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Web Version of Google Play Store Allows For Remote Uninstalls, Updates, and System App Viewing

It appears that the web version of the Google Play store has also been included in today’s I/O festivities without much of a public mention. After loading up the store this afternoon, one of our readers jumped into a section called “My Android Apps” and fell onto some treats.

If you are signed into your Google account, you can now send remote updates to your phone, uninstall them if you’d like, and even view System level apps that are installed. I tried both updating and uninstall myself, and they work just as good as the remote installs do.

Cheers Anthony!

  • JonathanP

    this is currently (26-Jan-2012) NOT available to me from either Firefox or Chrome (eastern US)

  • David Jeffers


    GooglePlay has been able to do this for months now xD

  • Aha. I was wondering how the Q was going to work with no direct input device. I guess it will be web-administered.

  • Havoc70

    On the google play store you can remove your old devices by going to Options (Gear Wheel) clicking on orders and settings then go to the settings tab and uncheck the shown in menus button

    • SeanBello

      this is awesome. so tired of having my OG in there lol

      • Havoc70

        If we could get rid of them completely it would be better but this works for now

    • DroidJ

      Hiding doesn’t work for a lot of people. For me, it will only allow me to hide one device. When I attempt to hide the next device, it’ll unhide the first one. Frustrating, as I’ve had a bunch of devices (though probably not near as many as Kellex).

      Edit: I see they’ve changed the visibility option from a drop-down to a radio button, and it appears to actually *work* now. Awesome!

  • Asmodai

    The should have filters: For example in the Installed apps they should let you filter or at least sort on: “Installed” “System App” or “Update”
    In the “Other Apps in my Library” section they all say “Install”. There should be a way to see which ones are free and which ones you bought. On the phone the one you bought say “Purchased” instead of “Install”. Those that are free you should be able to remove. I have A LOT of free apps that I tried out and decided I didn’t like which I’d love to just remove from the list.

    • PC_Tool

      Better yet, allow you to “favorite” apps…and then only restore the favorites on a factory reset or new ROM install.

      That…would be awesome.

  • antjphotog

    One thing I’ve had difficulty with is that the My Android Apps section doesn’t show ALL of your downloads. I think their page allowance might be limited. In alpha order I can only see apps starting with the letters A-O and nothing more after that. Anyone else have this prob (or am I the only one who needs app counseling)?

    • David Jeffers

      check to see if there’s a “page one” you’re not seeing

  • Core

    why can’t my razr use chrome ?

  • Casey Puyleart

    Sweet. Now, if I could just TRANSFER some purchases from one account to another.

  • VicMatson

    Why can’t I get rid of phones I don’t have anymore, Jeepers I’ll be scrolling forever soon!

    • ArmanUV

      You can.

  • Jan

    But the lists STILL are truncated to 20 pages. Get your act together, Google.


    Google, show me how to clean up “My Library”!!!

  • RedPandaAlex

    God bless you Google

  • JoshGroff


  • Shadowcell

    I just accidentally my pants on this. So friggin’ convenient now.

  • Mack

    I actually quite like this. Now if I could only have an option to delete items from the list of apps that are no longer on my device.

    • JoshGroff

      That always annoys me

  • Crazydog


    • Mei

      Cool, but hope your car doesn’t get broken into. :3

      • Crazydog

        The tablet is between my seat and the console. You’d have to look REALLY hard to see it, and all you’d see is the side of the silicon case.

        • justincase_2008

          /me heads to the parking lot and looks between seat and console. He was right Mei it was there.

  • SamXp

    Very cool! But you still can’t remove apps from your list of previously installed apps. So the ten various battery monitoring widgets I’ve tried over the years are all still there, and my list only makes it up to the “K’s” before running out.

  • Anthony White

    That’s me!!

  • Anthony White

    Thats me!!

  • itsgonnalast

    so awesome! Galaxy Nexus is now $50 less too!

  • htowngtr

    Finally. Something that was severely lacking, IMO.

  • Michael Forte

    These are some great features. Android is awesome!