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Linaro Tweaks Added to AOKP, System Performance Boosts Are Quite Noticeable

A non-profit organization named Linaro has recently posted codes that help boost Android system performance by a reported 100%. Their work is focused on how and what the Android OS spends time processing, making the OS run with better efficiency. Since release, it was only a matter of time before that we would begin to see these codes be written into our favorite ROM’s, and the time has come. The creator of AOKP has re-released Build #38 with the Linaro codes baked in, and the performance increase is definitely noticeable. There are also builds available for CyanogenMod users if CM is more your style.

If you want to give the boost a try on your Galaxy Nexus, follow the via link below. To better explain Linaro and how it benefits Android, watch this video:


An awesome interview with Bernhard Rosenkränzer where he explains his job at Linaro:


Via: RootzWiki

  • meta96

    This is the power of open source, kudos for Linaro, kudos for Bernd.

  • realfoxm

    Linaro isn’t ready for aokp builds just yet. Roman confirmed holding off future builds for now.

  • its 4:14 AM and im still feeling the effects… anyways this sounds like androids re-awakening. I am sick and tired of the performance issues on any rom and any device. I love how android devices are customizable, but still. It is the laggiest operating system. The only non-laggy device i have/have seen is the Transformer on ICS. However, every single phone sucks. The OG droid was the shit even though it was laggy. Then I had the nexus 1 (still laggy). Now have the bionic and am about to throw it under a bus. Hoping the SIII is going to pull it off or I am switching back to my old LG Chocolate. Oh and screw apple. Oh wait im on a macbook pro. xD anyways, still screw apple as the screw over everyone.

    • randomguystoppingby

      My Galaxy Nexus… I haven’t had problems like you are describing…. 1.35 GHz on CM nightly mod rom. It’s stellar I love it.

  • DaveTea

    I will try it and see…but please define “performance increase is definitely noticeable”.

  • “It is ze greatest beer in all ze virld”

    Give them a job Google!

  • Tim, you seriously need to update your radios. How are you still running on the release radios!?

    • where do i get the newer radios? wats the difference?

      • Michael

        ^ what he asked

      • Droosh

        get easy update zips from rootzwiki or xda.

  • Dan Lyle

    Interesting in light of Intel’s comments recently that dual cores are wasted on Android, due to lack of optimization.

  • Jon

    As they say in the south….”Bless his heart.” lol!

    I don’t know what the hell they are talking about but I’m quite certain that man is a Golden God.

  • I’ve been running the good ole Project Elite ROM. Some may remember the name from the OG Droid days. I am highly impressed with it. Once they leave “test” builds it will take the VZW Galaxy Nexus by storm. Mark my words. That paired with Franco’s kernel I’m getting 12+ hours on moderate to sometimes heavy use.

    • Cory Larson

      Is that without an extended battery? With moderate use, no LTE, and an extended battery, I’ve seen my GNex last as long as 33 hours with AOKP M5 and Franco’s M4 kernel. And with LTE on, 17 – 20 hours.

      • With an extended battery. My phone gets very heavy use most everyday. LTE on. LTE is spotty so it constantly searches. I’m currently running Franco’s M3 kernel.

  • Oaxican509

    Verizon Galaxy Nexus Users, How is this build treating you? Especially on battery Life?

    • Installed tonight left the kernel stock after a full wipe… tbh it might have felt a bit quicker but the battery seemed the same… I’ve since reinstalled franco’s nightly

  • DedliYeti

    Did a clean flash from Milestone 5, and I can already tell the difference in opening folders and running around the UI. Definite speed increase from Milestone 5.

  • that was dreadful listening to his voice…

  • SD_Scott

    I can’t wait until they get a fully functioning AOKP on the TF300… It’s pretty much become a reoccurring wet dream of mine.

  • Been running it since Roman released it, and I’m loving it. Especially with Imoseyon’s latest exp kernel.

    I’m a Franco kernel fan, but my phone won’t boot past the Google logo on any 18* version of his.

    • geedee82

      I was getting that same problem with Franco’s latest ones, too. I switched to his new Milestone 4 the other day though and I am loving every minute of it, this thing kicks a$$ on my phone, best performance AND battery life I’ve had yet.

  • 1ofdakoolkidz

    This will get purchased by google and be part of new closed android builds (my guess)

    • MrSteve920

      Except that Google had to sign a deal to keep Android completely open for a minimum of five years as a stipulation of the Motorola deal…

      • 1ofdakoolkidz

        True, but that only applies to android as you currently know it. This might be something has a completely different name, just a theory.

        • MrSteve920

          Why would they even have to purchase it to begin with? The Linaro guys released all of their code as open-source and submitted it to the AOSP.

    • PC_Tool

      What are these closed android builds of which you speak???

    • Uh it is getting pushed to AOSP aka the already gave the code to Google

  • Destroythanet

    AOKP destroys all OEM skins. It ain’t even close. Can’t wait to get it on the SGIII I have on pre-order.

  • Maybe it’s just placebo effect but transitions and animations seem smoother and quicker. Btw I dirty flashed over b38

    • SeanBello

      I think they said you have to AT LEAST wipe davlick

      • Wiping davlik and cache = dirty flash. I didn’t wipe data like usual.

  • What about battery life? Does this increase battery drain? I honestly don’t have anything I use on my gnex that feels “slow” since the only games I play are things like word feud where CPU/GPU speed are irrelevant.

    • SD_Scott

      I’ve noticed a SIGNIFICANT boost in battery life on B38…

      • I noticed the same today, I’ll have to see if it maintains the same pattern tomorrow.

      • SeanBello

        probably kernel related?

      • dcdrew713

        what kernel are you using?

        • The build comes with lean kernel built it

          • i thought faux kernel was built in.

          • Usually it is, but for this build he went with Lean Kernel

          • Droosh

            I use Lean Kernel now with CM9. I wonder how much of the “improved performance” is just do to the kernel and settings. Anyone know what Kernel settings he uses. FWIW, using LeanTweaks by jake lets me really optimize.

          • Well I am seeing a good boost in performance coming of the other 38 build with Lean Kernel with no extra tweaks. I will try a few things and see just how much may be the kernel

  • EC8CH

    Guess maybe it’s time to move on from Milestone 5?

    • drparty

      Nah not yet… hang in there til M6! Then they’ll have Linaro poppin’!

  • bose301s

    Links to CM9 builds with it?

  • fallsgable

    Do you think Bernhard is friends with Leonard, Howard, Raj and Sheldon…?

    • feztheforeigner

      I feel like he’s more of a character from Lord of the Rings for some reason…

      • Scottyb112

        While watching this video, Im sitting here laughing that is guy has to be messing with people with that voice lol.. not trying to be mean, but that sounds like a voice of someone doing a jacked up Swedish accent

    • John Davids

      Actual nerds *HATE* that show. Just FYI.

  • chris125

    Cant wait to get my sgs3 and put this on it. Pretty soon ios won’t be able to say its smoother than android. Gotta love the developers.

    • kevin

      That is if apple does not get that stupid ban on the sg3 =/

      • chris125

        After the ios6 announcement and rumored specs of the new iPhone I can see why they want the sgs3 and htc devices banned. Looks like a lame duck compared to those.

  • Firelight

    The Gummy ROM is incorporating it, too.

    • Tony Allen

      Can’t wait for that 🙂

    • docmars


  • T4rd

    Ok, just going by the video; it seems to bench faster, but what about normal UI performance? Will this reduce or eliminate scrolling and transition lag in apps? My Gnex is pretty smooth for the most part, but in some areas it gets pretty stuttery/jittery when scrolling, zooming or just opening new things. I’m not complaining (as I could care less as long as it doesn’t intrude on the functionality), but curious about this.

    • MrSteve920

      So far I’m using the AOKP build 38 with Linaro and yes it does seem to improve UI performance and it isn’t all about benchmarks.

  • sc0rch3d

    roman posted a pretty good short write up on reddit about this.

  • neoj2

    hope liquid and hybrd get this

    • SD_Scott

      I was on Liquid for the longest time and decided to flash B38… My recommendation: Flash B38 NOW!!!

    • liquid is getting it in 1.5

  • p_droid

    Sweeeeet. Can’t wait to make my Nexus even faster!

  • I can honestly say I noticed no difference in mine.

    • same. haven’t noticed a thing

    • PC_Tool

      Same here. clean flash.

  • Can’t wait until this hopefully gets merged with AOSP.