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Google Reportedly Working on Wallet 2.0, But Who Will be Able to Use It?

Reports show that Sprint is looking to create their very own mobile payments system for customers, so what is the future of Google Wallet? According to sources, Sprint is reaching out to banks and other service providers to create a service to equal that of ISIS. At this time, Sprint is the only carrier to pre-load Wallet on their devices, but Google seems to continually work and build on the service, as if they have other plans. 

According to this report, with Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile committed to ISIS, Google is looking to put more emphasis on the “cloud” side of Wallet and will try to bring more deals to customers. More than likely, Google will take their time at Google I/O to show off some new Wallet ideas to developers.

Do you think that Wallet 2.0 will succeed when ISIS arrives and if Sprint creates their own mobile payment system? Frankly, we think it’s time Google lays down some law and forces Wallet to be supported across multiple carriers.

Via: The Verge

  • This for me is some sort of cooperative venture than a competitive product. I will pass and stick with MPOS (www.mpowa.com)

  • CodeToJoy

    Google needs to lay down the law on this and more… Force all Android phones to be able to access Wallet… mandate timely updates… and for good measure, ensure bootloaders can be unlocked if desired.

  • chazzdjr

    Google should block ISIS from being installed on Android devices.

  • maddroiduser

    I love using Google Wallet and getting looks from people when I do. But the handling of Wallet has been pretty bad. I blame the carriers (especially Verizon) for not pushing and blocking the feature. But I also have to blame google for poorly handling the app itself. Losing access to it forever by just doing a factory reset is really REALLY bad. I performed one reset when I unlocked my bootloader. I was spared the secure element error and I think that was just due to wallet being broken for most people at the time.

  • Skip

    I won’t use any payment system that mainly profits carriers. I will wait for a version of wallet that works with the Verizon phone I have. Big Red and all of the carriers have enough profit margin and control as it is.


    The problem is Google Wallet only works with one specific type of credit card from Chase. I’m not putting my money on a prepaid “card” just so I can use my phone to pay at a very limited number of places.

    • Panicswhenubered

      That’s exactly one of the problems.

    • While I agree with your sentiment, I only wish that Wallet worked with Chase. I think you meant Citi credit cards.

      • ERIFNOMI

        Yeah, Citi. Regardless, I’m not getting a CC to use wallet, nor am I tying my money up on some prepaid card only to kick myself later when I have 17 cents left over or I’m a few pennies short.

        • NexusPhan69

          I’m confused. Whats so bad about linking a Google prepaid to your credit card? I use my American Express and Discover card on google wallet at least once a week.

          • ERIFNOMI

            Correct me if I’m wrong, but you have to add money to your prepaid from your credit cards. It doesn’t matter really because I do not have, nor do I want, a credit card. I have a debit card however, and I wish that would work with wallet. As it stands now, I have to add money, no less than $20, to my prepaid card. It then sits there, separated from my bank account. Either I can make a purchase with my Google Prepaid, assuming the store has a PayPass terminal and I have enough on my prepaid, or I can use my debit card which is missing some money as it’s on my prepaid.

            Basically, I want my money in one place and to be able to use that money by two means: Google Wallet and my debit card.

  • sc4fpse

    Sorry Google, you guys lost this fight. And as a Chase cardholder who can’t use Google Wallet to it’s full potential, I say good riddance!

    • Panicswhenubered

      I agree. My phones secure element is screwed from flashing back in January before ever knowing about the requirement to reset Wallet. Now I’m told I have to buy a new phone to get it working? Google had their chance, they released a half-baked product. Now carriers are going to eat them alive. They should have strong-armed Verizon into allowing Wallet on their G-nex back when they had a chance, and made sure to incorporate more CC company support.

      • Sir Trollington

        just curious did you flash the wallet apk onto your galaxy nexus, and then complain about how your secure element got screwed, and then proceed to blame google for it? WELL wallet was never officially for the gnex/verizon. It was ripped by the devs at XDA and you knowingly flashed the apk. Google had no responsibility to make sure you app worked well, because it was never made for your phone/network

        • r0lct

          Agreed. Only way you can blame Google for something is if you were completely stock and it got screwed up. Even if they did release a Verizon version, doesn’t mean they need to test it for custom roms, just official releases and the upgrade process that goes along with that.

        • Panicswhenubered

          This is also something that happens if you factory reset your phone. I did a factory reset on my phone after trying to restore my apps with Ti Backup, this is what got me. Long before any warnings about resetting the app first.


    Google should force the carriers with a fist. I don’t need 3 different payment systems when that means only 1 will be accepted here and another there.. thats stupid…

    • Doesn’t that kind of defeat the promise of a truly open Android though? Everyone gives Apple crap for selectively blocking/removing apps from their Store that offer similar (often better) functionality from apps that THEY already offer. Wouldn’t it be just as bad if Google started doing the same thing, saying “Wallet already offers this functionality, we will not allow ISIS on our platform.”

      Quite honestly I’d be pissed if that was Android’s future.

  • When I think of ISIS: http://chud.com/articles/content_images/117/ARCHER1.JPG

    Doesn’t make me feel sharing my financial info with them!

  • The benefit of Gwallet is that it comes built-in with discount and member cards.

    I don’t see how ISIS could do that.


      Why couldn’t ISIS do the same thing?

  • RedPandaAlex

    Carriers trying to tell me what I can and can’t install on my own device, even for a nexus, is the main reason I got an unlocked phone and will continue to do so.

    • David

      Agreed. The more any company/carrier/manufacture or what have you try to tell me what i’m allowed to do on my device, the less likely they are to get my money. I paid for it, so I should be able to do what I want with it. If I wanna install porn app’s until it’s so infested with malware that it blows up in my hand, then I should have that choice. After all, it was my money that was used to purchase the device, ill do what I damn well please with it.

      It honestly seem’s that the big companies tend to forget we’re human, its human nature to rebel. To do what we’re told not to. The more they try to lock something down, the more likely we are to break it just to spite them. Just my opinion.

      • michael arazan

        they haven’t even tried to test isis, last november they said they’d supposedly be in the testing process by september this year, even if that is true it probably won’t be available till till halfway through 2013 if they’re lucky. I wonder what the carriers cut is in the isis project? I agree though, just because i choose to use your companies network doesn’t mean i want to be forced with bloatware and told what i can and can’t do with a phone i bought. I’m not leasing this phone i bought this phone out right. I wish Google would just buy out t-mobile and/or start their own carrier

  • EC8CH

    I honestly don’t see how blocking of G-Wallet isn’t a violation of the licensing terms for the spectrum VZW is using for LTE.

    Their motivation for blocking it is so apparent it makes their attempts at passing it off as a security concern insulting.

    • They aren’t really blocking it, you just can’t get it from the Play Store. Sideloading the .apk works totally fine with no hacking or trickery required. If they really wanted it blocked, they would prevent any device with NFC from using it, which can be easily done.

      • 4n1m4L

        You can get it from the play store. You just have to know how. Unrooted unfettered 8515 with wallet goin strong!

      • EC8CH

        They are blocking it from being preinstalled.
        They are blocking it from being available at the play store.

        They are blocking access to the average person (probably greater than 90% of users). Pretty effective at slowing down your competition before your product is ready for market.

        • Jack Hoffman

          The regs for that band of spectrum only say you can’t block applications from accessing the network. It doesn’t say anything about not blocking the apps themselves from being accessed. If you get the app and it doesn’t violate another TOS criteria, they can’t stop you.

          • EC8CH

            ahhh…. lawyers

          • michael arazan

            Back in feb or march i just downloaded it from the play market on my browser, not the play app, and it loaded fine on my gnex non rooted.

  • To be honest i couldn’t care less about this article as it’s more or less focused on US only, anyone forgotten that other countries exist and no google wallet outside USA?

    • John

      Ya no one cares about you guys.

      • EC8CH

        Billions of US tax dollars going overseas, and now they want our smartphone internet blogs to include them in their commentary. SMH

    • Well you obviously cared enough to click on the article, read the article, and then comment on the article, sooo? If you didn’t care you could have just scrolled past and not wasted your time. Just sayin. Stay classy bro

    • Stew

      Read the name of the site… DROID-LIFE… there is no Droid outside the US. Droid is a Verizon only thing and thhis is a Verizon Android news blog.

    • I don’t like reading about a lot of non-US things, doesn’t mean I can’t just skip it. Not everything on the internet is tailored to you. Just a little food for thought.

    • r0lct

      Kanye West voice: “DL doesn’t care about international people.”