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Video: Hands-on With Ice Cream Sandwich For the DROID RAZR

With soak tests for the DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX live, it should be only a matter of days before the update gets pushed to the public. Since this OS upgrade is massive in terms of features and functionality, Motorola asked us if we would be interested in showing most of it off to you ahead of time to get you prepared. We thought, “Why the heck not?” So Β when a device with Android 4.0 preloaded showed up on our doorstep today, we jumped in to highlight what we believe to be the most significant changes. For those that haven’t kept up on the ICS leaks for these phones, I have a feeling that you will be pleasantly surprised at what Moto has done here. If you thought HTC scaled back its skin of Android, wait until you see this.Β 


Here is the full changelog for the update from last week.

  • mike

    Anyone know where i can find that blue wallpaper on the abov? Thank you!

  • “Screw this phone, I absolutely can’t live my life without a RAZR HD……..” Said spoiled little rich brats everywhere.

  • Herb Rabe

    That was the worse video I’ve ever watched. Time to take Droid Life off my RSS feeds. You may want to do a dry run, maybe learn the phone 1st, and watch it before you post another video. Horrific!

  • AJ

    Don’t forget that you can now take a picture using the volume rockers.

  • So I guess the 27th wasn’t an accurate assumption?

    • suicidesilence4444

      Of course not. I knew it wouldnt come today. Im not believing any dates until it hits my phone.

  • jbranner

    when does everyone get the update, its been out for a week and i still dont have it

  • ChrisA

    Just saw on Twitter….3-4 Weeks on ICS. This is garbage. What is the friggin hold up?!?!?!?!?

    • Tim

      Where did you get this? Between today and Friday was confirmed by VZW just a few days ago.

      • suicidesilence4444

        Thats not true what he said. Verizon just sent a text to all razrs and it said to be prepared for the new ice cream sandwich update and it’ll be on everybodys phone within a week. Im sure everyone else got that notification.

        • Sydney

          I didn’t get any such notification

          • suicidesilence4444

            Im sure im not the only one. My phone started downloading an update and sure enough it was ics.i got the update around 4 in the morning.

  • Dave Sloboda

    looks nice! just got my replacement RAZR (after I bricked it trying to update to ICS early w/o the Utility like Droid-Life said we’d be able to do…oops), so I’m definitely looking forward to this update even more now!

  • steve

    Still no update? I what the hell????

  • sporttster

    Anyone know, does the Dish Network remote access app work with ICS??

    • jeesung

      yes. working fine so far.

  • Joe

    Spoke with a Level 3 Tech from Motorola last night and he confirmed that all RAZR’s will have ICS by Friday 6/29/12. Also motorola updated ICS status from developement to TESTING.
    Good Luck all and enjoy your Ice Cream Sandwich πŸ™‚

  • I received 4.0.4 Friday midnight, it’s cool but not that big a deal. I’ve had issues with random Data drops and my music library in Google play has been distorted and mismatch albums. Battery life seems the same on the maxx, face unlock seems like a gimic. My available ram is usually at a steady 250mb free.

  • LOVE IT!

  • suicidesilence4444

    I know this is merely nothing but i thought ice cream sandwich had the contacts faces bigger? Like a magazine look..?

    • That’s the Favorites tab in contacts

      • [email protected]

        O ok thanks.

  • mbaldwin85

    Did you end of Instagraming the pic of those sun glasses lol

  • Jecht315

    I’m getting a Droid Razr this coming week. Upgrading from my Droid OG….Yes, it’s a long time coming and I cannot wait!

    • Ryan C

      Same. still rocking the OG Droid.. Deciding on this, or G-Nex..

      • RoadsterHD1

        Get the RAZR. its allot better devise hardware wise

        • Ryan C

          That’s what I ended up getting. Ordered mine last night so I still get to keep my unlimited data and text plan.

    • bshaw1028

      Hell u been waitin this long mite as well wait 4 droid hd, I have a maxx just lik others r saying the screen compared 2 rezound sucks. My wife has rezound the display is amazing. Wait 4 hd. As soon as hd is released maxx will b on ebay lol.

  • panicswhenubered

    “All apps, downloaded, frequent, bloatware…. err Verizon Wireless” haha

  • InyRules

    I’m hoping this really gets pushed to everyone tomorrow. I have to make a decision on either the MAXX or the Nexus and send a phone back to Verizon. Right now, I can’t compare Gingerbread with Blur to stock ICS.

  • Fardous23

    does ics on the razr have screen capture?

    • Chris Malkiewicz

      I do believe that is a feature that was built into ICS. Can’t imagine they would remove it.

    • DeeMat

      Yes, it has it.

  • A question for all. I have the RAZR MAXX and haven’t received ICS yet. Since the option to switch from 4G LTE to CDMA won’t be in the Network settings, I downloaded the 4G Toggle app in the market. Will I be able to use that on ICS if I’m having connectivity issues while on 4G LTE?? Thanks

  • Lucky Armpit

    Nice video Kellex, and kudos to Motorola for not screwing up ICS. The first damn thing I’m gonna do is uninstall or disable all the bloat.

  • Hurry Up Moto

    All these people talking about ICS on their Razr, Most of us don’t even have it yet ???

  • injamycock

    You talk way to much. Less Talk, more show. Over two minutes in and you have shown us nothing.

  • Straylight


    • lol true

    • Chris Malkiewicz

      +1 LOL

    • Chris

      The lock screen always times out in a few seconds. That can’t be changed.

      • balthuszar

        he’s referring to the timeout for the screen…not the lock screen…if you’re going to do a video walkthrough, it’s usually a good idea to not have to hit the on button every 10 seconds

  • Jeetu K

    i think the main dock icons are replicated in the lockscreen .. sorry if this is already stated

    • Interesting….I would like to know if this is true or not.

    • Dano

      I received the OTA over the weekend.. this isn’t true unfortunately it seems like you’re stuck with the lockscreen icons

      • it changed to handcent on my Bionic when I started using it as default.

    • you can change the text app by disabling the stock app. not sure yet how to change the dialer to something else tho.

  • When is jelly bean coming to the Razr? ICS is so 2011.

    • JoshGroff

      ICS came near the end of last year, so how is it so 2011? Learn to think before posting please.

      • @ScottyfromGA

        but if it came at the end of last year….that would be 2011….so….technically he’s…right?

        • JoshGroff

          Saying something is so last year would require it to be outdated, as of yet, ICS is still the most current android software available (and something few phones currently have.)

          Gingerbread however is “so 2011.”

          • Dave

            I don’t believe the comment was meant to be taken seriously.

  • That’s nice, now where’s the Droid 4 OTA? Hurry up and crank that out so we can get a proper CM9 build hacked on. We have one based on the leak, but people are hesitant to invest in something that may change soon.

  • Dain Laguna

    loving this!

  • spyder00

    So bummed still have not gotten the text yet! Razr Maxx

  • Mack

    He said peace this time! πŸ˜€

  • Reciprocator

    Sorry to be negative. The guy doing the 17 minute video needs to learn to control his right hand. How annoying! I wanted to reach in and cut his hand off.

    • Mack

      Chill dude…

  • Loffie

    Ics pushed to me the other night, didn’t realize it was a soak but I love it. Thanks Motorola.

  • djembeman

    Thank you for posting this video! I saw “recent” pictures on a PC Magazine article that showed the Droid RAZR with software home, back and menu buttons. Relieved to see that they didn’t attempt to add them to the already great capacitive menu buttons. Still waiting for my ICS.

  • master94

    A bit off topic but can anyone link me to the NFL apps thta came preinstalled on the razr. I deleted it before realizing I need it for ota.

  • GapUp

    Would be great if Droid Life would do an article exposing all bloatware being loaded on VW phones ….with a brief description and recommendation.

    And for Rooted phones a description of the services and apps, and what could be removed or frozen and what adverse affects if any.

    It would surly save millions of users hours of time researching what to axe!

    The down fall of the article would be VW might hold a grudge against DROID LIFE!

    If any users have quality links to this kind of info please post as I’m sure DL might have a problem with there advertiser.

    • It’s usually fairly easy to find these things. Especially on xda-developers. It really just takes a google search

  • master94

    I like how you called the verizon app bloatware without even noticing. Shows carriers how sick we are of the crap they force us on. Good review.

  • There is only one thing that I don’t like, you can’t use your ringer volume as your notification volume, the way you could in all of the other builds before 4.0. Quadrant scores are a definite improvement!

  • Butters619

    Tabs & Multitasking so much better than the One X. Atrix 3, why you no here yet?

  • Loffie

    Got the update on the 23rd didn’t realize I wad part of the soak test. Beautiful OS!

  • TMadd

    “Up here, it says ‘All Apps’. You can actually tap on that. It gives you: downloaded, frequent, bloatware – uh Verion…” haha that was a good chuckle

  • mecevans


    Will OTA rootkeeper work with this update? What rooted apps does it break? Foxfi for example?

    • Foxfi isn’t a rooted app. I ran it on my stock GB Razr Maxx and now on ics.

  • BrianLipp

    not a bad skin. again, if the screen was 720p, it would actually be a hard choice between this (the MAXX, not the normal) and a GNex (especially now that it has ICS)

  • Cory

    Does anyone know if the new Smart Actions app have the ability to toggle wifi on or off based ONLY on GPS? The current version wont do GPS location aware based actions without first being on a known wifi network.

    • TheShadow


  • Bionic

    Good job moto. Now hurry up with Bionic.

    • Bionic ICS Pure

      We got already ICS, its pretty nice!!

  • DeathfireD

    Only downside it really has now is that it doesn’t have NFC :(.

    • Do you use NFC a lot?

      • John

        I do. NFC Tags > *

      • DeathfireD

        I still have an OG Droid. My whole aim for upgrading is for NFC and ICS since my coworkers and friends all use NFC for sharing now.

    • MKader17

      Only downside is that it should have had ICS many months ago and now the next Gen of phones will appear after June 28 (Razr HD, SIII, etc…)

      • JermaineFerrell


      • The Adreno 225 STILL doesn’t beat the gpu in the iphone 4s…. I’d wait for the S4 pro with 330 or the quad S4’s before jumping to one of the phones you just listed.

        • GapUp

          It will be the first or second quarter of 2013 before OMAP 5 hits the production lines … Its possible though you might see one 4th quarter of 2012.

          The TI OMAP 5 is the one to watch for … they are typically only used in quality high end smart phones …for example the Razr Maxx.

          • Dain Laguna

            your post makes it sound like the razr maxx already has an omap5.

          • GapUp

            No silly ….. But the Razr performance is more than adequate with the OMAP 4

          • GapUp

            No silly ….. But the Razr performance is more than adequate with the OMAP 4

        • Dain Laguna

          true, it doesnt, but unless you are playing a graphics intensive game like infinty blade 2, which we totally cant, it doesnt make much of a difference. mass effect, shadowgun, modern combat…they all work and look epic on the razr.

          tech is always getting outdone. one day soon, the 4s gpu will be outgunned and then apple will take the reins back. its never ending. thats why i buy what i know i’ll be happy with for a good year and a half, two years.

          otherwise you’ll always be saying: ‘we’ll if i would have waited just a little longer’…

          • I’m more interested in pushing better screen resolutions and also pushing external screens. Also, hardware acceleration via the gpu.

            I feel like Android hardware was still behind the software until this year. We had laggy UI up until now, and we’re just starting to see phones with virtually no lag. We had 4G phones that couldn’t make it past lunch and now we’re just starting to see phones that can make it all day (and more!).

            If you’re satisfied with that, that’s fine, but I feel like finally developers will be able to push the next generation (not this first gen of S4 or Tegra 3 devices…the NEXT…) much further. And no, I’m not a gamer.

          • To be honest, the problems with lag are as much a product of a lack of software optimization and cpu prioritization as it is the hardware. In WP7 and iOS, the UI is always the highest priority in the cpu threads, hence is why its always butter smooth. In addition, the software developer (MS and Apple respectively) can focus their optimizations on a handful of hardware sets, where Android has always been built to run on virtually anything, leaving most optimizations up to the OEMs and chipset makers. However, Linaro shows exactly what Android can do with the proper software and coding efficiencies. I’m really hoping they start rolling a good deal of the Linaro code into AOSP, and soon.

      • GapUp

        It was delayed for one reason … Money…They want to extend the product life of there existing phones ….. This will help them to prop up prices of existing product lines. Its sad but this is how shrewd the corporations are now.

        • Well I wish more companies would unify their products across carriers like Apple and Samsung now have done. Software updates would be much easier, one build for all of your phones, just make sure you have the right radio builds.

          HTC and Moto are doing it wrong.

          • GapUp

            What would solve the problem is smartphone manufactures would need to limit the number of models and extend the production time lines.

            And hardware producers stop this spoon feeding…

            At this day in time its only a waste of resources producing products that only have a 1 to 2 year life span. Desktop Computers typically have a 5 year life span.

            Besides I get tired of passing my hard earned money off to Thugs!

          • GapUp

            What would solve the problem is smartphone manufactures would need to limit the number of models and extend the production time lines.

            And hardware producers stop this spoon feeding… At this day in time its only a waste of resources producing products that only have a 1 to 2 year life span.

            Desktop Computers typically have a 5 year life span. Besides I’m getting tired of passing off my hard earned money to Thugs!

  • I have the DROID bionic ics do you think they will fix adobe flash?

  • Mikey

    Just bought me a razr maxx tonight to upgrade from a droid x to keep my unlimited data. Was really hoping the razr hd would be out before shared data but oh well….I’m super pumped for this phone!

    Gonna be better than that galaxy s3….Samsung quality stinks

    • sgtguthrie

      I like my maxx. I still would have rather had the s3, but I couldn’t preorder with an m2 upgrade (early upgrade)… T-Mobile now has 2 years to expand their network for me though πŸ˜‰

    • Liderc

      The S3’s camera, screen, and gpu/cpu are better, so your logic doesn’t really hold water.

      • GapUp

        Faster this, Faster that … But if the Quality isn’t there ….. well its JUNK!

        So your logic doesn’t make sense Liderc!

        So Mike I know you made the right decision getting the Razr Maxx … The Moto HD I feel like has a good chance of being a dud ….. Come first or second quarter of 2013 Moto should be on there first or second generation OMAP 5 smart phones. I expect the OMAP 5 processor phones to be a Big Winner!

        As for Samsung … they care nothing about quality, just volume!

        • Liderc

          It’s not about faster… it’s about better. The screen is much better, higher pixel density/HD, the camera takes much better pictures.

          Here’s your “quality”:

          • GapUp

            I have a phone to make calls, text, Google maps, GPS and surf for pertinent information i may need for the moment. I know Moto can deliver with Quality … Samsung gets a fat F. As for doing Photo Shoots, I use my SLR Camera with a real lens…

            Yes the the frames and covers are getting cheaper for all manufactures … And its a shame…

            As for the Screens … the image quality between them all are so close its useless arguing about it. What I do have a problem with is they are purposely thinning the glass up on the OLED screens making them very fragile!

          • You STILL don’t know what kevlar is

          • Liderc

            I know what Kevlar is, my point is the plastics being used are just as durable and flexible as the “kevlar” used on the Razr and saying any different just reveals your ignorance. Layers and layers of kevlar(and often ceramic slams) are used in vests to make them strong enough to repel bullets and shrapnel. The Razr uses no such thing.

          • Yeah and that’s just a statement you’ve pulled out of your anus, as usual.
            Do you know what tensile strength is? Kevlar has tons of it, way more than any ordinary plastic covering, and that’s a damn fact. Just because it flexes like it’s supposed to in the form in which it’s used on the Razr, doesn’t mean another back cover that also flexes is of the same quality.
            I’m not gonna say that tensile strength is a particularly important aspect in any way on a phone, but for you to imply that it’s no different than a plastic battery door or something like that is friggen ridiculous…

          • Liderc

            For phones it’s a completely valid statement. Unless you see lots of people shooting and stabbing their phones.

          • No it isn’t, because it isn’t true. Chemically it’s a different material, and it IS more durable than ordinary plastic. Practical usage is something else, but you implied originally that it wasn’t any stronger, which just isn’t true.

          • Liderc

            Sorry, I was assuming like an intelligent person that we were talking about PHONE applications of the materials.

            Being as were on a PHONE site.

          • You doing anything like an intelligent person? Riiiiiiight.
            And you plainly were not, your first post was an unabashed swipe at the quality, you’re simply trying to use a point I made to get around the fact you didn’t know what the hell you were talking about in the first place.

          • Liderc

            You’re not even worth responding to, I can see from your post history you’re just a moronic troll.

          • Funny, everytime I debunk the verbal diarrhea you spew you resort back to that same cop out, but don’t worry I know what you’re really saying/
            Translation: “I don’t have a leg to stand on, and I didn’t know what the hell I was talking about in the first place, and just hoped no one would call em on it…also I don’t know what the term Troll means.”

            Stop saying crap that isn’t true and I won’t have to mentally bitch slap you again.

          • Liderc

            I’ve honestly never heard of you before, ever. So maybe you’re delusional, as well as being a complete imbecile.

          • jroc74

            That was a poor attempt…lol.

            Have you ever tried to scratch the kevlar and have it leave a mark? It either doesnt show up or if it does a simple wipe and its gone.

            According to your logic….when Samsung makes their flexible displays available for phones and tablets……lol.

          • Liderc

            My point is people see the plastic back on the GS3 and say look it bends, it’s a piece of junk, when the Razr’s “Kevlar” back does the same thing. I bet they’re equally durable on all levels and I don’t even like the GS3.

          • jroc74

            Yea….when I took my RAZR apart….what ppl feel when tapping the back of the RAZR is the battery. So I agree its thin and flimsy material. The G Nex battery cover is just as thin and and I never thought it was cheap.

            But scratch the battery cover on the G Nex and the kelver and see which one holds up better. If you bend the G Nex cover enough…will it break? How hard would it be to break or tear that kelvar?

            Just like all phones arent created equal….all thin and flimsy material arent created equal. So it will be interesting to see the GS3 in person.

            Remember I had a G Nex and have a Rezound now…and IMO the screen res isnt that big of a difference as some folks make it…at normal viewing distances…. Colors, blacks, contrast, outdoor viewing is tho.

          • Liderc

            I’ve taken my backplate off once on my Gnex to put the battery in, so I couldn’t care less what it’s made of. It feels great on the outside and fits flush with the back of the device, which is all I care about.

            Just tired of people complaining about plastics being cheap, they’re incredibly durable and useful materials.

            The funny thing is every person I see with a Razr(including my own father) uses a case, something I don’t even use on my “cheap plastic” Nexus.

          • Dain Laguna

            unfortunately, your (and your fathers) preferences have nothing to do with the solidity of a device. i would use a case on my phone if it was made from adamantium, simply to keep it looking new.

            the gnex does feel good in the hand, but imo it doesnt feel as ‘premium’ as the razr does.

            however, the s3 does have a better camera and screen. that i agree with. the gnex can only came one of those πŸ˜‰

  • Paolo_Ozaraga

    Has anyone figured out how to turn on the Holo theme? I remember when ICS came out they were hyping this feature where anyone can switch to the holo theme and instantly be up on stock ICS to bypass the whole “I don’t like this skin” complaint

    • sgtguthrie

      It doesn’t exist, and I’ve never heard of it. I’ve heard ppl make the suggestion, but that’s it.

  • Josh

    what about time lapse videos on the ICS video? Thanks for taking the time to make this for us.

  • The Razr HD with this on it is going to be beast. I am really happy to see moto take a lighter approach to their skin. Maybe this is a sign of the new Moto beginning to show through. The only thing they should have left the lock screen a little more stock, I like the app shortcuts, but the ring doesn’t even move.

    • wakefinance

      That’s because the slide to unlock patent that Apple uses to troll involves an animation on screen that accompanies the sliding motion. No animation, no litigation.

  • j4s0n

    The Gingerbread camera app on the RAZR actually has photo editing as well with filters, etc.

  • azndan4

    That lock screen is hideous. As usual, Motorola butchered aosp.

    • aep

      It’s actually really nice and effective. When you see it in person like I have (soak test) you would see that they put A LOT of effort in to it and it is REALLY nice. They did not butcher the AOSP unlike others…

    • Diablo81588

      Ugh. Moron.

    • jroc74

      Because the lock screen is different…they butchered the entire thing?? Really?

      lol. Seems like folks are actually reaching for things to hate on Moto about…good job Moto.

      Answer this. which custom UI with ICS looks looks more like stock…? Take your time, research, no need to rush the answer.

  • Jackson

    God they’re fast I just put mine up tell me what you think lol

  • InvaderDJ

    It doesn’t look half bad. It seemed a little stuttery in the animations, but other than that my biggest complaint is that the icons are ugly as hell.

    But still, it is close to stock, with some nice improvements under AOSP (quad lockscreen, more clear labeling in some of the tabs). Will be interesting to see what the mythical RAZR HD does to improve on this setup.

  • DSK


    Is the camera still the same? any improvement with focus / shutter speed performance and image quality?

    My razr is international version and I’m still patiently waiting for the ICS update. I’m still hoping for 2nd Quarter rollout πŸ™‚

    • Dain Laguna

      image qualty? no. low light still sucks. however, shutter speed is massively improved, and video seems to be noticeably better.

      the screen looks more ‘contrasty’ too. like the good part of amoled that seemed to escape the razr is finally here. compared it to a friends nexus and whereas before it was SO obviously her phone that had the better screen and fluid home screen transitions…its now more of an even playing field.

      and my speaker is still louder πŸ˜‰

      • DSK

        I see. shutter speed / video improvement are definitely welcome. πŸ™‚

        Hope we get the update this 2nd quarter.

        • hkklife

          I have the lates 2233 ICS leak on my Bionic and I can also confirm that this neglected handset also benefits from camera and screen improvements. My colors are much more vibrant and the auto brightness seems to boost things up a tad in brightness. The Bionic’s screen under ICS looks better than it ever has!

          As far as the camera, I agree with the above. Bionic camera reapinsiveness is improved slightly but still leavea much to be desired.
          On Sunday I compared my Bionic’s ICS leak stock camera app with my friend’s Maxx running GB. His Maxx was still a hair faster to focus and snap pics but the image quality is now nearly identical between the two. Previously, my DB did worse in low-light situations than his Maxx.

          Video recording is much smoother and starts faster. Being able to capture stills while filming video is a huge feature I have missed on Blur ever since my DX! I have not noticed any video recording hiccups at all, though actual image quality looms the same, so I don’t think Moto changed the bitrate or anything.

          I am just thrilled to see Moto getting all of their LTE OMAP devices on the same page software-wise!

  • moelsen8

    wow.. ya know what.. that looks pretty nice. kudos to moto.. it’s almost like they listened when people said to back off the blur.

  • Jason Purp

    Kellex, you never reply to comments like these but I’ll try again…

    Can you please give a link to the wallpaper shown in the photo of this article? The blue one. You always have great wallpapers. Thanks.

  • Kellex:

    Does it have the stock feature where when you use google music it has the options on the lock screen???

    • suicidesilence4444

      You mean the options to pause etc? Yes it does.

  • Coming from a Droid X, I always felt the Razr was just an updated version, but now that it’s running ICS it truly feels like a brand new beast.

    • grocka

      i hated my dx. so buggy. makes me never want a moto phone again. razr w ICS worth the upgrade?

      • Fattie McDoogles

        YES! I had the DX. Its such a better phone.

      • suicidesilence4444

        Yes the droid x was very very buggy. My dad still has one and hates it so much. Thats not even closr to a razr lol.

      • That’s good to know. My DX drove me so nuts that I was forced to snuff it out one night. I’m not proud, but it had to be done. (Here’s the story, if you’re interested — http://goo.gl/mKvCN)

        • Be proud. You did what most of us could not do…kill the X in a proper fashion. I had to leave Moto for the HTZ Rezound…very happy!! I hope your Razr does you well.

        • Keoni

          I hate my droidx soooooooooooooo slow random reboots freezing at random times I need a new phone lol

      • Lactose_the_Intolerant

        More mad hate for the DX here.

  • they really did keep it mostly stock, nice job moto

  • Liderc

    And we’ll see Jelly Bean…..Wednesday?

    …someone had to say it.

    • Dain Laguna

      and because you have a verizon nexus you’ll see it…just a couple months before razr/maxx guys will? πŸ˜‰

      • Liderc

        Razr users won’t ever get Jelly bean officially, just being honest.

        • Dain Laguna

          and you know this….how? with the exception of the d3, pretty much most of motos flagships have had 2 major android releases (d1, d2 and d2g, dx, dx2)

          if jellybean proves to be incremental over ics, then its absolutely likely. history points to it being more likely than not.

          • Liderc

            If it’s not a big jump, sure. But if it’s anything like ICS, it took the Razr 7 months to get ICS after it launched. You most likely won’t be using your Razr by then and Moto won’t feel the need to update a nearly 2 year old phone by then.

          • jroc74

            Seem to forget how the Droid X1 went from Froyo to GB. Thats the same type of thing going from ICS to JB.

            ICS is the major upgrade..from GB .JB will be an update for ICS. The RAZR will see JB, after that its anybody’s guess. The DX1 did see at least 1 more update right before the RAZR launched. Bug fixes but still….Some one with a Verizon G Nex shouldnt be throwing stones about updates…just saying.

            Fanboyism is a disease…seriously. What happened to you? . Just remembered…the Droid 1….didnt get GB…but still got an update, bug fix almost 2 years after it launched.

  • Steve

    Still waiting for this update ?? What the heck is taking so long ??????

  • And this is the end of motoblur! Hello stock!

    • jroc74

      Blur is there…its just less noticeable. Notice no big head happy face icons and the light blue is very minimal.

      T9 dialing is there…thats Blur. Stock ICS doesnt have that.

      • Dain Laguna

        true, but its so damn near stock that even the dialer’s ‘mods’ are insubstantial as far as griping is concerned. (not saying thats what you are doing.)

        no transitions, just a few widgets, unfortunate bloat, and some slightly different designs for app icons…i’m a fan.

  • ramifications

    Ice cream sandwich, an amazing battery, and great radios. If only this phone had an HD screen like the nexus, I would have bought one.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      RAZR HD coming your way.

    • kevsgt

      I will take a beast of a battery over a pretty display any day

      • I don’t see an issue with the Razr’s display, looks good to me

        • steve30x

          Im so used to my Rezound’s HD 720 display and notice a big difference to the point that im spoiled by it, i dont even have to pinch to zoom at all to read small text at that.. perhaps those leaked new moto pictures will have a phone with a great display plus a big battery.

          • hkklife

            I agree. Heck, I would’ve been OK with even a larger (4.5″?) qHD screen on the RAZRs..but 4.3″ AND qHD is just too little of everything in this day and age. And having extensively used the latest ICS Blur leak on my Bionic, I can say that the UI simply begs for a larger screen with more PPI.

            The RAZR HD is gonna be a sweet mofo when/if it is EVER released!

          • 4.5 inch qHD would have terrible ppi and look awful. You know not what you speak, young hkklife.

          • jroc74

            Really? How? I’m curious…

          • qHD means a 960X540 screen.

            If you stretch 960×540 to 4.5 inches, the pixels will be bigger and your eye will be able to pick them out easier. And for things like text (or any fine details), you will see lots of fuzziness and jagged curves and small text will be much more difficult to read.

            People complain about the Razr screen AS IS. I ALMOST didn’t get the razr maxx because I was reading what people on the Internet were saying about it, but I went to a Verizon store and fired up some of my favorite websites and made sure the text looked good enough for me to read. Did the LG Spectrum look a lot better? Yes… but I wanted the battery life, and like I said, the text looked good enough to read on the Razr. But if you used the same resolution on an even BIGGER screen, it would be rough.

            Hope that answers your question.

          • hkklife

            I know perfectly well of what I speak. Samsung has sold plenty of WVGA 4.5″ GS2’s. And HTC’s Titan stretches that same number of pixels across 4.7″ and it isn’t THAT bad. Now, Dell’s 7″ Streak tablet, THAT was a coarse and terrible WVGA display!

            .2″ larger would have made a world of difference on the RAZR without any major compromises but it didn’t happen so that is why I did not buy a RAZR.

            I am just trying to say that the RAZR formfactor is too wide for most hands and has too much bezel relative to the screen size. I am quite frankly shocked that it has had as much mainstream success as it has.
            Like the OG RAZR phone, it is once again mostly style over substance.

            But Moto made huge strides with their KRZR and V9M tweaks to the original RAZR formfactor so I sould think a gradual softening and rounding of the Droid RAZR’s shape will lead to good things down the road.

          • jroc74

            I have a Rezound and RAZR…and I like the RAZR screen more. Guess it depends on what we do on our phones. I look at Netflix alot…and it looks alot better on the RAZR.

            I use my phone outside alot…and thats better on my RAZR.

            I can never remember a time where I couldnt read small text on my RAZR…and said I wish I had my Rezound.

            I truly believe the screen res doesnt make that much of a difference at normal viewing distances. I had a G Nex too….so I saw all 3 phones side by side for at least 2 weeks. There are differences….but screen res isnt the biggest IMO. What is IMO is outdoor viewing, colors, blacks, contrast. And screen res mad no difference for Netlifx on both phones. The other things I mentioned did.

          • majormudafuckinhun

            Amen the Rezound! I so wanna love Blur but can’t seem to…

        • MekoSuka

          Use a G-nex for a week, then go back and look at the RAZR screen. I’ll take a better display and drop $50 additional bucks on a better battery.

        • suicidesilence4444

          I said the same thing(razr owner) until i saw the htc one x. I was like damn… so this is what i’ve been missing the whole time.

    • Sobr0801

      Would have bought one as well if the screen was hd.

      • michael arazan

        In the forums i’ve read, that has kept a lot of moto fans away from the razr is the screen quality. I hope the screen is improved upon for the Moto Nexus.
        Hey Kellex, if you speak to Motorola, can you get some info on the Moto Nexus per chance? A lil something to wet our appetites, please.

    • HTC One X

      It is not an amazing battery, just a bigger battery.

  • there’s just something about Sense that goes better with ICS. But still cool vid

    • azndan4

      Sense > Blur

      • Diablo81588

        Lol. This coming from the same retard that said moto butchered AOSP.. Sense doesn’t even look like ICS..

        • azndan4

          Keep coming with the personal attacks, it really helps your argument.

          • Dain Laguna

            the personal attacks dont, but his assertion that sense looks nothing like ics is totally true. you may prefer sense to motoblur, but dont be coy, its obvious which one looks and feels closer to stock…and which one TOTALLY doesnt.

  • Show off…. (still waiting)