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Endomondo Receives Redesign, Throws in a Few Features For a Solid Update

One of the longest running and most beloved Android fitness apps, Endomondo, is receiving an application bump up to version 8.0.0 today. The application has received a complete redesign and the team credits user’s input for inspiration. The update also provides a few improvements to the application overall:

– Improvements to routes
– Like/dislike routes and see overall rating of a route
– Add/remove a favorite route

The new interface for Endomondo looks pretty slick, not exactly ICS-inspired, but good looking nonetheless. Always good to see top developers pushing out quality updates to Android’s biggest applications.

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  • thefullritz

    Just found this app yesterday and used it on my bike commute this am. Fantastic, who needs a cycle computer any more?

  • tried the app and it seemed to not keep my gps active

  • JC

    Use this app daily, great!

    • Anthony Armando

      indeed. amazing workout app.

  • SD_Scott

    Can you load a gpx file into this? I would really love voice guidance for a predetermined bike route while listening to music. I hate having to stop and keep checking the map for where the hell I am…

    • Astromek21

      Couldn’t you just run Google Maps Navigation, Endomondo, and your music app all at the same time?

      • SD_Scott

        I have yet to find a program that will allow you to input a route from a gpx file and then provide voice navigation… Google Maps does not allow you to import. Closest thing I have is OruxMaps but it does not have voice guidance unfortunately…

        • Anthony Armando

          google maps does allow you to import, but it only allows you to import KML, KMZ, or GeoRSS files. you can use gpsvisualizer.com (http://goo.gl/DrDAP) to convert other kinds of files for use in google maps.

          to get to the import area of google maps you need to go to “my places,” “create a map,” “import.” dialog comes up for a local or remote file, save.

          if you want to make one inside of google maps, follow the same procedure, but instead of importing create the route using the route making tools located at the top of the map. there is an interactive tutorial that explains this stuff that i suggest going through.

          to access these locations on your phone go to layers and then custom map.

          enjoy your navigation.

          • SD_Scott

            Thanks dude! Haven’t figured out how to get nav working just yet but a great start nonetheless…

          • Anthony Armando

            i dont know that the navigation system will actually work. what i said above was more theory from google searching and research. if you do not get navigation to work you could also try using the LINK button on the map route, send it to your email, open email on phone, click the link, open it in google maps, then select navigate.

            it is a round about way of doing it…but it should work.

    • Aaron Scott

      I don’t think so. It’s not listed in their user guide and I can’t find it as an option anywhere. Here’s a link to their user guide if you want to check it out. PDF warning!


  • Best app to track my cycling. Strava doesnt provide all the useful info this app does