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Original DROID Incredible Update 4.08.605.15 on the Way, Yes That Incredible

An update for the original DROID Incredible has been approved by Verizon and should start to rollout within the near future. The update fixes a visual voice mail issue, improves Bluetooth car connectivity, and resolves a bug with the Verizon App store. Crazy, right? Who would have thought that after two years, this phone would still be receiving updates. Props to HTC.

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  • montanagirl

    I loved the phone until I installed the software update. Now it won’t even turn on!

  • This is one of the best phones, you just have to know how to get the right mods to fix the things HTC and Verizon did not. First get your phone rooted. Then find a custom ROM that meets your needs. Most of the custom ROMS have mods baked in to fix low memory errors. I am currently Rooted on Stock Plus ROM with EXT4ALL mod and V6 Supercharger. I have SETCPU profiles to control over and underclocking. I get great batterylife and my phone is super fast when I need it to be. Anyone can look up this information on XDA developers. Instead of wasting your money on a new phone make the DINC perform the way you want it. Also there should be people in your town that can help you root and flash ROMS if you are not comfortable doing this.