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Android 4.1 Headed to AOSP Today!

Here comes Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) to AOSP. JBQ announced within the hour that today is the day.

Go build those ROMs, boys.

Via:  Google Groups

  • hooray, seriously hooray.

  • Southrncomfortjm

    So, the deal is now instead of just porting GSM roms to the Verizon GNEX, devs can actually create real roms? And all that business about the binaries for data and phone calls is cleared up too? Rather new to all this, but I am enjoying unlocking/rooting my VZW GNEX, but still trying to understand it all.
    So far I’ve been using the VanirBean rom (port?) and it works incredibly well, I just had to flash my own fix for the GPS issue so my phone would actually go into deep sleep. Now that Google has released the source code, what else can I/We expect? What can now be done that couldn’t be done before? New features? Most “custom” stuff?

    • PC_Tool

      Yup. For all intents and purposes, the toro device (VZW Nexus) is now fully supported under AOSP as of 4.1. We have binaries for CDMA/LTE, orientation sensor, GPS and Wifi.

      I built the source last night…now all I need to do is figure out how to make a “rom” out of it.

      The build likely didn’t include the binaries or a kernel and broke my recovery as well. Been building AOKP for a while, but straight source, direct from Google is apparently quite a different beast.

  • SeanBello

    this just made my day…I’ve been stuck on Liquid, scared to flash anything else in case there are problems that other ppl have had. hopefully AOKP blasts something out soon!

  • Skynet

    What phones will be compatible with JB ? RAZR? SG3?

  • AOKP please!!! I CANT WAIT its gonna be soo good.

    • PC_Tool

      …and another kitten bites the dust.

      • What the hell does that mean Mr. Tool

        • PC_Tool

          As I undertsand the meme; every time someone asks for an ETA or “implies” it, Roman (AOKP lead dev) kills a kitten.

          A lot of kittens died last night. 😉

          • I’m sure he enjoys kittens because if there was no hype or people crying for his ROMs, his releases wouldn’t be as satisfying

  • Sorry for sounding dumb, but could someone explain what this means exactly?

    • cobjones

      Google released the source code for jelly bean. This means that anyone can download the code and build a rom for any hardware that supports it.

  • Paul Harper

    Can someone please compile a stock update?

  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    Sweet.. Now we can have 1000 JellyBean roms that are just CM10/AOKP with a few tweaks!!!

  • Tyler

    Even though I am not rooted. This news is very exciting because it most likely means JB OTA is coming sooner then later! Hopefully Verizon doesn’t screw it all up.

    • Troubled_Asian

      I pretty much guarantee that they will screw this up because they want you to buy the brand new Galaxy SIII, and not the 8 month old Galaxy Nexus.

      • Tyler

        I don’t think so. They make money off of the proceeds lans, not the devices. I don’t see how your comment relates in the first place. Gs3 is going to be promoted heavily but most people are either locked in for another year or 2 with vzw from the galaxy nexus , or anyone who isn’t either is that way for a reason or is going to pick up whatever they are told is best or have their mind set. Verizon knows this, but not updating because of a newer hardware is not the reason. Newer hardware wasn’t out during its first update the phone got.

        • Troubled_Asian

          I hear you, and I agree with what you’re saying for the most part. But look at how long it took Verizon to roll out the 4.0.3 update (Only Verizon could ruin a Nexus device). I’m just saying that if you look at Verizon’s history of updating its phones, it’s not good (actually, it f’ing terrible). Yes, Google will have the software ready to go, but Verizon still has to “test” it before they roll it out to everyone, which usually takes a few months. After putting up with Verizon’s endless douchery for the past 7 years because of their good coverage, I have no faith left in them. To go back to my original point about not pushing out the JB update to the GNEX because they want people to buy the Galaxy S III… My point in saying this, is that pushing out JB to the GNEX gives people an incentive to buy the GNEX over the the new GSIII. I wouldn’t put it past Verizon to delay pushing out the update until the GSIII has had a few weeks to be the premiere phone on their shelfs. I could be wrong, and I hope that I am and that you are right. But from my experience, Verizon=Satan.

  • wolfgang71

    This is great news. My only question is why Google doesn’t incorporate some of those features that are universally put in all custom Roms and OEM skins…namely pull down toggles. I would run completely stock if they would only incorporate a few of these key functions. BTW I’m running JB on my nexus and my three new GS3s will be here this week.

  • Lamar Sumner

    Now I can Finally Root My Nexus

    • fartbubbler

      lol where ya been, man?

  • Joe Paul

    Unicorns meet jellybeans. Jellycorns. AOKP needs to hurry. I am already bugging out…

  • zulu208

    released for gnex vzw or gsm or both?

    • AOSP is merely the source code for Android. You need to compile it for your specific device to make it work. And since the VZW Gnex is officially part of AOSP again, “equal to the GSM” version, you can compile it for yourself fairly easily.

      • PC_Tool

        With varying degrees of “easy”. 😉

        Tried it last night. it built…gave me a zip..but I need to figure out how to get it working. Been building AOKP for a while, but this is a different beast…

        ., lunch, and make are apparently not the only steps. :p

        Gotta include binaries, or kernel..or something. I’ll figure it out…eventually.

  • interstellarmind

    good thing the VZ SGSIII has an unlocked bootloader!!!

    …oh wait. 🙁
    F U Verizon.

    • There will be JB ROMs for it, locked or unlocked. You can flash ROMs, just not kernels.

  • kervation

    I want a pure AOSP Jelly Bean Rom with a cherry on top please…..thank you!

  • T4rd

    Can’t wait until Liquid 2.0 (or whatever the next Liquid JB ROM is)!

  • fartbubbler


  • JustTrollin69

    Great news! On a related note, I believe they mentioned during IO that Jelly Bean was officially going to the Galaxy Nexus mid July. Is this still on schedule?

    • fartbubbler

      is that just gsm, or cdma/lte also??

      • Brien Gerber

        Really hoping its the cdma/lte as well! But not holding my breath.

      • JustTrollin69

        I’m not sure, if anyone has any info that would be great.

  • Dave

    Looks like Toro Nexus binaries are up also and JBQ has indicated as far as AOSP is concerned the Verizon Nexus is equal to GSM Nexus….

    So I guess Verizon users finally have a “real” Nexus! 😉

  • Holding my breath for CM10

  • NorCalGuy

    Nice hopefully this will help with my 15 min boot time… can’t wait to get some custom jb on my gnex, its been fun playing with jb but some aokp goodness is always welcome… also is cm going to 10 now that the Aosp has been released? Good luck devs

    • Royal2000H

      15 minutes?? That’s not ICS, you have bigger problems.

      • NorCalGuy

        ha your right no ICS for weeks…the current JB roms out there cause some peoples phones to take an exceptional amount of time to boot, including mine up to 10 min, the longest part on the google unlock screen giving lots of people the impression that they bricked (softbrick) their phones.

        • Its true, but 15 mins is CRAZY. Mine is 2, tops.

          I suppose every phone is different, is that a kernel thing?

          • NorCalGuy

            I have gotten everything from a min or two up to 15 min (rebooted my entire ride home from work 15min) with many different versions of JB, from what i understand there was a nandroid pulled from a GSM GNex and then devs got a hold of it and have started to put their own mods into it but it only being a nandroid this has been difficult and slow going. There seem to almost be more kernels for JB than roms and i have been running a few of them but have not noticed any different boot times. Also with the boot times taking so long i have not really been trying to find the fastest one, and limiting boots to new roms/kernels and batt switching.

          • tyguy829

            boot into clockwork recovery, clear your cache and dalvik, then click reboot. That solved my issue.

        • If anything JB has a shorter boot time (and first boot time) for my Gnex. On bigxie’s rom

  • Kisuk3

    Jelly Bean has been my fav android update so far, can’t wait to see what the Roms look like!

  • MikeCiggy


  • Toro has lots of proprietary binaries now…


    • Lake

      Yea so does this mean the VZW, galaxy nexus has official ASOP support again

      • 4n1m4L

        yes it does. the rightful balance has been restored.

        • InyRules


      • grand0

        kind of. technically the gsm and cdma nexus arent “fully supported” there are still binaries for stuff like NFC and GPS that are missing from both but we are getting closer. nice to see the VZW nexus gettin some love again though or at least as much as the GSM

    • Tyler

      This right here is worth an article! *eh hem*

  • MrSteve920

    I wonder how long it will take someone to make a stock AOSP ROM for toro?

    • 4n1m4L

      toro is aosp again. you could do it if you tried.

      • Tyler

        I would be curious about how to do that. Is there a tutorial of how to do it? Link would be wonderful.

        • 4n1m4L

          I’m learning as i go myself. Downloaded the proprietary binaries first.

          • PC_Tool

            Let me know. I built the source last night using the same basic steps I use to build AOKP, but AOKP includes the kernel/binaries and all of that.

            I ended up with a flashable zip, but no boot. It’s missing binaries or kernel or … something.

            Didn’t see anything in those instructions regarding the binaries unfortunately…

  • Wesley Schwartz

    Can’t wait for AOKP to get their JB out!

    • Bionic

      Jail bait?

  • Knlegend1

    I waited on the OTA ICS Razr update from Verizon. I don’t think I’m going to wait anymore, its pointless.

    • if one of those fixes the mid-call muting issue, I will be so shocked I may just not leave for T-Mobile. :p

      • That happened to me originally on my Nexus, it ended up being a hardware problem I guess…hasn’t happened since I got a new phone.

  • TBolt

    Awesome … I hope some chefs will remember the Rezound! 🙂

  • Bionic

    psssh, you guys are so behind, im already working on 4.2 (Twinkie)

    • Royal2000H

      At least understand naming convention when you try making that joke.

      • Bionic

        What if I name it cakefart?

  • MFD00M

    Lmao…the ladder

  • Christopher Bement

    As quickly as that, I require clean pants.

  • Christopher Bement

    Mine is reaching for the sun.

    • Bionic

      black hole sun? wont you come, wash away the rain, oh black hole sun, wont you come

      • JoshGroff

        Such a great song, upvoted.

  • John

    Too far man

    • Bob Martin

      dont be a prude

      • John

        Sure thing lil Timmy

  • Trevor

    I barfed

  • Omg can’t wait for some jb love for aokp

    • You’ll be waiting longer than, say, cm10 since the AOKP folks have chosen to re-code their features on a clean JB source tree (vs. CM who is merging JB).

      • Its OK… in my opinion it will be worth the wait…. I’m sure that since they are starting from square one it will be a very stable rom

      • rodney11ride

        I just read that for this to work (getting a proper JB rom) everyone is going to have to re-code because google started from scratch? And what i read was about CM and how they will have to start from scratch just like everybody will have to re-code….

        • Derek Gelinas

          Nah. A ton of the work that was done to make ICS work on these phones will allow JB to work much more quickly that it took to make ICS work.


  • Aww hell yeah!

  • Great News!!! Better ROMs coming soon for us! Thanks devs.

  • Siff

    Galaxy SIII Love????

    • Only if you’re not on VZW.

    • rodney11ride

      Ofcourse your going to get it… dont listen to dude below… droid x is locked and running roms.. its just harder

      • and not even that much harder really. Once you have bootstrap or CWM, its just a matter of adapting the AOSP source to support the kernel that is already there, which is what most devs do anyway.

  • tech247

    CDMA/LTE?? Of course not……

    • Levi Wilcox
    • guest

      just because vzw wont push it tomorrow, doesn’t mean you can’t compile it yourself…

      • Jack

        Can some one point me to directions to compile the binaries myself for the Verizon GNex?

    • rodney11ride

      Um yes it will be on GS3. bootloaders dont stop developers! ie DX

  • and here. we. go!

  • poker4400

    here we go baby

  • Bionic

    Kellex, anymore word on ICS for Bionic?? Sorry about being off topic

    • Yeah!

      How about Jelly Bean for the Razr?

      • Bionic

        LOL, you just got ICS

        • Yeah!

          I know but I’m selfish. I want more 🙂

    • iphoneh8r

      Lots of activity on xda-developers… there have already been 3 leaks or so… its getting there. Running 6.7.232 myself right now. Its a bit laggy.

      • Bionic

        really? most people running leaks are saying its buttery smooth and the radios have never been better.

      • longhairbilly

        I’m running Vicios V3V and its smooth as…well, butter. I’ve noticed a real increase in my battery life too over stock ICS.

  • jjrudey

    Hopefully this means Google will be shipping my Nexus 7 soon.

    • Bionic

      LOL, i agree, but what does this have to do with that? Did you see that Staples is going to start shipping theirs on thursday? I called google and the guy was like ” i dunno”. I better get mine before stupid staples customers do!!!

      • TheWhiteLotus

        With what phone number???

        • Bionic

          the one that shows up when you click on your order in wallet.google.com

      • Haha, man, I’d say the Play store customers are the “stupid customers” in this case. I pre-ordered my Nexus 7 *16gb* with free shipping at Staples, and paid the same tax as I would have from google. Additionally, I was allowed to use a 30 dollar off coupon from a mailer. So, instead of around $279 taxed/shipped from google, I’m paying $232 taxed/shipped from Staples for the exact same item and it still includes the free 25-dollar play credit. You know what they say about assumptions: makes an ass out of you, not me!

        • balthuszar

          was it more than a 30 dollar coupon? or did they give a discount? 279-30=249…no way adding shipping plus tax to 249 do you come up with 232

          • Read it again :). I said it would have been ~279 shipped/taxed from *google*, not staples. Staples was 249+tax and free shipping (so around 262 taxed), minus the 30 dollar coupon, for me, for an order total of ~232.

          • balthuszar

            you didnt mention how much it was at staples without the coupon…that’s what threw me…

        • Salam Zebian

          we have a lot of good deals on things like this at Staples. I work there. I even get a discount. Yet I already ordered my Nexus 7 the day it was announced at I/O from the play store, because it was the first available way to order. No way am I cancelling now, I don’t want to be getting in line for an order way after everyone else has already now. And It’s not much I’d be saving, to me it’s not worth losing a week or two without the device.

          But if you haven’t already pre-ordered, by all means do it through Staples, you save a bit of cash!

          • Yeah, I wouldn’t go through cancelling an existing order, but for those ordering now… definitely a good deal. The product page said it would “start shipping the 12th, not to arrive before the 13th” for the tablet, guess we’ll see…. order status claims the 17th. I originally held off on going for it from google due to the high shipping/tax, intending to get the 8gb version instead elsewhere. However, once I saw the 16gb staples deal at the same price as the 8gb shipped/taxed would have been from google for me, it was a no-brainer to go for it :D.

  • Nemo Hoes

    I wonder if AOKP is gonna hop on this soon.
    Hope so!

    • Lakerzz

      They said that they were going to once it was released.

      • Yes, they did, but keep in mind they are taking a different approach from other ROMs and are going to be re-doing their features from scratch against the JB source. Should result in a cleaner and less buggy product, but may take longer than ROMs which are choosing to merge with JB.

        • Lakerzz

          Definitely don’t mind waiting for a bug free product. 🙂

          • Tyler

            I agree and the best part is even though you will be waiting for AOKP to release doesn’t mean that you can explore other JB ROMS that come out. The great thing about rooting is that you have choice, once AOKP is released you can switch right on over for some bug free goodness.

        • Nathan Corachea

          hopefully by the time AOKP makes a nice JB rom this whole Verizon Galaxy S3 bootloader problem is worked out

          • Art Holguin

            I will be sticking with the nexus til it is worked out.

  • realfoxm

    I called this in my mind this morning. I was half tempted to tweet it to Droid Life.

    My second prediction was that AOKP would be ready on Friday.

    • Reggie Wallace

      Lets hope so!

    • Mikesevenfold

      It’ll be a while. Read AOKP’s post. They are starting from the ground up on Jelly Bean

      • realfoxm

        I’m aware

        • That’s a shit-load of re-work to do in 4-5 days. I for one will wait patiently for their first JB build.

  • Pants are tight

  • GinoSylum

    AOKP! Kang me up some Unicorn Jellybeans!!

    • Guest10289582

      that unicorn shiz is so gayz

      • JoshGroff

        It’s an angry unicorn, nothing gay about that.

  • Derek Gelinas

    I have the weirdest boner right now.

    • Trevor

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    • rodney11ride

      shaped like a bean?

    • nwd1911

      There are 5 homophobic, down votes from people who hate to laugh. Such a mad world.

    • Bob Martin

      Did you measure it with a toothpick? or a pebble?

    • zepfloyd
      • JustTrollin69

        Woah, why does it say 4.1.1 for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus?

        • zepfloyd

          They are all 4.1.1. (JRO03C)

          • michael arazan

            Is their a way to flash the entire 4.1 jellybean stock, not a mod, to you vzw galaxy nexus, so you don’t have to wait till 2013 to get it from vzw ota.

          • AnotherAndroidKid

            The most stock one i know of is

            I am using VanirBEAN v3 still which is similar but with the popcorn kernel. No particular reason as stock is what i want, but it was the newest version when i flashed it.

          • michael arazan


      • ddevito

        This truly is great news. But it makes me think that perhaps the first iteration of any new Android release gets “official” support from all potential carriers, but not for any subsequent releases. 4.0.1 was official only, then it was pulled once ICS was upgraded to 4.0.2

        Either way, a win is a win

        • zepfloyd

          I would normally agree except JBQ makes to a point to say Toroplus (Sprint GNexus) is never being supported.

          • ddevito

            True, but it’s still a mystery why ICS was pulled for VZW. In any event, victory!!

          • zepfloyd

            The timing of this is interesting, it’s almost like it’s being done to stem the anger over the GSIII situation or something.

          • ddevito

            I guess – but that would imply VZW is behind it, you can’t blame Google for the GSIII. When Verizon bloatware is involved the bootloader shall be locked (IMO).

          • zepfloyd

            No, you’re right. I’m saying the inverse, that since Verizon locked down the GSIII they WANT devs/power users to use the Nexus and re agreed to license the CDMA binaries for AOSP.

            Whole thing is stupid.

          • ddevito

            Yeah the timing does seem odd, but hey….a win is a win!

          • Really last time I checked Qualcomm owned the CDMA licensing… you must know things the rest of the world doesn’t. Tell us more!

          • zepfloyd

            Knife cuts both ways.Yes Qualcomm owns CDMA, but Verizon still has to authorize the carrier signed APK to be distributed by Google.

          • chris125

            well surprisingly, on the sgs3 there is very limited bloat. Verizon must save all the major bloat for their droid brand since that is what they think people will buy the most of.

  • Yessss, AOKPJB me please!