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Verizon Share Everything Data Plans: Applying Corporate Discounts, Tablets No Longer Subsidized or Discounted

One of the questions that came up this morning after Verizon announced their new Share Everything data plans, was “How will corporate discounts work?” We now have the answer thanks to the document above. As you can see in the B2B section, Big Red will apply the corporate employee discounts to the Monthly Account Access portion of your bill and not the Monthly Line Access fee. So basically that means that you get a discount off of your shared data package and not off of your individual device monthly fee.

Another interesting note up there has to do with tablets. Verizon will no longer be subsidizing or discounting tablets, which makes sense since you can simply add on a tablet to your account for $10. What we will have to watch for now is whether or not full retail pricing of tablets comes down. I can’t imagine that many of you are interested in paying $900 for a XYBOARD.

For additional details about these plans that we haven’t already covered, feel free to hit up this Google+ post.

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  • brenteesha

    I landed on this page because I was lied to about the discount and how it works. I called the 800# and was told my discount would be applied to data package AND monthly access. Now that I’ve dropped $300 on a phone and broken a contract, they are telling me it is only applied to the data. They try to justify it by saying it only applies to calling features, and your talk/text/web are all under the $60 charge. If that is the case, why do phones cost $30/40 to add when tablets are only $10? Because tablets don’t use voice and text, that’s why. So the voice and text ARE, in fact, contributing to the charge for your monthly access. They just say it isn’t so they have a reason not to discount it. I AM SO SICK OF VZW and I’ve been with them less than a week! I called them today to ask about the discount, and the rep was able to get me back on the old plans so I could save a little money. However, I was given misinformation once again about the discount. He said it would apply to my entire plan and even quoted me a price of $70.20 before tax. However, upon logging into the Verizon web site, I see I am being charged almost $77. Checked with VZW again, and was told that it doesn’t apply to data packs on these plans. Of course they weren’t interested in helping me, resolving my concern or even keeping my business. They just told me I had a 14 day return policy. Of course, I will have to pay a $35 restocking fee if I return even though IT’S VERIZON’S FAULT!!! Is it possible to get a wireless carrier with an awesome network AND awesome customer service? Both VZW and ATT are greedy, shady, money hungry companies that could care less about their customers. This insanity needs to end!

  • Corina G

    Guess they figured out a way once more to rip us off. all the other phone companies deduct the corporate discount from the total bill. I work for Wells Fargo and my 26% discount went from $28.10 to $15.60 with their new plan. As soon as my contract is over I’m leaving!!!