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Bugless Beast 4.1 for LTE Galaxy Nexus Released

Our buddy, Peter Alfonso, is still crankin’ out AOSP ROMs to this day. Last night, he released Bugless Beast for the LTE Galaxy Nexus (toro), which we recommend you jump on if you have yet to flash a Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) ROM. Pete usually keeps things as clean as possible, meaning he doesn’t add a bunch of fluff to his builds. If you are looking for something about as stock as it gets, this would be one to consider.

He did toss in Chrome as the default browser, gave you free native tethering, Google Wallet, louder audio output, and improved scrolling. He also recommends that you “download offline speech recognition package in Google Search settings once ROM is installed.” Google Apps are included. You may need to do a full wipe going from ICS to JB, but it’s up to you.

Via:  Download | Mr. Alfonso

Cheers Brian!

  • Rick

    YouTube crashes when I use the volume rocker while watching a video

    • this is fixed in the 7-13 build with a dirty flash

  • A note about tethering: The built-in wifi tether works in this ROM. BUT: If you install and try to use one android-wifi-tether (and I assume others), not only will the application not work – it will also make the built-in tethering stop working. Re-flashing the ROM fixed it. I’m guessing the binaries/scripts that the application installs conflict with the stock ones.

    EDIT: I like the application tethering better. I like seeing when I am connected, who is connected, and how much data is being transferred. The auto-timeout and idle-timeout just seem like good ideas.

  • mattsh33

    I’ve installed this ROM and I have a quick question. In the stock keyboard after you select a word or hit the space bar, the box above the keyboard displayed commonly used punctuation… Is this something new with the JB key board or is not working correctly in this ROM?

    • Floyd Gray

      Are you using ClockWork Recovery Mod?

  • just tried to root my galaxy nexus using this method http://galaxynexusroot.com/galaxy-nexus-root/how-to-root-galaxy-nexus-universal-guidegsmverizonsprintwindowslinuxmac/. but when i get go to the recovery page it comes up with the android laying down with the alert symbol above him, and its stuck there. any help?

  • Floyd Gray

    I flashed this new ROM last night and seems to be working fine…but is it missing the WiFi fix that an individual in the Android community found and put in….and if so can I flash that fix on top of this one like the first leaked Jelly Bean Stock Rom to fix the issue? I can’t find the article but I know the file was VZW_JB.4.1_WiFi_Fix.zip


  • Desmond Abrams

    Wow this seems to be a lot snappier than the rest. Yay! No flash support though. Booo!

  • SeanBello

    ugh. my home button or settings button in the pull down don’t work. anybody else having these problems? obvious deal breakers, makes the rom unusable for me.

    • Both work fine for me. Did you wipe all caches?

      • SeanBello

        got it going. I had been restoring system data for bluetooth pairings and wifi spots and sms settings and something didn’t jive

  • david ruiz

    DO you have to flash Gapps???

    • SeanBello

      gApps included. working home button…not included.

  • tazasterous

    Does anyone know how to change the carrier label?

  • Radgatt

    I flashed this rom to my phone but now my phone doesn’t want to boot up. Any suggestions? It seems as if its stuck. I did one battery pull but still no boot up

  • JustinRadice

    Anyone able to load adobe flash apk with 4.1.1?

  • drewc15236

    The link doesn’t work. 🙁

  • Exchange works for me on BB. Everything else seems to be working great except Temple Run 🙁 Aren’t you supposed to be able to swipe up on the app drawer to go to Google Now? I know you can from the lock screen but I thought you could there too…

    One thing I just noticed is my WiFi signal strength fluctuates a good bit when I am not moving, sitting 15 feet away from my router

    • It was the home button not the app drawer button. I was close!

  • Jim

    Is this ROM already rooted? Do I need to install SU or busybox or any other goodies?

  • Spider210

    5ghz N does not work ugh! my network has to be set to g on this rom

  • Paul Harper

    PETE P.S. put the native browser back regardless of flash support k THANKS

  • JustinRadice

    Any way to load jb browser onto this build?

    • Paul Harper

      take the browser apk from any another rom you may have on your sdcard that has the browser apk. Its located in system>apps you will need root explorer to extract it out and then place it in the current root system>apps folder and reboot and enjoy the native browser.

      • JustinRadice

        When I try to paste it in I get an error saying that apps is a read only file. Any ideas?

        • Paul Harper

          if using root explorer ? then you have to click where it says mount r/wat the top then you should be able to paste it

          • JustinRadice

            Worked like a charm. Thx for the help.

          • Paul Harper

            Glad you figured it out you can do the same thing with flash player as well

      • CurtisNic

        i put it in and if i try to instal it i get a parse error, ive rebooted many time without doing that and i stil dont have it installed

        • Paul Harper

          you should open it and extract it and then go to the extracted browser.apk file and just move that file you should see the browser animation next to the file once you have the right file to move. It does not require an install process just paste it and reboot

          • CurtisNic

            i have a browser.apk that i pasted into the system/app folder. i did try to without tryingto install but it wont show up. the icon looks different when i move the browser app. it turns from the blue globe thing to a image of an sd card next to a blue globe thing. (im using es file explorer)

  • skyskioc

    Love Petes work ! Just tried it out and it is smooth as butter. Crazy smooth. But I just cant live without my AOKP M6 ! Restored my backup just now. Ahhhhh I’m home !

  • For those struggling with the Google Now, make sure you download the offline language pack as described in the article. So far this seems a bit smoother than the Jelly Belly ROM I was running earlier – especially the Google Now part. My only issue is that my phone can no longer see my 5Ghz WiFi, only my 2.4 network. Jelly Belly did not have this issue. Not a deal breaker, but would be nice to have fixed. Back to the Google Now issue, Idk if it makes a difference but I am running the bootloader from the Jelly Belly dev.

    • Paul Harper

      I noticed the same thing regarding the 5ghz wifi

  • Rodeojones000

    Anyone got a mirror for this? Been trying to download it for over an hour and after a while it just says download unsuccessful.

    • Paul Harper

      I will upload it now onto megashares give me a few

      • Rodeojones000

        Thanks. I’m anxiously awaiting your link.

        • Paul Harper

          I think they removed my mirror link?

          • Rodeojones000

            I never saw a link. Perhaps it was indeed removed.

          • Paul Harper

            you have gplus?

          • Paul Harper

            find me on gplus

          • Paul Harper

            look me up on google plus

          • Paul Harper

            Look me up on google plus

  • Paul Harper

    I flashed this last night and I had a problem with root explorer on a fresh wipe from 4.0.4 so today i flashed a nandroid back to vanirbean v7 and then flashed this over top of it and now all is functional. I also flashed the popcorn kernel back and it is running like peanut butter jelly time. Petes ROM even corrected an issue I was seeeing in vanir bean with bluetooth voice prompt search not initializing properly. If you wish to put the original browser back in just pull the apk from the apps from another ROM you may have on your sdcard and move it into the current app file and reboot.

  • JustinRadice

    does bugless beast have a website or rootzwiki thread that posts change logs and comments and what not……can’t find one seeing if anyone know where it is.

  • Signal tells me that I am roaming, when I’m at home. Any thoughts?

  • Has anyone been experiencing when speaking to Google Now? It hears what you’re saying but it wont process it. When you say “Google” to open the mic up, it doesn’t work anymore. Please don’t tell me that they got rid of that in 4.1.1? Or this is just a nightly and to calm down. lol!

    • Forpar

      Was this happening with the BB rom? I have the same problem with the vicious rom. It drives me crazy because when it does work it is great.

    • cknight91

      I just flashed this ROM, and this is happening to me as well. It knows you’re speaking but doesn’t give results. What gives with this?

  • Chris Faught

    Has anyone slow boots? Mine is taking forever. It sat on the Google screen now on the new JB logo. The boot just is CRAWLING.

    • first few boots are usually pretty slow

      • Chris Faught

        You are correct, its booting up just fine now !!

  • artur

    does anybody know where can i get that rom ? that link doesnt work

  • JustinRadice

    Noob question if I download the rom then do a factory data reset wipe the cashe then wipe the d cache wont that delete the rom as well?

    • tech247

      Using Clockwork Mod, you internal “SD Card” where you stored the ROM will not be touched by a factory rest.

  • Pdiddy187

    Does anyone know where to get the ICS browser? Loving this! Thanks!

  • maguiz

    download link is not working

  • MC

    im sorry for the noob question but what is meant by “free native tethering?”

    • Radgatt

      no app needed like wifi hotspot & usb tether pro to tether without paying verizon. built in

      • MC

        so just go into my settings and run it? no need to worry about paying for the service correct? Thanks

        • Radgatt

          that is correct

  • Naader

    anyone having a problem with downloading it? it just goes to the page and says error.

  • TrevorSP

    I remember flashing roms for my OG Droid from Pete

  • ryan

    Is the link bad for anyone else?

  • Am i the only person that can’t flash any of these jelly bean roms

  • adamcorwin

    Download was crawling for me… found a mirror posted here though

    • that one crawls too

      • adamcorwin

        only took a couple minutes for me

  • JustTrollin69

    Anyone else experiencing issues with Google Voice Search? Little dots come up to show it is picking up my voice, but when I finish, it doesn’t cut out and still acts as if I am talking, even in a quiet environment. Unfortunate since BB is awesome otherwise. I guess if this persists then I will restore my old Jelly Bean ROM.

    • Stache

      Had same issue but it was resolved once I downloaded the “offline speech recognition”. Go to the Search app Settings>Voice>Download offline speech recognition. Hope this helps.

      • JustTrollin69

        It’s funny, I did exactly that and it fixed it. Then later on, poof that problem was back, weird

        Edit: Oh you know what? Even weirder, just checked the offline recognition and it was uninstalled? Strange. Either way, fixed again, thank you.

      • Royal2000H

        Does that mean online speech recognition isn’t possible on this ROM? From what I understand the offline engine isn’t as accurate/powerful as the online engine. Or do the official GSM OTA’s have this problem too?

        • JustTrollin69

          I’ve been using the offline since the first Jelly Bean nandroid was available, it’s been perfect for me so don’t let that bother you if anything

    • cknight91

      Yes, same issue. I’m going to try and download the offline speech recognition but this shouldn’t be an acceptable work-around for this. Anyone know what the problem is?

  • Spider210

    torrent anyone?

  • Stache

    anyone having success getting Google Now voice recognition to work?

    • not at all

    • Stache

      Derp! I should try reading the post first. I just downloaded the offline speech recognition under the settings and now works like a charm.

  • fvqu

    Does anyone know if this will require a data wipe if coming off of another Jelly Bean ROM? Vicious Toro v5 to be specific. Sorry I’m still new to this.

    • Fairly confident you will have to. I did a data wipe and I’m still having issues (GPS is off by about a block and I can’t connect to google talk…

      • fvqu

        In that case, I think I will just stay with my current ROM for a few days until most of the bugs get sorted out.

        • Larizard

          I think I’ll do the same. I’m always at home so the Wifi bug might be deal-breaker for me.

    • rodney11ride

      Yes it requires a data wipe..

    • Floyd Gray

      Yep, I’m wondering the exact same thing since I’m running the same custom ROM.

    • Floyd Gray

      Did my Data Wipe and installed the ROM…so far…so good and I was in the same scenario as you, though my WiFi signal seems low and have asked advice if I can flash the VZW_JB.4.1_WiFi_Fix.zip to repair the wifi issue…I believe it was the wireless driver(s) taken from ICS and copied to Jelly Bean.

  • Michael Schnider

    Pete is amazing. Always loved his stuff all the way back to OG Droid always smooth and clean. Good job Pete!!

  • As a new Galaxy S3 owner, I’m pretty jealous of you Nexus guys right now. All that anticipation during pre-order only to find out Verizon has no limits to the amount of displeasure they can cause their consumers. I love my new phone, but I wish I was installing Jelly Bean 🙁

  • Hank The Tank

    Oh this takes me back to my OG Moto Droid. Always loved the BB rom series. Cant wait to get home and flash this Beast!

  • definitely installing this. .will probably run it until he builds a new rom.

  • JB really is night and day better than ICS. I’m very impressed.

  • Installed flawlessly. SO buttery smooth. Amazing job as usual Pete.

  • Mark

    Can anyone confirm exchange is working

  • Brock Johnson

    I’d love to flash this rom but its taking over an hour to download

    • kervation

      Try downloading Advanced Download Manager from the Play Store. It increases download speeds dramatically.

  • Rob

    anyone else loose email and exchange services when changing to BB?

    • Mark

      Is anyone else having this issue?

  • Dave

    Great ROM and very stable. This should tide me over till CM10 nightlies start popping up.