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DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX Ice Cream Sandwich Update Build 6.16.211 Approved by Verizon, It’s Update Time!

I have no idea what the hell is going on in Australia, but Verizon just posted the support docs for the DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX Ice Cream Sandwich update. This almost always indicates that the update is days away from rolling out. I’d say that the June 22 and 27 dates we heard are definitely in play. The build number is 6.16.211 which leaked out 3 days ago.

Global roaming is included, a new video calling feature, new Smart Actions app, and a whole bunch of other goodies. Mostly though, it’s all about Android 4.0.4 and the complete makeover that Motorola’s Blur has received. It’s much less intrusive, but with enough add-ons to make it semi-appetizing. This is it, the update you have been waiting 7 months for.

The update is 354MB in size. More.

Update: Β Motorola updated their DROID RAZR page as well. It includes a whole bunch of Ice Cream Sandwich tutorial videos that you may want to take a look at. We have a bunch of them posted here as well.

Cheers Mark!

  • steve

    since update, I cannot attach any sized pictures to text. I get the same “do you want to resize” message, but after I ok it, I still get message pic is too large. Never had this before

  • I HATE IT!! I’m so unhappy with the update ice cream sanwich on my droid razr! I’m having conflicts with the draw something application, my photo’s aren’t uploading to my photobucket album, and the sound controls are screwy and not working right! I get error update messages all day, over and over. This phone is only a few months old (and is already my second phone). Can I uninstall the update? I will hate to have to go to the verizon store AGAIN so soon :/

  • Jarhead

    Full update at 2:00 am June 30/2012

  • william

    Droid razr maxx, 1 month old. I live in Chico, CA, usa, and i have no update… If Verizon does not update me soon, im gonna jailbreak the ICS. Bummer..

  • I’ve had a page setup with my company website for a little while now, listing the manual steps to receive the ICS OTA official update. If you haven’t yet received your scheduled OTA update and would like to get rolling with it now, check out http://ics.branpute.net .

  • Jeff

    It’s June 27. Any word if the update is going to be rolling out to the non-soak public today?

  • tseuG

    I’m rooted and have safestrap but have never flashed a custom rom….I’m hoping that i’ll stil get this OTA.

  • sporttster

    Anyone know if the Dish Remote access app works with this update??

  • Jake

    What determines who gets the ota update when?

  • bshaw1028

    Ics was waitin on Lebron 2 win his chip…

  • Colton

    Anyone getting this yet? (I signed up for the soak test)

  • jorge

    FINALLY! I can’t believe it took Motorola 6 months to update the Razor. Only a handful of ddvices are running ICS and Jellybean is already being announced next month.

    • True, but the update to JB should be quick compared to the ICS update. ICS was a massive kernel/system overhaul, only makes sense it would take a long time for drivers, kernel modules, UI updates, etc.

  • allen spurr

    I’ve been running the leak for the past few days and it’s super smooth – with 1 exception. When you try and add a widget, the text is the same color as the background so you can’t read what the widget is. Other than that, everything is smooth as butter!

  • The sooner the RAZR update comes out, the sooner I can expect my Droid 4 to be updated…

    • I’m thinking that we’ll see Bionic update before D4. Though, they could drop within a couple of weeks of each other, so who knows.

      • While it would be nice if both were updated soon, I think it is highly doubtful the Bionic will be updated before the D4. The D4 is very close to the RAZR in hardware and software already, so it SHOULD be relatively easy to get that version of ICS working properly on the D4. Who knows though….Hopefully this is the first of many Motorola ICS updates in a row.

  • guest

    So are they not doing the multitask button that allows you to switch quick between open widgets? i’m not seeing info on that anywhere. thanks.

    • guest

      i meant to say apps, not widgets sorry.

    • trekker670

      Press and hold the home button and a screen of open/recent apps will appear.

  • Okay VZW and Moto…lets get that D4 update out. Mmmkay?

  • I got a soak test invite, and here it is on the 22nd and no ICS.

    • Same here. I just keep checking for it again and again, expecting different results.

      • Richard B

        That means your insane! LOL

        • I just remember how if I hadn’t pulled the Gingerbread update for my Droid 2 Global, I wouldn’t have gotten it for another month because they dipped distributing it and pulled it off the servers. I’m afraid of that happening again.

    • trekker670


    • They will send out an email within an hour of the test being pushed. The fact that its officially recognized to be hours should be enough πŸ™‚

  • Gritchu

    Why does that flyer list a customizable doc on the home screen as if it were a new feature? Am I missing something? I’m sitting here with my 2.3.6 Razr Maxx and I can do all those things with the doc already. The only difference I see is that the new doc has 5 buttons instead of the 4 I currently have.

    • Gritchu

      Also, isn’t it Motorola that behind this update? This flyer makes it sound like Verizon’s taking all the credit. All they do is push it out to devices to everyone’s phone after Motorola has finished developing it. It’s a bit like Fedex taking credit for making that new Sony Playstation you just had delivered.

  • C-Law

    How did it take them this long to release a mostly stock ICS? Samsung got out their touchwiz ics with many new features android doesn’t have and a completely different look in the same time frame. What did motorola do to improve ics in that time period? Looks like just new icons to me.

  • wickets


  • lee

    And what about the island of the uk

  • iGamer777

    Looks like Motorola will suceed to roll out ICS update before Jelly Bean releases πŸ™‚

  • Q

    Welcome to the promised land, friends..

  • I believe that at sometime later Motorola will just announce the the international RAZR will be remained on Gingerbread…

  • C-Law

    Lol, I still remember Motorola telling everyone ics was coming soon when they announced the razr last year. What a bunch of assholes

  • WinDroid Does

    My Dropbox link generated too much bandwidth and has been pulled for 3 days…hopefully someone got it and is uploading it somewhere else.

    • randy

      How can you remove the leaked ics. My razr is all jacked up after installing it. Thanks

  • Travillion

    Just in time for jelly bean!

  • Dain Laguna

    πŸ™‚ i still remember when my d2g got the gingerbread update…i thought i was excited THEN

  • azndan4

    Verizon purposely held back the HTC Rezound ICS update so that Motorola could release ICS first. It’s because Motorola does whatever Verizon wants so they get preferential treatment.

  • WinDroid Does

    Oooops forgot to post the link…


    somebody out it and host it elsewhere…I am sure my Dropbox limit will get abused fairly fast

    Again you MUST be stock on .181, put file in SD card, boot into stock recovery…apply update from zip and PRESTO


    • rlorenz

      Anybody have any luck with this?

      • WinDroid Does

        What do you mean? Are you getting any errors? It worked fine on 3 devices for me…

        • rlorenz

          Oh, sorry man. Just asking to see if anyone else tried it before I did. Didn’t want to brick a phone because some asshat tricked me into using a wrong file.

          Did it anyway and it worked. So thanks! Write to Kellen with the file so he can post it on here!

          • WinDroid Does

            I sent Kellen an email when I posted it almost an hour ago…don’t know if he’s not around or just doesn’t want to post it, did you ROOT?

          • rlorenz

            Dinner / drinks time here in PST zone. I did not root; this isn’t my main phone. It’s currently being used of one of my family members- I’d rather keep it simple for them. That’s what my gnex is for!

          • bricked

            Yea tried to install now stuck at dual core screen.

          • WinDroid Does

            did you have any changes to your system? wipe /cache and /data and it should fix it. Usually recommended to wipe before installing anything, also first boot took the longest

          • white

            hi thanks for reply didnt wipe stock .181 sat on first boot for 20min, tried to wipe after and reinstall ics now get e: error in /tmp/sideload/package.zip(status 7)

          • WinDroid Does

            you weren’t on a complete stock .181 system, that’s why the (status 7) error happened

            do you have the stock ICS recovery with the 3D Android or old stock GB recovery?

          • bricked

            i was on stock .181 flashed 211 stuck on moto then wiped then did apply from zip again then get that error

          • WinDroid Does

            this will fix it, you were missing some files…AP Fastboot back to .181 using 1.6 RAZR Utility, you will get some errors, then use Unstuck 211 tool to flash 211 kernel…then go into stock recovery and flash the file you have stored in the SD card

          • bricked

            was just reading this method will try tnx

          • bricked

            how long doeas 1.6 utility take stopped at one error

          • WinDroid Does

            takes 10-15min to flash all the files…did you dL the whole 1GB file?

          • bricked

            yes its going now it hung for awhile will it say completed

          • WinDroid Does

            Yea, you will see hit enter to return or something along those lines when it completes…after you hit any key when it’s completed it will bring you back to the main utility screen, then run the unstuck 211 tool, go into AP Fastboot, apply 211 kernel…go to stock recovery and flash the zip for 211 πŸ™‚

          • bricked

            wow tnx should of researched more, so after 1.6 utility razr will reboot go to ap again and install 211 kernal reboot then recover with sd

          • WinDroid Does

            that’s correct πŸ™‚

          • bricked

            after i install 211 kernal can i reboot and charge for a bit

          • WinDroid Does

            yea, make sure you have at least 50% battery…70-80% recommended, just go into BP Tools to charge, don’t try to boot the system up

          • bricked

            k in bp tools so just chill? again tnx for help owe you a beer

          • WinDroid Does

            did the battery icon turn on? just want to make sure your phone is actually charging and not sitting on a black screen

          • bricked

            i was just going to ask no its not blank screen im in a wall charger also ill try different cable

          • bricked

            i meant no batterey it is a blank screen

          • WinDroid Does

            did you have a fully charged battery before this whole process?

            when in fastboot mode does it say battery ok or battery too low?

            does the dual core logo come up after you go into BP Tools? that’s supposed to happen and then the battery is supposed to appear and start charging.

          • bricked

            70% when started fstbt ok dual core comes up then no bat icon but i can tell screen is on if that makes sense

          • WinDroid Does

            hmm, that’s a tough one…the battery is supposed to turn on, that insures the battery is actually charging…you can let it charge a bit and see if anything changes, personally I’d try and flash the update now if it doesn’t seem to be charging unless you have a factory cable.

            There is a few diff. ways to try and get the battery to charge, but the BP Tools was the easiest and one that always worked for me.

          • bricked

            well install aborted im lost now

          • WinDroid Does

            any errors and did you try a second time? the first install will fail…do you see this recovery with the sideways android or something else?


          • bricked

            yes error and that was first install and no i have little droid under triangle cant see what error was im at select package to install screen for second try

          • WinDroid Does

            does it start updating anything or just fails right away?

          • bricked

            just tried again and now it fails right away same error /tmp/sideload/package.zip status 7 im using the file from your dropbox before it got shut down

          • WinDroid Does

            btw, the first install of 211 after the kernel will probably fail. that’s normal, just apply the same update again and it will work πŸ™‚

          • bricked

            last i did this was og droid whats the difference cant remember gb style

        • Matt

          I got the following error:
          E:Error in /tmp/sideload/package.zip
          (Status 0)
          Installation aborted.

          • WinDroid Does

            you’re missing some files from the stock system…try the method I posted with the other person and it will work for you πŸ™‚

          • Iamthetoph

            I actually fastbooted using the 1.6 utility, then tried to install the zip, and got Matt’s error. Thoughts?

    • bricked

      any help would be appreciated

    • randy

      Can you help me put my RAZR back to stock? It’s not working well at all after installing the lcs from the bropbox. I need to remove it. Thanks

  • seth

    No droid 4 love..? =(

    • qb14

      Droid 4 isn’t supposed to get ICS until Q3.

  • Tgz

    Motorola did a good job Blur looks sweet

    • Larizard

      i’m teary-eyed, and I have the GNex!

      No mention of the bootloader yet… lol.

  • drdigital

    The docs are posted on the US site too… as well as it advertising that a software update is “Coming Soon” http://support.verizonwireless.com/system_update/droid_razr.html

  • scott

    DOES ANYONE WHO INSTALLED THE LEAK SEE A DIFFERENCE WITH THE LIGHTING OF THE SCREEN IN DARK SITUATIONS. I use screen adjuster right now to keep the black blotches limited.

    • WinDroid Does

      There is no difference, the issue is do to the display itself and is not software related unfortunately πŸ™

  • WinDroid Does

    Just place in SD card and go to stock recovery…apply update from SD card and you’re set…MUST be stock, you can ROOT via D4 method on XDA


  • I keep checking for the upd and getting nothing. I know you can push it early but how do you do it? I know it’s a stupid question I just can’t remember how you do it.
    Please help πŸ™‚

    • OhAaron

      It is ready for release & has been given a greenlight by Verizon. However, the soak test has not happened yet. It will probably be released to the general public around the 26th.

      • Thanks guys. I thought i could push it and don’t want the risk using the download link in the comments.

    • evltwn

      You have to wait until it’s pushed to the servers. Then you can do a pull.

  • Mark

    Mmmm….. sweet ice creamy goodness….. πŸ™‚

  • gabe


  • nightscout13

    Finally! Took ’em long enough……..



  • Bigsike

    I have to say people I was all in with Moto, I ditched my last carrier and phone for the DX. After being treated like a moron for months and months to even get gingerbread I had enough. Ditched Moto for Samsung and the Galaxy Nexus couldn’t be happier I feel like on top of the food chain and treated like a real customer. So I guess think really really hard before you buy another Moto device knowing the same thing will happen again.


      Isn’t the Galaxy Nexus the phone everyone on here was crying about not getting timely updates from Verizon?

      • Big_EZ

        Yep. I had a Droid X and it was updated faster than other phones besides the nexus line, well except the galaxy nexus.

    • The same Nexus that just now received its first real update a couple weeks ago? No offense but I don’t see that as being any better…

      • Bigsike

        My comment wasn’t so much about the GN as it was about how Moto is as far as updates. I just felt like I was being slapped in the face every time I saw a phone being updated meanwhile I just sat and waited. That’s all I meant.

        • I had the DX too, I admit I was one of thos upset at how long it was taking to get updates. The upside I felt though for me was that the DX was stable as hell and the build quality of that rev was amazing. I didn’t mind waiting for the update. Honestly I feel the same about my RAZR. Maxx. It works great, and I don’t want a rushed bugfilled ifs update just so I can have the latest and greatest on my phone.

          • Please disregard typos doing this from said phone while two year old son smacks me in the face lol.

          • ERIC REED


          • jroc74


            As long as my phone is stable and reliable….I can wait many months for any update.

        • ERIC REED

          I think we all are a little too impatient…

    • Sp4rxx

      ….and explain to me again how your comment has anything to do with the topic?

    • mustbepbs

      Just shut up about the GNEX already. We get it. You like it. You hate Moto. Blah blah blah.


      • InyRules

        I’ve never understood the need to bash and hate on another phone and glorify your own. If you’re happy with your phone, great, and if you’re not, find one that suits your needs. Agree with you.

    • The Droid X was always one for the first phones out of any manufactures to get updated and samsung’s Galaxy S line of phones were lucky to even receive updates. My issue with samsung is that they put out a GS phone and its lucky to get an update before the move onto there next phone. The GS2 people will be lucky if they even see 4.0 just like the GS3 people will be lucky to see 4,1. Gnexus or not there track record is worse then even moto’s even the D1 got how many updates and the nexus S was lucky to get 4.0 . So just cause your on a nexus don’t think your safe from samsung.

      • jroc74

        Yup…some ppl seem to either dont know or dont remember. Alot of phones were late getting updates in 2010, 2011….but the DX1 was one of the first to get Froyo and GB before other some phones by HTC and Samsung.

        But…Samsung has gotten better the GS2 on ATT is getting ICS as we speak.

    • jroc74

      Everyone doesnt have the same wants n needs tho.

      I could actually care less about an OS update vs my wants n needs. And for me…Moto has always come thru.

      Wants needs….we all dont have the same. I had a G Nex….so I know all about ICS. That didnt phase me tho.

    • Doug Wing

      @bigsike just how small is your penis that your life seems to revolve around telling everyone how happy you are with your gnex purchase and how everyone else is stupid? I looked at the gnex, too much plastic for my taste.

      BTW the new motoblur on 211 is far less intrusive than touchwiz.

      • Dude, really? Did you really have to pull that one out, he explained pretty well that he was just making a comment about an observation he made about updates.


  • In fairness the RAZR isn’t getting 4.0.4 THAT much later than the GNEX…yay VZW..

    • KleenDroid

      Really… Lol How long did it take to get 4.02?

      Seriously congratulations on the update! You guys will love it!

      • michael arazan

        An Aussie poster in the forums at android central say their razr’s haven’t recieved all the minor firmware updates that the U>S> models have all received yet either.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    Can anyone tell me what is up with the blue hue to the screen? My sister has the phone and the one I saw at BestBuy had the same thing going on… I bet its been talked about a million times and I just missed it…

  • Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa

    Any NFC support? Chip exists in the hardware.. Ravi Shanghavi Ottawa

    • evltwn

      It does not come with an NFC chip.

  • Knlegend1


  • frstsaxman

    awesome just in time to be obsoleted in 1 week! yay

    • Bionic

      i totally agree. “here you go here is ICS but now we are revealing Jelly Bean and you wont be getting it”

  • Jackson

    Question I search in root explorer “nfc” and one file came up /system/lib/libnfc_ndef.so

    • Scott Petty

      Its probably an unused driver/library/general file. Similar to how my Windows 7 machine has bluetooth drivers, but no bluetooth hardware.

      Either that, or its a dummy file that tells the OS that there is no nfc hardware.

  • I hope to GOD that it’s not another 7 months for the D4

  • Heartless12

    I WANT IT AND I NEED IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Where can I find this file?

  • ty for the link!

  • NJ

    I envy you US users so hard atm. I am stuck with the delayed European RAZR =(

    • Bionic

      ass to mouth?

      • jak_341

        Now that is funny. Lol!

  • sgtguthrie

    Why yes, I’ll be installing it tonight πŸ˜‰

  • normmcgarry

    Stupid question – does this mean that I can flash the leaked one and it is the same as waiting for the OTA? My mom just got a Razr Maxx and I am setting it up for her tomorrow. If the update isn’t OTA by the time I’m setting it up, I’d like to flash the leaked one. I really don’t want to deal with the frustration of her using GB for 12 hours and then getting an ICS update haha. And I’d like her to stay on the update path so I don’t always have to be updating stuff manually for her.

    • chris125

      if you install the leak it will wipe the device. OTA does not.

      • Trevor H

        the leak does not wipe the device, if you’re coming from .181 (gingerbread), it will update to 211 (provided you do it via motorola stock recovery, by putting the .zip on the SD card)

        • chris125

          you sure? I thought it always wiped the device? Link?

          • Trevor H

            i believe so, i always do a factory reset after an update anyhow, but on previous ICS leaks for the razr/maxx, if you just applied it from the sd, it “ugpraded” and didnt wipe.. — http://www.droidrzr.com/index.php/topic/2693-ics-616211-morning-of-6152012-not-fastbootable/ for the download

          • chris125

            so just place it on the sd and then go from the stock recovery?

          • Trevor H

            correct, if it fails for any reason, you’ll need to wipe cache/data – for some it has failed and required that, so be aware of that beforehand, i presume the ota may suffer the same issue, since its a major upgrade its generally a good idea to wipe and reset anyhow.

          • chris125

            I did it and first time it said aborted and sticks at moto boot screen and so i went and wiped everything and it keeps saying the same thing. Any info

          • Trevor H

            check the threads over on droidrzr, i believe you need to flash the ics recovery (some folks are having issues flashing the ota/zip, so they made a tool to get ics recovery on the device, which then makes getting the ota/zip on there with 100% ease).

          • evltwn

            If you’re not 100% sure of what you’re doing you should wait. It’s a week away. Your mom isn’t going to get it tomorrow if it does come out. That’s when soak testers are supposedly going to be getting it. If all goes well, it will be pushed out to everyone.

          • Doug Wing

            Positive. If you are stock unrooted this IS the ota file. It did not wipe my data.

  • Good, now they can release the Rezound ICS update, which has been done for weeks!

    • sith77

      seriously , rezound was supposed to be the first to be upgraded ………… pathetic . no more android for me .

  • Bionic

    now hurry up and approve the damn bionic, there is really no reason it should take long. The Bionic and Razr are almost the same phone especially in terms of the Blur build.

    Seriously, it shouldnt take long.

    • HonKudasai

      Dude, we just got two leak builds. We’re just around the corner.

      • Bionic

        what makes you think that? We see things leak all the time and they still take forever to get to the customer.

        • mustbepbs

          Maybe you haven’t seen the leaked video? It functions and looks like it’s done.

          • Bionic

            yes i have, it looks sweet and ready to go, another reason for them not to take forever, but like ive said a million times, history is full of examples of updates that leak and we dont see them for a month or two.

          • if you’re going to complain so much about getting updates…get a google experience device….

          • Bionic

            dude blow me. I needed a phone when Bionic was out. So i got it. Nexus was no where to be seen at that time. If you dont think ICS rollout has been a complete joke and failure you are in the minority and an idiot.

          • chris125

            if you think updates have ever been fast with android than you are an idiot. It’s not like android has been quick with updates other than their nexus line.

          • Bionic

            and that is why they talk about fragmentation. any device with the hardware to support the newest Android OS should have it. I guess thats just my opinion tho.

          • go buy an iphone. Problem solved.

          • bionicbitchxx

            Bionic “the phone to rule all machines” lol what a waist if time that was fir me to see the release of it

          • You’ve been in every thread involve this phone complaining nonstop. It’s a bit sad. Get over it. You bought a phone and got shafted. It happens to a lot of us. People bought the Razr when it came out then got boned when the Razr Maxx suddenly dropped and also reduced the price of the Razr.

            If you need something so bad just use a rom. Quit whining and wait like the rest of us geez.

          • gabe

            Know whats an even bigger slap….me getting a max and them announcing the droid razr hd wow wtf

          • mustbepbs

            Do you even realize how much of a drastic change GB to ICS is? They’ve got to:

            1. Build it
            2. Make sure everything works
            3. Make sure that switching users from GB to ICS won’t lose data/apps/anything
            4. Ensure it’s a smooth experience, iron out all the flaws
            5. Pass it to the carrier who has to do their own testing/making sure radios are solid/add their own software/etc

            If you think this process is short and a “complete joke”, you’ve lost the plot. Oh and I’m sure you’d be there, number one, first minute of release if they released an update a few months ago that was buggy just to release it on your time table. Just relax, take a chill pill, and be glad that you’re even getting it. If you haven’t noticed, a lot of phones that SHOULD be getting ICS are not for whatever reason (coughD3/DX2cough).

          • Bionic

            ok thanks Tuvok

          • mustbepbs


          • Bionic


    • normmcgarry

      That’s why there has been two leaked ICS builds today for the Bionic. It doesn’t seem to be taking long.

      • Bionic

        i know that, but history has plenty of examples of leaked updates that still take forever to get to the OTA. Truth is Bionic should have been first.

        • chris125

          Bionic also should have been released months earlier but we all know that didn’t happen. Quit crying or at least go cry on a bionic article.

          • Bionic

            yanno whats funny is that Bionic will finally get ICS and then Jelly bean will be out, and my money is betting on Bionic wont EVER see that.

          • chris125

            yeah It wouldn’t surprise me if the razr/maxx doesn’t get it either.

    • come on

      are you serious? you try upgrading a phone from android 2.3 to android 4.0 WITHOUT WIPING and ensuring that it works exactly the same on every single device. seriously, you need to understand who difficult that is and how much QA these things need to go through

  • tvjrc603

    …is this real life?

    • It’s not just fantasy πŸ˜›

      • Caught in a landslide no escape from reality

        • Sp4rxx

          ….escape from reality

          • bigachx

            Open your eyes…
            Look up to the sky and seeeeeeeee….

          • SMD79

            “I’m just a poor boy…I need no sympathy”

            Sincerely, iPhone user

          • michael arazan

            Because its easy come, easy go, little high, little low

          • Anywhere the wind blows, doesn’t really matter, to meee….

          • Shadowcell
          • Shadowcell

            *double post*

          • Mark Christian

            To meeee………………..

    • 112233445566

      Did you take the red pill?

  • chris125

    so much for the soak test lol

    • mustbepbs

      The soak test was them..soaking you in…this was supposed to pan out into a joke.

      I’m serious.

      • HuskerHog

        The soak test starts tomorrow the 22nd. The rest will get 4.04 on the 27th.