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Original DROID Incredible Update 4.08.605.15 on the Way, Yes That Incredible

An update for the original DROID Incredible has been approved by Verizon and should start to rollout within the near future. The update fixes a visual voice mail issue, improves Bluetooth car connectivity, and resolves a bug with the Verizon App store. Crazy, right? Who would have thought that after two years, this phone would still be receiving updates. Props to HTC.

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  • montanagirl

    I loved the phone until I installed the software update. Now it won’t even turn on!

  • This is one of the best phones, you just have to know how to get the right mods to fix the things HTC and Verizon did not. First get your phone rooted. Then find a custom ROM that meets your needs. Most of the custom ROMS have mods baked in to fix low memory errors. I am currently Rooted on Stock Plus ROM with EXT4ALL mod and V6 Supercharger. I have SETCPU profiles to control over and underclocking. I get great batterylife and my phone is super fast when I need it to be. Anyone can look up this information on XDA developers. Instead of wasting your money on a new phone make the DINC perform the way you want it. Also there should be people in your town that can help you root and flash ROMS if you are not comfortable doing this.

  • KeBo

    Best phone until they caused the stupid app memory issue and have no plans on fixing it. You would think that update would be more important sense I have to do a factory reset every few months. Verizon told me they are waiting on HTC for a fix to their programing.

  • Kevin

    updated mine. and now my phone keeps restarting. So now i don’t have a phone anymore til next month 🙂 thanks HTC

    • merlin

      I have the same problem, any ideas?

  • why are they releasing software update 4.08.605.15? i already have 4.08.605.2 and will this keep my phone from being a POS until something worth buying comes out?

  • JulianZHuang

    after i bought the GN, this phone has become my alert clock since GN got a trash speaker.

  • Plu

    Had the update waiting on my phone when I woke up this morning.

  • I still use this phone. As much as I don’t like how quickly the battery drains, the phone is awesome. I tried a razr Maxx at Verizon recently (which I didn’t like at all) and I ordered the GSIII so I can upgrade and keep my data plan. I read in yesterday’s NY Times about all of the tricks the Galaxy can do and I realized I don’t need any of it. All I need is my DInc, which is way nicer than any other phone out there. I plan to sell the GSIII and buy an Incredible 4G if it is ever released.

  • Still using my DInc running MIUI v4 and original stock battery. Like pretty much everyone has said this is one of the greatest android phones released on VZW. Overall just solid performance and on some builds of MIUI i could get upwards of 30 hours per charge (on the original battery thats almost two years old). Until now I haven’t been enticed to upgrade to any other phone, this thing is just that good. I did finally place an order for the GS3 but for no other reason than to move to LTE and keep my unlimited plan.

  • Bubba Gump

    Dang and I pre-ordered the SIII and now they are going to start updating my Dinc again……..Next I will come on here and see that ICS is coming to the Dinc!

  • easy1jay

    I’m glad that this phone is still getting a bit of love. I’ve had mine mine since the day it was released and having run MIUI for the past year, this update doesn’t so much apply to me, but it’s good for other people I suppose.

    I’m only now replacing it with an S3, but it’s been great the 2+ years I’ve had it.

  • Lax77

    Still rockin mine, picked up on release day! Battery is finally giving up but otherwise she’s running respectably for being over the hill. I still can’t decide what to upgrade to: SIII, Rezound, Incredible 4G…. The Inc4G is leading the list but I’m not giving up unlimited data so it needs to be out by the 28th.

    • T_Dizzle


      • Lax77

        Gonna have to go play with one at the AT&T store, not convinced I’ll like that large a display/phone. The Galaxy Nexus doesn’t do much for me so I’m not real optimistic the SIII will inspire me….and I’ve never cared for any version of TouchWiz, but there’s always workarounds for that.

        • T_Dizzle

          The Rezound is cheap but the developer support for the SIII will be stellar. Speaking of AT&T I would love to get my hands on an htc One series phone.

          • Lax77

            Went to the AT&T store yesterday, no SIII yet but I’m in LOVE with the One X. Why Verizon passed on it I will never understand…
            Looks like I’ll pre-order the SIII next week and wait to see what things look like closer to actual release.

          • T_Dizzle

            Nice! That sounds like the best plan to me.

          • T_Dizzle

            Nice! That sounds like a winning plan to me.

  • BuzB

    This is my last day using my DINC as my primary phone. Tomorrow my Moto Razr Maxx shows up and I’m moving on. I will keep this rooted phone to use as a music player, Plex remote, alarm clock, etc.

  • I don’t use this phone anymore, but how about fixing the memory error? luckily, flashing a custom rom resolved the problem, but other less knowledgeable people still face this problem.

  • Mr. Cool guy

    Wow, can’t believe an update came for my phone today. I actually misinterpreted the 4.0xxxx number on the update as meaning my phone was getting ice cream. What a disappointment but I should have known better. Thanks for the good times htc. I would consider getting another htc but you skipped Verizon with the One X so… Samsung Galaxy S3 it is. I’m ready to try something new anyway. I don’t think the Sense updates were new enough to hold my interest. Thanks again.

  • Justin

    Please help!! Using the Incredible till my S3 comes in, however its running stock htc non rooted 2.3.4 & i cant seem to find anything to get this bitch rooted. Can anyone help me please so throw a custom rom on it & get better life for the next 3 weeks till i get my S3.

    • T_Dizzle

      You can downgrade and run a custom rom on your D Inc. I have been running CM7 on mine for a long time. In fact I waited for the official ICS update on my Gnex but after being very disappointed I will probably flash a CM rom to that also. Google it and you will find several sets of instructions.

    • Bill Starr

      Here’s how I got rooted and deleted the 117-megabyte “/data/data/com.android.htcprofile/anr_history.txt” debugger log file.


  • Brain

    Those who have/had this phone and are/did upgrade to a new device with a larger screen…how was the transition? This is my biggest concern going to the SIII. I like the small screen on the DINC and part of me is not looking forward to the larger screen phones. Just curious to hears other peoples experiences.

    • JOhnM

      I had an og which was a similar size and at first i didn’t think i would like the increased screen size but it’s actually kind of nice having more window space.

      • Brain

        Thanks John and spensen

    • SpenSen

      It was weird for me, going to a Galaxy Skyrocket. Not hard, just weird. And to this day, every time mi pick mup my DInc (which is enjoying retirement as a bedside music box and alarm clock), it feels strangely tiny in my hand. Hard to believe it’s roughly the same size as an original Motorola RAZR.

  • Brain

    I love this phone. The only reason I am leaving it and upgrading to the SIII is to keep my unlimited plan.

  • Jon

    Props to HTC for finally fixing these issues? How old is this phone? Should we get use to paying for things that don’t work properly?

  • Fazor

    This is amazing! I got my Droid Incredible on launch day and helped a friend clear the low memory error thing and install the latest version just the other day.

    For anybody who is annoyed at the low memory error issue and cannot install the latest version, follow these steps. I did this and it worked for me. It took me about 10-15 tries but eventually it worked!

  • what rom do you guys have on your DINC? I have AOKP build 37 right now. It’s great and all but I need something that’s a little more stable

    • T_Dizzle

      My CM7 stable build runs flawlessly on my DInc. Unfortunately, I have to say even better than my stock GNex.

  • chris125

    Where’s all the apple fan boys now saying android phones never get updates??

  • Trevor

    I have to imagine the only reason this phone was updated was because of the Verizon App ringtone issue. Otherwise I bet Verizon couldn’t care less. Just a hunch.

  • DanWazz

    Still use my Incredible as an MP3 player at home and such. Runs CM7 and still works great on Wifi. I will always look back fondly at it.

  • rezound or galaxy s3? help!

    • GoldnJosh

      Rezound.. esp. for $79 right now. i just think the s3 is too big of a phone.. but yes, its a beast of a phone all-around. either way, its a win-win..

  • i have the droid incredible and i love but its time for a new phone.

  • J.B.

    Still my favorite smartphone I ever had. I miss it greatly. Really disappointed in the later models of the Incredible. I miss the design, the red accents and the track ball. Still have it as my back up.

    • pcss911

      This ^

    • T_Dizzle

      Same here

  • need help. im upgrading next month. rezound or Galaxy s3?

    • T_Dizzle

      Depends on what you need. If you want cutting edge tech go with the SIII but if you want a good phone cheap buy the Rezound. Long-term the dev and support community will be much greater for the SIII though.

  • I have a DInc. Just order a Samsung Galaxy SIII. I will miss the DInc. Call me crazy, I like HTC sense. I would have bought the One X or S had it made it to Verizon. But Verizon making its own version of the S is going to have less support from the developer community and less options for accessories. Hopefully the UI on the Galaxy improves. I will miss the consistent look of the calendar, contacts, and email. I will especially miss the HTC calendar widget. Nothing else I see is as good as that.

  • I still use mine. Cyanogen 7 and 1700mah batteries makes this a phenomenal phone. I am really in no hurry to upgrade it.

  • awesome….useless updates.

  • sholtkamp

    my wifes phone has been trying to get this for awhile but it wont ever restart. Even a manual restart won’t actually let it install. IDK

  • teevirus

    Aww I miss my DINC.

  • enigmaco

    This is why I am going back to htc and saying kiss my pissed off ass to Motorola

  • Just in time before my galaxy s3 comes in

    • autoverse

      My thoughts exactly.

  • kev

    still rockin this phone. thanks htc


    My mom had the original DROID Incredible, but then it got stuck in an irreversible bootloop. The only way to stop it was to pull the battery. She instead used her upgrade to get another phone….but I wish it would still work. It’s a great phone in its own right.

  • Caleb Martin

    Too bad it doesn’t fix any real issues, like the MAJOR “out of space” error that should have been fixed long ago. My girlfriend is using my original Incredible, but it is running CyanogenMod, which is free of such errors.

    • Sirx

      Dude, at this point, it’s one of the more endearing quirks of the Dinc. I went thought EIGHT different models thinking that was gonna help, but it never did. I will always remember it as the little phone that could…not remember a damn thing.

      • KevBo

        Ok that made me laugh, but I am with Caleb…I can’t wait til the end of the month to drop HTC

    • mrs.hook113

      search the web for the instructions to fix this error. I did it about a month ago and it is a lifesaver. Took about a half hour to do.

  • Caleb Martin

    -Disqus error-

  • Mark Lewis

    Hooray! The other DInc owner and I both thank you!

  • Heartless12

    Good to see that HTC still giving support to their devices

  • If it’s anything like the last update, I wouldn’t give props to HTC…

  • Supes

    I still have my Gen1 Droid Incredible, that I picked up on launch day. LOVE it. No issues or repairs and it still lets me do everything I need to do. Granted, this new update does nothing for my needs. Why do I still use a 2 year old phone? Because it’s not a tablet sized battery hog and I haven’t seen a 4″ 4G phone by HTC and Verizon until now…and yes, I’ll be buying a Droid Incredible 4G.

    • The original Droid incredible had the worst battery life of ANY Android phone to date. Mine never passed 6 hours, if that.

      • autoverse

        Really? It wasn’t great, but I definitely could last the full day unless I was constantly browsing.

        I bought the extended battery and could pull 2 days until every damn app began using GPS.

      • Supes

        When people complain about battery life it tends to relate more to their usage than a defect of the phone. I can get 24 hours easy, and have hit 48 hours a few times with minimal usage. Sure, sometimes my battery lasts around 8 hours but I expect it because my usage demands were higher. Cause and effect. Do you complain when you run out of gas faster than your neighbor who has the same car? Just because you drive faster everywhere or drive longer doesn’t mean the car has failed…it means your usage is different.

        • It just had horrific battery life. My Thunderbolt got about the same battery life, but I never disabled 4G, so I was satisfied with it. The DInc got worse battery life than any phone I’ve ever had.

    • Steve

      Same. Like the GSIII but why do we feel the need to make these phones enormous? I have watched tons of MLB.TV on my Droid Inc just fine, granted the resolution could be better but I don’t need a Flat Screen TV in my pocket.

  • JohnM

    My girlfriend still uses this phone. It still impresses me. Screen still looks sharp and camera quality is way better than my Maxx

  • Wowdoc

    YEs it still exists-long live, my sister had the incredible until yesterday. Awesome phone to install Roms!

  • New_Guy

    My goodness, I love HTC.

    • do you really love HTC or are you just saying that because you saw the word HTC?

      • New_Guy

        Well, you have an OEM still supporting a device after TWO YEARS of operation. I don’t think there’s any dispute that HTC deserves some kudos. Not to mention they came out publicly and admitted their skin was way too heavy and did everything to reduce it without removing it completely (won’t go there). And did I mention HTCdev.com. Sure, it’s not all what it’s cracked up to be, but htcdev was a big “Screw you” to the carriers that kept telling them what they couldn’t do.

        Just saying, HTC seems to at least be in some kind of touch with the little guys. Kudos for sure.

        • m6droid

          New_Guy needs to watch Anchorman methinks…

  • Now I just have to figure out how to un-root so I can get this update. Or just wait for the DI 4G

    • autoverse

      Please don’t get the DI4G.

      The DINC1 was the best phone for it’s time. The Nexus One was out rocking the android world, and then this “update” came along and held strong for about 2 months.

      THE DI4G is a major disappointment. The name that meant “The best from HTC” is now “middle of the road.”

      Get the One S, X, or do what I’m doing and go GSIII

      • New_Guy

        On that note….don’t unroot either. Never for an OEM update. You’ll just be disappointed and loose ability to root again when you are.

  • Murphy

    This is a joke right? Because all of 3 Incredible owners must have b*tched about Bluetooth problems…

    • KB Smoka

      Step off sucka…..You mad cuz I’m running ICS on the OG Incredible and you’re still waiting? Or you mad because you got the Nexus with more bugs than your bed?

    • New_Guy

      All 3??? I don’t have one, but do you really not know how much success HTC juiced out of that phone? New to the community or what?

    • Murphy

      Calm down honey badgers, I was only being sarcastic.

  • Tom Luley

    Your “more info” link brings us to an “Incredible 2 by HTC Software Upgrade”…Failing?

    • No, it makes sense (pun intended)

    • Verizon doesn’t know how to name their URLs properly and has placed the Inc2 support page over the Inc.

  • Best Phone Ever!!!!

    • To this day I say that this is the best Droid phone of it’s time.

    • radiohead14

      still have mine (original version w the amoled screen and no “Droid” branding). slapped Skyraider ROM on it a while ago (had one of the best & biggest dev support), and this thing has made waiting for a new phone painless. never had an issue with it, battery life with a Seidio 1750 lasts me through the entire day, camera takes good photos, it can handle most apps without a hiccup, and I’ve dropped this thing so many times, yet it only has very minor scuffs and the screen is still perfect. only reason I pre-ordered the GSIII was because of VZW’s no lube plan on the way.. otherwise I could’ve waited longer. such a shame that HTC/VZW has degraded it into a mid-level phone.

      • pcss911

        I’m in the same situation – original amoled, no issues, handles drops like a champ, etc. (cm7.1>skyraider). My experience has been exactly the same, and I absolutely agree wholeheartedly with every point made here. Who knows, I may have gone to the GSIII anyway for the larger screen/LTE, but I was certainly in no rush to upgrade if not for Verizon’s greed. I would likely have remained happy as is for another year or more. (Too bad we now have to rely on Samsung as the only remaining vendor who reliably leaves devices open for the dev community.)

        • Odd I have an HTC Rezound that is open too. I had a friend root and unlock it for me. So it’s not just Samsung, some HTC phones are open still.

  • ThatDooD

    Too bad it isn’t ICS update!

    • New_Guy

      Unfortunately, it probably will never be. But, who knows =)

  • Amenemhat1

    do these phones still exits?!


      They’ll soon be on their way out, yes.

    • New_Guy

      The Original Incredible was a pretty big success for HTC and for Android as a whole. I am not surprised it’s still being supported, although I would be surprised if this were not the last OEM update it will receive.

    • Brett Cochran

      My GF bought hers in January of 2010. It’s still kicking, but keeps thinking it is low on internal storage when it really has plenty left.

    • Yes, I still have one… although I just preordered my S3 a few days ago so not for long.

    • Still rocking the Incredible 1. That is until my Galaxy SIII arrives.