play early on June 28. This will be my first Android device and I’m excited. Now, had Apple made this kind of bungle, would it be all over the mainstream news by now? I want my devices (I ordered 2) but I’m not going to get wrapped around the axle… yet.

  • #WhitePeopleProblems

  • This is total BS. Not only am I waiting on google to ship mine, I could have ordered somewhere else and picked it up already? Already paying shipping and taxes higher than I needed to expecting to get it before retail, I could have had local taxes which are 3.5% and no shipping costs had I just gone to a retail store. Come on google, ship it already!

  • Bionic

    What is even more hilarious is the fact that you cannot cancel your pre order with google play because “UPS already has them.” IF UPS ALREADY HAS THEM GET IT TO MY GOD DAMN DOORSTEP YOU IDIOTS.

    • Breathe dude…breathe. It’s going to be ok. If anything, channel that rage and reject the package when it [eventually] comes to your door.

      • Bionic

        I still want the thing. Im not gonna refuse it. Trust me, if there were a way to go get one at gamestop right now and somehow cancel my google order i would. But i dont want to get one at gamestop and then suddenly have google charge my card, i dont have all that money, lol

      • Bionic

        the point is google f’d up, the point isnt that I still want the thing or not, i still want it.

    • Angryunibrow

      You have serious issues dude…look at all these posts you are creating in here.
      Honestly, relax.

      • Bionic

        i am watching tv before i start work at 2pm. I have nothing else to do so im on here bitching because i want to and i have good points. thanks.

  • Dear Google, Pre-orders get priority in future. Ship the pre-orders before shipping retail stock. The End. Thank you. Come again.

    • It doesn’t have to be shipped before retail, just have it arrive to pre-order customers on the same day the product is sold in brick-and-mortar retail. Otherwise, there’s no point in offering pre-order. At the very least, Google should allow Google Play pre-order customers to pick up today from retailers.

      • I don’t think they could time a release that way. You just can’t trust the retailers from selling their stock early either. I’ll get it one day. I just really wanted to have it for this weekend.

        • Honestly, I feel the same way; it would have been great to be able to play on it this weekend, but if I don’t get it before Tuesday, what difference does it really make in the long run?

          • All the difference in the world! πŸ™‚
            Going to channel Veruca Salt on this one…
            Don’t care how, I want it noooowwwwwwww!

        • Same here. I can live with the device arriving next week. My annoyance is with the bungled process and release by retail, not that actual delivery date (since none was ever promised).

      • Justin McDermott

        What they need to do is offer additional Google Play store credit as an olive branch to the nerd riot that has started.

        • I agreed. I suggested the same in a comment somewhere else on this page a bit earlier.

  • Southrncomfortjm

    This is what happens when a software company gets into the hardware business. Their logistics suck as does their communication. I’ll be looking to Gamestop or elsewhere for early adoption of Google hardware going forward if this is the way they are going to handle things. Seriously, don’t encourage people to use the Google Play Store when you aren’t ready to handle the logistics.

    • Bionic

      very well said, i want my shipping cost refunded in some way

      • Tyler Chappell

        You should call em up and be like “I didn’t know that when I paid $13.99 for 2-day shipping, I was paying for the retail stores to receive their shipments first!”

        • Bionic

          sounds like a damn good idea to me

          • Tyler Chappell

            I’m doing my best to not be bitter about stores I despise such as GameStop being able to get them to customers first =[
            I have to look on the bright side and just think of it as “Well at least they are popping up in retail stores, which is good that the general public who had no idea about the Nexus 7 are now getting to see it for the first time in a tangible way, and that can only be good for El Goog”.

          • Tyler Chappell

            Also, from another person on the other article on here:
            “Google says Gamestop isnt suppose to be handing them out. Said I was the 11th Billion person to call in about it. Said that all who ordered from the play store had priority. For what its worth we were suppose to be first. Gamestop just jumped the gun and did a no no”
            So ultimately, while Google is partially to blame, it is really more GameStop that is screwing up the release.

          • Bionic

            That is where i disagree. Here is how it happened, because I work in retail so trust me i know.

            – Gamestop places an order for the nexus 7, but google says nothing about an official release

            – Gamestop receives info about when it will receive its stock, so the next step is to set up a pre order

            – gamestop runs a pre order and puts an official promised time on the receipts because they have good customer service skills

            – google comes out bitching to office depot and others saying “hold on dont sell”

            -Gamestop says internally “they said this too late and we have promise times on our receipts so screw google”

            – Gamestop receives its stock and honors its promise.

            its a simple as that. Gamestop in my opinion as a retail manager has done nothing wrong, in fact, they should be recognized for excellent customer service.

          • Tyler Chappell

            well that really bursts my bubble =[ [okay.jpg]
            Oh well, nonetheless, I am really happy that many people are getting to experience this wonderful device and glad that the public will now be much more aware of it and make a decision not to buy an iPad.

          • Nexus7inhand

            My pre-order date from Gamestop was 7/31…received text to pick it up this morning. They must have sold the device early. Google didn’t give an exact release date. That’s they halted staple’s sales yesterday.

          • Blarg

            Gamestop was under strict orders not to sell n7’s till google said it was ok. My local gamestop got them in on Monday…. If gamestop is selling them its because google said so. an employee even showed me that they where in the computer for $10000 so they wouldn’t actually sell them early.

    • Interestingly, this is the very criticism that came up when Google dangled the idea of selling Nexus One directly to customers. A lot of people, preemptively, argued that Google didn’t have the customer service infrastructure to handle retail. A lot of it turned out to be true, as countless numbers of people had problems and didn’t get much help from Google. In fact, I seem to recall that Google didn’t even provide a toll-free number then. You had to email for customer service.

      That was several years ago, and there a number of retailers that are a case-study on how to do things right. Amazon doesn’t make products, but they are sure good at getting stuff to your door on the day of release. I am dumb-founded that Google didn’t do more logistics homework before reentering the direct-to-consumer arena. Shame on me, too, for expecting more. Fool me once…shame on you. Fool me twice…shame on me!

    • Tyler Chappell

      However, the bad part is, that knowing most people’s luck, they’ll buy it from some brick-and-mortar store next time, and then that time the situation will be the opposite and those who ordered from Google will be getting theirs first! We can never win! =[

  • moozicmon

    Just picked one up. It was a cancelled pre-order and the guy let me have it!

    • Havoc70

      Nice, Score for you!

    • Southrncomfortjm

      I don’t have a case for mine yet (not surprising) what kind of protection does the tablet come with in box? Maybe a cheapo cloth pouch? My netbook came with one that I could use until I got a nicer case, hoping for the same here.

      • Ryan Powell

        Don’t expect one. I didn’t see one when the I/O attendees did their unboxing. If you’re lucky you’ll get a small cloth to clean the screen but no case/cloth.

    • Booyah

      Did you get the Play Store credit and movie with it?

      • scooter1265

        Yes, they do. You just have to sign in with your Gmail account and it’s automatically credited to you. Plus, the movie is already on the device. I love it so far.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Just picked up my Nexus 7 from GameStop about an hour or so ago and have it up and running.

      Can’t believe how insanely fast and fluid the animations are, from transitioning from screen to screen, opening up apps, etc. Haven’t played a game yet but definitely getting there.

      Also, about the $25 Play Store credit; what’s funny is that the GS employee told me that I’d not be getting a $25 Play Store credit, BUT a $50 Play Store credit instead. I was like, “WHAT?! Are you sure?” Then the dude goes on and says, “Yep, what it says in the e-mail that we received today from Corporate.”. I was like “Hell yeah, thanks!” Then I headed home.

      Anyways, after getting my N7 set up with my regular e-mail I’ve always used with my Android devices, I got a notice saying “Enjoy your $25 Play Store credit!” or whatever it said. So nope, no $50 credit. Was a bit too good to be true. Ah well, just glad to finally have my N7 at last!

      Thanks GameStop!

    • EvanTheGamer

      Question: Anyone who got their Nexus 7 today, did you buy a protective screen for it? Just curious as not really sure if I should yet. Thanks!

  • I was just told if you pre-ordered on 6/27 you will likely be charged today or tomorrow and shipping confirmation rec’d on Monday or Tuesday. My rep completely avoided the GameStop question.
    I called 4 GS stores near me and only 1 told me Google shut them down but the original street date was yesterday 7/12. The others said they only had pre-order stock in. They are likely violating a street date agreement but no one is going to do a thing about it. My guess is Game Stop dropped a ball, not Google, getting the word out to their stores.

  • richardnogginz

    Make me the second lucky game stop customer. I got the text and called. I was supposed to be 2nd wave pre order but he said they shipped one extra, so I picked it up. Yayyyy!

  • Tron_MCP

    Friend just picked his up at gamestop :-/ Have mine pre-ordered at Office depot and they say the cannot sell them…. Shame

  • eRob

    Google needs to give us free shipping.

    • Bionic

      agreed, or another 10 bucks to use in play store, or SOMETHING

  • Tron_MCP

    Friend just picked his up at Gamestop in Orlando Florida (Waterford area near UCF) According to them and another gamestop. They can sell them today, only to people that have a pre-order though… What a shame.. I have mine preordered at office depot :-/

    Don’t believe me? Call them up and ask

    “Waterford Lakes T/C
    675 N Alafaya Trl
    Ste P05
    Orlando, FL 32828”

    Google the number

  • Andrew Bates

    Spoke to two Gamestops in Boston, One said they were selling for pre-orders but hadn’t gotten their shipment yet. The other was selling their pre-orders but didn’t have any spare stock.

    • Bionic

      correct, some stores are still waitiing for UPS truck and like you said the other stores are only selling the pre orders

  • Ric

    Google doesn’t make any money off the tablet so keep the tablet but don’t by the services that do make them money or future devices. They’re counting on everyone getting their devices and buying movies, music, magazines but there are other sources for those. If they don’t get the windfall of sales they’re expecting, maybe they’ll get the hint customer service is important.

    • That seems logical from an emotional standpoint; but that idea is also a double-edged sword. As someone who wants to see an improvement of Android tablets (and Android overall), not ordering services will only seem to undermine the viability or future Nexus 7-type devices being released. There are plenty of developers waiting in the wings, convinced that Android tablets are a bad investment in time and capital. Stonewalling the Google Play store would only put fuel on those smoldering embers.

    • Bionic

      actually its been proven i think in the last 2 days that they are indeed making at least 20 percent per tablet

    • Christopher Thiebaut

      Actually, they do make a little money off of the 16 GB. It costs about the same to produce as the 8 GB. More importantly, however, if you refuse to get content for your tablet because you’re mad at google, who are you really harming? Mostly not google. (I recognize there are other sources of content for your tablet, but if the play store happens to be the best option in a particular instance [why else would you be buying from there?], then you have the choice of paying more or not getting it.

  • mightgetanipad

    who the hell preorders at gamestop!! ARGH GOOGLE YOU SUCK

    • Bionic


    • Plenty of gamers. Just do a drive by of any Game Stop at midnight when a new Call of Duty game is released.

      • TheWenger

        Or a new Blizzard PC game.

      • Bionic

        games yes, game systems yes, but a tablet?

        • The same customer base. That’s all I’m saying.

        • EvanTheGamer

          If I pick up the tablet today from GameStop(a big IF I’d say), then yes, even pre-ordering a tablet at GameStop is worth it. No shipping costs is a big bonus, too.

    • Logic

      I pre-ordered at Gamestop. Why not, get the same product, the same Google Play credit, as well as being able to trade my gear in for a reduced price.

      After an old Xbox360, DSLite, and a bunch of games i didn’t play anymore, the Nexus 7 Tablet cost me $80 dollars in total. Not bad. Some would argue that I paid more for it after the initial cost of all that stuff. But if it’s just collecting dust around my house, why wouldn’t I do it that way. Picking mine up today as I got the txt message as well.

      • EvanTheGamer

        100% exactly!

    • EvanTheGamer

      Uhh…I and everyone else in the world does. Duh?

  • Karl

    If 8/7 is a legitimate “street date”, then i’m going to be deeply pissed off.

    • KJ

      that’s the “street date” for wave 2

  • I’m just upset that we were force to pay a premium for shipping (2-day), yet still have no real idea when it is shipping, when it will get here, when the release date is, and most likely will get it after every retail store sells out.

    • Christopher Thiebaut

      Perhaps. But then you will have a guarantee of getting it whereas, it would be a crap shoot on getting it anytime soon otherwise.

  • This is some straight up bu11$h17. Definitely filing a complaint. I always thought Google was better than this.

  • Jackson

    To clear things up 1. What you get from order through Google is good support they have over 150 reps that know this device perfectly.
    Anyone that didn’t order through them doesn’t get their support.
    2. Gamestop is violating their agreement with Google and Google will come down hard on them.
    3. Our track info should come today latest Monday for anyone on or before July 1st every ups truck and plane has been jam packed.
    They are trying to shoot for Monday latest Tuesday this is all from a Google rep that basically said **** it I’ll clear up the confusion.

    • Bionic

      somehow i need proof that gamestop is doing anything wrong here

  • James

    I gotta freaking work overtime tonight, but this news just salvaged my Friday. πŸ™‚

  • Bionic

    Here is my official e mail to google customer service,

    To whom it may concern,
    I am very dissapointed with google customer service. You set up an pre-order for the nexus 7 on June 27th. Now I find out that Gamestop is allowing people to pick up their pre-orders starting this morning. Meanwhile, you have no even shipped your’s yet.
    I could have pro-ordered with gamestop which is less than a mile away and had my nexus 7 in my hand by now and ready to go on my trip with me.
    I want you to know that I will never use the Google play store for any device pre-order AGAIN. Apple would never allow other retailers to sell their newest device BEFORE Apple itself sold its pre orders.
    I sincerely hope you plan on shipping the June 27th pre-orders TODAY OR TOMORROW otherwise you will have even more angry customers on your hands.
    One mad customer

    • MPS

      It is probably in your best interest to polish up some of those tantrum induced grammar and spelling atrocities first.

      • Bionic

        too late, but they get the idea

        • Tyler Chappell

          aww Bionic, as a fellow IN resident who also preordered from the Play Store, I feel your pain, but don’t go adopting the angry mindset of Apple’s iSheep that get angry when they don’t get the latest shiny thing, or buy what they thought was the latest only for Apple to release a new one a month or two later.
          We’re better than that!

    • Threatening them isn’t helpful is it? And is this really helpful? I bet you are still going to buy one.

      • Bionic

        Of course im buying one you idiot. They are not allowing people to cancel their pre orders.

        • I’m just commenting on how juvenile you sound. Your hissy fit isn’t going to make it come any sooner.

        • MO

          A bit frustrated as well, but more than anything I love reading these comments and you sir are hilarious!

  • WalCs

    “June 27, 2012 10:38:29 AM UTC-7” That’s when my order was complete. No shipping notice, no charge on CC. Cm’on Google, you gotta do better than this to get more business

    • I was about 30 minutes behind you in the order queue — June 27, 2012 11:06:25 AM UTC-7. Likewise…not a peep from Google. When I called a few days ago to ask about switching to the 16GB model, I was told, like others, that I couldn’t change because orders were being processed for shipping.

  • I’m on hold now and ready to rage!

    • Good luck with that. Just remember that the rep isn’t responsible for this mess. He/she is just there to answer calls and attempt to help.

    • tell us what he says plz

  • This is some straight up bullsh*t! I’m not mad at people picking up pre-orders. Good for them. I’m pissed at the way Google has bungled this whole thing. People who pre-ordered from the Play store should have packages on UPS trucks today. Verizon, Amazon, and (yes) Apple have figured out how to deliver new products to people on the day of release, why can’t Google.

    My outrage is tempered. There are far worse things that could happen to me, or be going on in the world; but from the customer service/tech lover perspective, this is a A+ cluster f*ck.

    • Havoc70

      +1,000,000 Matthew

    • sway40

      Dude, Google said MID JULY…last time i checked, its not mid july. Stop whining and wait like everyone else. If one stuped Gs jumped the gun thats their fault not Googles.

      • EvanTheGamer


      • Pat Hamilton

        Mid July would be what, the 15th? It is the 13th now. That is close enough to consider part of mid July.

      • Anthony_Armando

        except it isnt just one stupid gamestop. this is happening at multiple retailers/sellers across the globe. maybe google will hook those who ordered directly from the play store up with some sort of exclusive stuff/credit. a free case in some sort of exclusive color with an exclusive design would be awesome.

      • DUDE. Pump the brakes. I’m not whining. Did you even read my post? Go ahead…I’ll wait.

  • Bionic

    I just want you all to know that im getting ready to log into google wallet right now and I am going to officially file a complaint with them and tell them that I will never use google play for any device pre order ever again. Who is with me?

    • I’m with you, but suspect that it will have little or no impact. The only way Google is going to learn is by people making a 180Β° pivot and walking out on them. I don’t want to overreact here, but between failing to provide an actual release date, absolutely no communication with customers that placed Play store pre-orders, to the dam giving away at brick-and-mortar stores — this is a mess.

      At the very least, Google should extend an olive branch to Play store pre-order customers, and offer a free case, or additional Play store credit.

      • I just did this. After writing a nasty note it automatically connected me to an agent via phone. It was awkward.

  • Google customer service is experiencing a high volume of calls.

    • Havoc70

      Gee i wonder why? LOL

    • shocker! i’m not even going to bother.

  • yep having my girlfriend pick up my pre order now …..i just let out a girly yell in the middle of class lol

    • KJ

      Huh, my husband did that when I ran out to get his…weird how that works.

  • Bionic

    I am beyond pissed off right now. What good was using Google play? There is a gamestop less than a mile from my house. Good Job google, idiots.

    • Buy This

      God stfu dude no one cares. All you ever post around here is troll troll troll.

      • Bionic

        you can get on ur knees and blow me now

      • Boe

        speaking of trolls…

  • John Landgrave

    What’s up with “Street Date: 8/7” on the receipt?

  • Joe

    I just called my local GameStop and they said people who pre-ordered could come pick up their units. They are in stock and ready. No retail units available yet.

  • RBI411

    I work there. My boss told me I could pick up my pre-order today.

    • RBI411

      and in regards to the 8/7 thing its pretty simple. We took reserves in waves because of demand. This guy musta reserved his for wave 2 which was scheduled to arrive 8/7, except they didn’t even bother to abide by the wave thing afterall.

  • I just called gamestop. He said he had one 16GB in stock that wasn’t a preorder. I reserved it over the phone…picking it up at lunch πŸ™‚

    • Nice work. πŸ™‚

      • Well, that didn’t work out :/ When I arrived, he said it was a mistake and they only had enough to fulfill the pre-orders. He felt bad and actually called a few of the people who pre-ordered to see if they still wanted theirs….but of course they did!

        Kellex, please keep us updated on the first store I can walk-in and buy it.

        • mike

          i called like 10 GS and the same thing…”only if you pre-ordered”

    • decayo

      I wouldn’t wait until lunch if I were you. I’m sure Google has caught wind of this and an angry call has already been made to Gamestop corporate who is probably going to filter word to the stores ASAP to stop this. Go now!

      • hence the reason my girlfriend is going into pick it up i am in atlanta ….my preorder is in warner robins ……o.O………… this is worse than the play store debacal i have it but cannot use it /heartbroken

      • I’m almost ready to think GameStop just rolled their eyes at Google’s threats and cracked the boxes open. Would GameStop be hurt if Google cut them off in the future? I doubt it. Google needs retail distribution, and isn’t going to crack down on a retailer that is moving product — even if they break the rules.

  • I’m so pissed that I won’t have a new toy for the weekend. I will never pre-order from Play store again. No shipping notice, no credit charge. I ordered on the 27th at 12pm!!!!

    • Havoc70

      Yea i agree Eric Google totally screwed the pooch on this one. I will never order from the Play Store again either

    • Mike

      I don’t understand this – it still says 1-2 weeks. How can you be mad at them if there is no false information being given out. They obviously can’t ship EVERYTHING out at the same time.

      • duoexo

        They actually can but most vendors won’t keep a street date and will just sell them.

        • Havoc70

          and they should know that already and should have shipped the preorders before filling the store shelves with units

      • I don’t care what the Play store says. I’m pissed at the way this was handled. If I pre-order directly from Google on the hour of product announcement it is mind blowing how retail orders are getting fulfilled before Play store pre-orders. As I said, no charge, no shipping notice.

    • You’re pissed about not having a toy.

      Think about how this sounds for a second.

      • you know where you go can go.

      • EvanTheGamer

        There should be a trollish song or something.

      • Boe

        I think this goes beyond the fact that it’s a “toy.”
        This is Google’s reputation here. They can’t even do this for a toy, what about future products? For being a collector of information, you’d think they would have a better handle on information communication.

  • Rolo P

    Cant wait to get one for myself!

  • Street date 8/7? lol

  • Ed Cerqueira

    I’m so annoyed that the one day I have to go to work early is the day that my Gamestop re-order beats my Play store pre-order. I got a personal call from my gamestop, not animated so that means they will give it to me today, I just hope they don’t realize they’re not supposed to by tomorrow when I actually have time to pick it up

  • JK

    Got a voicemail and text message today saying to come pick mine up!

  • he had to debit the last 5 bucks.. damn man has his priorities straight..

  • Mike


    • gokusimpson

      He probably won’t treat it like a trailer-trash wife.

  • just called gamestop by me and he said they are in if you pre-ordered them, but if you didnt you need to get on pre-order list for 3rd shipment.

  • This is f..ed up.. pre ordered on the 27th 5 mins after release and nothing

    • Justin

      I feel ya. I ordered mine at 12:33 am July 28th. Still nothing in Google Wallet or shipping notice or even a charge on my credit card.

    • duoexo

      Pretty sure Google’s customer service will blow up with angry pre order customers.

      • Their lines are pretty flooded

      • I have called twice past two days, One guy said I should have had it on the 12th, the other guys said at best next week… total BS

        • michael arazan

          Dam, sounds as bad as verizon’s customer service. Don’t know what they are talking about, or just saying what ever it takes to get you off the phone. Thanks to droid life for doing what none of the companies can do.I wonder if Kellex can track down your order too : P

    • Chris Smith

      Also on the 27th 2:05pm.. As much as I love google. They fucked up on this one. Not only did I have to pay $14 shipping + Sales Tax. The only communication we get about our tablet is.. From everyone BUT google. And the icing on the cake is that people getting the tablet sooner without having to pay for shipping.

      • SkyGeek

        Ordered at 1:50PM on the 27th and I have heard nothing. No charge, no confirmations no tracking number. My order status has not changed yet either.

      • philstx

        Yeah, I keep checking to see if my credit card has been charged yet…


  • My GameStop said they would sell it to me if I had pre-ordered. I tried to convince them to sell it to me even if I hadn’t pre-ordered, but no luck.

  • no need new post, update last one. yes all gamestops have go ahead to hand them out now

    • Losing faith in google

      • KevinZuk

        Yeah, me too. I think that’s what hurts the most. I pre-ordered early and when I called to get a status update today, they told me the shipping date is “mid-July.” I have a trip planned for next Friday and was hoping to have it by then, but it appears unlikely. My friends waited and pre-ordered through gamestop, so they’ll have theirs today and will rub it in my face. Argh. So frustrated right now!