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Massive Amount of Jelly Bean ROMs Hitting the Web for Galaxy Nexus, Here are Some Good Choices

With Jelly Bean source hitting AOSP yesterday, we knew every Android ROM developer would be hard at work to bring the newest and greatest ROM to Galaxy Nexus owners. Whether you are looking for a pure Google Experience ROM built straight from source or want some tweaks and hacks in there as well, we have a very nice list here to get you started. 

Some of these are built right from AOSP and others are works off of the GSM nandroid build that leaked two weeks ago. Either way you slice it, it’s Jelly Bean goodness.

Each ROM has its own set of characteristics, so be sure to check feature lists and changelogs to make sure you get exactly what you want. Each of these are flashable through ClockworkMod Recovery, and yes, you must be rooted to attempt this. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to let us know down below and we will do our best to field them. If you want our opinion as to which one to try first, we hear Jelly Belly is quite delectable.

Major cheers to Brian!

  • Nikolas Pereira

    androidmeter dot come is a pretty good site, they have some good writers.

  • BP

    So I have a novice question. Say I root and download a ROM. If a new version update Say 4.2 (original 4.1). When that update comes out do I have to re-flash and download all the apps again.. I ask cause I have Good for Enterprises and my IT department and research on the net says I have to try it. The only think is I need a security key every time I re-install.


  • dk

    Can anyone give an opinion on how the battery life is on some of these ROMs? Which is the best?

  • JustinRadice

    Is anyone running jelly belly 3.1? I’m currently running v bean 8.1 but want something a little more stock.

  • Still waiting for the first bug free completely stock AOSP build

  • Bobby

    No toroplus love 🙁

  • Droidalicious

    Jelly Belly is now fully compiled from AOSP…

  • ArmanUV

    In case you guys don’t know, there is a GSM version of Galaxy Nexus. Shocking, I know. There exists a world beyond US.

    • aiden9

      In case you didn’t know, there are GSM networks in the US. Shocking I know considering the version Google sells from the Play store is GSM.

      I’m going to go out on a limb and say the author wrote the article based on their version, not because they don’t think there’s no other country outside the US.

      • ArmanUV

        Oh but I do know (T-Mobile users use GSM Gnexus). But that wasn’t my point. The article should have made it clear in the title that they are listing LTE roms. Saves people from clicking on the links in search for a GSM rom.

  • jelly belly is also an awesome pumpkins song

  • @ScottyfromGA

    sticking with the Vicious JB….loved the updates, waited for v4 forever and NOW find out there’s a V5? AWEzUmES!

  • Blargenheim

    Does anyone know how these work with the Sprint Gnex?

  • JustTrollin69

    I’m going to try Jelly Belly. It has a link to flash the kernal, do I need to do this? And If so, when in the process do I do it, first or last? I flash all the time but never kernals

  • Champion1229

    Does anyone know if any Jelly Bean ROMS work on the Rezound? Im thinking of rooting and loading up a ROM just to get Jelly Bean and Google Now!

    • I finally just left the Rezound this last weekend and went to the Galaxy Nexus as my understanding is that there aren’t any functional JB ROM’s available for the Rezound yet. It seemed to take a long time just to get some good ICS ROM’s…

      • Champion1229

        At least the Rezound is getting ICS this month lol….but I still LOVE my Rezound its a great phone but it just came out at the wrong time!

  • dcvolcom909

    Running Vicious V3 and love it!! The ROM is very stable aside from slow booting, super smooth, and i am incredibly impressed with Google Now (don’t know how i ever lived without it). Would like it more to have AOKP but the little bit of customization in NovaLauncher added to this ROM is holding me over for now!!

  • Bsody

    I had Vanir v3 for awhile, but coudlnt stand the lack of predictions in Swiftkey so I ended up going back to AOKP. Anyone know if swiftkey is fully functional with any JB rom?

    • It seems to be working fine for me with Jelly Belly. I was using the stock keyboard until today, so I don’t have a lot of history to go on, but it is working and predicting next words for me.

  • znewman

    I’ve been running Jelly Belly for about a week now and have been enjoying it. Nearly stock Jelly Bean and it is fast.

  • edmund75

    I recently switched to TWRP. Will these roms still work with this recovery?

    • they sure will. Koush also just released an alpha version of CWM which is very quick if you wanted to try that out.

  • frankandsimple

    stock odexed is the way to go. buttery smooth.

    Waiting for a stock, odexed on 4.1.1 for the GSM Nexus

  • Jelly Belly has been a great one for me so far!!! Definitely “delectable”! 🙂

  • Sticking with Vicious v4 until AOKP. Getting over 14 hours battery life, 2 1/2 hours screen on time with 4g on which has been the best for my phone thus far. Well I say that now, we’ll see what’s up this evening.

    • frankandsimple

      wow.. the difference between LTE and GSM versions are night and day I guess when it comes to battery life. I am on T-Mobile 4G.. getting up to 8 Mbps.. and I can easily go 24 hours and some on a full charge.. with moderate to heavy usage.

      • Yeah, LTE is a killer but I have a power source everywhere I need it plus the near 30Mbps I get consistently is boss as hell, even if I don’t need it. I did get over 4 hours screen on time and close to 18 hours life on AOKP M4 and Franco, though.

  • MikeSaver

    Will I not get Jelly Bean on my Verizon Nexus in July unless I root?

    • Larizard

      July was announced by Google but it most likely just refers to the GSM models. Who knows how long Verizon will sit on it….

      • MikeSaver


        • T_Dizzle

          The GSM Hspa+ variants are getting it right now. Now that VZW is back in the AOSP fold we might get it sometime soon. I’m running VanirBean V8 until then, though.

    • Kodros

      I have no faith, none, in Verizon sending out this update within the next 2-3 months. It took 7 months to get 4.0.4. Just root your phone. It’s incredibly simple and quick.

  • I’m rather shocked there isn’t a ROM named Jelly Baby yet. Surely there’s a dev out there who’s seen Doctor Who.

  • Holding out for AOKP’s Jelly Bean build 🙂

    • Amenemhat1


  • SD_Scott

    I’ve been using Jelly Belly for quite some time now and I’m happy… Probably stick with this until AOKP releases theirs