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High-Res Icons Now Included in Google Play Store App Listings

We have been cruising the new version 3.7.11 Google Play application and have stumbled on a neat new feature. After loading an application’s page, you can hit on the icon in the top left and it loads a full resolution image of the icon. Personally, I have no idea what this could be used for, but I find it fascinating. I have a personal passion for icons, so being able to zoom in to full quality images of my favorites is a lot of fun.

If you haven’t downloaded the newest 3.7.11 Google Play .apk file yet, then you can do so here.

  • Guest__Comment

    > so being able to zoom in to full quality images of my favorites is a lot of fun.

    A lot of fun? You and I need to party!

  • Definition of a slow news day: See above post

  • sylent101

    anyone having issues with the play store? I cant update or download any apps to my nexus..something about a 921 error?

  • nightscout13

    Bout time

  • NorCalGuy

    Dont know if anyone has mentioned this but for the other flashaholics out there now when restoring music and running into the ten item limit you can now deactivate devices from your device instead of having to do it online, also still able to deactivate more than 3 devices at once.

    • Larizard

      I used to have 4 different versions of my GNex listed, 1 from a defective phone I had to return, and 3 from unlock/rooting. Then I have my trusty OG Droid (which I use as bathroom music player).

      I flashed Jelly Bean last night, and when I checked today, I saw only 3 devices: 1) my OG Droid, 2) the GNex I returned, and 3) my current, Jelly Bean GNex.

      I didn’t delete any devices. It looks like the Play Store did the cleanup itself.

      • NorCalGuy

        i think we might be talking about something different here, i am referring to Play Music were you are required to activate your device before your music from the cloud will become available (limit 10) and previously you had to use a computer to log into your google account to deactivate devices, now it is an option on the phone.
        Also i dont believe the Play Store is cleaning it self up because i have run every version available to the gnex (4.0.2, .3, .4 and now 4.1 and three different 4.1’s at that) and my play store has never cleaned out my devices for my play music. It was on my second JB rom that i was hit with the need to deactivate devices to continue and was able to do so from my phone in what looked to be a music menu but i could not find it when i went into music to look, I had my laptop, my xoom, a dinc and an old og droid as well and then 6 gnex’s and i am still using the one that i bought back in december.

  • This is probably gonna be used for high res displays similar to retina…

    • docmars

      Agreed. It makes sense to prepare for higher resolution devices. I’m sure manufacturers are going to start ramping up their devices’ PPI to compete with Apple’s Retina.

  • Tyler Chappell

    Yeah, this is actually extremely useful for when you’re needing to get an icon that is often hard to find in a higher res through a google image search!

  • Airsync by DoubleTwist has one of the coolest icons (no homo)

    • extremely similar to google current’s icon, but yes the icon is pretty tight

  • TimothyLMJR

    Ah I see the spammers have advanced. GTFO Katie.

    • Mack

      Haha yes they have. Surprising but still very annoying.

  • Detonation

    I have market version 3.7.13 on my JB Nexus…

    • Bdragon

      I have the same version number on Nexus S.

  • Gobluebro

    This gives the themers and icon makers a better image to work with and allows you to resize this to whatever you want and you won’t lose any quality with whatever size you are working with.

  • Ian Thomas

    Many launchers have been using the high res icon when available for live wallpaper picking. I would imagine that some apps will make use of them as well.

    Sense UI for instance has been using the high res icons for a good while. That is why some wallpaper icons look terrible on Sense UI. Not sure if the latest sense still uses the same style picker.

  • wickets

    do you guys find this stuff by accident or does secret goog fairy whisper in your ears?? btw on a locked screen can you replace the goog, camera, open options with an app of your choice or is that all S3??? thanks

  • I also noticed that with the newest Google Play, if I were to start typing Youtube for example, the first suggestion takes me straight to the Youtube app instead of the search area that displays apps/books/magazines/music etc. Kinda nifty feature I thought

  • JamesU513

    Check out NBA Jams logo – cool with the fire

  • This was tops on my list for new features in the Play Store. I’m so glad they implemented it!

  • JamesU513

    nice… take a screen shot of it to save – crop it – sweet new avatar

    • trololo

      Now if only they could allow high res contact image sync through the google servers

      • GazaIan

        You get that in Jellybean finally.