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HD Widgets 3.0 Now Available, On Sale for Only $.99 Over the Next 48 Hours

One of the most popular widget apps out there for Android is HD Widgets and with the bump to version 3.0, the company is making sure that you should check it out. 3.0 brings a new UI that makes laying out your widget just how you like it easier than before and the customization has been turned up off the charts. More colors and backgrounds for each clock means that you can spend hours trying to get everything just the way you want it.

Getting in early also gets you more widgets down the road. Developers Cloud.tv already have a hi-resolution download pack for tablets and they are promising two more new packs within the month. If you are one that can never have your homescreen the same for more than a few days, now is the time to upgrade to HD Widgets 3.0.

Play Link ($.99)

  • got it yesterday and last nite got an update, they messed up the wifi widget, all otheres work but that one, come dudes fix it pleaseee

  • Nklenchik

    4×2 working on anyone elses phone? Says there’s not enough room on my homescreen when clearly there is

  • Frank Six

    I have used all of these, hd, beautiful, etc.. and they are all the same, shyte.
    None has true customisation,The only widget available now that is truly customisable is U.C.C.W.

  • grinch

    Cant place a 4×2 widget on desktop? rooted with liquid 1.4…

  • faber

    like it but didnt work well with widget locker, back to the old version

  • Seriously? The amount of customization on this app now is still below par with Beautiful Widgets back on 1.0. Yes, it’s pretty but if mine looks like yours except a change in color, why should I care?

  • NicholasMicallef

    bought this and Beautiful widgets for 7c each a while ago :D. But I preferred BW so I removed this. I might be trying it again though 😀

    • John

      Ya. I just tried it again & I must say that I’m impressed. They did a great revamp – lots of cool customization on this new version.

  • HD Widgets + ICS update = Xoom owner’s Christmas in June. Thanks for the tip Eric!

  • RGiskard

    This is my go-to widgets provider, awesome stuff.

  • Crby

    Benefits of hd widgets hd beautiful widgets?

    • Tsabhira

      I’d love to know this too, and throw fancy widgets into the mix. I used to use both BW and FW but was always frustrated by the lack of customization (at least enough to make me happy). I’ve been using UCCW since before it hit the market and have been pretty happy with that, but man, the level of tweaking is so high. Feeling like I need a happy medium. Maybe this is it?

    • Why the downy arrow? I feel like it’s a legit question.

  • Timothy McGovern

    I use to change my homescreen all the time but i finally think i found how I want it. I set the home button to open and close the app drawer.

    • Ryan Christiansen

      Looks great. Is that using HD Widgets with just a black wallpaper? If not, what are you using?

  • John

    Eric, you should install AppWidgetPicker to combine all those into a group;)

    It’ll end up looking like this(if you were to use it):

    • akazerotime

      This is down right brilliant. I hate scrolling though all that junk when trying to find something.

      • John

        Got that right. Works great too.

    • From the screenshots, will this work with stock ICS launcher, or is it a new launcher?

      • John

        Pretty sure that won’t work. No way to intercept the widget picking w/o replacing the launcher itself. Why wouldn’t you want to use Nova? It’s stock launcher but with MANY useful options, which you don’t even have to use. =/

  • George Davis

    I’ve had my eye on this … was waiting for the 3.0 version to buy. Can’t beat this price! Thanks for the heads up, going to grab it now.

  • …I JUST bought this three days ago for full price. Oh well, as long as the update is free..

  • muffnman

    Woo! Free update!