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Incredible 4G LTE Pushed Back to July?

Yesterday we received word that the DROID Incredible 4G LTE would not be making its debut in the month of June and would instead arrive some time in July. We were hesitant at first to buy into the idea that Verizon and HTC would push it out that far, but additional sources of ours have said the same thing today. July 5 is now being thrown out as a likely target, however, I’m not sure that you should put any money on that being final until Verizon says it is.

I wouldn’t necessarily call this a delay, since we were only told that it would be released in the “coming weeks” back during its announcement at CTIA. It just seems odd that this still hasn’t been released two months after it was announced. Had the Incredible 4G LTE made its way into stores at the beginning of June, it would have had a solid jump start on the Galaxy S3. The first week of July is only days before the GS3 is released – good luck.

Cheers all!

  • thatexan

    sold this today,, will be enough to buy dinc4g outright no problem @ all ,, sold fast couldve gotten more but i wanted to sell it quick :))


    so long suckah’s! :PP

  • everywhere i search for information about the incredible 4g release date points back to droid life, but seriously guys? you’ve been wrong about this date at least twice now! can you please stop with the errant speculation?

    • thatexan


  • Awww… my wife is gonna be pissed! Oh wait. I have the GS3 on preorder for her , which I can sell and buy the Inc4G outright, thereby keeping unlimited data!! Take that VERIZON!

  • Shadowcell

    I didn’t care so much about specs as I really wanted a phone that functions well and it isn’t so much a larger phone than my original Droid X. Which is why I wanted this phone badly. Verizon purposely pushed back the release to force all new phone purchases (except the SIII) to be on tiered data.

    The evidence is there. This phone has been leaked way back in the beginning of the year. It doesn’t take 3-4 months to launch a phone. Even the Evo 4G LTE saw an delayed but otherwise successful launch.

  • Eta508

    Hey Kellex, I hope this isn’t the same source that’s given like 6 other rumored release dates. If so, I can be your next source when July 6 doesn’t hit. I can also be a fabulous predictive weatherman if needed.

    i kid i kid…

  • sith77

    see this is why they pushed it back . if any one has noticed verizon is giving htc the SEVERE cold shoulder . First Rezound gets the SHAFT on ICS ………. then they decline the ONE series , why they would pass up high end device like that is beyond me , NOW they push the incredible 4g back there for hopeing EVERYONE will hope on what ever garbage motorola has in store and everyone will gobble up the sIII …………… F U verizon

  • Ex VZW Rep

    I love Htc Phones but at this point i will have to go with the Samsung s3. My two most important features are battery life and unlimited data so looks like i will have to get used to a monster phone unfortunately. I love pandora, downloading free movies, netflix for me and the kids, video chat, and tethering. My wife has the one x at least with att but with limited data and limited storage. Its cool having the big hd screen but is definitely uncomfortable in my pocket compared to my original incredible. I just noticed at Verizon website that the s3 comes with a stereo headset in the box which is cool and also specs show it having 15 hours of talk time which is 2.25x the Rezound at only 6 hours and 40 minutes. This is due to the new S4 processor which will also make it extremely fast. Sorry Htc and Verizon you let me down. Guess you were not ready for the iphone when you thought you were. My last hopes are for a 4g pre order, exchange within 14 days, or sell new in the box. If we are allowed to exchange and keep unlimited, make sure you dont use the phone so you dont pay the restocking fee.

    • Dill

      I am sooo frustrated with this… now have to carry freakin tablet in my pocket.

      • CORYK333

        Looks like it’s time for you to break out the old Jnco jeans from the back of the closet I guess…..

  • FrustratedWithHTC

    This is F’n BS…. I have been calling my local Verizon store and even they told me they thought they would have it in stock today… But alas no phone in store and it is not even available to them as pre-order…..
    They need to get this on the Market… Tired of waiting…

  • I gotta side with the people who say this phone wont stand a chance. Why get this instead of the S3? Why didnt they pick up the One X? I’m gonna get the S3, or am watching closely rumors of the Note 2.

    • NoMoreHUGEphones

      Because a lot of people, like me, don’t want to carry around a big phone. Its kinda unprofessional to have something that big in your pocket at work and people talking on these huge phones actually look pretty goofy.

      • Gilly

        Thank You! Some people just want a decently-sized phone that COMFORTABLY fits in your pocket.

  • jlsoaz

    This was to be my first smart phone and I have waited a couple of months now. I have been with Verizon for several years and I am with them only because their coverage at my house is superior and they do not engage in political funding quite as repugnant as AT*T… not a really big recommendation. To say that I am disappointed in these absurd delays is an understatement.

    Why this phone? I was told (and I can’t get Verizon to confirm this) that it would be the first “tri-mode” phone from Verizon, capable of GSM, 4G LTE and conventional CDMA. Maybe this was wrong, but if I go to the Verizon website it is not yet possible to get a smart phone that does both 4g LTE and global ready. I was told by a Verizon rep that three existing 4g LTE models, Rezound, RAZR and Bionic, are to get a software retrofit that would allow them to work in Europe, but that no date was given. Is this true?

    With all the reviews and discussion, I can’t seem to find many or any that discuss the features that interest me.

    Also, I’m told there is a trend toward not allowing battery removal from phones, and I wanted one where I could remove the battery.

    Someday they will make more than a couple of token phones with eyelets & straps (harder to drop) and with dual batteries (extended conversations) but I think also here these are features I don’t see the discussed by industry coverage websites, so I guess I am not in tune. This is the first time I’ve read or engaged in discussion of cell phones and so it’s not good for me to do it right now because I’m just beyond-disappointed and feeling very constrained by having to go with Verizon and their mediocre-to-expensive pricing, their US-centricity to the exclusion of really proper consideration of world travelers, and their at-times seemingly less-than-respectful-of-customers decision-making.

  • thatexan

    stayed with original rooted dinc and was waiting for dinc4g but now im guna wait till monday or tuesday to see if maybe Verizon will put a PRE-ORDER up for the dinc4g,, if not then ill order sg3 online 32gb Pebble Blue and sell it NEW IN BOX WHICH WILL ULTIMATELY PAY FOR A BRAND NEW DINC4G WHEN ITS RELEASED AND WILL PROLLY EVEN HAVE LEFT OVER MONEY FROM IT! I just put a ad up on craigslist today to sell the sg3 so ill have a buyer the day i get it, might also put it on ebay to but ebay fees are crazy!

  • Knlegend1

    Oh Nooooooo!!!!!

  • richardsonadm

    I got the Rezound for my wife, but I’m starting to think HTC has issues with LTE maybe. Startying back with Thunderbolt.

  • Joe

    my plan is to order the samsung galaxy S3 and that way I have 14 days from the day I receive it in the mail (now estimated arrival is the 11th) basically to buy me extra time in hopes that the incredible 4g is out by then. I did check with verizon and they told me that I would be able to return the phone and keep my unlimited data within the 14 days

  • Greg

    Verizon you are breaking my balls! I wish I knew what Verizon is thinking behind these delayed release dates. Pretty sure the phone was ready when is passed FCC testing back in March

  • moelsen8

    This is like par for the course with every new phone on verizon at this point huh

  • LOL that phone is going to suck so bad. it’s only about 8 months out of date.

  • lye


  • Destroythanet

    Yet another phone you won’t be able to get on sale and keep your unlimited data on.

  • chris125

    Of course gotta get the share plans in effect

  • DigitalDK

    I actually won one of these at an HTC training event we had in Manchester, NH. I still have to wait for the dang thing to come out before I can get it though, however I do have a Otterbox Commuter for it already since the Otterbox Rep gave them to everyone at the training.

    • mustbepbs

      Yay for NH! Woop! *high five*

      • DigitalDK

        NH is pretty awesome *high five*

  • xxRawRxx

    Should change the name to Droid Incredible DOA

    • DigitalDK

      DOA isn’t quite right, the price point won’t be as high as the S3 but it has specs to match (minus the 2GB of RAM). This phone will sell very well to everyone who doesn’t want a Phablet.

      • michael sinor

        I think that the Rezound is looking even better with Inc4g still floating in the ether. The only thing Inc4g really has on Rezound is the S4. It’s a nice advantage, but most should be fine with the S3 for everything but games.

        • thatexan

          i got the rezound when it was 50,, i returned it the next day for another one and then returned that one the next day,, HORRIBLE BATTERY LIFE!!!!

          • doug

            did u get the maxx?

          • thatexan

            nope,, stayed with original rooted dinc and was waiting for dinc4g but now im guna wait till monday or tuesday to see if maybe Verizon will put a PRE-ORDER up for the dinc4g,, if not then ill order sg3 online 32gb Pebble Blue and sell it NEW IN BOX WHICH WILL ULTIMATELY PAY FOR A BRAND NEW DINC4G WHEN ITS RELEASED AND WILL PROLLY EVEN HAVE LEFT OVER MONEY FROM IT! I just put a ad up on craigslist today to sell the sg3 so ill have a buyer the day i get it, might also put it on ebay to but ebay fees are crazy!

  • socrates_johnson

    My wife has been waiting for the Incredible 4G to [hopefully] stay on unlimited data for a couple more years. If she buys a Galaxy Nexus next week and the Incredible 4G actually launches on July 5th, she’d be eligible to do a return, right?

    • KleenDroid

      A return yes, but will probably get screwed since the return would be after the new plans take affect.

      • socrates_johnson

        Hmm, thanks for the input. I’m going to regret asking this, but could Verizon really do that if she just started another contract with a Nexus?

        • Ex VZW Rep

          i think he is right cuz you will probably be resetting the contract date with the exchange. Also be aware of a restocking fee if the nexus gets used so make sure you get the nexus online cuz they will set it up if you go in the store.

      • Dr. Droidberg

        I believe they make you sign a new contract when you exchange devices.

  • randompsychology

    Actually, the phone has been pushed back to 2013, scrapped, internally code-named “Bionic,” given a minor spec bump, and purposefully introduced with a few major bugs, one of which might be a self-aware manic-depressive AI which visits distasteful websites at random.

  • JimBob

    Poor Dinc4GLTE

  • this phone literally stands 0 chance. why are both companies wasting money on it?

    • KleenDroid

      It will do fine. The Inc line has done very well. It will sell very well against Motorola phones. Many girls don’t like the square boxy Moto look. My daughter loves her Inc 2 and wouldn’t even look at the Moto phones. Verizon just wants to release after the new plans arrive so they can screw more people over.

      P.S. I’m not the one who gave the negative… 🙂

      • doug

        I still think its got a chance. Also VZW won’t release until the new plans go into affect. Verizon knows exactly what there doing. The timing of the release will hurt it a bit though.

        • michael sinor

          I believe it’ll still sell well. I mean new people are coming into VZW everyday, and the Inc4g will suit a lot of them. It should have come out a month ago, and because of this hold up I don’t think we’ll have another one in the future. I am happy still with my original incredible. It runs ICS fine, runs all apps I’ve tried without issue. (I should reveal I don’t play games on a phone) Really too bad this is where the Incredible line ended up.

    • DigitalDK

      They’re definitely not wasting money on this, it’ll sell well. What you really should be asking is why did Motorola and VZW waste all of that money on the Citrus they’re still trying to throw at unsuspecting customers.

    • mustbepbs

      Because 4 inch screens are the max for some people. Not everyone wants a 4.8″ monster in their pocket/purse. There is definitely a market for the Dinc4G.

  • Buur

    More importantly this means that there won’t be a single new phone in stores before shared data goes into effect. A lot of people were waiting for the Inc4G for various reasons and will now either have to give up their unlimited data or preorder an S3 site unseen.

    • pickle3782

      I have the original Droid Incredible and its a great phone. I was thinking I wanted this. I might pre order the Samsung Galaxy S3 and If i dont like it, return it for this phone. Im sure returning the phone and getting a new one wouldnt void the contract you got seeing your just switching phones.

      Just a thought to a possible loop hole to still get this phone without losing unlimited data,

      • KleenDroid

        Maybe but I wouldn’t bet much on it. Only because the transaction would have been done after the plans go into affect. Don’t think for a second Verizon wouldn’t screw you over.

      • Joserilla

        Do what I’m doing, I’m pre-ordering two galaxy s3 phones and I’ll sell them online and I’ll apply those funds to buy whatever phone interests me in the fall, since my nexus is still the bomb. I’ll have to buy a phone at full retail then to keep my unlimited data of course.

      • Gilly

        You have 14 days to return a phone with Verizon ( I believe that is calendar, not business days)…you just have to pay a restocking fee of $35.

    • lye

      Why do I have to give up my data plan when I get a new phone? That doesn’t make sense.

      • lye

        Oh I guess you mean for upgrades… but last upgrade I was allowed to keep my unlimited.

        • michael sinor

          It’s been announced that if you have a grandfathered unlimited plan you will not be allowed to upgrade again without losing it after June 28th. Sorry Iye.

          • lye

            Ah, well I’m not due for an upgrade, I was just going to buy the phone so whatever. Thanks for the info.

          • michael sinor

            @lye You’re welcome. You will be able to buy whatever you want, just no more upgrades. They say the subsidized phones are losing Verizon too much money, or diminishing their profit too much. Many think it’s just a tactic for their new shared plans. I spend over $300/mo @20% discount for my businesses, and would stand to gain by switching. I just don’t want to share my data with my family. Is that selfish?

          • JoeySpins

            I was told by verizon representative that if you have family share plan and have unlimited data you would lose your unlimited plan. If you are using solely one phone line and do not have a family share plan then you will not lose your unlimited plan. That was what I was told yesterday.

    • LionStone

      Or buy it outright and keep unlimited.

    • Dotcommer

      Just finished talking with a sales rep. She asked her manager who told her its slated for late August. I decided to get a Rezound seeing how its a fairly decent successor to my original Dinc, and not a massive slab like the gnexus and S3. The best option in my opinion in order to retain my unlimited data connection plus mobile hotspot. If I waited and upgraded with the new share plan, my monthly bill would go up 20 bucks to over 90, for the same things I want.

  • Android1997

    Next Bionic??

    • KleenDroid

      LOL, No it isn’t being re-designed because it doesn’t work properly. Verizon just doesn’t want anyone to buy a new phone until after the new plans come out.

      • DigitalDK

        Pretty much the case, if no new phones come out before the plan change nobody has a choice except going with an “older” phone.

        • hkklife

          Yup, the imminent switchover to shared plans makes for a handy way for VZW to clear out all of the leftover stock of old handsets laying around. The last of their 3G (Droid 3, X2, Inc2, Rhyme) inventory is pretty much on its way out, so the next week is gonna be good for them to unload old G-Nex, RAZRs, Bionics, D4s etc to eligible upgraders who want to lock in their grandfathered plans.

          Then we’ll unsurprisingly see a huge flood of new hardware from July (GS3, Inc LTE), August (Droid HD) and Sept-Oct (iPhone 5) until the holidays (HTC’s Note competitor etc) once the family shared crap goes into effect. I forsee a LOT of early upgrade promos being tossed out over the next few months in order to get 3G users into a shiny new LTE phone and a new shared or tiered contract.

      • I guess we have to give A LOT of credit to Samsung for pushing its GS3 to release *almost* simultaneously around the globe, without bending over to the carriers. If it were not the case, I’m sure Verizon would’ve held GS3 launch until after 6/28. Well, it is after that, but you can at least preorder and lock in UNL.