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One More Clock is Similar to the Clock Widget From the Latest Motorola Leak

The leaked photo of the AT&T Motorola Qinara (or Dinara) from a few moments ago caused all of four reactions from people. The first was, “Wow, this phone looks nice!” The second was, “Holy bezel, Batman.” The third was a mixture of MotoBlur praise and hate. The fourth, well, that had to do with the clock widget on the screen. Thanks to a reader comment (which I can’t seem to find now), we know that a clock widget in the Play store named One More Clock will get you this identical look, for free.

Once you download the app, you’ll want to add it as a widget to a home screen just as you would with any widget. Then tap on the clock that appears, then “Set Widget Theme,” and then download the full online collection from the bottom right corner. Once that finishes downloading, you will want to scroll until you find “Chrome Rings.” Enjoy!

Play Links:  Free | Paid ($0.99)

Cheers Blackcatroad!

  • nsnsmj

    Orrrrr you could just make this in UCCW for free.

  • Larizard

    Maybe it’s due time to have a “Best Android Clock Widgets” post? Or maybe I should suggest that over at Android Central…

  • NorCalGuy

    What about the original sg3 mock ups with the world clock the day of the week the month and everything? Can’t seem to find one anywhere that even comes close

  • John Burke

    I like the 3 ring one but 4X2 is too large to simply swap it in for my existing placement of Retro Clock & Battery % Widgets taking the bottom row on WidgetLocker & 4X1 shrinks it too small to be easily visible, shame.

  • John Galt

    I think it’s cool. I think it’d be cooler if you could tap each disk and it would perform a different action. So, if you tapped clock, it would go to alarms…. Weather, weather…. and so on, and so on….

    • KenBarnum


    • Tsabhira

      You ought to give UCCW a spin. It has a hotspots feature that allows you to set custom areas of each widget as clickable links to whatever app you want.

  • vega25

    Its funny how everytime a clock widget gets show-cased or discussed, a bunch of people stand up with a holier-and-smarter-than-thou attitude and start pointing out that the notification bar in Android already has a clock.

    Sure the clock is in the notification bar, but that is useful primarily when you’re in other apps like the internet browser or e-mail, and are still able to see the time right there on top! But that doesn’t mean we don’t need the widget. Most clock widgets allow you to access the alarm clock with one touch. Better still, most widgets come with weather – both current temperature and forecast. The widget clock is bigger as Ryan pointed out, nicer looking, and look at this app- gives you lots of options for customizing size, color, text, graphics etc. etc.

    Point made.

  • hickhamt

    i’ve been running this widget for more than a year… i like it.. but i just did a gallery/library update of the available clocks and this one above is not in there.. on the play store page, in the photos, its listed under “rare and unreleased” clocks… is this rare or unreleased…?

    • cns2007

      The clock previews started in the middle on my phone. Did you scroll left?

      I only point that out because, someone I work with asked the same question. So I’m really not trying to be a wiseass, just trying to be helpful.

      • hickhamt

        i appreciate your helpfulness.. but yes.. i went from 1st to last a few times, no joy.. also, i noticed they’re in alphabetical order and mine goes from “chi” to “clock2 german”.. no “chrome rings” between… strange!!! you have it in your library?
        i did the update button a few times and even hit the “re-extract bundled clocks” button… im bummed… it’s a sweet clock!

  • cavyjason

    Anyone having problems getting anything to download from the Play Store right now?

  • Has anyone pulled that clock/weather widget from the supposed OS leaks? It’s close to the One More Clock, but isn’t it. Unless Moto bought that from them and customized it…

  • Dafuq

    I really like it…very clean and sexy looking. Hopefully it isn’t a battery hog.

  • NKTizzle

    It’s close but not the same as the new Moto clock widget. You can spin the elements on the Moto widget to display different stuff…

    • John Burke

      Where can that one be found?

  • Looks an awful lot like BSpoon skin from the UCCW app…..

  • paul_cus

    Good looking out. On it.

  • legend of zelda themed clock widget? yes, please

  • Am I the only one who realizes there is a clock in the notification bar?

    • squrel23

      Its for the eye candy 🙂

    • Daniel Rosseau

      I couldn’t agree more….I can never figure out why people need so many clocks! I do like the weather and battery part though.

      • What if I told you there is a battery icon in the notification bar too. 😉

        • NKTizzle

          Does the battery icon on the notification bar tell you percentage?

          • MikeCiggy

            Yes! Running AOKP.

            I do like clock widgets because I can clock the clock to access my alarms rite on my home screen. Also shows current weather and gives me one clock access to detailed weather.

          • NKTizzle

            So a stock Android doesn’t show percentage in the notification bar then. That’s the point of having it as a widget or separate icon in the bar.

            I like the widgets for the same reasons you listed as well. Shortcut access to weather, alarm, calender, etc…

          • Why must you know the percentage? I don’t have the percentage on my gas gauge in my car and yet I have a pretty good idea of when to fill up.

          • Why do you need the percentage?

        • Power Tuneup gives an option to show the battery percentage in the Notification bar. It also does a lot more for your phone.

    • Ryan Powell

      The clock in the notification bar is pretty useless for me. My old tired eyes thank me for putting a larger clock on my homescreen.

    • xanaxdroid

      What if you use a launcher that hides the notification bar

      • feztheforeigner

        Then get a new launcher.

    • John Burke

      I remove it without root using an App called “StatusBar+” which also lets me hide the App Notification icons that tend to clutter it up. All I keep up there is the battery %. ringer mode & signal type.

    • Andrew Davis

      I know! I hate redundant displays. I know one is just a status/notification bar and is permanent, but if there is a clock, battery life, etc widget being displayed, get rid of it in the status bar.