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Tuesday Poll: Does a Tablet Need to Have a Rear Facing Camera?

With Google’s new Nexus 7, it is a change from the ordinary to see a back facing camera not accompany an Android tablet. To keep the pricing low enough, ASUS and Google decided against throwing in a shooter, but will anyone actually care? We know there may be certain situations that could arise where having a camera would be helpful, but is it necessary?

Another idea is that maybe it depends on the size of the tablet. Would a camera better suit a 10″ slate rather than the smaller 7″ devices? Let us know if having a camera on your tablet is a must or not.

Does a tablet need to have a rear facing camera?

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  • John Likes Him His Mobile

    Older folks love the iPad as a viewfinder. I’ve taken more pictures with my iPad than with my HTC ONE X. Us fogies would rather just lift the sucker up and shoot than fumble for our phone. And of course possibly miss the shot while digging out the phone. So, as an option I’d buy it in a heart beat. Was disappointed Nexus 7 did not have one.

  • Did I step into a 7th grade chat room? Who gives a rip if someone wants to take a picture with their tablet if they happen to have one in their hand at a moment when a great photo would be missed if you had to put the tablet down and get out your phone? People are ‘douches’ because they take a photo with their tablet? LMAO As if anyone should care what you think or what I do with my tablet. I stopped worrying about ‘peer pressure’ when I left junior high. Get a life. Take a photo with whatever device you have on hand. Who cares.

  • E-Jinx

    Need a option for:

    “Yes, but only a crappy one.”

    I say this because yes, it is stupid looking to attempt any sort of photography with a tablet, but it would make it much less of a hassle trying to take pictures of a document for Google’s document recognition and integration compared to taking with a front facing camera or from a different device and then transferring to the tablet. But I agree that it should not be a prominent feature and definitely should not be focused on to the point of dramatically increasing the price of the tablet under any circumstance.

  • feztheforeigner

    Depends on PRICE rather than size for me. There seem to be the $200 tablet and the $500 tablet. One should have a back camera, one shouldn’t.

  • E A butler

    I have never used the rear facing camera on any tablet that i have used… and I have had several over the past year and a half.

  • Realistic87

    I would want them to, for video chats when you want to show something to someone

  • thatnigbamboo

    I say no but at this size I would say yes

  • Couchman

    I use my tablets on the couch. Camera for QR codes in commercials is the only use I would have.

  • GawkerRedesignSucks

    Nope. Few things look dumber than someone trying to take a picture with a tablet.

  • rodney11ride

    I swear to god if somebody else holds up there tablet in front of me taking a picture of their kid in the school play im going to grab it and throw it

  • Devator22

    I’ve had a flyer since december…never once have I used the RFC…though I do use the FFC for skype. I have a GNex, which takes beautiful pictures, so if I need a camera, that is what I use. Plus the cameras on the flyer are garbage.
    Another thought…in the years before tablets, laptops never had RFCs, yet everyone got along. Having a RFC on a netbook seems really silly, no?

  • Jake

    I’d never use a tablet’s rear facing camera to take pictures like it was a normal camera or even a cameraphone. However, it would come in handy for scanning documents for business. But, if I did want/need a tablet for my business, I wouldn’t be looking at a budget tablet, which is what the Nexus 7 is. For what I’ll be using it for, the Nexus 7 is fine.
    Actually, I just thought of another reason a rear facing camera is useful. When I video chat, and I want to show the other person something, it’s nice being able to push the button on the screen to switch over to the rear facing camera. That way I can continue looking at the screen to see if I’m aiming the camera well. I could also use the rear-facing camera when I’m video chatting or on a Google+ hangout while on the toilet. I could switch to the rear (no pun intended) facing camera so they see the wall, not my facial contortions as I push out a dookie.

  • NorCalGuy

    The way I see it is the 7″ tabs are priced to sell should have minimal specs but enough to justify spending the money on it I.e. the nex7 but if I am paying for a full feature 10″ tablet at $300-$400 range I am going to want a badass camera on the back regardless if I am ever going to use it or not… with that being said I do take lots of pictures with my 10″Xoom.

  • taking pictures with a tablet is stupid, but that’s not all you can use a camera for. I use my tablet for banking all the time and that includes depositing checks, so i need the camera.

  • fvqu

    The problem is, if there is only a front-facing camera, people will awkwardly hold the tablet backwards to take a picture from in front of them.

  • You need a front facing cam, not a rear facing cam.

  • trumpet444

    Depends on the price too. If i’m spending $350+ on anything tablet wise, it better have a rear camera. And no, i’m not the type of person that goes around taking pictures with a tablet in front of my face but some apps utilize the rear camera and it has become expected, basic hardware these days

  • fanboy1974

    I’m not regretting the lack of a camera in the Nexus 7 but a camera in a 7 inch form factor makes more since than a camera in a 10 inch tablet. But since I already carry my Nexus with me at all times a tablet camera is redundant.

  • its not a surprise that the nexus 7 doesn’t have one, they always build a nexus device as cheap as possible,when they should build it with the best availible hard and software

  • ki11ak3nn

    I personally wouldn’t buy a tablet for taking pictures. I’m more of the entertainment type (music, movies, youtube, games, etc). A front facing camera for video chat is all I really need. And in regards to the Nexus 7, I’m all up in the cloud now, storage isn’t an issue either. Hopefully down the line they release a 3G/4G model for a little bit more change and I’d be set!!

  • Jim

    I like cameras on 10 inch tablets 🙁

  • Bionic

    Still waiting on my damn shipping notification google. Im off thursday and I want it to play with!!

    • fanboy1974

      Can’t believe were getting close. My Galaxy Nexus is lonely.

  • I use my camera on my tablet at school a lot to photocopy documents, I also use it with a APP that takes a photo and turns it into a scanned PDF… Works well and would def miss having it.

  • ocdtrekkie

    A $200 budget tablet doesn’t need a rear-facing camera. It’s a nice feature on more expensive premium tablets.

    • Doesn’t get much more accurate than that right there. That being said, I’m more interested in a premium Google Nexus tablet than I am a budget one. Hopefully they don’t keep me waiting too long. I’ll keep my iPad until then…

  • r0lct

    Real facing for pictures = unnecessary at any size/price
    Real facing for video/apps on Nexus 7 = excusable at a $200 device

    Real facing for video/apps on $300+ tablet = inexcusable

  • Not to take photographs, but necessary for “scanning” apps and such

  • Flat_Stanley

    Not for taking pictures, but for doing video chats and stuff having a rear facing camera is very useful.

  • crack

    Nothing makes me want to shake babies and club seals more then watching morons take pictures at places with their tablet. Buy a damn p&s camera for christ sake.

  • Matt Gondek

    A simple no because I’ll have my phone 99.9% of the time I’d be using my tablet and the phone is usually going to have better camera tech inside

  • A tablet doesn’t NEED a RFC, but I guarantee you if Google made a N7 with a RFC at the same price as one without, the RFC version would far outsell the one without and all you haters would probably find it very useful from time to time.

    • r0lct

      Agreed. As a matter of fact I would pay up to $25 for the option. I’ll never take photos with it, but there’s a lot of other functionality that it can be used for. Having said that I pre-ordered a Nexus 7.

      • I would also pay ~ $25 more. As it is, I would like to get a N7 to play around with, but without a RFC, I’ll be keeping my iPad as well. Facetime with my children and their grandparents is too important.

    • hldc1

      A Nexus 7 with a unicorn caller function would outsell the regular one if it was the same price. Who doesn’t want a tablet with more functions if there is no price difference? I don’t use the RFC on my Asus Transformer at all, but if the price was the same for a transformer without a RFC (if such a product existed), I’d opt for the version with the RFC just because it’s included at no extra cost.

      That being said, it has to do with price point. A slick 7″ tablet like the Nexus 7 at $249 (the 8GB is ridiculous) wouldn’t be $249 if it had a camera. You get what you pay for. That being said, I’m on the Nexus 7 pre-order bandwagon. Not bothered at all that it doesn’t have an RFC.

  • I think it’s stupid… I was at the beach, and some lady was in the waves, with an iPad, trying to take pictures… I was like really… I hoped she would fall, and it would be an iFail, but no such luck!

  • shooter50

    Is there any tablet owner that doesnt also own a cell phone? And is there ever a time when you have your tablet with you and not your cell. So who in the world NEEDS a camera on a tablet. First we whine about tablets being too high priced. Then when we get one priced extremely low, we complain that it doesn’t have every feature known to man. If you want a freakin camera on a tablet spend a little more or convince Obama its a Civil Right for every American to own a full featured tablet.

  • ddh819

    luckily, there’s not just one android tablet. just get the tablet that has all the features you need.

  • Aaron Abdis

    I’d rather have rear-facing for taking pictures of other stuff than a front-facing for taking pictures of myself.

    • Laki S.

      That’s funny you say that ’cause I’ve only ever used the camera on my tablet maybe twice, and both times it was the rear camera. It’s easier to hammer out emails and reviews on my tablet versus my phone, and then even faster to just take the pic while I’m writing. I’ve never used my tablet for Skype, though, probably ’cause I don’t care to see my mom’s face when I’m talking to her LOL

  • Ytram

    If anything, the smaller tablets are the ones that should have rear-facing cameras. Since they’re more portable, they’re most likely to be the best camera you’ve got(the one you have with you).

    Either way though, I don’t care. I almost always have my phone with me.