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Bloomberg: Amazon is Planning to Make an Android Powered Smartphone

What would you say to Amazon building an Android powered smartphone? Would you be interested? According to a report out of Bloomberg, Amazon has already pegged Foxconn as the builder, is trying to lock down patents for protection from you-know-who, and would allow them to add another device to their Kindle Fire approach of pricing low, but hoping to make tons of money in the end off of media sales. No other information was given, and as always, the sources are anonymous.

Personally, I’d welcome it with open arms. While I probably wouldn’t buy one myself, since Amazon completely butchers Android as on OS, look what the Kindle Fire did for the tablet market. Nexus 7, anyone? If Amazon were to take a similar approach with a smartphone, and say sell it unlocked for ultra cheap, could that potentially change a part of the industry again? Maybe.


Via:  Bloomberg

Cheers Nick!

  • SolipsisticPsychologist

    I woukdn’t touch it if it a closed system in regards to the Amazon App Store. The only good thing to come out of their store, is the free paid app a day. Besides that their choices in apps is severely lacking and just pitiful. If it were to have access to the regular Android Market I might entertain the idea.

    The commenter who said it’s akin to Apple’s closed garden setup, is dead on correct. Apple does it with their phones and tablets, and wit Mountain Lion they are doing it even worse with Mac computers (and even if can turn Developer ID off in Mountain Lion, doesn’t mean that they won’t remove that option later down the line, and that is complete bullsh!t.)

    So just like I won’t have anything to do with Apple past Lion or Mountain. There is no way I’m going to reward another company like Amazon’s bad freedom-killing actons, by supporting them and buying their closed products. And if Google ever starts to head that direction by making it where you can only install apps from the Market. Well then it’s GOODBYE Google for me, and HELLO whoever is offering the freedoms of choice and options.

  • ddevito

    Amazon gets a gas face

  • tonysam1

    Yeah, i just don’t see how this can be successful. The amazon app store just is not on the same level as Play. And knowing amazon, it’ll be custom Android (similar to the Fire) which no android enthusiast wants

  • Josh Fischer

    I like alot of Amazon’s services, but their devices are locked down not unlike the *phone. I don’t want to be locked into one app store or even one manufacturers idea of what the UI (launcher) I should be using. I prefer Nexus devices because I get to have it my way instead.

  • bob martin

    Good bye Google play store and hello outdated Amazon app store. I’ll stick with phones that come with google store preloaded

  • jer85008

    If they do it right – could be great. A basically stock Android experience with a few native Amazon Apps (not a small Kindle Fire please) would be a good option at the right price. Question is – what carrier would they partner with for service? If the answer is “None, it’s an LTE/GSM world phone you can use anywhere” = liquid gold.

  • blood

    It will fail anyways because there is so many cheap and free android phones already. The only reason it succeeded in the tablet industry was due to no tablets being around that were affordable with out being one of those cheap Chinese knockoffs, but that’s all changed now due to the nexus 7.

  • fanboy1974

    Even if this was free on contract I would not buy one. I love my nexus to much. But I do see them selling if it was free.

  • master94

    Go Amazon lower the price of phones. I hate paying 600 bucks just to keep my unlimited data.

    • SolipsisticPsychologist

      Yeah I feel you there as well. There is no way I’d ever buy a phone from Verizon ever again, and then lose my unlimited plan, nope won’t be happening in my lifetime of owning smart phones. But, if Amazon offered a decent phone, was not tied to one of these bastard carriers, and did not require that you use the Amazon App store exclusively and also let you sideload and have access to the Market. Well Amazon, you’d have me as a new customer in a heartbeat!

      This is of course considering that they price the phone like they did with their tablets. So I could see easily paying $250 – $350 for an off-contract Amazon phone, but it would absolutely have to meet all the requirements that I listed above. But yet really, I just don’t see that being possible, because then it would be the perfect phone. And we all should know by now that manufacturers always somehow screw up the perfect device, usually purposefully so you’ll be more inclined to buy their next phone that has the features they held back from the one you just purchased.

      (edit for: typos)

  • Chances are there won’t ever be a Verizon or Sprint version of that smartphone, unless they go full LTE with VoLTE.

    I just don’t think Amazon would bother licensing CDMA-related stuff.

  • Keith0606

    not interested at all. I don’t really care for amazon’s version of android and the walled garden of Amazon apps is just as bad as apple apps. Don’t get me wrong i use amazon mp3 and kindle app for books but I like choice (or at least as much as i can get).

  • 1ofdakoolkidz

    Stop while your ahead Amazon! How in the hell can amazon cell a phone but also over phones through the carrier, sounds fishy.

  • PSU_DI

    Software/Media companies making there own phones is just a disaster in the waiting. There are just so many customers out there that are trying to do this, Disney, Facebook, Amazon & others. The problem is they have to get through the carriers, look at Visio, they tried it and failed because the carriers demanded too many compromises and pulled out out of the market. Unless they want a phone that has very little market share, they should stick to improving content on current devices and platforms. The need to get there brand and services out to as many users as possible and making a single phone to do this just doesn’t work..

  • Robert Jakiel

    Meh. An android handset without Google goodness is kind of useless. I understand Amazon wants to push their Prime subs and media consumption with this but it takes away from Android and people will just end up being confused. The Fire was and is a great idea and a 10″ version or a quad core 7″ version like the Nexus 7 would be a HUGE boost to the Kindle Fire product line but a phone not so much.

    • AlexKCMO

      I think it goes without saying, if the Fire was rooted and immediately had CM9 put on it, I don’t see why something similar wouldn’t happen with a phone.

  • Skip

    I would be about as likely to buy an amazon phone as one from the patent trolls but it could help change what we pay for phones like the fire is helping change tablets. I agree with the article, could be good for the industry but I wouldn’t buy one myself.

  • Source is probably wrong but they internally called it Amazon Torch, and will be utilizing LoveFilm acquisition. It will also have wireless charging capabilities.

  • EC8CH

    I love Amazon… I’m even a prime member…

    But I prefer Nexus devices.

    • majormudafuckinhun

      Of course you do!

  • nightscout13

    Amazon Appstore only LOL no thanks.

    • Knlegend1

      I think people were side loading the play store on their fires.

      • I’ve been side loading a lot of apps but not all the paid ones work. Some do but not all. Its a pain in the butt to maintain over time.

      • nightscout13

        Yes, advanced users always make modifications that regular users don’t.

    • Josh Fischer

      I know, with their slow updates and all of my paid apps I’ve already purchased through the Play Store, I would not consider this option.

  • faber

    more people in the phone game the more people to cause the carriers problems with their contracts and data/cheaper phone price stuff. i couldnt care if the market is flooded with ways to get phones outside of the carrier….im gonna research anything i buy anyway. if its bad for the carriers, im in.

  • doobie711

    No issues with an Amazon phone at all here. Competition is great and the kindle fire actually feels pretty good in the hand. Software wish the Fire was a hassle but after putting CM9 on it I would have thought of it as a potential buy for me up until I ordered the Nexus 7. I’m a diehard Asus Android fan.

  • Porkulus

    I’m a big fan of Amazon in general so I would definitely be interested. On the other hand the device would need to be unlocked, root-able, ROM-able, etc., which it probably won’t be.

  • MotoRulz

    This could be good.. Not the phone per se but any time there is the potential for a successful mobile product, be it a phone or tablet, that is not tied to a carrier i’m all for it.

  • Suralin

    I hope they don’t. We don’t need an Amazon phone, especially one with a bastardized Android OS. Now, if they do what we’ve all been hoping : Moto hardware, HTC bootloader policy, Samsung displays, and pure Stock Android, then I MIGHT just be interested…

  • Finire

    I wouldn’t trust a foxconn device for, well, anything… It’s been my experience over and over that they use sub-standard parts and have a high failure rate in almost all of the products they produce.

    • Droidzilla

      Pray which device uses no Foxconn parts nor assembly?

  • Guest


  • arthur2142

    It would be awesome if this would work towards driving down the off-contract price of at least mid-range smart phones down to around $199.00. (Obviously not the GS3 or Razr HD)

  • Matt Gondek

    No interest at all. The amazon app store is trash and smartphone culture these days is all about apps (except for the folks in forums/blogs like these that read specs)

  • Steve Wojciechowski

    Doesn’t foxconn hate android? Or is it just Sammy?

  • Kindle Flame

  • chaosrv

    Great, more fragmentation

  • I wouldn’t mind the Kindle Fire’s OS if their damn appstore would offer up to date apps. I wouldn’t buy a phone that forced me to use their appstore unless they change it.

  • OhAaron

    I really hope that it fails miserably. It will be running an old, forked version of Android. The apps on the Amazon app store are horrible, and it would provide consumers with a bad Android experience. I would much prefer consumers to have an experience that is integrated with Google Services.

    • MikeCiggy

      The general consumer with a Kindle Fire doesn’t even realize they are using an Android OS.

    • AlexKCMO

      The point is this. If a device can be sold unlocked off contract for $200 and was a good solid device, it would bring the prices of other unlocked devices down. You mean to tell me you wouldn’t want to see the Galaxy Nexus priced at $300 unlocked with LTE (in today’s market, not tomorrows)?

      This is a good thing for the market.

  • Mack

    Oooohh man…I am excited..