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DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX Ice Cream Sandwich Update is Live

On the last day of Q2, Motorola and Verizon have made the Ice Cream Sandwich update available to the DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX.

It can be pulled by heading into Settings>About>System updates.

Go get some.

  • slvrmoontiger

    UI just updated to ics 3 days ago and have the following problems:
    1 signal strength is horrible constantly going to 3G in areas 4G has never been a problem
    2 battery performance is horrible
    3 Wifi single strength is horror
    4 most annoying of all if I connect to a charger while on the lock screen my phone acts like its possessed
    5 time out lock screen is unsecure. If you choose emergency call or camera and cancel out it puts you right into the phone without supplying a password

    Talked to Verizon today and they say you can’t downgrade from ics so they are going to send me a refurb phone I’m pissed

  • fred

    Kill ice cream its terrible

  • rox1581

    I have it installed but since then i cant get any of my pics to pull up from SD card???

  • John

    ICS on my Maxx with no flash. – SUCKS!
    Was searching how to downgrade the device but decided to wait. Today I was sitting next to someone with an iphone looking at flash sites and no problem. Found they were using “Puffin.” Found the free version on Play and it works great! The interface is different but I’ll get used to it. Flash is enabled on their free version for the summer olympics. So far looks like I getting the paid version…

  • skeeter

    does anyone know how to unlock the droid razr maxx?

  • skeeter

    My droid razr maxx batter life was cut by 95% w ice cream sandwich anyone have suggestion?

  • Just got it…don’t like it. Killed my stellar service

  • Pedro

    Im mexican and i cant upgrade the razr to ics, what can i do?

  • Anya

    Anyone else notice a reduced battery life?

  • alo0182

    I updated two days ago and now…my Facebook contact pics don’t show up in my text messages. Also…even worse, some of my contacts don’t show the name either. They show up in my contact list though???

  • nogeekspls

    Do you have to “upgrade” to ICS? My friends Droid Razr Maxx updated to the new ICS yesterday and its horrible, she hates, I hate it when I tried to get around in it. So far my phone and my husbands phone are still operating without it.

  • Nate2234

    Idony know if anybody else has noticed this but when the update finished Nd my phone rebooted. I’ve been having a notification pop up constantly saying “background data restricted, touch to enable”and it will pop up and go away and so that constantly. Is there anyway that I can take this off or fix it.

    • My phone is doing the same thing! I can’t send a picture message as a text but i have no problem sending pictures to Facebook. Have u figured out anytHing?

  • Go SMS Pro doesn’t work, stock text messaging app doesn’t work, cant type anything with swiftkey…. Any ideas?

  • todd

    Anyone having trouble with their Exchange Email? Worked fine before the update, but now I can’t get any of my emails or contacts to sync.

  • droidfansofar

    Hello RAZR community. Does anyone know how to turn off the recent activity log. This pops up when you keep your finger steady on the second from the left menu button on the bottom of the front of your RAZR. It’s always running in the background, i never use it and I’m sure its using up some battery life.. thanks

  • They need to release some bug fixes ASAP…super low signal, crappy battery life. Not sure why I was excited about this update, it’s caused nothing but problems since I’ve updated.

  • donhendy

    still waiting :(, ICS not available in indonesia?

  • Heartless12

    Is anyone else having signal problems after the update to ics? Because I can’t get a decent signal like before

  • steve’O

    Still waiting for the update

    • no way brah! Its posted on their servers for dl right now.

  • Bigdog

    Hate it no flash player!!

  • JazzoRenee

    Someone should make a list of the bloatware to delete.
    That would be helpful to some.

  • squashbrain

    I don’t if anyone else noticed this but after the upgrade is complete and your phone is up and running ICS, if you do an additional reboot, it seems to do some additional cleanup when booting up the second time. When it booted back up the second time, it said “Android is updating…” and did some other things and eventually came up. I found this simply by accident. Not sure if it helped anything on my phone. Razr owner…

  • Anyone elses ear getting hot while on their Razr? My maxx is getting hot top left hand corner of the display while on a call. I mean hot, not sure why all of sudden.

  • Maggs

    well I downloaded it and it took hours then my Maxx was very laggy and the email just went nuts. Every time I deleted 100 old emails a few minutes later they would load back up. Tried deleting them several times and they kept reloading. So I ended up a few days later doing that factory reset, removed my SD card, etc. Email still did the same thing so I had to unattached my yahoo mail and only go in thru the yahoo mail app. the reset seems to have fixed the laggy part but my battery does seem to be draining faster than before ICS and also taking way longer to charge up. Not sure why…

  • thomaswildchild

    Dude ICS is so rad and snappy. Anyoje have a guage on battery life yet. Mine seems to be holding up like before.

    • Droidzilla

      Mine seems a bit better, but I haven’t used it enough to be sure, yet. It’s certainly not worse.

  • i went through and disabled every single piece of bloatware that I could find. Phone runs much better now, and no more intrusive verizon crap!

  • reginald

    How do you format a micro sd card in ICS?

  • lovehate

    My battery life really sucks now

    • Heartless12

      So does mine and I have a maxx

    • Milla Santiago

      no more than 6 hours in the first day

  • in Europe (Lithuania) my Motorola Razr is not getting ICS update till now. Are anybody else is the same position as me?

  • David

    What about Australia?