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DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX Ice Cream Sandwich Update is Live

On the last day of Q2, Motorola and Verizon have made the Ice Cream Sandwich update available to the DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX.

It can be pulled by heading into Settings>About>System updates.

Go get some.

  • droidfansofar

    Anybody know what to do about ics on Maxx running battery faster? Its still lasting a full day on a single charge and moderate to heavy use.

    • Reciprocator

      One possibility. Go To settings/More/Mobile Networks/Network Mode. If you are set to Global my understanding is that it uses more battery. Change to LTE/CDMA if you are not using Global. Plus, I understand that they added allot of bloat wear. You may have to go in and disable apps not ever being used one at a time. Hope this helps. I have done the above but it hasn’t been long enough for me to see the difference.

    • tj

      Same problem here,lasts almost a whole day now when i could get it to last 2 days before. Still use about the same as i did before.

    • steve’O

      Still waiting for the update

  • Slot

    I downloaded it Saturday morning and ICS worked fine but decided to do a factory reset anyway just to be sure.

  • florek237

    ICS for the RAZR you have released, and Europe cheated

    • Bionic

      da fuq did i just read?

  • lee

    What about the uk

    • Bionic

      you lost the revolutionary war and the war of 1812, this means no ICS for you

  • Droid Razr. Got the update at 4 am Saturday morning. Amazing software. Smooth and sleek.

  • balthuszar

    upgraded my razr, and installed the latest leak on my husbands rezound…i’m kinda disappointed with how much sense has taken over ics…

    • Bionic

      that is why i cant stand HTC

  • Groddi

    Hey! i have waited for a while now, finally some good news, but the thing is, im in Iceland… and my Razr is still “Up to date” … is there any info ANYWHERE when thay launch ics elseware (outside of US) ?


    After suffering from ICS SYNDROME, in past 4 mos., got cured for a minute, & now, i have another condition….it’s called….JELLYBEAN, SMMFH!!

  • rwborree

    ICS Upgrade resets email server settings. Beware…, resets to DELETE from server…, YIPES.., lost all my email from yesterday…, why would they change use settings?

  • jeff

    How do you take a screenshot?

    • Steve

      Press volume down and the power button at the exact same time and hold for a second. It’ll make a sound mimicking a camera shutter and quickly show the picture on the screen, then if you open the notification bar it’ll be in there.

  • Kip

    Launcher pro plus not working any thoughts

    • udispyn

      ADW still works like a champ, but my only grip is the widgets and icons don’t stretch to the full width of the screen…

    • Alexander Garcia

      Launcher Pro will not work properly on any ICS device. I actually use APEX Launcher! Best 3rd party launcher for ICS out there so far. Cheers and enjoy =)

    • Bionic

      cuz its not supported anymore

  • icjelybb

    Yaya I have ics… but we top sucks now. I can’t watch hulu on my TV 🙁

    • bs

      set it to mirror mode instead of webtop mode

  • Armorthane

    I received the ICS upgrade last Saturday, the 23rd. I’ve had it for a week and while I like it overall I have to say that texting with the new keyboard and predictive texting is a major step backwards. When you have a word that is not the word you want, say you typed Vet instead of Get, you used to be able to just click on the word and it would give you other options for words. Now you have to manually change the word. And is there a way to change the 4 items on the lock screen?

    • suicidesilence4444

      No, you cant customize the lock screen.

    • kkanemt

      Yes you can change The lock screen i changed the text app to handcent by deleting the stock text messaging app and making handcent the main messaging app. Now handcent appears on the lockscreen

      • udispyn

        This worked for me, disable original text app, if you already have handcent installed, when you lock you phone next it will be there…

    • Bionic

      use swiftkey 3

  • Downloaded, installed, phone bricked…new one on the way…

    • Bionic

      LOL wow that sucks

    • Slot

      I hear some people say their phone got bricked. But in reality all you need to do is hold down the power button for a long time until it resets itself. Should boot right up then.

  • droidICSisgreat


  • Stak3407

    Does anyone know what happened to the task manager??? Do we need one for ICS? I know that there is a swipe option to cancel running apps, but what about the ones that run in the background. How does ICS deal with those???

    • Andrex

      Not sure what it does in auto mode, but under (settings) (development) you can select a maximum number or even zero. I saw an option also to kill apps on exit.

    • Alvin

      You can also long press your home button and swipe away recently used apps.

  • GapUp

    Anyone have issues with the power button behavior on the Razr Maxx?

    Such as in my option, having to exert excessive pressure to activate the button. Keep in mind my phone is new….

  • sporty

    So far ICS has been a nightmare!! It stopped loading at ‘starting applications’ so I had to reboot. It started and the thing runs so incredibly hot I can’t charge my phone while it’s on or it will trip the thermal circuit and stop charging! And it’s running through the battery like a drunk runs through wine! I cannot keep it charged. I’m going through EVERY freaking app on the thing now trying to see if there’s one not right or something. I cannot use it like this. May have to go back to GB if I can’t get this thing figured out….

    • ScratchSF

      My advice to everyone who was “stuck” at the “starting applications” screen and forced a reboot is to perform a Factory Reset. Unfortunately, the phone looked like it was stuck and could take up to 2 hours in that state before moving on. I believe this is why you are experiencing the bad behavior with the phone. Good luck.

      • yeah, it is a massive upgrade. I’m not suprised some are having difficulty.

  • scarroll

    i had to do an AP fastboot data wipe after the first day. It kept force closing my keyboard/home screen. After reset it seems fine.

  • Andrex

    Loving most everything about ICS. Keeping LauncherPro, though, as I used it since day 1 on my X, as well. Don’t like the separated volumes for ring and notifications, and want my 4G toggle back (living in a fringe 4G area). Battery life is at least as good as, if not better than, GB. Signal seems to be the same. Overall

    • take a look at apex launcher

      • Andrex

        Thanks. I might give it a go. Looks rather like LP on steroids.

    • shehippie

      A lot of people, including me have downloaded LTE OnOff to switch between CDMA only and 4G when needed. It was made for the Thunderbolt but works fine on the Razr.

      • Andrex

        Thanks. Tried that, but it’s still kludgy. I wish they had just left the option in the settings.

  • droidfansofar

    Does Maxx have a screen capture option on ICS?? if yes can someone tell us here how we can do that?? Thanks!!

    • MooleyBooleyTroll

      Press power and volume down buttons at same time and hold for a sec.

      • droidfansofar

        Thanks it worked!!

  • klamdroid

    Got icm on razr. How can i get my date time and location back on home screen? Do i really need to get a date and time app?!? Cant be, right?

    • Bionic

      ICM= Ice cream molestation?

  • droidarmy

    ima rockin ice cream sandwich, yall jelly? bean

  • MAXX

    I’m still waiting on my update (RAZR MAXX).. still no ICS.
    How do I get it? Been going to setting n software update ALL DAY n still nothing

    • kkanemt

      are you sure youre still on ota update path?

  • suicidesilence4444

    So why did they take off the rss news feed? That was real useful.

  • PattyRipz

    Reception for me is much worse on ICS vs GB. Can I go back to GB Radio and use it on ICS? I cant get signal where I was able to before.

  • reginald

    This probably a stupid question, but I can’t find how to format a microsd card in ics…it’s not anywhere it usually is. Anyone know? Oversight maybe?

  • rag3092

    How do you screen capture on the Razr Maxx

    • reginald

      It’s the volume down and power toggle at the same time.

    • suicidesilence4444

      The power button and up on the volume rocker at the same time.

  • Wtf they took off the hide app feature. Now its all bloat ware again

    • Just go to APPS and then hit the MENU button and MANAGE APPS – you can disable apps in there.

  • droidfansofar

    Maxx seems to have lost the ability to turn off transition effects with ice cream . Responded rapid fire with g bread because I had the transition effects turned off. Not anymore. Anybody know how to turn off transition effects???

    • thisismalhotra

      settings – developer options – window transition scaling or something

      • droidfansofar

        Thanks. That was cool. It worked!!

  • Sigh. I couldn’t update to the mprevious version, and the crummy Titanium Backup can’t restore the blur components that I removed with it, so now I have to send phone to Moto to be flashed. Am told that though I tried to unroot, I have no done so. So now I will have to unroot with ICS, which I assume will be easy enough.

    Only 6 business days to wait. Back to rim for that period, I guess. What a mess.

  • Zsruss

    I have a Razr and i had it rooted at one point and then i accidentally updated it and that update worked fine but now it is not working what so ever it downloads and then when it goes to install is gets about 1/3 of the way done then reboots and says” update failed” anything I can do?
    btw I have a mac….cant do razr utility.

    • Lipe

      I have the same problem the update failed . I think I will call Verizon for a replacement phone what are you gonnna do?

      • Zsruss

        Try to get it replaced.

      • Zsruss

        Just got back from Verizon, They are sending me a replacement. Probably gonna list the replacement on Swapa and then get a Nexus.

  • Skipper920

    I updated around 12:05am this morning. Love it. Does anyone know how it will effect battery life on the Maxx? Better or worse? I guess time to unplug and see. Now I want Jelly Bean.

    • John Wells

      I’m finding battery life to be MUCH worse! I side loaded ICS a week ago, and have been trying many tweaks to resemble prior battery life. Still struggling!

      • ScratchSF

        Have you tried performing a Factory Reset. I was getting around 4 hours on my RARZ before the reset. Now I am getting more than 1 day. On GB I could go about 12 hours.

        • John Wells

          Yes, I did that yesterday. In normal operation it seems to be pretty good, but at night it goes from 99 to the 40s when idle, not charging. Battery settings shows the screen as the heavy battery user, but the screen’s not coming on during the night???

        • John Wells

          Appears I’m not alone on the overnight battery drain. Poster on VZW Community forum posted exact same scenario I’m experiencing.

      • John Wells

        Update on battery life experience! After doing a Factory Reset and installing Juice Defender (JD), I now have great battery life. I also use Phone Weaver to manage (with profiles) my phone’s settings: sound, notifications, etc. which works well with JD. I tried other combinations like Smart Actions, Tasker, but my phone is very stable and settled in with JD and Phone Weaver. Sticking with that!

  • I personally love it, but it’s unfortunately on my wife’s phone, not mine (Thunderbolt). She’s freaking out about the new gmail client — as in, not loving it. Grabbed “enhanced email” for her and it’s better… but she’d really just like the old gmail client back. I hate it that I’m asking this (because I prefer the new client so much), but for her own sanity and the sake of my marriage, any way anyone knows how to revert back to the old-school gmail client? Thx in advance….

  • adam

    how do you freeze/hide bloatware?

  • CGBatch

    I’m stuck on “Android is upgrading… Starting Applications” any help?

  • mgsparks11

    My wife and I have the MAXX and we got the upgrade this morning. We are not power users but we really like the interface and the customization of screens.

  • Charlie wards

    How do you turn off auto notify wifi networks available?

    • rockon1334

      Settings >wifi> press the menu and select ADVANCED ….make sure your wifi is on when u do this

  • Andy

    “Your update was not successful.”

    Any ideas? I’m pissed!

    • Adrien Hawthorne

      Maybe when you reply to someone, you might want to have more than a basic grasp of the english language. Nice fail, troll.

    • andy

      All good. Sideloaded. Legit!

  • David Cusick

    sucks, now the bluetooth does not work in my infiniti g35

  • Oscar Botelho

    does anyone else feel like everything looks low res now

    • suicidesilence4444

      I thought the exact opposite.i think the res got better. I think the battery got worse.

  • shooter50

    Damn, waited for ICS so I could sell the RAZR MAXX for a few bucks more since I’m now using Galaxy S3. Downloaded it this morning and the MAXX reboots every 10 minutes. I feel like I’m back using the Thunderbolt, lol. Anyway, did a factory reset and off to Craigslist.
    S3 is AWESOME!!!

  • Phoenix

    Please vote for the RAZR MAXX as the #1. smartphone of the ear!
    Thank You in advance to the people who DOES!

    I’m not a spammer, I just hope You will vote especially that now we enjoy our RAZR/MAXX with ICS:)

  • airike33

    my phone went dead in the middle of update and is now stuck on motorola symbol……. Anyone know the problem and how to fix this??????

    • airike33

      someone please help me

    • fdgfd

      battery pull…

      • airike33

        I cant pull battery on droid razr

  • Jeff

    i keep getting the message:
    “194 items waiting to upload. Remote computer offline.Tap to retry”
    how do I fix this?

    • Ouches

      I was having problems installing cause i had smart action “battery extender” on every time my screen turned off data services would turn off I literally had to keep my screen on or it wouldn’t upload my apps and I would get that message

      • jeff

        i dont have smart actions enabled.

  • Mickyy

    It’s alive it’s alive
    Got my Rarz feeling sweet

  • sporty

    My upgrade appears stuck at ‘starting applications’. The little circle isn’t spinning around. What to do??

    • ScratchSF

      Leave it there. Make sure it has power as you don’t want you battery to run out. Some people have reported being on this screen for up to 2 hours. I don’t know why. If you force shutdown your phone, I strongly recommend a Factory Reset.

      • sporty

        Waited an hour which seemed excessive for a OTA update so I hard rebooted. Now am doing a factory reset because it’s running extremely hot, gallery isn’t working, and it’s eating battery faster than a drunk with wine. Gotta love it…. >:{

  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    WIpe data is your best friend with updates like this.. FYI folks 😛

  • QQpayne

    This is taking years to download on our store demo of this phone.

    • jupop

      I am sure the servers are inundated with reques. Might wanna try tonight

  • jeff

    should I remove my Go launcher now, ideas?

    • DoctorOta

      I would recommended removing go the new blur is heads above the other one.

    • John Wells

      Apex – THE ICS launcher!