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Fast Burst Camera for Android, Take Up to 30 Pictures Per Second

One of the many reasons we love HTC’s One X is because of its camera software. You can choose various filters, shoot HD video in slow motion, but my overall favorite feature is the burst shot. When you hold down the shutter icon, you can snap multiple shots in a split second, which then allows you to choose the best shot from the roll. For those who take pictures of fast moving subjects, it’s a life saver. 

Fast Burst Camera has made its way onto the Play Store and it does exactly what we were looking for. Simply hold down the button and you can snap up to 30 frames in a single second if your device allows it. The free version works just fine, but has a few ads which can seem intrusive. For $4, you can buy the pro version which unlocks some additional features such as auto-focus and lighting settings. View the video below to see some real life experiences with the application and see if it could help you take some neat shots.

Play Link (free) | Play Link ($3.99)

  • I like the merry-go-round

  • I like infomation!

  • Android operating system is excellent it better all the software that I know of

  • EvanTheGamer

    Such a great app, and works just like it says it does. Might be buying the full version soon. It’s awesome.

  • Larizard

    the song makes me happy. :]

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Music is very “Apple-like” … At least to me.

  • wickets

    fx camera has a ‘4’ burst mode that works rather well

  • cb2000a

    Too bad the phone has serious connectivity issues. Had one for a week and traded it back for a Note.

  • to build up a group so large it takes a lot of stage I thought it was a long-term development of what I liked there. thanks!

  • bsilly

    i’ve used it to record my golf swing in order to make adjustments. it comes in handy for that purpose.

  • MrEnglish

    Holy too fast app for a cell phone batman! This thing is super quick. Not awful either. Maybe not practical, but fun.

  • chad

    25-30fps from a cell phone camera??

  • I’ve had this app on my gnex for a while now. It is VERY quick, however the picture quality does suffer a little. I haven’t really found any practical real world uses for it, but it’s cool to show off to friends 🙂

  • balthuszar

    does it take up to 30 shots a second like DL says it does…or 25 like the video says it does?

    • All info was taken from their market description –

      “Take up to 30 photos per second with this high-speed camera application”

      • balthuszar

        sounds like the devs need to get their stuff together then 🙂

        • yes, sorry 🙂 it is up to 30 photos/sec, but at the time the video was created, I was only able to crank it up to 25. I should revise the video.

          • balthuszar

            peter, thank you for the response 🙂 i meant no offense by my statements, just thought it was weird that we were getting two numbers

  • The promo video there is shot in 1080p 3D yet they use a GS II for the demo then show the sample pictures from it in 3D…wut

    • balthuszar

      screen images may be simulated…

  • I have been using this app for about a month now. I love it!

  • elmotactics

    I used this at CES to grab some quick pics because opening the camera and taking a picture on my Droid 2 at the time took about 3 hours.

  • evulhotdog

    So it just takes a video, then gives you every frame? Nobody has done it yet. However the quality probably wont be too great…

    • JustTrollin69

      Quality is very good actually.

      • LiterofCola

        Yeah, I was surpised by the quality of the photos, and the speed in which it took them. It’s really a good app.

      • EvanTheGamer

        Agreed…the quality is exceptionally good. Tried the lite version yesterday and it works brilliantly well.

    • TheCheapGamer

      Yeah, it’s limited to the max res of your video.
      I’ve used a similar app on iOS

    • it is much better than ripping from a video stream, as this is compressed with quality loss. The app feeds directly from the camera input in a what-you-see-is-what-you-get way, without compression artifacts in the pictures.

  • RandomGuy

    I wish there was an app for long exposure. I wanna do cool light trails