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Bugless Beast 4.1 for LTE Galaxy Nexus Released

Our buddy, Peter Alfonso, is still crankin’ out AOSP ROMs to this day. Last night, he released Bugless Beast for the LTE Galaxy Nexus (toro), which we recommend you jump on if you have yet to flash a Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) ROM. Pete usually keeps things as clean as possible, meaning he doesn’t add a bunch of fluff to his builds. If you are looking for something about as stock as it gets, this would be one to consider.

He did toss in Chrome as the default browser, gave you free native tethering, Google Wallet, louder audio output, and improved scrolling. He also recommends that you “download offline speech recognition package in Google Search settings once ROM is installed.” Google Apps are included. You may need to do a full wipe going from ICS to JB, but it’s up to you.

Via:  Download | Mr. Alfonso

Cheers Brian!

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  • Marty

    My phone not Booting up with BB

    • cjlee89

      Did you wipe data/cache?

  • erik

    I have flashed to the latest BB ROM and cannot see my nexus on the Google play website. has anyone else noticed this?

  • Ross Newhouse

    Noob question. what is the difference in “NIGHTLY” vs. the 417170e198418d57e03feb29649e35bd

    • cjlee89

      The checksum one is the stable/milestone release.

  • wifi indicator on notification shade shows no bars, but set-up page shows full bars. “bug”?

  • Ross Newhouse

    anyone else think that Google Now is awesome?

  • wm snyder

    If you want root and Rom press the link’s above in article. Thanks Guy’s your the greatest!

  • daryle barden jr

    So is it a good idea to flash each new change log? And what does nightly (mirror) mean?

  • Josh

    New build is out as of 4 hours ago, anyone get it yet?

  • How about MAGURO version?

  • cknight91

    n00b question…if I am coming from a previous build of Bugless Beast (4.1.1 from 7/11), what do I need to wipe if I want the update to the latest build? Only cache? Also, how can I view the change log?

  • Very nice, but I wish the stock browser was left as an option. Chrome is nice, but I loved the quick controls in the jelly bean version of the stock browser.

  • jnourse

    should i wipe my partition data as well? or is that not necessary. (going from ICS to JB)

  • cknight91

    I don’t know if this is just me, but I do not see a huge improvement in performance or “project butter” with jelly bean. Transitions are smoother (such as when opening the app drawer), but going from home screen to home screen is still a little laggy here and there. But after I install Nova Launcher, everything is completely buttery smooth and just snappier overall.

  • xxdesmus

    Does tethering work now on JB? Would go back to JB in a second if FoxFi works now.

  • gnex lte – grabbed last night’s build (7/12) and everything i have tried on the phone has worked perfectly except when adjusting the volume while in the youtube app causing a crash

    • Matthew Harmon

      how are you installing it, I cannot get it install

      • backed up everything then did a full wipe of factory & cache; installed zip from root. try downloading the latest again. i had a problem yesterday where the 1st download appeared to have “finished” but was corrupt and about 10mb smaller than it should have

    • afeit

      The youtube problem will stop if you flash new gapps.

  • Matthew Harmon

    Getting an error code 7 when trying to install zip using CWR, any suggestions? I did a full factory wipe, cache wipe and dalvik wipe…

    • i had the same problem last night. had to re DL the file to make sure i got a good one. somewhere along the lines of copy and pasting to my SD card from my PC, something got corrupt. once i deleted and re-pasted to SD card, i was able to successfully flash and it has been working well since then.

      • Matthew Harmon

        Tried again with today’s build and same error. File sizes are different. Downloaded at home (was at work with the first two). Save error, Status 7, Install aborted. This is for Verizon, right?