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DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX Ice Cream Sandwich Update is Live

On the last day of Q2, Motorola and Verizon have made the Ice Cream Sandwich update available to the DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX.

It can be pulled by heading into Settings>About>System updates.

Go get some.

  • jeff

    i didn’t see any new wallpapers, am I missing something?

    • hoops

      No. Your right. Seems cheapend or thined out a bit.

  • Trevor

    Congrats Razr folk!!

  • Tommysmallss

    Downloading now after I manually went into system updates.

  • Anyone have any ideas on how to get this ICS installed? Everytime I download the file and it starts verifying I get the message “The update could not be properly validated. Please try again.” HELP!?!?

    • funkymc

      I had the same thing happen… Had to do a factory reset and then the update worked fine.

  • matt

    Got it this morning. Its REALLY buggy and lags like crazy. Also, I cannot make phone calls. As excited as I am, I am disappointed that they released it in its current form.

    • hoops

      As stated pteviously you need to update the apps in play and reboot a few times.

    • niteperson

      Not having any of the problems you are. Smooth as silk. You do have to update several apps after install, mostly Google apps.

  • jeesung


  • Glez

    I just download on friday at 11 pm Berkeley ca

  • Joshwa

    I am now all Iced up. It is running great on my Razr Maxx. At first it was laggy, so just make sure you let the Play updated run through, and then reboot a couple times. Be easy!

  • lgb400

    I used voodoo ota…i temp unrooted…updated…and was able to re root…hope this helps anybody who had a question

  • jmanin

    love it

  • DoubleCabRob

    Downloading Right Now Denver Colorado!!!

  • Big John

    Bout fucken time! Verizon can kiss my black ass.

    • craig

      Kids. When you go to school you learn how to spell. You also learn not to be a jackass. Dont be like this guy..

  • cwhitb01

    i got it. it is awesome!!!

  • droidfansofar

    How do I get rid of transition effects? Its still quick with it but not as rapid fire as before when I was running g bread on my Maxx. Any ideas?? Also can’t seem to display “phone number only” option in contacts display.

    • Andy

      That’s a new “feature”. Stupid right?

    • Milla Santiago

      i’ve just got the ice cream sandwich and i have the same problem with my contacts list… did you fix yours ?

  • going to be a lot of fat people on here now that all you razr folks been eatin all that ice cream sandwich all weekend

  • Backstabbles

    ICS is absolutely beautiful on the Maxx, got my upgrade last night 😀

  • Dustin

    updated to ICS, can’t open my picture library using MY Gallery. Says unfortunatly MY GALLERY has Stopped. also randomly the app store stops. any thoughts

    • jpizzigoni

      Open the apps manager, all apps, gallery, clear the data and then restart the phone… worked for me.

  • Sith77
    • android1997

      Its not the droid rezound, its just the HTC Rezound

  • Android1997

    Decided to check before i went to bed. Was so happy that it was there, but fell asleep when it was installing. So i woke up and tried to unlock my phone and was like DA FUCK IS THIS, then i got all giddy cause i got ice cream

  • millhouse

    My text isnt working now. Anything over 40 characters gets formatted as MMS and then wont send. Any ideas?

  • Alex Duve

    When Asia get ICS?

  • and the REZOUND!!!!!!!!………..Jesus Verizon da F! DA F!

    • Diablo81588

      Poor thing 😛

    • KleenDroid

      You have had leaks for some time now. If you want it all you have to do is install it.

      • Don’t I have to flash it? I can’t just install it and boom that’s it can I?

        • KleenDroid

          Yes you have to flash it. The whole process is pretty easy and will always come in handy in the future.

  • rockon1334

    Installed on my maxx last nite no problems or delays with it at all runs real smooth

  • lovehate

    my lapdock500 is way better.plus it uses chrome instead of firefox. unlike chrome on the phone it pulls everything up in desktop mode.sweet

  • Check for update is not available at this time…

  • microdot

    Just updated my wifes droid razr this morning…the sad part is that its her phone and i am more excited about it than she is 🙂

  • Installed ICS early this morning. Now I backed up my root access now I don’t have root anymore. Can someone tell me how I can re-root my phone (Razr Maxx ICS)

  • LiterofCola

    What a morning! Just fooled around with the girl upon waking up, and checked my phone to see this beautiful prompt to update to ICS…. what a great beginning to a weekend.

  • ay

    Got ics last night now my music or Facebook won’t work or most of my apps for that matter……any tips?

    • lovehate

      update them then reboot

  • Buckoman

    I’m appalled that Motorola let this update pass. There were more than numerous accounts of battery life issues, overheating, and dramatic signal loss. When questioned about it in surveys for the software, a factory reset was recommended to solve these issues. It only worked on a few devices.

    As a part of the soak testers, this update isn’t ready to go out as it is right now. I’m not sure what Motorola was thinking, but they obviously aren’t interested in listening to people’s problems so they can fix them. Right now, I’m stuck on an extremely buggy Razr Maxx with ICS. My phone overheats, the battery life is deplorable, and I lose signal almost everywhere I go. Besides being a little smoother, my phone is almost unusable. Plenty of other users had these problems, yet nothing was done about them, and the half-baked ICS update is on its way.

    Granted, there were many more people with little to no problem with the update, but nobody should even have to think about doing a factory reset to fix problems like this.

    • tim

      So you have not done a factory reset? It will in 100% of cases fix issues not app related.

      • Buckoman

        I did a FDR already. Nothing happened. My antenna literally spikes and recesses in signal rapidly, even if I’m not moving.

        Cleared cache, factory reset, cleared cache again, nothing’s helping. Mostly part of the reason why I’m extremely mad at Motorola for not recognizing the issue.

  • lovehate

    My screen is slower used to be able to flick it and it would rave to the bottom. Plus no 3g toggle sucks as travel everyday.screen looks great and voice typing is a lot better. Overall I am really happy with it

    • tj

      That was my first complaint to, the screen def moves slower. Awesome update but my battery doesn’t last as long as it used too. (Razr maxx)

  • Rlarson_mn

    Woke up at 2:30am to use the bathroom so checked for the update and it was there! Downloaded it and installed right then and there. Works great just like on my Asus Prime tablet. Now looking forward to updating to 4.1 soon!

  • wigg1es

    So far I’m disappointed. I was hoping to be able to abandon 3rd party launchers to achieve everything I want, but that hasn’t proven to be the case so far. Messaging is HIDEOUS and I can’t find any settings for the lock screen.

    It feels like several steps backwards, especially with regard to design and aesthetics.

    • ScratchSF

      I’m not sure what you mean by finding settings for the Lock Screen. Do you mean being able to choose between Slide, Face Unlock, Pattern, Pin, or Password? If so, this is all under: Home -> Menu -> System Settings -> Security -> Screen Lock.

      Not sure if this is your question, however.

      • wigg1es

        I found that. I was hoping to be able to move the icons around, so slide down would unlock instead of going to text, or slide up would be camera instead of phone.

    • jeesung

      somewhat disappointed, but overall happier.

      launcher limitations – 4×4 app display on the home screens. 16 app max per folder. 5 home screens with no option for more.

      my Nav voice keeps switching between a perky normal speed and a slower speed that sounds like she’s tired / stoned.

      i think Messaging is vastly improved from GB

  • birds

    Woke up at 2:30am this morning, looked at my phone, noticed the ICS update, updated myphone, then updated my pants. Thank you.

  • fardous23

    Can someone plz tell me how to do a screenshot ?

    • ScratchSF

      Press the Power Button + Volume Down Button until you hear the shutter click sound.

  • Bionic

    Bionic was said to have it “early Q3”. Well Motorola and Verizon thats tomorrow!! I will give you until August 15th before I get pissed.

    • Mahmoud

      I still didn’t even get my ICS update on Moto Razr!

  • boogles

    Loving this sandwich seems a lil buggy but it looks awesome!

  • The best feature I’ve found is the ability to turn off screen-lock again. overall it looks nicer. it also looks like they bumped up the screen resolution or something. doesn’t everything look a little smaller, or is that just me?

  • boogles

    This sandwich is delicious feels a lil buggy but everything us very

    • slot

      Reboot it again after updating and then grab the play apps update. You should have a bunch of pending updates from the play store after updating. Reboot again and then you should be good.

  • Mike

    LOL. I just got tired of waiting and installed the leak manually last night. Figures.

    • balthuszar

      i did the same…all the crap i talked about not wanting ics…i take it ALL back

    • I was thisclose to doing the exact same thing, decided to wait. Was up late last night and checked for the update at 1:00 am and it was there, pretty funny.

  • Anybody with a razr maxx getting an “unable to validate” error?

    • slot

      Are you rooted?

    • My mil got that in hers. Any idea what causes it?

    • EagleBoy

      You’re not the only one. Stock here with the same “unable to validate” message. Tried 3 times over WiFi, once over 3G. Same result.

  • fogger

    I got my Droid Razr back in Jan 2012 with the hope i would get ics soon. So here i am SIX months later downloading it and i feel a lot of buyers remorse. Especially when Verizon lowered the razr $100 a few days after i got mine. This update seems anticlimactic for me.

  • tj

    Im rooted…have all of the original apps….update has failed four times…HELP

    • grabit

      Unroot it then

  • Bryan

    Got it this morning AWESOME was worth the wait! Thank you Motorola for a SUPER quality product!

  • Chidoro

    Just got my phone from UPS yesterday (a Jun 27th keep unlimited decision). Just began to learn GB and now I got ICS this morning. Hell of a turnaround time 😉

    • Android1997


      • Chidoro


  • slot

    Wow my battery meter went from 60% to 0 in one hour! Nice piece of work fellas. 🙁

    • allornone

      whenever you do a system upgrade like this, expect it to drain your battery, no matter the device. But if you leave it plugged into the charger during the upgrade, you should be fine. Just for next time.

      • slot

        Really shouldn’t matter. It’s a low power device. I could have been watching a movie for all it cares. Will keep an eye on it.

    • ScratchSF

      Some people have experienced this and it got better with one of the following:

      1. Letting it setting in for 12-24 hours. The OS has a lot to do in the background and, for some reason, some people are seeing improvement after this amount of time.2. Look for apps that are running that might be draining things. Some people have noted Motorola Services as running. I’m not sure what it does, but some also have issues with synch, so they have deleted and restored they synch profiles (e.g., Facebook).3. Some people experience better performance after a Factory Reset. This is what I had to do to get my batter to go from lasting 4 hours to lasting 24 hours on a RAZR.
      Lastly, some people still have issues after performing all three. But those seem to be the ones that help clear things up.

  • hfd1113

    I am downloading the files for ICS now. It has been 45 minutes and I am at 50% complete. My Razr is running hot. I feel like Verizon has gotten away clean by not pushing this upgrade OTA. Am I missing something here?

    • slot

      Mine has been hot all morning after ota update. Doesnt seem right.

      • slot

        Ok it wasn’t ota. I pulled it. Sorry for confusion

  • slot

    ICS went live at 0000 midnight July 30 2012.

    • slot

      I mean june 30. Lol. Might as well been july!

  • This phone never ran so smooth!!!

  • slot

    Eventhough i got ics his morning I still have a bad taste with my carrier. This last minute stuff is depressing. I would appreciate a supprise next update.