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Office Depot Delays Nexus 7 Sales “Until Further Notice”

Do not cruise into your local Office Depot tomorrow to pick up a Nexus 7. While they may receive some stock, they have been instructed to not sell or display them until further notice. Yesterday, we reported that select stores would make them available by July 12, but clearly something has come up. Either Google isn’t ready to launch our new favorite Android tablet, or they are waiting for enough units to hit as many retailers as possible to make a big opening day splash. We are hearing that a handful of Gamestop and Staples stores have already received stock, so it shouldn’t be long, folks.

Anyone taking bets on the big launch happening next week? Oh, and don’t forget to read our Nexus 7 review.

  • Nick Anderson

    Ordered mine on wednesday and thought it was going to be 3 weeks. Still a little bs gamestop got first

  • Nick Anderson

    Just got the email. Was shipped some time yesterday but not at ups/not scanned yet. Getting it later today or monday

  • jorge ruiz

    I spoke to a rep and they said next week they will Start shipping

  • Kurt Edens

    I don’t know why Google does not just make an announcement, but I just talked to someone at Google Play and he said for those that ordered during the first week, their’s ship today, or started the shipping process, for those that ordered during the second week after the anouncement (such as myself unfortunately my pay period didn’t line up) they will ship next week (for delivery at the end of next week/beginning of the following week)…

    I just don’t understand why they won’t just make a clear announcement, or email people detailed information. It could just be that the guy told me the timeframe he did because it lines up with the estimate from Google Play (1-2weeks from the time I ordered on 7/9) I guess only time will tell, but I agree with most that it really does not make sense that they can be sent to retailers already, but they cannot just get the ball rolling on informing their customers that went direct with some concrete info on their shipping plan.

    I am just anxious to have that puppy in my hands… I suppose I can give up on checking back, and just try to forget for a few days…


  • disqus_pI1wba7iu2

    Really! You get the $25 credit if you buy it in the store too! and now stores may or do have them before their direct pre-ordering customers! This is both disappointing and infuriating! Why did I pay for shipping?????

    • Brent Stewart

      That’s kinda been my point and why I’m annoyed. Not because I wanted it first.

  • renebi

    Haha, Now I know how to feel like a fanboy. I’ve never been so excited to get a CC charge, (but will never to get in line for more than 8 hours in winter). LOL

  • shopdroid

    Two words – Asus Distribution. They screw up on every tablet release, except for the TF300 that nobody wants.

    • Brent Stewart

      Information coming from retailers is sending mixed signals – wrong, bad, mixed signals. Google needs to make some sort of announcement soon. But I suspect you’ve hit the nail on the head – ASUS Distribution. It’s quite possible preorders were supposed to had already shipped.

  • Brent Stewart

    All signs had pointed to today being the full launch and that Google was originally intending to ship pre-orders ON the very same day. Then they saw the geek rage building on the interwebs and ordered stores to hold off selling until they gave official word. Shipping preorders was probably always intended to happen today.

  • matrixskillz

    WTF stores get the $25 credit too and already received their shipment? Why did I pre-order from Play Store then?!

  • gfacekilla01

    I sure hate I didn’t see this yesterday, being as I waltzed into my local Office Depot and demanded ‘my’ N7 tablet this morning!! I guess a few more days or so won’t kill me……

  • Havoc70

    My card has been charged for the Nexus 7 from the Play store just waiting for the shipment confirmation…=)

    • Nice. I’ve been eyeballing my bank account today, but nothing yet. :-/

      • Havoc70

        LOL i was logged into My CC company hitting refresh for the last hour

  • imtyler

    Okay, IMHO the delay may still be due to the injunction debacle. I have pre-ordered two different devices– both the Nexus 7 and the Galaxy Nexus– on separate orders (I paid two separate shipping charges, so I’m confident they will not be boxed together). Therefore if the delay were due to manufacturing strains on the Nexus 7, there should be no reason for them to not ship the Galaxy Nexus (which they haven’t).

    • Kurt Edens

      That injunction applied Specifically to the gNex. I there could be another that is being kept under wraps bit usually that information is released to the public. The my guess is that Google wants play store pre orders to ship out before stores get the green light

  • Cgadgetz

    My nexus 7 is paid off in full at gamestop. I walked in about a hour ago to pick it up and after the rep made an attempt to sell it out she said there was a system flag to not sell it. She called her DM and who said “No, you can’t sell it and I don’t know when you can”.

  • renebi

    ALRIGHT!!! Got an email notification already from Google Play that my order is shipped! …..

    … nah, just teasing you guys, hehehe. Let’s all be patient ok? It will be in our hands no later than Monday. Peace!

    • Luxferro

      I read the 1st sentence of your post an immediately checked my gmail lol

  • DB

    I called the Google Play store this morning and they said the shipping process for my Nexus 7 would start today.

  • twistod

    Tried to change my 8gb to a 16 gb and rep told me that order has been shipped so it could not be changed. Hallelujah! At least its on its way. Waiting patiently for tracking number.

  • abacus01

    Ok folks..heres the deal….I spoke to a rep at the google store who is familiar with the situation. He said the orders are waiting at the UPS to ship…and that all orders on the play store will ship tommorrow and most of us will get a shipping notification by the afternoon. They have hubs across the USA and hubs on the east coast..and while it may or may not get to you by friday..it should be here by monday..My guess about the retailers gettting a holding order is that Google realized their preorder base would be really pissed off if they let the stores have them first..so that immediately told the stores not to sell until further notice…the rep said he attended a special meeting about this ..this morning..he sounded confident in what he told me. Lets see.

    • As someone who bought one on the Play Store, this makes me immensely happy.

      • michael arazan

        Also gamestop has been accepting preorders now for the nexus 7

      • Christopher Riccio

        It would make me happy if I didn’t feel like I had to wait until Monday. Saturday delivery should be included in the amount they charged for shipping IMO.

      • perfectlyreasonabletoo

        How you feeling now, bro?

    • r0lct

      Are they as reliable as Verizon reps?

    • I totally agree. I believe the retailers are being forced to hold them due to the Google Play orders not being received yet. As someone who ordered it the first day it was announced, I would be greatly pissed if I didn’t receive my order before I could go to the store and purchase it.

    • I’m thinking this was inaccurate as still no charge and definitely no notification yet.

  • milleanni

    Go to Office Depot.com at
    It list the Nexus 7 in stock with delivery 3-5 days for pre-orders.

    • tbss-nc

      Thanks for the heads up! I just ordered one. Free shipping + $15 gas card – – use promo code 595897257. Receipt said N7 will be delivered by 7/24 at the very latest. If you sign in thru ebates.com, you’ll save another 2%.

  • Nemkeen

    I was also thinking that Google wanted the people who pre-ordered on the PlayStore to get it prior to the other people. I’m too excited to get the N7, it’s gonna be my first tablet. C’mon Google, get it to me before school starts!

  • Bionic

    Good, people who pre-ordered deserve them first. I think that google will announce thursday or friday that the tablet has been shipped, i hope.

    • No they dont.. since when does a retail product launch give you preorder first dibs from an online store
      same day for all and shelves is normal retail launching for any product.

      • blasphemeisbliss

        People who pre ordered paid a premium for shipping. If it were to be available in retail stores before they received it, most of them would probably feel cheated as they could have simply waited, not paid for shipping and they still would get it at the same time for 15 dollars less. So yeah, we do deserve to get ours first.

  • NY Nexus 7 Ordered

    I called Google today, I Pre ordered on Google Play on 7/7. They are processing all pre orders this week and I will get mine next week. I live in New York.

  • chris125

    Maybe google wants those who preordered to get it first so they are making these retailers hold off from selling

  • knight

    I just talked to my Gamestop and they stated they received an email today stateing that all preorders where ready to ship but where being held by request of Google and would not ship to the store until further notice.

  • nascpats

    girlfriends son works at staples says it goes on sale friday

  • jorge ruiz

    All I want Is it to get here before the 27th of July with that said I will wait patiently

  • hldc1

    Am I the only one that read “Select stores serviced by…” to mean “not every store”? That being said, this doesn’t impact me a bit because I already got my order on through the Play store.

  • TimXer

    Let’s just hope this is not indication of some impending patent violation!!

    • Brent Stewart

      This is what I’ve been worried about as well. I read somewhere else that Google has to have a workable solution to the Unified Search patent by tomorrow or the ban goes back on the Galaxy Nexus. Shipments might be held off until that can be prepped. Or worse, something else is rearing its ugly head.

  • I put in my pre-order the moment the Google Play store was updated on June 27th (the day of the announcement at Google I/O).
    I don’t know if my annoyance rises to the level of ire or rage, but I am a bit dismayed by all the news flying around today about retailers being told to hold units until further notice. I just don’t understand why Google couldn’t provide an availability date. You know..that like other company that so many here seem to hate.

    • Bionic


    • r0lct

      Google doesn’t appear to have the hang of retail yet. Their experience in selling retail products (physical product, not services) is quite limited and it shows.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Next week, next week, next week!

  • Dave Sloboda

    I’m waiting for more solid news on when Staples will have them in store…I’ve got one that’s just one block from my workplace here in Philly and I’ll pick one up on my lunch break as soon as possible!

    (Good thing Friday is payday!)

  • I’m pretty sure if you were to pre order this years next Call of Duty, your not going to get it it in the mail before it hits store shelves. But keep in mind, the world will keep turning tomorrow.

    • SeanBello

      we’re not necessarily talking about getting it BEFORE everyone else, it’s more of a matter of getting it AFTER everyone else

      • fanboy1974

        Exactly. I had to pay taxes and shipping at the Google store. And if this was released to retail before all the pre-orders I would be extremely pissed at Google. Enough to make me call and demand $25 more in Google play money.

        • SeanBello

          I’d just go to the store and walk out with one and cxl the order or refuse the delivery if it was too late to cancel. moreso, I’d have a chance to play with one in the store and if I didn’t like it I’d just save myself $275 after tax and shipping for the 16gb and probably never pre-order again because of this situation.

          • whynotv2

            If you read Google’s policy on cancelled returns while you wouldn’t have to pay return shipping, you still would be out the initial shipping cost.

          • SeanBello

            I think under the circumstances they’d refund the shipping cost as well.

        • Brent Stewart

          Exactly, I think that’s the gist of the ire I’ve been seeing and somewhat feeling myself. It’s that we’re paying extra for shipping when they have it right around the corner at Staples. A lot of people were willing to suck up the shipping charges to have it in their hands on or before retail. To play devil’s advocate though, one could say the only real promise of pre-order is to secure that you’re getting the device and not have to deal with retailers selling out. You’re effectively buying your place in line.

        • imaptiently waiting

          Th e purpose of pre-order is security in buying it without it being sold out in stores. If you pay the extra and get it after the store release they won’t care because that’s the gamble you took…

        • matrixskillz

          I ordered mine 5 days ago and while ordering they informed me that the credit card would not be charged until delivery. Well as of this morning the credit card has already been charged. Either they lied (probably) or it is on its way…

    • you generally get it the day it is released to the retailers. In a COD midnight launch, it is the next day.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Exactly what I thought. July 12 is just a speculation until Google actually makes a statement.

    Am I disappointed? Hell yeah. Just the way it goes. Next week I’m thinking will be when the Nexus 7 will start shipping to people along with it being available in stores.

    • OhAaron

      They wouldn’t release any units to stores, if there wasn’t enough stock to fulfill all pre-orders.

      • EvanTheGamer

        Is that what your GameStop said?

        According to my GameStop, there were enough pre-orders.

    • Wes

      Really hope that isn’t true. I don’t want to get my pre-ordered device several weeks after it goes on sale.

      • EvanTheGamer

        Yes, that would freakin’ suck. Let’s hope this isn’t the case.

    • knight

      I just called my Gamestop and they stated they received an email saying that they haved shipped the device but they are being held by UPS at Google’s request until further notice. Something about a lawsuit. probably the OTA fix for the apple thing.

      • EvanTheGamer

        Yeah, not what my GameStop said, so I guess it all depends on the GameStop.

        Let’s hope your GameStop is wrong though.

  • I promise you that no one who reads this blog would have ordered their Nexus 7 through Office Depot, so unless you think this is indicative of something bigger, it’s not worth thinking about.

    • OhAaron

      Wrong. 😛 I originally ordered the 8GB from the Play Store, but I now have a pre-order on the Nexus 7 16GB via Office Depot.
      Reasons: I got a $15 Gas card for free & shipping was free. Also, I still get the Play Store credit & Transformers Dark of the Moon. I am going to reject the shipment from the Play Store.

      • SeanBello

        good call…

      • whynotv2

        You won’t be reimbursed the shipping charge according to Google’s website

        • OhAaron

          Can you link me to that? He told me that if I refused the shipment without opening it that I would be reimbursed.

      • AJ

        Fricken office depot is trolling. I got the exciting email, “Your order has been shipped! You should receive it in 3-4 days!” Then I open the dang email and its just for the gas gift card. I was pretty pissed.

        • OhAaron

          I got that email too, haha. I would be willing to bet that the pre-orders from all retailers (including Google Play) are going to ship on the same date. In the mean time, we can enjoy that exciting gas card. 😉

    • EvanTheGamer

      I pre-ordered mine at GameStop, but not so sure I made the right decision. Someone just mentioned that if a retailer doesn’t have enough pre-orders then that store may not be getting any at all, which would be a major kick to the balls of those who actually did pre-order it there.

  • paladaxar

    It was all the people yesterday screaming about being “PISSED” if they don’t get their pre-order before it hits store shelves. The pre-order said that we would get it mid-July — and that’s when we’ll get it.

    Are people so self consumed that they can’t be happy for someone else who may be able to get it at a store a FEW DAYS before theirs comes in the mail? None of this has changed when we’ll be receiving ours, so let’s try to allow the world to revolve around someone else for a moment for a change, shall we? Glad to see earlier dates than later! Enjoy, Mr. General-Public 🙂

    • SeanBello

      umm…no. burning the people that were loyal enough to pre-order without so much as a release date is about as bad business as you can get. actually, it’s not just bad business, it’s bad PR at a time when PR is very important.

    • JDHokie

      Google seems like the type of company that would try to make a specific customer base happy. In this case, the people who preordered directly from Google the N7 within minutes of it being available online.
      Obviously the masses who buy it in a brick and mortar store are vital to the tablet’s success. But that group is less likely to be checking the blogs every day for exact availability. Those consumers are more at the whim of the retailer where they’ve made their purchase.
      I won’t be pissed if Office Depot/Gamestop people have theirs before me, but I totally understand the rationale in thinking that they shouldn’t.

  • guardianali

    Its pretty simple. To avoid halting sales like galaxy nexus, due to apple patents, Google is telling them to hold the stock until they get an OTA update to fix the issue complete.That way when the sale starts, every unit will be updated and not infringe.

    • OhAaron

      The units won’t be updated until they are taken home, though. Even then, you would still be able to deny the update. It isn’t like Office Depot is going to open each box, connect the Nexus 7 to wifi & apply the update.

    • r0lct

      But the update was already released to fix the local search issue.

  • Fernando Montenegro

    @officedepot #fail

    • Dave Bell

      Oh is this twitter? I must be mistaken of where I’m at…

  • Tyler Chappell

    My guess is that Office Depot simply spoke too soon about when they’d be available in the store, and Google seeing this, instructed them not to do so that hopefully all of us with our pre-orders get to be the first or at least have them in our hands the same day they go flying off store shelves.

    • I 100% agree they just wanted some buzz, word is office depot is in te crapper along with Best Buy. But don’t worry Google takes care of their Play Store custys we will be getting it the start of next week. Then retail will be a few days after. I pre-order back in June I just noticed that google changed it to SHIP SOON

    • My office depot pre-order is projected to be delivered on monday, 7/16 – which would jive with them holding off in-store sales till next week.

  • David Hickes

    I spoke with a Google Play representative and his guess was that they are shipping preorders tomorrow. (He said he ordered one too so he sounded confident)

    • Anthony Armando

      the one i spoke with only said that he had no idea when it was shipping. the only thing he knew was that all orders were locked and could not be canceled, which meant that shipping would be soon™. otherwise, according to him, google has not released information regarding shipping/order status to the representatives.

    • Anthony Armando

      the representative i spoke with was unsure when they would ship and couldnt even make a guess. according to him google has not provided the representatives with any information regarding order/shipping status. the only thing he knew was that all orders were locked and and cannot be canceled, which indicates that they should be shipping soon™.

      • Jimbo

        quiet you!

  • Tom Buddingh

    I deserve to get my pre-order first! *RAGEQUIT*

  • paul_cus

    The suspense is great.

  • As much as I’d like to purchase a Nexus 7 in store and not wait for it to arrive at my door step, $25 Play Store credit is too good to pass up.

    • somehow I think anyone who gets an N7 regardless of location will be getting that credit.

      • Anthony Armando

        yes, everyone gets the credit. it is not a google play store exclusive.

    • EvanTheGamer

      GameStop(and most other retailers) are offering $25 pre-order Play credit, as well.

    • David Hayden

      The $25 credit should be a permanent addition to Nexus 7 purchases. If they want the 7 to be a Google Play platform, then give us incentive to use it.

    • Buy it at any retailer near its launch and you get the credit. Doesn’t matter where you buy it, it’s something given when you setup the device

  • C-Law

    Damnit. I was all excited to get up early and go buy one

  • Frank F

    I’m sorry but this makes me kind of sad I mean most of the times …greater then 50% of the time I’m willing to bet if u pre order items like I did this one first the first time ever …u should get them before others do at the store…to me anyways its part of a unwritten privledge u should have with devices like this especially hearing that most people are also getting the $25 play store credit is a lil buzz kill for me…I’m just saying

  • BrianLipp

    i just wanna know when the Play Store is gonna start shipping >.<

  • Droid4LifeDawg

    Next week Tuesday…

  • KleenDroid