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Rovio’s Amazing Alex to Launch July 12 on Android, so Long Casey’s Contraptions

When we first heard that Rovio had purchased the IP for Casey’s Contraptions, it was reported that they would be completely reinventing the game and then releasing to the world. It looks like they’re done and ready for the launch of Amazing Alex. In two days, users can play through a hundred physics-based puzzles and then once done with those, can even create and share their own levels with other players. 

Although we know Rovio is widely known only for Angry Birds, we know their games are of high quality. This should be no different. Are you a wee bit excited?

  • Lactose_the_Intolerant

    “Wee bit excited?” No… “SQUEEEE bit excited?” Hell to the yes.

  • Sp4rxx

    I remember doing this with pen and paper when I was younger:

    Drawing a sink filling with water that has a floating block that rises as water is filled; this block then hits a teeter-totter device holding a ball that rolls off and down a track ….on and on and on ….

    ….all the drawing for a simple task like flipping a light switch or something similar. I may like this game and if it’s cheap enough (if not free) I may purchase it.

  • John Burke

    Wasn’t interested until “…Create & share your own levels”, awesome!

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      Was interested… create & share makes me MORE interested :p

  • I used to play this game many many years ago on my Windows 95 desktop PC called “The Incredible Machine” I spent hours and hours on that game it was so addictive…this looks exactly like it. Can’t wait…

    • I was just gonna say… this reminds me of the incredible machine. I LOVED that game. I will be buying this.

      • I used to play it too, ahh the memories

  • EvanTheGamer

    I freaking love contraption/physics based games. Creating something unique, then letting it all go in a crazy chain of events. It’s awesome!

    But we shall see how Amazing Alex holds up..hopefully Rovio pulled it off.

  • Mike

    Breaking news: Sierra Entertainment is not suing Rovio for making a fun game, stating that while the gameplay of Amazing Alex bears striking similarity to The Incredible Machine, they “wouldn’t want to come across as total dicks by suing everyone.”

  • Shouldn’t they have re-titled it “Rube’s Machine”?