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Exclusive: First Pictures of the Motorola DROID RAZR HD

Pictures removed at request of Motorola.

Sorry, folks. Motorola has requested that we remove pictures of the DROID RAZR HD and any info that came with them.

Cheers ___!

  • MattH818

    Must have been legit photos for sure if Moto wanted them down. Yay!

  • Justin Cox

    This is just too little too late. I was waiting for this phone, but preordered the S3 to keep my data.

  • GapUp

    In my Option at the moment the Razr Hd will be a Half Baked phone which will have a 4 month life span before it’s history. The reason why you may ask? Well Texas Instruments is Motorola’s best buddy, and Google endorsed TI’s chips for the Android platform.

    Motorola basically had limited choices at the moment and decided to use Qualcomm’s S4 SOC. If you look at just the back plate you can tell they put no design effort into it!

    Come 3rd Quarter TI will release there OMAP 5 which Motorola/Google should and better put 100% effort in making it a True next generation Sexy, High End Smart Phone!

  • Guest

    Why would someone that had excess to such an amazing device… only take a useless picture of the plastic back????

    If I owned a 2014 Corvette, do you think I would only show you a closeup of the carpeting???

    • GapUp

      If you saw the front, you might think it was a Samsung S3 … Hint …. Hint ….Even more Ugly than the Rear!

  • JulianZHuang

    same phone, same os, same hareware, but different name…..

  • Akashshr

    Wow! My next wallpaper! and phone!!

  • jawtab

    never buying a samsung again after the Nexus. Crap antennas & battery life. I upgraded to a Razr Maxx and now actually get 4G at my house. Nexus in comparison to the Moto Razr Maxx had overall slower 4G speeds, when the Nexus actually got a 4G connection. Battery life that lasts a day and up to 2 depending on usage. I leave 4G on all the time. non of this manual toggle on/off to save battery. With a bigger screen I’d like to see how battery life is with this new upcoming phone and what battery is actually included.

    • GapUp

      If you read between the lines the HD is basically a Samsung!

  • hectar613

    Its funny how all anybody did was gripe about how Moto was making different phones too fast. Now it seems as if some people are complaining about waiting a couple of months.

  • Joe

    I’m sorry but I have to comment on the whole “port on the bottom side of the phone” thing. I travel. A LOT. I rent hundreds of cars every year as I’m sure some of you do as well. Let me make something clear.. the ports on the TOP of the phone is half the reason why I chose this phone along with the big battery. When you constantly have to keep the phone plugged in while driving it’s VERY NICE to have the audio and usb cables coming out of the top of the phone together. Try holding a device and navigating through a busy city with a stupid power cable coming out the bottom left side and another cable out of the top. It’s like trying to tie your shoes while driving to keep the cables from tangling on crap in the rental car.

    WHY ON EARTH would you put it on the lower side?? If anything put them on the bottom along with the audio jack!!!



    No quad-core? Pass on old tech… HTC Note w/Krait CPU FTW.

  • Dennis Grey

    I am interested to see how this will run webtop 2.0. Really interested in the one device model.

  • stubbX

    comparing this to the One X and even the iPhone in terms of design and it looks a little toyish in comparison.

  • stubbX

    Is this a Super AMOLED HD or a 720p Pentile LCD? anything but RGBW!

  • Craig

    What’s the word on NFC with this? Any clues?

  • Wow this really pisses me off. I just got the RAZR MAXX like 2 weeks ago and now they are already showing the next version. All these companies should focus on creating one great product annually rather than every couple months

    • Azn_Android

      The razr maxx came out in January. Your damn fault for getting a nearly 5 month old phone.

  • donnydon

    Ok if this has the a S4 Processor with 1 GB ram im gonna have to pass. The Performance wont be noticeable coming from a MAXX. HD screen means nothing to me but worse battery life. I like samsung s3 specs but…..well its a samsung and they suck.

  • GapUp

    Looking at the Motorola rear component positions, its the same as the Samsung Galaxy S3.

    Could it be Google/Motorola is using same board as Samsung?

    Because of the similarity one must ask the question will it also have the same radio as Samsung?

    Is the Motorola phone basically a slightly modified Samsung Galaxy S3?

    If this is true, theirs going to be one heck of a Backlash!

    • BlueLetter

      Well it’s definitely gonna have the same radio, because it’s using the same S4 chip which has that integrated radio set, but other than that there probably won’t be any similarities.

      • GapUp

        If the hardware is very much the same…the choice would be just a matter of appearance.

        Based on your statement TI SOC is higher quality than. From what I just read the OMAP 5 will definitely be a Kick Butt Chip!

      • GapUp

        Hey BlueLetter …… If you where going for Quality… would you buy the Motorola Razr or Samsung S3?

        One thing that bothers me about the Razr is the upgrade to ICS and requiring more resources which might translate into some LAG and if having 4 hard keys at the bottom of the screen would cause some issues. Whats your option?

        • BlueLetter

          Well the S3 if we’re comparing it to the current Razr/Maxx. It’s just much newer/better internals so it’s kind of a no-brainer.
          ICS on the Razr shouldn’t cause any issues, it should run AT LEAST as well as the Nexus does now, considering right now on 2.3 it’s already snappier than the Nexus.
          And hardware keys shouldn’t be an issue either, as some older phones with them already have ICS and I haven’t read about anything fishy going on.

  • LiterofCola

    There’s something about the rounded edges on the back view photo that is sort of a physical turn-off

    • GapUp

      Yes rather Ugly!

  • BenT

    Is the HD’s screen size same as original RAZR or by chance larger?

  • ManiDePRico

    Looks like a metal strip on the side… reminds me of the iPhone 4/4S, so Apple is gonna have a fit and file a suit. Calling it.

  • Its coming down to the wire with this phone and the S3..I really need a new phone but i wanted to wait for this one! I’m really unsure of this as the bootloader is gonna be locked. There are so many great devs for samsung phones its a tough choice. Moto always dominated with great radios and build quality compared to samsung…

  • Portsontopftw

    I own a Razr and I happen to like the ports on the top. This is much better for watching movies and other video. If the ports are placed on the left side of the device they get in the way and prevent you from setting the phone on a flat surface. Which makes no sence!

  • when my wife gets this bad boy i’ll be sooooo jealous

  • blarg

    I would get this if it launched around the same time as SGS3 but since Moto/Vzw don’t want to launch any other competing device i will be settling for an for the SGS3. I cant wait another few more months to get rid of my very buggy DX.

  • RussyJo

    Welp, I’M buyin’ it…
    Good timing on these pics and info, i was gonna probably get the RAZR MAXX this week. Would have regretted it.

    • Derek

      Agreed, my upgrade is in August and I was thinking about getting the Maxx, but this will be totally worth the wait. I’m on an OG Incredible haha. Despite the data plans getting changed, hopefully they won’t change before this phone comes out. Anything is possible.

  • This is beautiful. Forget the galaxy s3!

    • HalfwayCrook

      Seriously, the s3 is hideous!

  • BroRob

    What happened to focusing on better quality and less quantity of phones? I’m not saying there is anything wrong with the RazorHD, or the RazorMAXX, or the Razor or the Droid4 or…. see my point?

    • Indeed I do. Agreed 100%

    • MotoLuv

      More phones FTW.

    • paul_cus

      The RAZR has been out since November, the MAXX just had a bigger battery, and the Droid 4 was the slider. It’s alright for them to drop another phone now. They just better not release another one 2 months after this drops.

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    Definitely in on this. Great screen, removable memory, fast, ICS, awesome battery, best radios out there, docks and accessories at launch that aren’t rediculusly priced,a camera that isn’t a joke, and built like a brick shithouse. Yep, that’s for.me.

    • All Assumptions. minues the removeable storage… most others are assumptions or opinions…

      • Philip A. Kaiser

        How are even half of those assumptions and who peed in your Cheerios? Either you are a Gnex fan boy or someone locked into a Charge or Bionic to make that statement. Follow droid-life and you would know that everything I mentioned is true. Well, except the docks but Moto traditionally launches with all docks to maximize sales during release.

  • I was going to wait for a quad-core phone…but this’ll probably be what I buy to replace my Bionic. It looks to be an amazing phone and it will (hopefully) be out before Verizon switches to shared data plans!

  • Everyone just hold off on this device. The Razr HD2 in blue green purple and sunburt orange will be out in 3 months, followed by the Razr HD2 MAXX in 4 months.

    • it already has the maxx battery

  • Derek

    My upgrade is in August, if it was “2 months out” this would be perfect timing! Coming from a Droid Incredible user! Don’t get me wrong, my Incredible has served me well the past 2 years, but this will be a huge leap. So excited.

  • Please, Moto, please, don’t just toss in an S4 chip and call it a day. I want to see some OMAP5 action here. Or if it is S4, at least rock the quad-core version.
    Biggest problem with the S4 in a Moto device is that they would not control the LTE radio specs, since its baked into the SoC. We all know Moto loves using their own radios.

  • Syed

    Does anyone know how thin this one is going to be? It looks as if the hump is like the one on the bionic and starts half way up

  • paul_cus

    I like the all Kevlar backing.

  • This phone will make every phone out there seem ancient

    • radiohead14

      but by the time it might come out.. this will seem ancient

      • Its really upping the bar that’s for sure

  • Guest

    This will surely be my next phone from my Bionic IF it is AT LEAST BIGGER THAN 4.3″, works with my current Lapdock, and I would hope to see it have quad-core instead of the current/old technology of dual-core processing. If it meets these 3 requirements for me, I’m in and will buy it immediately (I would also have to be able to keep my unlimited data and 64GB microSD card too or no deal)!!

    • is anything even optimized for quad core? can you tell the difference between dual and quad? i believe it does support up to 64GB at least…

      • Its just like no one can see any difference between 720 and 1080 but they still want 1080

    • Alexander Garcia

      It is confirmed from my sources who work at Moto that the display will be 4.5 inches.

  • one thing 100% certain, my wife will have this beauty, a pluses no , minuses

    • La2da

      the minus is being married to you, Joe.

  • regkilla

    Looks cool

  • N8shon

    Looks like I’ll be selling my Maxx and buying this one full retail so I can keep my unlimited data plan

  • Dave

    From what we can see there, I think it looks great!

  • Cool… should be out in time for everyone who bought a Thunderbolt at launch to be free of the 2 year contract….. (Lord Knows that TB won’t have ICS by then….)

  • Let me trade in my Razr for this, please? I might even consider paying the difference!

  • hkklife

    Things I like on the RAZR HD:
    -Better build quality overall (full Kevlar back too)
    -Better battery life
    -Better radios
    -New BlurICS looks awesome
    -Standard microHDMI out instead of MHL
    -Revamped Webtop looks sweet

    Things I like on the GSIII:
    -Removable battery
    -16 or 32Gb storage options + microSDHC slot
    -Available SOON & choice of white or blue
    -Likely a better camera and smaller filesizes (8Mp vs 13Mp)
    -.2″ larger screen with no wasted space from a large bezel or onscreen buttons

    If they were both available right now, it’d be a HARD decision but I’d probably go with the RAZR HD due to my history with Moto. However, I ain’t waiting 2+ months for the Moto and misisng out on a final subsidized device to keep my unlimited data. Moto REALLY missed the boat on this one by not getting it out in the April/May/June timeframe.

    GSIII it is for me!

    • sgtguthrie

      You don’t know it’ll have better radios…remember the Bionic? LOL! I know it probably will, but just saying…you don’t know yet 🙂

      • Bionic radios are running extremely well now. Just had a few (admittedly serious) bugs at launch. It happens. New tech comes with growing pains.
        However, if you look back, Motorola is pretty much king when it comes to mobile radios, so the assumption the radios are better is a pretty safe one to make.

        • Just hold off… the Razr HD2 in blue purple and green will be out in 3 months…

    • You absolutely have no idea if teh build quality/Battery/Radios will be better. purely speculation.

      • HalfwayCrook

        Moto always has the best radios and better build quality. His assumption about cameras is pure speculation though

      • chris125

        well since Samsung is using the integrated s4 chip and this is rumored to have it would be funny if they both use similar radios. Nobody will know for sure until they are both out but that could very well be the case.

        • lol this kid thinks that the radio comes with the processor

          • chris125

            No actually if you could read you would see that I said maybe Samsung just went with QUALCOMM radios instead of their own. Reading comprehension for people on this site seems to be a lost skill.

          • so your saying motorola has had better radios in the past by making there own processors, kid your dumb, it is a separate chip and antenna

          • chris125

            Try to call someone dumb at least use proper grammar. Their not there, and you’re not your. Dumbass. Motorola didn’t make their own processor and also you clown moto has yet to use a snapdragon processor on any phone that has came to Verizon let alone one with everything integrated on chip. Same with Samsung. Idiot.

  • radiohead14

    hey Kellex, see if you can get a frontal pic please. =) – hoping it has much less bezel than the current Razrs and NO VZW branding

  • Motosurf

    The back looks a bit like the Note, and the sim tray pin hole thing looks like it’s from an iphone

  • Ubi2447

    I think I just peed a little. I’m very excited for this device.

  • radiohead14

    is that the volume rocker on the side photo? looks too low if it is.

    • NKTizzle

      No, the volume and power button are on the right side. The left has the micro-usb, micro-hdmi, and MicroSD/Micro-Sim slot.

      • radiohead14

        oh ok.. so that strip is the cover for the micro slots?

        • NKTizzle

          Yes, uses a tool like the iPhone uses to remove the tray.

    • Rob

      what ever happened to a camera button..?

      • radiohead14

        right? it seems like Sony is the only maker right now that knows how convenient and needed having that simple button there

        • Rob

          seriously. It’s probably one of the most useful, convenient feature in a phone. I’m not sure why modern tech isn’t using it…blows my mind

  • GapUp

    Google receiving special deals from Samsung for delaying a new product launch?

    Certainly looks like it!

    • Josh Nichols

      Wow how paranoid do you have to be? Motorola has been late to the game for the past YEAR. Get over yourself.

      • GapUp

        Summing up your lame comment ….. There not a Leader….A follower!

  • Sean

    This phone looks pretty sweet. The Kevlar back on the razor is unique but on this it kind of looks like you have an aftermarket case on it. Just sure if I am a big fan yet or not. I just know I want a new phone before unlimited data goes away. My razr battery life just does not cut it and I can not justifiy using my upgrade to get the maxx with all these new phones coming out. Its a race and right now the sg3 is in the lead…can the HD make s move?

  • Nucleartiger

    This is definitely my next phone!!

  • Guest

    What about the screen size? 4.7″????

    Or a standard, common, small 4.3″? Made even smaller by tying up valuable screen space with buttons.

    • Most sources point to a 4.7″ screen, which will end up being around 4.3 of usable space when the onscreen buttons are taken into account.
      On a side note, its hilarious when 4.3″ was “huge” not 18 months ago.

  • nightscout13

    Will it run Crysis?

  • radiohead14

    i need this to come out before VZW screws us out of our unlimited. i don’t like how the S3, a phone i’m not really interested in getting, seems like the only option right now for me. i get that motorola doesn’t want to compete with the S3’s hype, but i think that once they announce the Razr HD.. a lot of people will see this as the better phone.

    ps.. i love how there’s no hump in the back now. looks sleek

    • Josh Nichols

      It won’t come out before unlimited is killed. It will be the better phone until you decide you want blur gone, in which case it will suck.

      • radiohead14

        i watched motorola’s demo of the new blur. i actually like it. they didn’t seem to stray away from stock ICS much, unlike Sense (which i do like also – still have my OG Incredible – but i need a change).

        • Josh Nichols

          I have nothing against blur 😉 it’s just when the time comes and you don’t want to look at it anymore.. you’ll be SoL unfortunately

          • Not really. The Razr actually has quite a few ROMs and themes available. Not even close to the GNex of course, but its enough for the crackflashers out there. The DroidHive guys especially have done a phenomenal job so far.

          • Big_EZ

            Why? I don’t have moto blur on my RAZR Maxx, what will be different. Please don’t say locked bootloader because my locked down Maxx and my old Droid X run ICS and my old UNLOCKED t bolt still can’t get ICS working.

      • MooleyBooleyTroll

        New MotoICE is what AOSP should have been.

        • I don’t know about all that, but its definitely less obtrusive than any other solution offered on a mobile phone so far.

        • Josh Nichols

          Not at all.

  • soremekun

    I will try to wait it out but I am not going to lose out to unlimited data just for this phone. My preference is this over the GS3. But, I will get the GS3 to keep my unlimited.

  • jak_341

    Locked bootloaders and Blured out? No thanks. My GNEX is serving me well. You would be better of with the GS3 than this trash.

  • 2 months away? Why bother at that point. People will have bought Galaxy S3 or iPhone 5 by then. #EpicFail

    • Try Again

      Except that the i*hone 5 won’t be out until Sept/Oct.

    • Tyler Chappell

      Agree, especially considering by the time this phone gets released, it will have been in another market ages ago. And it’s just as horrendous to look at as every other moto phone.

  • r0lct

    I really hope the ATT version hits first and embarrasses Verizon with their contrived release schedule.

    • Josh Nichols

      Makes no sense. People aren’t going to switch to AT&T when Verizon will be getting the SAME PHONE. Carrier fanboyism is super lame.

      • r0lct

        What it’s with people’s obsession with thinking every carrier comment is about people switching?

        It would point out Verizon holds up phones for no good reason. Same way ATT shamed them at charging $300 for an LTE phone that ATT sells for $200 and now does the same.

  • faganm24

    I wonder what the front looks like.

  • I’m still trying to catch my breath….Thank you Kellex!

  • I wonder if it will be sporting an OMAP5

    • Josh Nichols

      Snapdragon S4.

  • Destroythanet

    On-screen nav keys = good, non-removable battery = bad.

    • Rob

      it’s a 3300 mAh battery, when will you ever need to swap a new one in there…?

      • XvierX

        Has that battery been confirmed anywhere yet? I got the razr then dumped it for maxx. I’d rather not play that game again.

  • wickets

    I like the full kevlar and the missing bump and i think its Uber cool that they dont have any physical buttons (cant believe s3 took no hint about that from galaxy nexus….wtf???). For us non techies who start falling asleep at the mere mention of “unlock” this phone i think is going to blow the s3 away

    • Larizard

      if there is one reason that makes me confident of getting the Nexus and not waiting for the S3, it’s the home button. It’s a step back from the Android design philosophies and a step close to another Apple lawsuit.

  • Not real. there isn’t a huge hump on the top of the phone lol

  • Dr_Buttballs


    Also…why is the finger blurred out on the second picture?

  • Any word on what that Silver bar is in the last pic?

    • NKTizzle

      Micro-SIM/MicroSD card slot.

  • End of summer is far too long to wait.

  • RedPandaAlex

    Disappointing that the design cues Moto has been using are disappearing. Moto was the only OEM doing a fairly unique hardware design. Now it’s just another rounded rectangle.

    • mustbepbs

      I think it’s a pretty attractive looking device. The full kevlar on the back looks unique and it looks really thin. I like it.

    • The cropped corners are still there, just not as pronounced as the Razr/D4. I really like it actually. Would love to see the front of the device

  • ck

    So it looks like the back plate is not removable huh? I replaced the battery in my Droid X after 18 months and it was like a whole new phone… not sure if I want to give up on that option.

    • bakdroid

      Welcome to the future. Non-removable batteries now, soon no external SD cards.

  • Liderc

    I like that they’ve made it more uniform, losing the camera hump goes a long way. On screen buttons is a huge leap for them as well, hope that it gets released that way. The shiny plastic rim around the camera dates it a bit, but I like it centered.

  • peege

    What’s the screen size?

  • MikeG

    I’ll be peeved if they just got rid of the nav keys just to make the bezel bigger.

    • chris125

      Probably huge bezel like on RAZR.

  • RedOne1

    The Bionic is out of stock. I don’t know if this has anything to do with the RAZR HD but, I look at this phone and it looks like a Bionic replacement.


  • Another Moto Post… another 10,000 people asking about the Bootloader… come on people. Get over it and Buy Samsung. PLEASE.

    • trollalalala =D but no really… HTC or Samsung. Looks pretty slick, but it won’t be unlockable. No need to wonder. I’m certainly going to show this to the wife. she doesn’t root/rom.

    • JoshGroff

      I’d take HTC or Motorola build quality over Samsung’s any day, you can lock down my phone all you want, I’ll stick to modding my Xoom LTE.

      I’d like my phone to get a signal thank you very much. Even if it means I can’t toy with it.

      • I don’t have any signal issues… but to each their own. I’d never buy a locked device cause I like to tinker. I don’t care that they lock them, because i don’t buy them. I guess I should stop getting annoyed at people that still wonder if they are locked. Also, Blur sucks. =D

        • sgtguthrie

          I thought ICS Blur looked very minimal actually. Did you watch the videos? Doesn’t look bad actually…I’m with you, I’d never buy a locked down device. I hold on to hope that they will unlock them now that they’re owned by Google though 😉

    • sgtguthrie

      I’d rather have Motorola, but won’t as long as bootloaders are locked. Now with a “Googler” CEO, it could likely change. I post it everywhere because it’s important to me in a device, just like there are a gazillion posts about the camera on the Galaxy Nexus, or the screen on the Razr Maxx, or Sense and small batteries on HTC, or radios on most Samsung devices, etc. I see it as the one place that Motorola devices really fall short, so I express it. If you don’t like it, don’t read the comments on Motorola devices because you know it will be there. Sounds like you like Samsung devices anyway 😉

      Oh ya, I WILL continue to post about bootloaders in most Motorola articles I see, wherever I see them. I’ll also always mention bootloaders on their Twitter and Facebook pages too!!! UNLOCK MOTO!!!!!!!!!!

      • Josh Nichols

        Google and Motorola Mobility are operated as separate entities. Nothing will change.

        • sgtguthrie

          I’m sure they’ll stay “separate”, but that doesn’t mean Google won’t have any interest in seeing them succeed. They can still be operated separately, but with some directives from Google. Especially with a Googler CEO 😉

          • Agreed. The new CEO is straight from Google, with a track record of increasing profits. If he thinks unlocking bootloaders will increase sales, you bet he’ll do it.
            Not to mention, they can allay the fears of the enterprise crowd by still encrypting their bootloaders, and only offering unlock through their encrypted servers based on MEID. If you want your BL locked permanently, you just tie that MEID to a business account and POOF, no more worries. I you encourage most serious businesses to use the device with encrypted data partitions (a standard feature on Moto phones), once the phone is factory reset during the unlock, all the encrypted data is permanently lost. Win-win.

      • And you’re even more naive to think that google wants to make motorola their own personal device manufacturer. Thats bad business for android to team up with a specific OEM. If you think that Google bought Moto for anything other than patents, you’re naive. 😉

      • Also, I love moto devices. But i’ll never buy one again. I’ve owned D1, DX, then I quit. Bought HTC and Samsung.

  • Buying it with or without the unlocked bootloader.

  • Looks Rectangular… Looks like an iPhone… /me watches Apple sue.

  • YourFriend

    I chuckled a bit when I saw that this guy censored out his fingers as if they’ll be able to identify him from it.

    • Mike

      lol, exactly. unless the guy is notorious at the moto office for always having poo under his nails or something.

      • Josh Nichols

        I thought you were going to say something like never cutting his fingernails.. didn’t see that poo coming

      • Philip A. Kaiser

        Just blasted a little milk out.my nose. Thanks for that! Lol

    • Josh Nichols

      He has this mark on his index finger. It’s the only index finger in the world with this mark.

  • Pill kozby

    If I can’t put a micro SD card in it I’ll pass

    • bakdroid

      It is not a samsung or HTC so you will be fine.

      • but…the SG3 has SD slot

        • bakdroid

          Yea, but it hasn’t released yet. Samsung’s current crop Gnex, NexS, etc. do not.

          • chris125

            That is because of Google. Their s2 and previous phoned have had SD slot.

          • Josh Nichols

            Those are Google phones.

          • indeed

    • NKTizzle

      You can. Supports up to 64gb.

  • TD

    Looks like a nice phone although I one because of the bootloader policy

  • Tommy Thompson

    Why not just use an MHL port instead of Micro USB and Micro HDMI?

    • bakdroid

      MHL is garbage. USB and HDMI are standards. MHL is samsung/apple (samapple) proprietary crap.

      • Tommy Thompson

        From what I read, it’s a proposed industry standard…not proprietary..

      • HTC_Rezound

        My HTC Rezound has MHL…works like a charm too

    • MHL means more wear and tear on the one port which worries me, and I hate the idea of having to buy a dongle, where a simple cord could accomplish the same thing on every Moto phone since the DroidX

      • Tommy Thompson

        Thanks for giving an actual answer. Do all MHL ports need an adapter? Guessing they don’t make a micro USB to HDMI?

        • The adapter tells the phone that the MHL port needs to change to HDMI output mode, rather than its default USB mode. I suppose in theory you could create an MHL to HDMI cable, but dongles have a higher profit margin, and then the consumer needs to purchase an HDMI cable as well. Nickle and diming accessories, my friend.

  • chris125

    The ports are on the side not bottom.

    • bakdroid

      Pretty sure he meant bottom, side not bottom side. Punctuation is import.ant.

      • Joshua and Bristol Kantor

        there’s a difference between:

        ‘let’s eat grandma!’
        ‘let’s eat, grandma!’

        punctuation saves lives!

      • I see what you did there….

      • chris125

        Your comment makes no sense…

        • Josh Nichols

          I concur.

        • bakdroid

          That is because you are illiterate. Bottom side indicates that it is on the bottom of the phone. Bottom, side indicates it is on the side at the bottom, i.e. kellex wrote it incorrectly.

          • chris125

            Yet I could read the other comments so must not be illiterate. Nice try though:)

          • bakdroid

            reading != comprehension

      • chris125

        Go back and read the article and you will see he said bottom side- not bottom,side.

        • bakdroid

          Go back and read my comment. Clearly I state what he meant, i.e. he was wrong what he wrote.

    • Ubi2447

      yes. but they’ve done that on most of these since the Droid X. I’m not too suprised/

      • chris125

        I know but kellex said its on bottom when they aren’t.

    • mustbepbs

      I was going to mention this that the article is a little misleading until you look at the picture. I was like…the bottom? How is that any bett…OH the bottom SIDE!

  • 2months? Unfortunate. Like these specs more than the SIII. However I hope it’s better to hold than the Droid Razrs out now. Those are completely uncomfortable to hold, much too wide.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      2 Months is unfortunate Because at the end of August all i’ll be thinking about is the New Nexus Line of phones.

    • slops

      but it’s arriving sooner than we all think..

      apparently we all thought april/may and moto through december.

    • The Galaxy Nexus is gonna be just as wide if not wider than the Razr

      • chris125

        Nexus isn’t as wide as RAZR…..

      • sgtguthrie

        Did you mean Galaxy S3?

      • Josh Nichols

        The Nexus AND S3 are all less wide than the RAZR..

        • Not by any meaningful amount. If the Razr is too wide, it’s safe to say the Nexus is too wide, I don’t know about the GS3 but if it’s Nexus sized, which I assume it is, then it’s the same thing.

          EDIT: The Nexus is 67.9 mms wide vs 68.9 for the Razr, that’s 1 MILLIMETER of difference. That amounts to pretty much no difference. And the Galaxy S3 is 70.6 mm wide

          • Liderc

            The Razr has awkward straight edges, that’s why it feels wider. The Nexus has rounded edges so they rest a bit better in hand.

          • Since I don’t death-clutch my phones I felt no difference and I could tell they were about the same width. And the real problem with a wide phone no matter how rounded its edges are is that it makes 1 handed operation more difficult. Yeah the rounded corners and curves make the Nexus more comfortable to grip, but at the end of the day numbers are numbers, and the Nexus is just as wide.

          • Liderc

            There’s a difference between square edges and round edges, I think you can agree to that at least.

            Due to how thin the Razr is(not the maxx), you have to actually hold the edges instead of it laying in hand, which makes the square sides feel wider.

          • sure
            but I don’t agree with the rest of that. I don’t own the normal razr but I have played around with plenty of them at the Verizon stores, and I had no trouble letting it lay in my hand.
            And again since the important part to me is when you have to start reaching with your thumb, both just feel as wide to em as the other.

          • The rest of the shape is important as well. The Razr has sharper edges (no pun intended), so it FEELS wider, especially with its insanely thin frame.

          • I disagree. I[‘m sure depending on how you hold them the Razr digs into your skin more, but I don’t agree that it feels wider for any reason, at least not to me.
            Besides, he said nothing about feel. Width is something you can measure with numbers, and of course you can make something feel less wide than it is, but still the Nexus is just about as wide, and the GS3 is wider.

          • chris125

            razr is to wide due to how it is made with the square look. Hold a phone like the one x and then hold a razr you will see what people mean.

          • I have held the OneX, doesn’t change anything from my point of view.

    • RAZR_is_too_Wide

      Definitely, the RAZR was a horrible design- way too wide! The Rezound is a perfect size to hold, hopefully this one is similar to the Rezound.

  • chris125

    The big question… any word on bootloader?

    • My thoughts exactly…if this puppy comes with an unlocked bootloader and I can get AOSP/AOKP on it…oh yeah!!

      • chris125

        Or at least unlock them like they promised awhile ago

      • Even with locked bootloaders, the DroidHive devs have gotten fully functional AOSP ROMs on the Razr ICS leaks. And with a working kexec, they can even run custom kernels. So, really, unlocking would just be for convenience at this point.

      • Josh Nichols

        It won’t have an unlocked bootloader.

  • Data

    If only you arrived sooner. Using my final upgrade on the sgs3….not ready to start paying full retail just yet.

    • Aryeh Hersh

      Should be able to wait it out – worse come to worse if its not out before unlimited is dead ill just grab the sgs3.

      • sgtguthrie

        Ditto, but I also will choose the S3 over the Razr HD if the bootloader isn’t unlocked or unlockable like a nexus 😉

        • Josh Nichols

          It won’t be.

          • sgtguthrie

            You know that as a fact? Or are you just speculating…

          • Josh Nichols

            What Motorola device save the Droid 1 has an unlocked bootloader on Verizon? People think that because Motorola is owned by Google now that magically the bootloaders will be unlocked. They’re still separate entities.

          • While true, as stated before, there’s no reason that their stance on bootloaders won’t shift along with the massive change in the upper corporate structure.

          • sgtguthrie

            Yes, but the CEO of Motorola is a Googler! I don’t think they’ll unlock previous devices, but going forward I think they will. If not with the Razr HD, in the next iteration of devices. Don’t think for a minute that Google won’t be (officially or unofficially) sticking their noses into motorola and giving them some directives. Motorola was failing financially before the buyout. They certainly aren’t going to just let them fail. They have a vested interest…

          • Josh Nichols

            Yes they have a vested interest.. in their patents.

          • sgtguthrie

            Oh ya, buy the way Motorola Xoom was like a Nexus 🙂

          • BY the way, Xoom was technically a nexus tablet. You think if the xoom had a skin it’d be unlockable via fastboot? Come one man…

          • BY the way, Xoom was technically a nexus tablet. You think if the xoom had a skin it’d be unlockable via fastboot? Come on man…

        • Why choose the S3 over the RAZR HD because of a locked bootloader. Is the S3’s bootloader going to be unlocked?

          • sgtguthrie

            Samsung doesn’t lock any bootloaders. I like to tinker and have FULL control over my device that I PURCHASE. I refuse to buy a locked down device. I speak not only on blogs and forums, but with my wallet too 😉

          • @sgtguthrie:disqus Then I stand corrected. My brother-in-law had a Galaxy S & had a ton of issues trying to root & ROM it, so I assumed it was locked down.

          • sgtguthrie

            It wasn’t, he must have been new to root and modding…it’s all good 🙂

          • Michael Alvarado

            MOTO=BAD A** RADIO’S

  • HUGE, but, sounds powerful, as it should be.

  • chris125

    Glad they moved away from the ugly hump.

  • Finally, a Motorola phone I am interested in. Keep the info coming!

  • Johngi


  • Liderc

    Kevlar again?

    Overall looks better than the Razr, but the Kevlar is just so gaudy.

  • I’d be willing to give up my unlimited plan if they’d just unlock the bootloader!

    • trixnkix637

      Let’s not get carried away sir

    • Josh Nichols

      They won’t..

  • looks pretty jazzy

  • speedysf

    Hmm…is it me or does the side resemble the metal band of the iphone?

  • That actually looks pretty nice.

  • Synaptic13

    Im in…lets pray for a unlocked bootloader program of some sort:-D

    • John

      In a perfect world, yes. In VZW’s world, not a chance in hell.

      • chris125

        Verizon has unlocked phones so its all moto.

        • Agreed. Play the blame game. HTC locks their sh*t up too… but at least they give you an unlock tool. You don’t see VZW telling HTC to disable HTCDev for VZW devices do you? Its all Moto. Nice phones, but eff em.

        • Diablo81588

          It’s a trade off. Verizon says “We’ll give you twice as much advertising if you lock the bootloader”. Is it Moto’s decision? Yes. But Verizon has large part of it also.

      • sgtguthrie

        Why not? Galaxy S3 won’t be locked on VZW, nor are any Samsung phones. Or LG, or Sony I believe. Either way, though VZW may prefer it, they obviously don’t require it. Motorola made the decision to lock AND encrypt their bootloaders. Now that their CEO is a “Googler”, I’m hopeful that will change. I think it will…

        • JoshGroff

          Motorola caters more to business and security than they do development, however, they do release developer devices such as the Xoom to satisfy the small percentage of people who actually care about their bootloaders.

          • sgtguthrie

            You have to remember that they’re OWNED by GOOGLE now…besides, locking a bootloader doesn’t increase security. On most of their devices with encrypted bootloaders they can be rooted with a 1 click root app. That’s more of a security concern than a bootloader any day 😉

            If a company says they don’t care about developers, they’re stupid. Who writes the apps that get installed on their device. As an OEM, you’d be stupid to not want your devices to be owned by developers. We all know developers like to tinker…

        • Actually while they are “owned” by Google, they still operate as Motorola Mobility. They operate as their own Company. Kinda like Kmart Buying Sears, but sears execs staying on to run Kmart and renaming to Sears Co… Only device you’ll ever see unlocked from Moto is a Nexus. Good luck with that.

          • Do you all really think a CEO cares about an unlocked or locked boot loader? Come on have some sense!

          • Larizard

            This fall. Mark your calendars. With other 4 Nexus devices. Trust me.

      • John

        I just like to blame s hit on verizon. Relax.

    • Good one!

    • Almighty phones gods we are gathered here today in prayer……

  • Not sure if want

  • Brett Henderson

    what the devil! The side looks like a Droid X

  • Torn whether I like that look or not…. Its growing on me, though…

  • Looks slick

  • John

    Why are these usually so damn blurry?



    • bakdroid

      Photo was taken by the GNex camera………bazinga!

      • John

        instantostrich . com

        • bakdroid

          Well played worthy adversary….

  • Michael Forte

    How much RAM I wonder?

    • Didn’t say. I’d be surprised if 2GB, but maybe Moto will see what Samsung is doing and try to match them.

  • Please google…please unlock the bootloader! I would buy this in an instant if it were unlocked and dev-friendly!

    • This

    • John

      edit: whoops. i was wrong, obviously.

      • chris125

        Except they all have a nexus with unlocked bootloaders…

        • Moto is never going to release anything with Blur that isn’t locked up. Its their crappy intellectual property that they are afraid of people using/manipulating. I find it insanely hard to believe that Verizon tells Sammy to leave their phones open while telling HTC and Moto to lock em up hardcore.

          • the only thing that the bootloader lock does realistically is keep people from mucking with the kernel, mbr, ebr, stock recovery, and radios. Which 99.9% of owners should leave alone anyway, as they are the only real way to hard brick your phone.
            Blur is just a skin, and becoming smaller and less intrusive with each iteration.
            Moto encrypts their bootloaders because they proabably didn’t want to half-ass it like other manufacturers, and provide the apparent security to lure their enterprise partners into buying their device.

          • I agree with nothing except the security for their enterprise partners =D. I know what the bootloader lock does. Its just a slap in the face. They took a “free” OS, made it crappy with blur and shat it out onto awesome devices that we can’t touch (regardless of how damn impressive 2nd init is, I refuse to call anything on a Moto a “ROM”.. Its a heavily modfied system… period). Why even post kernel source? No one can mess with it? Trust me. I love Moto Hardware. I’d buy Moto phones. If I didn’t disagree with a locked device using an Open OS.

          • Tyler N

            Motorola Atrix… We have real ROMS… Nuff said.

          • Mike M really just hates Motorola and Blur. Pay him no attention.

          • Exactly right (re. enterprise partners) – but it would take a simple program to unlock the thing, or a FXZ file with an unlocked bootloader included. It’s not like they would have to hand us a copy of the encryption keys in plain text in order to accomplish the unlock. What I envision is a system where the warranty simply becomes void once the bootloader is unlocked, and the device becomes ineligible for enterprise use.

          • The Droid X may as well be locked up. That last update really did us in!!

          • MicroNix

            LOL, you’ll never catch me stealing Blur. With an unlocked bootloader and rootable phone, Blur would be the first thing wiped from that phone!!!!!!!!!!! As a matter of fact, I’ll send them their whole rom on a backup if they want it.

          • michael arazan

            lol, people stealing blur. I wished someone would steal blur and post it all over the internet for everyone to see use, or what ever. That would force motorola to scrap it hopefully.

      • sgtguthrie

        And every Samsung phone ever on their network for that matter. They never lock bootloaders!

      • MicroNix

        So how is it that HTC is unlocking nearly every device they put out including ones on Verizon?

    • Josh Nichols

      Google and Motorola’s handset division are still separate entities..

      • sgtguthrie

        Yes, but with Google has a vested interest in them succeeding. You know they’ll either officially or unofficially give their directives to the CEO THEY APPOINTED who has previously worked for Google. If you really think Google will not stick their noses into Motorola (again officially or unofficially) you’re naive 😉

        • Guest

          Your naive to think google or Motorola has any choice in the matter. At the end of the day it is up to the network, not the phone maker.

          • guest12

            Google has alot more pull then the networks Motorola too but if you were any company you wouldn’t want to be on googles bad side. I feel if Google did push the issue then Verizon or any other carrier would cave as android does bring in more revenue that the alternatives out their.

        • Trueblue711

          If Google couldn’t get Verizon to budge with a few things on the Galaxy Nexus, I don’t think they’re gonna have much more success using Motorola.

    • BAoxymoron

      I will buy full price if this bootloader is unlocked

    • Guest

      With 100s of *THOUSANDS* of apps already available… I just don’t need to unlock my device anymore. (Just to gain access to the VERY few additional things it would allow me to do.)