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Video: Hands-on With Ice Cream Sandwich For the DROID RAZR

razr ics update

With soak tests for the DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX live, it should be only a matter of days before the update gets pushed to the public. Since this OS upgrade is massive in terms of features and functionality, Motorola asked us if we would be interested in showing most of it off to you ahead of time to get you prepared. We thought, “Why the heck not?” So  when a device with Android 4.0 preloaded showed up on our doorstep today, we jumped in to highlight what we believe to be the most significant changes. For those that haven’t kept up on the ICS leaks for these phones, I have a feeling that you will be pleasantly surprised at what Moto has done here. If you thought HTC scaled back its skin of Android, wait until you see this. 

YouTube Preview Image

Here is the full changelog for the update from last week.

  • mike

    Anyone know where i can find that blue wallpaper on the abov? Thank you!

  • “Screw this phone, I absolutely can’t live my life without a RAZR HD……..” Said spoiled little rich brats everywhere.

  • Herb Rabe

    That was the worse video I’ve ever watched. Time to take Droid Life off my RSS feeds. You may want to do a dry run, maybe learn the phone 1st, and watch it before you post another video. Horrific!

  • AJ

    Don’t forget that you can now take a picture using the volume rockers.

  • So I guess the 27th wasn’t an accurate assumption?

    • suicidesilence4444

      Of course not. I knew it wouldnt come today. Im not believing any dates until it hits my phone.

  • jbranner

    when does everyone get the update, its been out for a week and i still dont have it

  • ChrisA

    Just saw on Twitter….3-4 Weeks on ICS. This is garbage. What is the friggin hold up?!?!?!?!?

    • Tim

      Where did you get this? Between today and Friday was confirmed by VZW just a few days ago.

      • suicidesilence4444

        Thats not true what he said. Verizon just sent a text to all razrs and it said to be prepared for the new ice cream sandwich update and it’ll be on everybodys phone within a week. Im sure everyone else got that notification.

        • Sydney

          I didn’t get any such notification

          • suicidesilence4444

            Im sure im not the only one. My phone started downloading an update and sure enough it was ics.i got the update around 4 in the morning.

  • Dave Sloboda

    looks nice! just got my replacement RAZR (after I bricked it trying to update to ICS early w/o the Utility like Droid-Life said we’d be able to do…oops), so I’m definitely looking forward to this update even more now!

  • steve

    Still no update? I what the hell????

  • sporttster

    Anyone know, does the Dish Network remote access app work with ICS??

    • jeesung

      yes. working fine so far.

  • Joe

    Spoke with a Level 3 Tech from Motorola last night and he confirmed that all RAZR’s will have ICS by Friday 6/29/12. Also motorola updated ICS status from developement to TESTING.
    Good Luck all and enjoy your Ice Cream Sandwich 🙂

  • I received 4.0.4 Friday midnight, it’s cool but not that big a deal. I’ve had issues with random Data drops and my music library in Google play has been distorted and mismatch albums. Battery life seems the same on the maxx, face unlock seems like a gimic. My available ram is usually at a steady 250mb free.

  • LOVE IT!

  • suicidesilence4444

    I know this is merely nothing but i thought ice cream sandwich had the contacts faces bigger? Like a magazine look..?

    • That’s the Favorites tab in contacts

      • [email protected]

        O ok thanks.

  • mbaldwin85

    Did you end of Instagraming the pic of those sun glasses lol

  • Jecht315

    I’m getting a Droid Razr this coming week. Upgrading from my Droid OG….Yes, it’s a long time coming and I cannot wait!

    • Ryan C

      Same. still rocking the OG Droid.. Deciding on this, or G-Nex..

      • RoadsterHD1

        Get the RAZR. its allot better devise hardware wise

        • Ryan C

          That’s what I ended up getting. Ordered mine last night so I still get to keep my unlimited data and text plan.

    • bshaw1028

      Hell u been waitin this long mite as well wait 4 droid hd, I have a maxx just lik others r saying the screen compared 2 rezound sucks. My wife has rezound the display is amazing. Wait 4 hd. As soon as hd is released maxx will b on ebay lol.