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Galaxy Nexus Listing in Play Store Outs Jelly Bean as Android 4.1, Arriving “Soon”

And I’d say this about settles it. Jelly Bean will be Android 4.1, according to the Google Play listing for the Galaxy Nexus. We had all sort of assumed that 4.1 would be next, but now the question remains, “Will this be outed at Google I/O next week?” If Google is ready to talk about the G-Nex receiving it “soon,” I’d say that we should be surprised if it isn’t unveiled there.  

Update:  During checkout, the new thumbnail that shows up includes a picture of the device with that new glassy Google Search bar that we saw in from the IO app yesterday. It’s tiny and tough to make out, but this blurry blown up version gives you bit of a look:

Update 2:  The checkout page that outed 4.1 as Jelly Bean has already been changed and no longer mentions it at all. Good thing we grabbed that screenie. 🙂

Via:  XDA

Cheers Luigi!

  • extremo99

    I remmembered something I saw the other day….”manufacturer said Gingerbread phones are going to receive update for ICS on the following month”…it was a new post….and at the corner for Jelly Bean!!!…sure manufacturers are slow

  • What if it’s Jelly Roll?

  • Nice to see people finally speaking up against people who come on here to post comments of entitlement about the glory of rooting and custom ROMs. I’ve done both on many phones, and I prefer leaving this Nexus completely alone. Why should I, and others like me, be bludgeoned to death by “just root your phone” crazies.

  • akazerotime

    I guess the next hypebeasted item is going to be 4.1

  • aaron1992

    if verizon and goolgle already have jelly bean ready to be push out to make it up for last update they did to us!!

  • aaron1992

    probly the nexus tablet will be fist and then jelly bean/gnexus last and jelly bean update in july/augest 2012 hopeing

  • Bavetta

    Here’s a better photo (I just took the resizing parameter off of the end):

  • Larizard

    Not bursting anyone’s bubble, but that Google Search bar might just be a Holo Light implementation of the original search widget, which is in Holo Dark.

    Maybe they finally decided that it is a customizable widget and users can now choose between Holo Dark or Holo Light version of the search bar?

    Here’s a link to Android themes, from the Android Design website: http://developer.android.com/design/style/themes.html

  • coolsilver

    I can not wait for other devices like for CDMA/LTE to appear in the Play Store. I am happy to see that the Galaxy Nexus is able to be purchased again. Google had originally set out to do and change how phones were bought.

  • Towelie420

    Blurry blown up picture? You mean it didn’t become more clear and vivid upon zooming in like it does on the TV shows

  • loving that JB wallpaper.
    someone hack into google and steal it for us !

  • Ted

    This is why I purchased a GSM GNEX straight from Google and am patiently waiting for someone on ebay to take it off my hands. I am rooted though, with AOKP.

  • azndan4

    Blame Verizon people.

  • Personally I wish it went to 5.0 and not 4.1 makes we fear that thee won’t be much updated…

  • Ken Bosse

    are those physical buttons in that blurry image…GASP