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Tuesday Poll: Does a Tablet Need to Have a Rear Facing Camera?

With Google’s new Nexus 7, it is a change from the ordinary to see a back facing camera not accompany an Android tablet. To keep the pricing low enough, ASUS and Google decided against throwing in a shooter, but will anyone actually care? We know there may be certain situations that could arise where having a camera would be helpful, but is it necessary?

Another idea is that maybe it depends on the size of the tablet. Would a camera better suit a 10″ slate rather than the smaller 7″ devices? Let us know if having a camera on your tablet is a must or not.

Does a tablet need to have a rear facing camera?

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  • John Likes Him His Mobile

    Older folks love the iPad as a viewfinder. I’ve taken more pictures with my iPad than with my HTC ONE X. Us fogies would rather just lift the sucker up and shoot than fumble for our phone. And of course possibly miss the shot while digging out the phone. So, as an option I’d buy it in a heart beat. Was disappointed Nexus 7 did not have one.

  • Did I step into a 7th grade chat room? Who gives a rip if someone wants to take a picture with their tablet if they happen to have one in their hand at a moment when a great photo would be missed if you had to put the tablet down and get out your phone? People are ‘douches’ because they take a photo with their tablet? LMAO As if anyone should care what you think or what I do with my tablet. I stopped worrying about ‘peer pressure’ when I left junior high. Get a life. Take a photo with whatever device you have on hand. Who cares.

  • E-Jinx

    Need a option for:

    “Yes, but only a crappy one.”

    I say this because yes, it is stupid looking to attempt any sort of photography with a tablet, but it would make it much less of a hassle trying to take pictures of a document for Google’s document recognition and integration compared to taking with a front facing camera or from a different device and then transferring to the tablet. But I agree that it should not be a prominent feature and definitely should not be focused on to the point of dramatically increasing the price of the tablet under any circumstance.

  • feztheforeigner

    Depends on PRICE rather than size for me. There seem to be the $200 tablet and the $500 tablet. One should have a back camera, one shouldn’t.

  • E A butler

    I have never used the rear facing camera on any tablet that i have used… and I have had several over the past year and a half.

  • Realistic87

    I would want them to, for video chats when you want to show something to someone

  • thatnigbamboo

    I say no but at this size I would say yes

  • Couchman

    I use my tablets on the couch. Camera for QR codes in commercials is the only use I would have.

  • GawkerRedesignSucks

    Nope. Few things look dumber than someone trying to take a picture with a tablet.

  • rodney11ride

    I swear to god if somebody else holds up there tablet in front of me taking a picture of their kid in the school play im going to grab it and throw it

  • Devator22

    I’ve had a flyer since december…never once have I used the RFC…though I do use the FFC for skype. I have a GNex, which takes beautiful pictures, so if I need a camera, that is what I use. Plus the cameras on the flyer are garbage.
    Another thought…in the years before tablets, laptops never had RFCs, yet everyone got along. Having a RFC on a netbook seems really silly, no?

  • Jake

    I’d never use a tablet’s rear facing camera to take pictures like it was a normal camera or even a cameraphone. However, it would come in handy for scanning documents for business. But, if I did want/need a tablet for my business, I wouldn’t be looking at a budget tablet, which is what the Nexus 7 is. For what I’ll be using it for, the Nexus 7 is fine.
    Actually, I just thought of another reason a rear facing camera is useful. When I video chat, and I want to show the other person something, it’s nice being able to push the button on the screen to switch over to the rear facing camera. That way I can continue looking at the screen to see if I’m aiming the camera well. I could also use the rear-facing camera when I’m video chatting or on a Google+ hangout while on the toilet. I could switch to the rear (no pun intended) facing camera so they see the wall, not my facial contortions as I push out a dookie.

  • NorCalGuy

    The way I see it is the 7″ tabs are priced to sell should have minimal specs but enough to justify spending the money on it I.e. the nex7 but if I am paying for a full feature 10″ tablet at $300-$400 range I am going to want a badass camera on the back regardless if I am ever going to use it or not… with that being said I do take lots of pictures with my 10″Xoom.

  • taking pictures with a tablet is stupid, but that’s not all you can use a camera for. I use my tablet for banking all the time and that includes depositing checks, so i need the camera.

  • fvqu

    The problem is, if there is only a front-facing camera, people will awkwardly hold the tablet backwards to take a picture from in front of them.

  • You need a front facing cam, not a rear facing cam.

  • trumpet444

    Depends on the price too. If i’m spending $350+ on anything tablet wise, it better have a rear camera. And no, i’m not the type of person that goes around taking pictures with a tablet in front of my face but some apps utilize the rear camera and it has become expected, basic hardware these days

  • fanboy1974

    I’m not regretting the lack of a camera in the Nexus 7 but a camera in a 7 inch form factor makes more since than a camera in a 10 inch tablet. But since I already carry my Nexus with me at all times a tablet camera is redundant.

  • its not a surprise that the nexus 7 doesn’t have one, they always build a nexus device as cheap as possible,when they should build it with the best availible hard and software

  • ki11ak3nn

    I personally wouldn’t buy a tablet for taking pictures. I’m more of the entertainment type (music, movies, youtube, games, etc). A front facing camera for video chat is all I really need. And in regards to the Nexus 7, I’m all up in the cloud now, storage isn’t an issue either. Hopefully down the line they release a 3G/4G model for a little bit more change and I’d be set!!

  • Jim

    I like cameras on 10 inch tablets 🙁

  • Bionic

    Still waiting on my damn shipping notification google. Im off thursday and I want it to play with!!

    • fanboy1974

      Can’t believe were getting close. My Galaxy Nexus is lonely.

  • I use my camera on my tablet at school a lot to photocopy documents, I also use it with a APP that takes a photo and turns it into a scanned PDF… Works well and would def miss having it.

  • ocdtrekkie

    A $200 budget tablet doesn’t need a rear-facing camera. It’s a nice feature on more expensive premium tablets.

    • Doesn’t get much more accurate than that right there. That being said, I’m more interested in a premium Google Nexus tablet than I am a budget one. Hopefully they don’t keep me waiting too long. I’ll keep my iPad until then…

  • r0lct

    Real facing for pictures = unnecessary at any size/price
    Real facing for video/apps on Nexus 7 = excusable at a $200 device

    Real facing for video/apps on $300+ tablet = inexcusable

  • Not to take photographs, but necessary for “scanning” apps and such

  • Flat_Stanley

    Not for taking pictures, but for doing video chats and stuff having a rear facing camera is very useful.

  • crack

    Nothing makes me want to shake babies and club seals more then watching morons take pictures at places with their tablet. Buy a damn p&s camera for christ sake.

  • Matt Gondek

    A simple no because I’ll have my phone 99.9% of the time I’d be using my tablet and the phone is usually going to have better camera tech inside

  • A tablet doesn’t NEED a RFC, but I guarantee you if Google made a N7 with a RFC at the same price as one without, the RFC version would far outsell the one without and all you haters would probably find it very useful from time to time.

    • r0lct

      Agreed. As a matter of fact I would pay up to $25 for the option. I’ll never take photos with it, but there’s a lot of other functionality that it can be used for. Having said that I pre-ordered a Nexus 7.

      • I would also pay ~ $25 more. As it is, I would like to get a N7 to play around with, but without a RFC, I’ll be keeping my iPad as well. Facetime with my children and their grandparents is too important.

    • hldc1

      A Nexus 7 with a unicorn caller function would outsell the regular one if it was the same price. Who doesn’t want a tablet with more functions if there is no price difference? I don’t use the RFC on my Asus Transformer at all, but if the price was the same for a transformer without a RFC (if such a product existed), I’d opt for the version with the RFC just because it’s included at no extra cost.

      That being said, it has to do with price point. A slick 7″ tablet like the Nexus 7 at $249 (the 8GB is ridiculous) wouldn’t be $249 if it had a camera. You get what you pay for. That being said, I’m on the Nexus 7 pre-order bandwagon. Not bothered at all that it doesn’t have an RFC.

  • I think it’s stupid… I was at the beach, and some lady was in the waves, with an iPad, trying to take pictures… I was like really… I hoped she would fall, and it would be an iFail, but no such luck!

  • shooter50

    Is there any tablet owner that doesnt also own a cell phone? And is there ever a time when you have your tablet with you and not your cell. So who in the world NEEDS a camera on a tablet. First we whine about tablets being too high priced. Then when we get one priced extremely low, we complain that it doesn’t have every feature known to man. If you want a freakin camera on a tablet spend a little more or convince Obama its a Civil Right for every American to own a full featured tablet.

  • ddh819

    luckily, there’s not just one android tablet. just get the tablet that has all the features you need.

  • Aaron Abdis

    I’d rather have rear-facing for taking pictures of other stuff than a front-facing for taking pictures of myself.

    • Laki S.

      That’s funny you say that ’cause I’ve only ever used the camera on my tablet maybe twice, and both times it was the rear camera. It’s easier to hammer out emails and reviews on my tablet versus my phone, and then even faster to just take the pic while I’m writing. I’ve never used my tablet for Skype, though, probably ’cause I don’t care to see my mom’s face when I’m talking to her LOL

  • Ytram

    If anything, the smaller tablets are the ones that should have rear-facing cameras. Since they’re more portable, they’re most likely to be the best camera you’ve got(the one you have with you).

    Either way though, I don’t care. I almost always have my phone with me.

  • It needs a rear facing camera, not because we need to take pictures with a tablet, but developers can come up with new way of using the camera, ex AR games that overlay game graphics on top of whatever captured by the camera.

  • duke69111

    The rear camera is not needed, but is always nice to have…regardless!

  • Mike Petty

    I use my rear-facing all the time for Google Hangouts. I have a two year old, my sister has an 15 month old and the grandparents and everyone can hop on. Then the rear-facing camera can be used to catch the kiddos, and I can still look at the screen and see the niece, what I’m shooting, etc.

    With only a forward facing camera, I have to turn the tablet around, but then I can’t see if I’m actually pointing it at the kid or the ground near the kid. With the rear camera, I can still see what I’m capturing.

    This is the *only* thing keeping me from buying a Nexus 7……Damn it.

  • TheWenger

    It’s not necessary, but there are times where it can be useful. If I’m video chatting with someone and I want to show them what I’m looking at (kids, cats, whatever), hitting the switch camera button is better/cooler than flipping the whole tablet around.

  • Dan

    Yes, mainly for bar code reading apps.

    • Ytram

      Good point

  • J Dub

    Front facing is crucial though.

  • Most people with a tablet will have a phone with a rear face camera. Unless you don’t carry your phone with you, the camera on a tablet isn’t necessary. End discussion.

  • joe

    Most of you are ignoring the host of uses for a rear facing camera other than taking a photo while looking like a moron. An image sensor offers so much more than simple point and shoot picture and video capabilities when integrated into a smartphone.

  • Justin

    For larger tablets, they need to have a rear camera. Not for snapping photos, but for scanning documents, as my iPad is a top notch document scanner. It’s also nice to show what’s going on via the rear camera on a video chat.

  • nnnndave

    I use a tablet for doing inspections and reports at work, and having the camera means i can take photographic evidence on the fly and send it on its way without walking up a flight of stairs like a cave man. But taking pictures on a tablet when out and about DOES make you look like a tit.

    • JoshGroff

      That is indeed a valid reason to have an RFC on a tablet.

  • FelisLachesis

    When I have to take a quick picture, my GNex works just nicely! If it’s going to be a premeditated shooting (hardy har har) then I’ll bring my DSLR with me. I don’t need a tablet with a rear-facing camera at all, it’s overkill.

  • Al

    Its a bonus. It is not necessary but you might be holding the tablet when you see something you want to take a picture of. Basically better to have it and not need it then wanting it and not having it.

  • bdragon

    Rear camera is definitely not need. Almost everyone has a smartphone, and even “dumb phones” have a rear facing cameras. I thought it was neat, until I saw a few ppl taking pics with a 10″ tablet.

  • TimXer

    My kids answer with a resounding YES!!! They’ve got to record their ottoman flips, magic tricks, lego worlds, trampoline tricks, etc! haha…me personally, haven’t even jumped into the video chatting yet, so no camera at all for me..

    WHAT’s the best Android video chat??

    • Justin Schmiesing

      Honestly, for one on one Google Talk does just fine. Otherwise, using Google Hangouts built into Google+ works if you need to talk with several people.

      • KenBarnum

        Or if you have iPhone friends who wont do G+, Skype is nice.

  • Vroom

    I think the rear camera is useful for showing someone something while on video chat. Other people using it to actually take pictures is a different problem.

  • Justin Brockie

    Very useful with scanning-type apps, hopefully these will work with the front one, but hard to point in the right direction

  • wheineman

    I can see situations where it is necessary like photographing documents to import to Evernote, or updating clients in real time with just 1 device (it’s hard to photograph stuff without seeing it on the screen).

    But I have never had a camera on my iPad1 and have never really seen the need for one in my use!

  • Hell no, ever see the douches at concerts holding up a giant a$$ tablet taking pictures while blocking other peoples view? They suck!

  • Muddy B00ts

    I visited Rome last month, you would not believe the number of tourists taking pictures of the vatican with tablets. I wanted to smack them out of their hands.

  • js

    Happy to see over 70% of DL’ers aren’t d-bags that take pictures/video with a tablet =)

  • At a lake marina I delivered to last week there was 2 retired ladies taking pics with their tablets. I asked why the didn’t use their phones. They told me they only use their phones for making calls and use their tablets for everything else since they didn’t have smartphones.

  • Anthony Armando

    personally, i think a rear facing camera is kind of stupid for a tablet. first, it looks ridiculous. second, using a smart phone or actual camera is superior, for both battery life, and maneuverability. i can see where it might have some convenience if you already have the tablet out, running, and want to take a quick snap of something. but personally, that rarely happens.

  • Southrncomfortjm

    How about I trade you all tablet cameras for MHL compatibility?

  • Michael_NM

    iPads with rear camera are perfect for iShow off crowd. Otherwise, they’re ridiculous… Did I repeat myself?

  • We all buy into Android because of the options it affords us.

    Taking the camera away is just removing an option. I like options.

    Some of the best pictures I’ve taken are of my dog cuddling up with my wife in bed – taken when my Xoom while I was reading an eBook.

  • Carlito

    Well it depends sometimes you have ur tablet and u wanna take a quick pic of something that just happened or wanna share something quick sure why not, but not to use it as ur primary camera thats just silly 😛

  • No rear-facing came because you look like a douche when taking pictures in public with your tablet.

    • Jay

      uh, I see in your prof pic you have kids. so when you are using a tablet, you don’t ever need to take pics or video of them? You have a camera ready to go at all times around the house?

      It’s not about using the tablet primarily as a camera, but rather, using the feature when you need. I’d rather have more features that I don’t have to use than not have features and may need it. That’s why my TF101 has Kang instead of CM9.

      • I do keep a camera handy at all times. It’s on the same hook, always charged and ready to go. The only time it’s not available is when I’m downloading pics off of it. I would use that any day over a tablet or my phone just because it a device that does what it’s supposed to do….. take great pictures. My Xoom… Not so good at taking pictures. Plus it’s too damn big. I don’t think I could get into taking pictures as much if I’m using a 10″ or 7″ tablet vs a 4″ camera.

        I can see your point about being able to use the camera on your tablet when the need arises, but my tablet is never out when the kids are up. I would rather spend time with them than my tablet. Plus, I’d rather not have my 3 and 2 year old playing around with it.

        • Jay

          I think you and most other people on in these comments are missing the point. It’s not about photography, it’s about the use of a feature when appropriate. OK, so my scenario about family pics isn’t applicable to you, and you even went as far as saying you would rather be with family then use the tab. I believe you still missed my point. A tablet with a both cameras makes it more useful. I understand saving money, so they disregard some things, but overall, the point of a tablet is to be a unifying device. Without a rear camera, it falls short in those times of need.

          Again, I don’t use my TF101 camera often, I don’t have this hobby in mind of using my tablet for high quality pics or whatever. But when I bought my new house, I gave a tour via skype to my family in another state, something I couldn’t have done as easily with just a front facing. Then there were times I was using it in class, and my classmate handed me a paper with a bunch of emails for the ppl in class. Instead of copying down all 20 student names/emails, I just took a pic with the tab. When I’m reading stuff on my tab and my cats are fighting to be king of the bed, bam! great wildlife video recorded.

          That’s what I’m talking about. Most people, with half a brain, know to use real cameras for real photography, but to think standard tablets don’t need them, then the purpose of a tablet has -1.

          Overall, for cheaper tabs, yeah take it out.

          • I guess this is where we don’t see eye to eye. I don’t see the tablet as being a “unifying device”. Yeah it’s a step between a phone and a computer, but to me a tablet has still yet to show it’s worth in anything aside from a consumption/communication device. That’s why I don’t see it as needing a rear-facing camera.

            Your examples of having a rear-facing make sense, but I would find it easier to just type in the names/emails (b/c hey – you gotta do it eventually, right?) on my laptop. I don’t have any cats and my dog never does anything cute enough to be recorded.

            So I think we can agree to disagree on this. You’ve obviously found good uses for a rear-facing camera on a tablet, but I’ve used the rear-facing camera a total of 1 time since I’ve owned it and I’ve used the front-facing more times than I can count using skype with my family.

  • There are many applications for a rear camera, any kind of inspector, medical professionals, construction, and so on. If the device is going to ever be used in a widespread way in the business world, it will be needed. I want a Nexus 7 so terribly bad because I am a glutton for tech stuff but the rear camera has killed the only loose justification I have in purchasing it 🙁

  • Chris Jones

    I answered no, but my real answer is it’s a nice-to-have feature for video chat. I have a 2 year old and it’s fun to follow her around (with our Prime) while talking with her grandparents.

  • no it doesn’t need one: http://tabletisnotacamera.com/

  • Gritchu

    I wouldn’t use the rear facing camera for photography except perhaps on rare occasions while playing around with it, but I can definitely see it as being useful.

    For example. There was a Ted talk a while back featuring a woman who made children’s books that were interactive and engaging. As part of the story, readers are asked to take photographs of certain objects which would be used later in the story. This would be much more difficult without a rear facing camera. Also, there are a lot of cool augmented reality apps and games that wouldn’t work without a rear camera as well.

    While I realize not everyone would nave need of it, I don’t feel it should be removed from all tablets regardless of size.

  • AlexKCMO

    I was on a cruise and I saw people doing this. I was laughing hysterically. They can carry around a tablet with them, but they can’t pack a small cell phone and/or real camera. Plus, the iPad isn’t known for having a great camera like the phone counterpart.

  • Mike

    I actually use my rear facing camera quite frequently for Skype calls. It’s really handy when I want to show my mom how the garden is coming along or the new colors I chose to paint the bedroom. And she loves seeing the dogs; good luck getting any of that on a front facing camera.

    • niuguy

      Just flip the device over.

    • ddevito

      ummm, just turn the tablet around :p

      • Mike Petty

        Then you can’t see what you’re videoing. It’s hard to capture something without feedback. Try taking nicely composed videos of someone with your camera without using the screen or finder. Good luck.

    • Charles

      I too use this almost everyday for skype chat. When im at home I show my mom new things in my house or outside and when Im on travel my wife always wants to see my view or my hotel room. But I understand that I am in the minority on this as most people I talk to hate a back camera lol.

      • E A butler

        SOunds like the wife wants to make sure there are no hookers in your room… lol

    • r0lct

      I agree with you there is definitely value in rear facing camera it’s by no means a necessity.

      I would think there would be more of a distinction on “cheap” vs expensive deivce as opposed to the size of the tablet. For me at $200 the rear facing is definitely not a necessity. At $300+ it better be there just in case I find a use for it.

    • MikeCiggy

      My phone has a rear facing camera… how many do you need?

  • stupidllama

    the gf’s nook tablet (running 2.3.7 rom) has no camera whatsoever and she likes it just fine.

  • matt

    Just got back from a week in Tuscany. I have a point and shoot I use as well as my phone. I saw a lot of people taking pics with their IPads and honestly it just looked silly. I know, who cares right, but still….

    • If you want to edit photos in a meaningful way and send right away it makes a lot of sense to take the pics on the tablet.

  • gimlet72

    It is not necessary but if I am paying for the tablet then it might as well have it. If the the exclusion of the camera will reduce the price then I could live without it.

  • Eric Hauth

    It was really annoying when some guy in the front row of my daughters dance recital decided to bring his iP** to record the dances…

  • PyroHoltz
  • Even though I voted No I would like to say if anything its optional. If its a huge difference in price then No. But personally I have my Transformer Prime and I have taken some videos and photos and it was nice. But when I buy the Nexus Tablet I won’t miss the camera.

  • Just sell a $25 USB-mounted camera attachment for those few people who really need it and move on. If you do that, then absolutely no need to have a rear-mounted camera.

  • Michael

    People who take pictures in the mirror with a tablet look retarded EX. http://img.gawkerassets.com/img/17lb52lwo2yc9jpg/original.jpg
    They just aren’t needed.

    • AlexKCMO

      There’s a tablet in those pictures?

      • Michael

        oh god lol! P.S. Sorry for using an iPad, a quick search didn’t bring up an android tablet

        • I believe he was referring to the females, not the iPad.

          • Michael

            Yeah I know i caught that.

          • Yea, I misread your comment as one sentence rather than two separate thoughts before posting.

        • You didnt understand that his remark was the he didnt notice the tablet because of the attractive women holding them.

        • twohawks

          Tablet? iPad? I don’t see them either. O.o

        • omnomnomnom

          And this is how you know most everyone on this site is a nerd…

        • michael arazan

          Does apple have a “make me a dirty slut app?”

    • She doesn’t look retarded to me! 🙂

      • EvanTheGamer

        Go away Hitler, you’re supposed to be dead.

  • AnotherAndroidKid

    For me it is.

    Work reasons and also sharing things with family who can’t be with me sometimes. easiest to just use the RFC for skype to show a view or something.

    Also, when taking the panoramic shots it is easier with a heavier larger tab than a small phone.

  • One of the silliest looking things ever is someone taking a picture with a tablet…

  • EvanTheGamer

    Nope, not needed, unless of course you don’t actually own a phone with a rare facing camera, then maybe, but then again, a better question would be: “Why the hell don’t you have a phone with a rare facing camera?”.

  • “Another idea is that maybe it depends on the size of the tablet. Would a camera better suit a 10″ slate rather than the smaller 7″ devices?”

    I think its the other way around when trying to take a picture with a 10” device it looks ridiculous, i think 7″ is the biggest a device should be with a rear facing camera

  • Mupdoc

    You just look plain silly taking pictures with a huge slate

    • jeesung

      it’s not for touristing around. it’s for things around the house when you’re using the tablet or showing stuff to video chat people, as others have mentioned.

  • schoat333

    Front facing I can see for video chat, but who would want to carry around a tablet to take pictures, or video?

    • EvanTheGamer

      Exactly…even on a Nexus 7, it would look ridiculous taking pictures. If I want to take pictures, I’ll just use my Galaxy Nexus.

    • paul_cus

      Right? Pretty sure even a tourist would be embarassed to take pictures with a tablet.

      • hldc1

        Unfortunately, that’s not true. I went to the UK last year and was shocked by how many people were out and about with iPads in hand taking pictures. It was absolutely ludicrous.

        • jeesung

          especially with how [email protected] the iPad camera is.

    • Austin00

      Every iPad owner

      • hldc1

        And I want to dropkick all of them, preferably in a way that has the tablet in front of their face when I do dropkick them.

    • Hothfox

      I was at a convention where they had a costuming parade, and one of the audience members was holding up an iPad to take pictures. I remember distinctly thinking, lolwut?

    • justcallmekate

      I would since I dont own an android or Iphone…. WHY would I want to take pix and vids of MYSELF????

  • RBI411

    Need? No. Nice to have in the event something bananas happens and its the only thing you’ve got? Sure, why not.

    • EvanTheGamer

      If you have a big ass tab with you, I’m pretty sure you’ll have your phone with you as well.

      • Higher_Ground

        it is inconvenient to have to trasnfer the files if you don’t have to. I’ve used the camera on my trasnformer more than my nexus, having had the former for only a month longer.

        • EvanTheGamer

          That’s just crazy, and definitely not ideal. lol

          • Higher_Ground

            I’m not saying it is ideal for taking awesome pictures, but it’s ideal if Im taking a simple picture and don’t want to bother having to transfer the file. If you want nice pictures, you aren’t going to use a galaxy nexus, ethier. If you have a tablet, do you not use your phone except for voice calls? The tablet does all teh same things.. it’s just that whatever is in your hand at teh time usually works.

            Id rather have it than not, but it probably isn’t a deal breaker. Given two otherwise identical tablets I’d pick the one wiht the camera, which I thought most people would do too.

            I mean I hardly ever have to remove the battery on my phone, but it’s another one of those features I’d like to ahve.

          • EvanTheGamer

            Actually, the Galaxy Nexus, even at only 5mp, can still take nice pictures. Well, it can take pretty nice pictures outside where there is a lot of light. At night, not so much.

            A camera on a tablet just isn’t ideal to me. Sure, you can do a lot more, like edit pictures more easily and quicker on a tab versus on a phone. But even with that, still not ideal.

            I’d pick a really fast tab with no camera over a not as fast tab with a 12mp camera any day of the Century. If I want a camera, I’ll go out and buy myself a camera. I don’t need a camera on my tab. But hey, that’s just me.

            Seriously though, it’s just not ideal and no argument will convince me otherwise.

            (BUT granted, if I find myself with another tab(in a year and a half, after my Nexus 7) and it’s super fast and has a nice camera attached to it, well, I welcome it, but at the end of the day, it’s still just a bonus feature and that’s it)

  • The fact the “No” is ahead has restored my faith in humanity

    • sc0rch3d

      …and an Android site. put this on a fruit site… i think i just threw up a lil

    • bitemygloriusgoldenass

      only a few things come to mind when a rear facing camera is needed like skype and boss is on the other side and showing a broken piece of hardware from a remote location while conferencing with him about the needed parts for repair..

      • michael arazan

        Since most people have a phone they already have access to a camera, tablets don’t have that great of cameras yet, so if you really need to take a quality pic a lot of the time, you should just break down and buy a real camera for quality pictures. But from what I’ve seen girls don’t care about quality (slutty) sexy pics.

  • dont need it

    If you use a rear facing camera on a tablet to take pictures, you look like a total moron

    • OreoMan

      Unless you’re using your tablet for work (i.e. Construction Site Manager) to update clients in real-time. Good luck using the front facing camera to get a decent picture and/or angle!

      • Use your phone.

        • OreoMan

          Really? For spreadsheets, presentations and specs….I should use a phone instead of a tablet? I guess if I get the Galaxy Note, you’re statement wouldn’t seem so asinine.

          • Eric Hauth

            You are limited to carrying 1 device on a job site?

          • OreoMan

            No, but I don’t want to go back to the days of having to carry a pager, two-way and a cell phone. These comments are for my friend, not me. I’m in IT, but I do see the value, through his eyes, of having a rear-facing camera for his work. For what he does, it’s not just take a picture and text it to the client. He works on building corporate sites from the ground up. He needs to be able to add metrics and specs around the pictures he takes. It’s easier for him to use his tablet rather than take a picture, email it to himself and then send out the information.

          • Nick S

            This is where cloud services work wonders. Snap away with the phone, upload to Dropbox (or whatever), then they will be available to any device for editing & emailing.

          • OreoMan

            @82e53622f8844675076c9be5907d52f3:disqus I completely agree. But when you’re traveling around to different sites, it’s easier to snap a picture, or pictures, add content around that picture(s) and then send everything right from there. This way if you forget to take a picture of something, or the client needs something else right away, he wouldn’t have to drive back to the site to get more pictures the next day. He also uses both cameras for video chat at the sites. Much easier to flip the camera and see what your client sees, rather the turn the whole tablet around and hope your client sees what they need to see. Sort of the measure twice, cut once mentality.

          • Nick S

            Ah I see what you’re saying. For a full grab-it-and-go solution, that seems to be the best way.

          • Rob

            He’s talking about for photos. Not for everything.

          • OreoMan

            I’m talking about photos as well. If he’s talking about taking photos for the heck of it, then I understand. If he’s making a general statement about anyone using a tablet to take photos period, then no. I do agree with you about options for choosing a tablet with/without a rear-facing camera though. Think about it this way…insurance adjuster with GEICO has a tablet. Goes to a scene of a client’s accident. Can take pictures and hammer out a claim right there in about 10-15 minutes. All of my rebuttals are business related, but they are genuine. Now that a lot of companies are replacing field laptops with tablets.

      • bryan

        That’s when you use your phone