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Draw Race 2 Lands on Google Play, Re-Imagines Mobile Racing

A new racing game has hit Google Play and it is sure to become a hit. Draw Race 2 takes your ideas of racing on your mobile and flips the script. Instead of moving your vehicle while the race takes place, you draw a path for the car to follow beforehand. Once the race starts, the car compensates for changes such as the other racer, conditions, etc. It’s a neat take on racing and is definitely a nice change from the ordinary. 

Play Link ($2.99)

  • clarkbsharp

    If anyone gets it successfully to work on any HTC let me know. It seems they aren’t playing nice. Have Thunderbolt

  • rodney11ride

    asks if you want to download via wifi or 3g….? so what if i want 4g? so i hit 3g and its stuck on download page not moving…..

  • JulianZHuang

    the game require additional download, you might missed the refund time.

  • Neldu

    Not avail on HTC One XL?

  • Great game. I recommend it, lots of fun!

  • Jon Law

    You must be new to video game trailers.

  • JabroniUNM

    if a developer wants my money, all they need to do is have you guys mention it… i buy like 80% of the games you recommend

    • michael arazan

      DL really keeps us notified of the best apps out there mostly, So many apps out there and new ones coming to the market, its hard to keep up with what you need for better games and functionality, and multitasking with your phone.
      Anyone know of an app that I can facechat with for a nexus vzw to iphone att? That’s in both markets ios and play?

      • JoshGroff

        I would think you could use Skype, but I’m also assuming you would have tried that first.

      • Google Talk video chat for the Nexus, VTok for the iPhone.

      • LarryL

        Tango should work for both.

  • EvanTheGamer

    AND of course they had to use an iPhone/iPad in the video. Well, display an iPhone/iPad, anyways.

    Whatever though, I still respect RedLynx as a creator of great games(Trials Evolution is one of my all-time favorite games currently), so I’ll let this one drift from my mind.

  • Go Hawkeyes

    Ridiculous permissions, especially for a paid app. No thanks.

  • WTH was with that video? It told me nothing of the game play, graphics, how to play, or anything of use. I understand it is a race game. And I am not just pressing the gas…? What were they trying to tell me?

    • jon

      The video showed and told you exactly what to do, as does the article.

  • And they wonder why people pirate apps…

  • Boo, not available in UK