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Verizon Share Everything Data Plans: Applying Corporate Discounts, Tablets No Longer Subsidized or Discounted

One of the questions that came up this morning after Verizon announced their new Share Everything data plans, was “How will corporate discounts work?” We now have the answer thanks to the document above. As you can see in the B2B section, Big Red will apply the corporate employee discounts to the Monthly Account Access portion of your bill and not the Monthly Line Access fee. So basically that means that you get a discount off of your shared data package and not off of your individual device monthly fee.

Another interesting note up there has to do with tablets. Verizon will no longer be subsidizing or discounting tablets, which makes sense since you can simply add on a tablet to your account for $10. What we will have to watch for now is whether or not full retail pricing of tablets comes down. I can’t imagine that many of you are interested in paying $900 for a XYBOARD.

For additional details about these plans that we haven’t already covered, feel free to hit up this Google+ post.

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  • brenteesha

    I landed on this page because I was lied to about the discount and how it works. I called the 800# and was told my discount would be applied to data package AND monthly access. Now that I’ve dropped $300 on a phone and broken a contract, they are telling me it is only applied to the data. They try to justify it by saying it only applies to calling features, and your talk/text/web are all under the $60 charge. If that is the case, why do phones cost $30/40 to add when tablets are only $10? Because tablets don’t use voice and text, that’s why. So the voice and text ARE, in fact, contributing to the charge for your monthly access. They just say it isn’t so they have a reason not to discount it. I AM SO SICK OF VZW and I’ve been with them less than a week! I called them today to ask about the discount, and the rep was able to get me back on the old plans so I could save a little money. However, I was given misinformation once again about the discount. He said it would apply to my entire plan and even quoted me a price of $70.20 before tax. However, upon logging into the Verizon web site, I see I am being charged almost $77. Checked with VZW again, and was told that it doesn’t apply to data packs on these plans. Of course they weren’t interested in helping me, resolving my concern or even keeping my business. They just told me I had a 14 day return policy. Of course, I will have to pay a $35 restocking fee if I return even though IT’S VERIZON’S FAULT!!! Is it possible to get a wireless carrier with an awesome network AND awesome customer service? Both VZW and ATT are greedy, shady, money hungry companies that could care less about their customers. This insanity needs to end!

  • Corina G

    Guess they figured out a way once more to rip us off. all the other phone companies deduct the corporate discount from the total bill. I work for Wells Fargo and my 26% discount went from $28.10 to $15.60 with their new plan. As soon as my contract is over I’m leaving!!!

  • Lamar

    I smell a prepaid device as my next phone. Mmmmm…

  • marions

    I believe the new plan structure just initiated by Verizon will be the turning point for their customer base. Many people on this and many other forums are highly angered by their new plans and thier totally arrogant take it or leave it business attitude. At least in my case, a point has been reached where I have seen enough of price increases (by large percentages), fees tacked on there and there, elimination of customer loyalty incentives, and plans just shoved down your throat with total disregard. Granted this is free enterprise, but also corporate greed at its finest. I certainly would not ever renew a contract with a company like this and their attitude and money gouging practices. For me, it means I WILL not renew a contract with Verizon under any circumstances. Heck, there was certainly nothing wrong at all with a land line. Moreover, there are certainly plenty of pre-paid cellular plans available to prevent one from getting screwed over to this magnitude. Also, there are other choices such as cheap home voip devices, skype, and much more.

  • Sam Froomkin

    So those of us with corporate discounts will lose out then too, from what I can math it out. I’m on a family plan, with 15% off my shared 1400 minutes and a line (15% off 109.99 = 16.50) and 12% off my personal data (12% off 29.99 = 4.50) .. total savings $21. Now I’ll just get 15% off, say, $90 8GB shared data = $13.50? Sucks. 🙁

  • rkshack

    A sales rep just told me that the tablets were actually $20 per device.

  • dmagicp

    I said this a long time ago,and I will say it again. We all need to remember what we did before smartphones.We carried an MP3 player for music, a gps unit for navigation, and a regular phone for texting and talking, and surfed the web at home. The only way the carriers are going to stop is if we go back to this en masse. And also think about this: Just about every bar, resturaunt, or hotel we go to has wifi and the numbers are increasing. buy a 7 in wifi only tablet to use in these areas if you have to have the net. This is what I plan to do to fight back. Will you stand and fight back with me?

    • GapUp

      If I remember correctly you can re-flash a phone’s ESN model number information on any smart phone you wish. The idea is to flash the phone to a dumb phone’s product information. When your phone is turned on and logs into the tower, Verizon’s database checks your phones model number and will than recognizes it as a Dumb phone not requiring data plan.

      You will need to get a free dumb phone from Verizon and use its ESN number than chunk the dumb phone.

      The purpose of this is to have a smart phone without having to pay for a data plan ….. as for the smart part you would simple use free hotspots or a open network to access the web.

      Anyone with more info on this topic please correct me if I’m wrong.

  • Djay

    Vz is the first company to do this but will not be the only, so why jump ship and get the same thing done to you somewhere else and have worse coverage

  • CHRIS42060

    So since many of us will be stuck with unlimited minutes we don’t really want or need I have idea. Looking for donations to get multiple phone lines to play hours and hours of on hold music. Go to sleep at night, call the number, and use thousands and thousands of minutes a month. It won’t drop your bill but it might make you feel better sticking it to Big Red lol.

  • Wait, so if I currently get a 20% discount (from working at Costco) on my verizon bill with unlimited for my wife and I, will I now only get a 20% discount on the $70 usage fee?

    Also, if I understand this correctly this is how my bill will now work:
    -(2) smart phones: $80
    -4Gigs Data: $70
    That = $150.

    If the 20% discount is on the bill I will pay $120, if its off just data I pay $136. Right now I pay $136 before taxes anyways. What gives? haha.

  • Craig

    $15 per GB for overages is 50% higher than the current rate. This just about explains how much more shared plans will cost the average consumer.

  • nightscout13

    Question: I am able to keep my unlimited data for my phone. What if i want to add a tablet? Since now the new plans are “share everything” how do i incorporate a tablet into that?

    • sgtguthrie

      I could be wrong, but I think you’d have to move to a shared plan :-/

      • That’s my understanding of the situation. I recently upgraded from Droid X to RAZR MAXX before my contract was over in hopes of being grandfathered into the unlimited data plan–at least for the next two years.

  • ActiveSync access is now free. That’s nice, especially since ActiveSync uses an HTTPS connection and works just fine without their extra “service” and charges.

  • d3koms

    Perfect timing for Google to start their mobile company and take in loads of people who are jumping ship. Ohhh, a boy can dream!

    • michael arazan

      I wish google would buy t-mo and/ or start their own carrier.

  • Me

    Thanks to all of the people that have rapped data from Verizon and drove the usage price up. Now use your phone as your home internet! Lol

  • tech247

    If enough noise is made, the feds may look into this (doubtful but one can dream). This would be so much easier to take if Verizon allowed any CDMA phone on their network. We could pick up phones easily like our GSM brothers for far less than the full retail Verizon will charge for those unwilling to let go of their unlimited plans.

  • Stewie

    F*ck you VZ!
    Look how they include Exchange Active Sync now at no additional charge, funny, haven’t been charged for it since my OG …
    Oh wait until minutes no longer count, beacuse they’ll switch to calls over VoiP, and at that point watch the lemmings say “What?”

    • sgtguthrie

      No shit there, how’s that 2GB going to work out for those 3 phones on their plan once calls and texts cut into data! People will go ape shit!!!!!

  • Jonbo298

    Not only will I lose money just by switching to Share Everything not even factoring in the discount I get, but losing a part of it will hit me harder. I’m riding this out until I’m kicking and screaming being forced to change.

    • damnitvzw

      This is the problem. What are you going to do then? Give in? That’s why they’re doing this. You’ve acknowledged how bad it is, but in the end, they’ll win. They know most people will complain but ultimately won’t leave. It sucks. (the situation, not you)

  • Androidandwp7equalsPower

    This is good news, for it will force tablets to compete price wise as they wont have carriers artificially increasing the price of tablets like they do phones.

    • chris125

      wifi tablets already do that. Carriers jack the prices of everything up.

  • J. Gilbertson

    I hate the fact that your monthly access discount only applies towards the data/text/talk and not the line. I had been getting a 19% discount on my shared text/talk and 20% on one line’s features (data) but it looks like I’ll only be getting my 19% on the text/talk/data in the new tiered plans. My situation isn’t nearly as bad as others though who use unlimited data for UNLIMITED data (saw 40 gigs reported by someone earlier today). By trading my unlimited data for unlimited minutes (previously 700) and getting 4 gigs a month (my wife and I usually only use 1.5 to 3 gigs combined per month) I technically should be saving about $5 per month. Then again I’ve been on 3G and not 4G-LTE but I couldn’t imagine using my phone much more than what I use it for now. Even when I could root and tether my phone a year ago I didn’t use tether for more then when I was staying at hotels with $10 wifi.

    • J. Gilbertson

      nvm, forgot to factor in Asurion charges. make that I’m going to be paying $9 a month more. FML…

  • Wow….yeah, I’m definitely not signing up for this. SMH at Verizon.

  • for all those that jump ship from verizon whats to stop other carrier’s from doing the same thing, wouldn’t surprise me that the others down the line would do the same

    • chris125

      I can se at&t doing this but I can see sprint and tmo trying to capitalize on this with keeping the good plans they currently have. They want to gain customers Verizon and at&t are so big they do not care anymore.

  • D

    Is this going forward only…or will they try to attach it to pre-existing agreements?

    • Wes

      Existing customers may stay on their existing plans (with the exception of keeping unlimited data if they buy a subsidized phone). Only new customers are forced to the Share Everything plans

  • frankandsimple
  • CivilDroid

    Wait…they subsidized tablet prices before?….those prices dont seem like too much of a deal to me 🙂

    • mustbepbs

      I know, right? 500 for a piece of **** XYboard, or 500 for a nice Transformer Prime. Hmmm….

  • RezCommano4231

    What a disaster…
    Google better crank up those new nexuses through the Play store

  • mmoreimi

    What’s SMB?
    What’s B2B?


      Verizon Wireless “Not just an old person’s nightmare anymore.”

  • F U Verizon

    Say you’re on a 450 minute individual plan with unlimited data right now (like me).

    Say September rolls around and you want to switch to the 900 minute individual plan. Will you be able to do this and keep your unlimited data like you can right now? Will you be able to do it at all?

    • Prolly not, switch now to ensure you keep it

    • I would think so as you are only increasing minutes, not touching your data contract.

    • SubMatrix

      I spoke with a VZW rep about an hour ago and was told that yes, you can. The minutes plan and the data plan are “separate”. However, if you are switching to the 900 minute plan when buying a subsidized phone at the same time then no you will not keep unlimited.

  • dqw

    If you already have a discount on data and monthly access and you keep your plan the way it is are they gonna drop the discount

    • if you do not buy any subsidized phones for that line, then no, they will keep your discount intact, at least as it stands right now.

  • Arthur2142

    The document refers to a 700 minute share everything plan. I thought all share everything poland had unlimited minutes…

    • The 700 minute is not share everything, its individual. You have to add data (and text if you like it) at the tiered data rates to apply it to a smartphone.

  • whatwhat?

    Looks like I’ll be saving $22+taxes/month from my current plan plus I’ll get unlimited voice. Works for me.

  • Chris Brereton

    Is that right? i thought account access was $60 for 2GB of data, $70 for 4GB of data. Am i reading/interpreting the B2B example correctly?

    • jaydotelloh

      I think someone goofed… The portion it is applied to is the part that matters.

  • jaydotelloh

    Well that’s a letdown. If they applied it to the whole package it would have saved me money… Now I’ll be getting less and (basically) paying about the same for it. 2 Smart Phones, and feature phone = $110/mo, 6GB data = $64 (w/ 19% discount), Total = $174, which is exactly my monthly access charges right now… I guess this isn’t TERRIBLE, (at least I get unlimited calling now), but w/ the $30 “Upgrade Fee” I’m still a little more than pissed…

    • That’s with tax right? Don’t forget about tax, with 5 lines my taxes and extra fees are almost $30!

  • Google

    and Android tablet sales just went from terrible to nearly nonexistent

    • jaydotelloh

      Don’t they subsidize iPads as well?

      • No

      • yes they do.

      • T4rd


      • Jonbo298

        iPads are not subsidized. Just the iPhone.

        • RaptorOO7

          The iPhone is subsidized, unless you like paying retail. iPad is full retail period at the carrier stores.

    • hkklife

      Serves ’em right for the hardware companies gimping their wi-fi tablet offerings and being so damn cozy with the carriers. Half of the smaller tablets I am interested in (Galaxy Tab 7.7, Xyboard, 8.2, Pantech Element) are carrier-only affairs for the most part.

      Lesson for Asus: AVOID PLAYING GAMES WITH THE DOMESTIC CARRIERS! You will get burned (see Palm, RIM etc). Keep innovating and releasing OS updates for wi-fi models without carrier pricing games and approval delays. A 2nd-gen PadFone sold in unlocked from through thd Play store is certain to get a lot of interest from the enthusiast crowd, especially if T-Mob repositions themselves as a premiere SIM-only BYOD carrier.

    • chris125

      Well the ones Verizon had anyway were super overpriced. I mean $400+ with a contract when you can get a wifi tablet for hundreds cheaper and if you need to tether the phone to it.

  • the b2b discount example makes no sense. 2gb of data under the plan is not 70. it’s 60. and what is the 700min share everything plan?

  • BloMeVerizon

    OK, so if I get a 17% discount at my company and my wife gets a 19% discount at hers – and we’re both on the same shared data plan, does that mean we get to combine the discounts and get 26% discount on our shared data plan?

    • jaydotelloh

      Nah, I’m pretty sure it’s a “One Per Customer” sort of thing…

      • they can remain on individual plans and still get both discounts, which may or may not work out in their favor.

    • Brett Cochran

      I think you mean 36%.

  • Yeah, the new plan works out to about $5 more out of my pocket every month. Gee thanks Verizon! I think I will sell-off my unlimited lines on eBay and give T-Mobile a try… After I use my due upgrade, that is.

  • This will hurt the types of people that read these sites….very much. The ones it really hurts are the people that walk in the door and just want a cheap cell phone plan for their family with no texting.

  • Rapists

    • Dingleberry

      The above could be the most useless and helpless comment on the internet.

  • bgeek1

    Didn’t Verizon make a ton of money last year? Whats with all the rate hikes / eliminated discounts?

    • Do you think they plan to STOP making money?

      • bgeek1

        I think they are going to have to charge even more to make up for lost customers.

    • Public company. Gotta increase profits every year or your stock price falls and the execs at the company loose some of their wealth. They say it is for investors, but as some of the biggest share-holders, it is really for themselves.

      • bgeek1

        I’m with you on the public company and increased profits over the year before. I was just hoping they’d make more money by driving subscriber growth rather than driving subscribers away.

        • I’m with YOU. Make a better service and streamline your business. I will give them this though, them have kept American call centers. That is worth something to me.

  • I think everyone is missing an important point with this new plan. It’s aim is to just to get rid of unlimited data. You can still keep individual tiered per-line data packages.

    From the website (at the very bottom):
    You’re not required to move to Share Everything but if you do, unlimited data will not be retained on your line. As a Verizon Wireless customer you have choices when you upgrade at discounted pricing. You can choose from a standalone data package starting at $30 for 2GB or a Share Everything Plan. If keeping unlimited is important to you, you can choose to
    upgrade and pay full retail price for the phone.

    So for all those people bitching, “OMG I’m going to have to pay $100 more per month!” No, you don’t have to. But you’re gonna lose your unlimited data. And yes, that still sucks balls.


      Nobody is missing that point. We’ve known it was to get people off unlimited way before we knew exactly what they were doing.

    • epyon0

      i agree no point missing. now you have to pay full retail to keep unlimited data. but the next big question is when will they start to throttle LTE users.

      • TheWenger

        Paying full retail is a win for VZW also. If you pay full retail, please use as much data as you can to still “stick it to em” a little.

        • Please don’t advocate clogging the data pipes, which is what is getting us in this mess to begin with. All they’ll do is hike up the prices for the tiered customers to cope with all the bandwidth. If you really want to stick it to em’, buy unlocked phones that can move from carrier to carrier, and use as little of their services as possible without any contracts. Show the carriers that all they are to you is a datapipe, easily replaceable on a whim, and maybe they’ll actually start competing with one another.

          • epyon0

            i disagree with that. the iPhone is most to blame for this. & unlimited data would’ve gone away at some point. no money in offering a buffet for data. especially with where LTE is going in the future.

      • ozo012

        According to the spectrum agreement they have with the FCC, they can’t throttle the bands for LTE.

        • epyon0

          thats nice & all but i dont buy that one bit. They will find a way to throttle LTE unlimited users just like how they did the 3g users.

          • ozo012

            I’m more curious to see what the development community does in response if they do then.  I used the unthrottle script on 3G and had pulled in 3G speeds in excess of 2 MB/s.

    • OK, what about this scenario. I have the S# (soon) and unlimited data, my family has 3 droid x’s with unlimited data, they cannot upgrade until end of Aug. so if they choose to upgrade at a discounted price, they can choose to lose unlimited and go 2gb which is better than the family share pricing (which looks insane at this point) None of them use more than 2gb so who and what scenario does the share plan at outrageous prices help?

      • Yes. They can opt for the $30 2gb data plans instead of moving the whole account to “Share Everything.” Which is what I’ll be doing with my lines. I’m guessing it helps people who pay extra for tethering and for people who talk a lot?

        • I was told as much by verizon but why have these high priced share plans and still offer 2gb for $30? I think they will eventually drop the 2gb tier no?

          • chris125

            because the unknowing consumer will come in and buy a family plan not knowing about the 2gb and think this is the only thing Verizon offers. Guarantee Verizon won’t be pushing the individual line plans for a family plan and will be pushing this share everything plans.

      • Let’s dive into that. At $30 /line, for three lines, that’s 90$/mo for unlimited data. Currently, the absolute minimum monthly family share plan is $70 + $10 for the third line = $80 + $90 = $170. At minimum, also assuming each line has text at the minimum unlimited in text +250 message plan of $10 /line, that’s $200/mo +taxes&fees.
        Swapping over to family shared plan, you would pay $40/line access ($120) + 6GB plan ($80) = $200/mo +taxes & fees. In this case, there is no net change, other than gaining unlimited talk & text and the ability to use mobile hotspot. However, since you admit that none of those users ever hits 2GB, let’s assume that 4GB is enough for all 3 lines. That gives you a total savings of $20 /mo, or $240/yr. Note, you can freely move up and down the tiers at any time without penalty, so if you anticipate higher data usage (summer), you can pay $10/GB more for data, and reduce it as much as possible at other times. Add to that the fact that the more you use wifi hotspots and home wifi the lower your can go in the tiers, you can save yourself a decent sum.

    • Ok sorry, sorry. I guess it was just me that was missing that point. I was one of those uninformed people who thought I was going to be forced to shell out $50 more a month.

  • Steve Wojciechowski

    $30 upgrade fee and $35 activation fee? What the hell. This is way worse when they discontinued the AC plans back in the day.

  • MikeG

    $900 for a Xyboard….MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!

    • michael arazan

      at full price for tablets, the ipad2 16gb is the cheapest tablet, sad. i hope google also comes out with a 10 inch version with their 7 inch one too

  • steve0617

    Their example is wrong. They show $40 for the ‘monthly line access’ that’s not discountable, but then they say 2 gigs for $70 for the ‘monthly access charge’ when it’s supposed to be $60.

  • Adam Nazare

    so lets say I have 2 basic phones on a account. If I decide to get just the 700 mins with no texting/data will my discount still apply? I am so confused on this whole thing. Discount is 22%.

  • MikeG

    Wow, even worse then…I get 19% off my family plan (700 min/unlimited text/mobile-mobile) which works out to $85, 10GB double data $50, also discounted 19%. The only thing on my plan not discounted is the $30 for the 2GB data for the second smart phone, then add $10 for a dumb phone, for a total of about $165.
    With the new plan, it would be $110 in access charges for the 3 phones, and $80 (after discount) for 10GB of data.
    I was thinking this might not be THAT bad if the discount was applied to the total bill, but just the data portion? No way.

  • How can you justify a $10 tablet charge when it is literally using the data you already pay for. You don’t get the unlimited calling and texting with it.

    • Mordecaidrake

      Well tethering is free now so just use that and buy the wifi only model. Problem solved! I always though paying for the 3g/4g model was a waste of money. Pay the extra tethering fee and save on the extra tablet costs.

      • Except that tablet batteries last a whole lot longer… A tethered phone will drain down much more quickly.

        • Mordecaidrake

          Very true but I’d rather deal with that then the extra cost.

        • CapnShiner

          This is true, but totally worth it IMO. Battery life is controllable by the user. It’s only an issue if you let it become an issue. All you have to do is plug in your phone and the problem is solved. If you need more juice and you can’t plug in, you could always buy an external battery and it would probably work out to still be cheaper than that extra $10 per month in the long run. I figure that the number of people who would need to tether a tablet to a phone long enough to kill the phone’s battery before having access to a power outlet is mathematically insignificant. Not to mention that if you are using your tablet that much on 3G/4G, tethered or not, you should be more concerned with the cost of all that data usage. It may be cheaper to just to get a mobile hotspot or tablet with unlimited data from one of the MVNO’s, like Boost, Virgin, or Cricket.

    • jofficus44

      What about a $20 a month for a Mifi, which my wife already has on our account for her work? You’re telling me we have to pay $20 a month for the right to take from the shared data pool we’ll be forced into upon upgrade?

      Are they going to magically change how non-phone devices work, and give the mifi the ability to both make calls and send texts, from our new unlimited amount of both? If not, then what exactly do the monthly line access fees pay for? On a phone, it seems to make SOME sense, in that you paying to access the buckets of calls, texts, and data. But why do we have to pay so much for non-phone devices? My wife’s mifi will cost $240/year, without actually using any data …

      • Michial Mularoni

        Pretty sure the stand alone plans will remain. People won’t be required to switch into a Share everything plan. That means you can keep paying $50 per month for your MiFi if you want it to have its own 5Gb…even when you do your next upgrade. If you have more than 1 smartphone on your plan these new plans would benefit you.

  • Murphy

    Still being raped. Just using KY instead of Astroglide.

    • sandpaper instead of Astroglide

    • naw, they’re gettin’ us w/ no lube.

  • DroidBricker

    $30 upgrade fee’s, useless bloatware galore, numerous nickel and dime fee’s, withholding updates, fighting with manufactures and Google, now this. Sure, the network is nice but soon no one will be able to afford to use it. This is the icing on the cake for this Android user. All I want from my carrier is to supply data and voice. Nothing else. Verizon’s on a power trip and I hope this will be a hard lesson learned for them when their customers jump ship.

    • Trueblue711

      I really hope that this pisses the masses off like their attempts to force all feature phone users to get a data pak back in 2009.

    • chris125

      Good thing with ICS you can disable that useless bloat.

    • I just want data, Google can you make this happen?

  • VZW can sit on a XYBOARD

  • Kellex, what if you have a Corporate discount on monthly access and data feature access? In my case it’s 22% for each.

    • From what I can tell, they are no longer doing that.

    • steve0617

      I’m guessing you don’t currently have unlimited minutes with your plan. (Neither do I). If you have the 450 or 900 minute individual plan, the discount applies. If you have the unlimited, it doesn’t. Since the new Shared Data plans will now be unlimited minutes, no discount off that part just like now. But still kinda shitty as I don’t *need* unlimited minutes and texts. I’m guessing you don’t either.

    • Apostrafee

      Since ALP launched they have only been discounting the monthly access and NO other feature

  • Goatweed

    yet another reason for me to jump ship once my contract is up. I get a nice 20% discount off of BOTH the calling and data plan – these new plans are horrible and not for me.