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Animated Battery Widget Hits Google Play for $0.99

From the developer who brought us Alarm Clock Ultra, comes Animated Battery Widget, which will show off just how cool a little battery widget can actually be. You can choose from various colors and animations to match any look you need. Alarm Clock Ultra had really good reviews, so we have pretty high expectations for this one as well. The app is only a dollar in Google Play.

Play Link ($.99)

  • feztheforeigner

    Does anyone know how this affects battery life? I think it’s really cool but I’m concerned that it may drain a little…

    • matthew smith

      It does not affect battery life like everyone says. I bought it 9 hrs ago and my battery life is normal. 2×1 widget does not drain the battery. Hope this info is good for you.

      • feztheforeigner

        Thanks but after trying and loading 3 widgets (to look at the different styles) my home screen became unusable.

        My Galaxy Nexus does not ever run slowly so I uninstalled…

  • bobby mcferrin

    What is silly about a battery widget that has revolutionized all others. Cheers to Android Developers trying to make apps more beautiful. Negative people like you is the reason we continue to have ugly looking apps with no personality. Cheers to AppsDev!

  • KreeTerry

    so wait…a samsung phone that runs sense? thats a greater achievement than some silly battery widget. im done trolling now

    • Thomas Stevens

      what is silly about a battery widget that has revolutionized all others! Stop being negative and cheer on android developers trying to make apps look for beautiful and creative. I am in!

  • EvanTheGamer

    Does this widget run down the battery by any chance?

  • Damn key board lag

  • NexusWould not let me change from default,on nexus

  • Leeroy

    Says its not compatible my Gnex on 4.1

    • mustbepbs

      Get used to that, friend. Such is the price of the bleeding edge.

  • I am not sure my eyes can handle some of the animations. I would save battery by never wanting to look at my home screen!

  • gujupmp88

    a battery widget that not only polls you’re battery, but animates it while doing it….

    battery wasting at twice the effectiveness!!!

    • Gary Stevens

      Actually not true. This does not drain the battery unless you use 8 of them at the same time. Maybe you should test it first before you make a negative comment. AppsDev made sure the design was battery efficient and it is

    • Irony has never looked so… tacky?

  • brkshr

    I’m wondering if my battery will like this widget tho…

    • Stacy Wilson

      it will if you give it a try.

      • brkshr

        I’m cool. I don’t use battery widgets… just thinking out loud so to speak

        • I like using charge bar..because it’s free..but to each their own

          • brkshr

            Most GNex roms have this built in, so I use that. But ya, that works pretty good too.

          • EvanTheGamer

            Yeah, have been using ChargeBar for a few months now, and it works great. Very minimal and does what it says.

          • Clark Thompson

            Exactly! Charge Bar is Free and Ugly! Do you think developers just work for free? Glad to see developers like AppsDev provide the creativity needed to get the new next generation good looking apps we all so deserve.