HD Widgets 4 is Rolling Out With New Widgets and Updated UI

HD Widgets, one of the most popular weather and clock widget apps on Android, receive a major update today to version 4. The update includes a facelift on the UI, more weather information, and a handful of new oft-requested widgets.

On a UI front, the app now features a slideout menu to make it “ready for Kit Kat and later.” The new slideout menu has sections for active widgets, theme packs, tools/settings, weather locations, guides, and links to other resources. You will also see a new weather screen with a bunch of info above the fold like current conditions, hourly forecast graphs, and daily forecasts.  (more…)

Friday App Sales: HD Widgets, Bass Booster Pro, Osmos HD, and More

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It’s Friday, which always means you will need some new apps and games to keep you busy over the weekend. This week, there appears to be some good titles, including a few classics like Osmos HD, HD Widgets, and Rebuild. On top of those deals, there is Bass Booster Pro (an app that will more than likely give you the effect of some Dr Beats in your ears), Glory of Generals HD, and Adventure Bar Story.

To see the full list, check below.  (more…)

Colourform by HD Widgets Leaves Beta, Available on Google Play


The Colourform theme pack that HD Widgets first introduced back in February is now finished, out of beta and available on Google Play. The theme pack features over 50 different widgets, all of which look like they were built specifically for Jelly Bean and Android 4.2 (think the lock screen clock). They carry a flat style, Roboto font, and the minimal design that current Android design language emits.

Everything is so much cleaner in Colourform than the standard HD widgets. If you are familiar with HD Widgets, you’ll know how customizable each piece of a widget is, this is just a much simpler theme than you are probably used to. We’re no longer stuck in the 90s where themes all carried a default glossy glass texture.

You can color everything from icons to text to separators to the background to individual clock items. There are now more than 50 quick settings as well, including WIFI signal strength & network name, battery level & charge, weather stats, and device storage.

If you are interested in a new look, or one that matches up to stock Jelly Bean, think about Colourform.  (more…)

HD Widgets 3.8 Released – Supports New Colourform Theme, Which is Actually Beautiful

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HD Widgets, one of the most popular clock/weather/settings widgets on Android, received an update today to version 3.8. In this update, support was introduced for their new theme called Colourform. As you can see in the screenshots above and below, Colourform matches up to the styling of Android 4.2, something we’re big fans of.

As with most of their widgets, you are able to tweak the background, opacity, tiles and textures, and theme of the actual clock. In the screenshots below, you’ll get the best view of this new Colourform theme. For whatever reason, they are only calling this a “test” theme, but going forward this should make HD Widgets more open to additional themes.  (more…)

HD Widgets Updated, Support for Android 4.2 Lockscreen Widgets Added

One of the features that we are currently on the fence about, is the introduction of lockscreen widgets for Android 4.2. We have heard the argument that widgets should be for a homescreen, and a lockscreen should be just that, a lockscreen. If you do happen to want widgets on your lockscreen though, why not have pretty ones that you can customize? The makers of the HD Widgets have updated their app, which now supports for the adding of their widgets to the lockscreen.

You can choose between different clock widgets, system setting widgets, and other various layouts. If you’re running Android 4.2 and want to try it out, go pick it up in Google Play.

Play Link ($1.99)

HD Widgets 3.0 Now Available, On Sale for Only $.99 Over the Next 48 Hours

One of the most popular widget apps out there for Android is HD Widgets and with the bump to version 3.0, the company is making sure that you should check it out. 3.0 brings a new UI that makes laying out your widget just how you like it easier than before and the customization has been turned up off the charts. More colors and backgrounds for each clock means that you can spend hours trying to get everything just the way you want it.

Getting in early also gets you more widgets down the road. Developers Cloud.tv already have a hi-resolution download pack for tablets and they are promising two more new packs within the month. If you are one that can never have your homescreen the same for more than a few days, now is the time to upgrade to HD Widgets 3.0.

Play Link ($.99)

HD Widgets Version 3.0 Coming June 7, Preview Trailer Released

The developers of HD Widgets have been hard at work preparing to launch the newest update for Android users. The next iteration looks pretty impressive and has a ton of new features and Ice Cream Sandwich goodies baked in. Down below is the full list of what we can expect in the new 3.0 release:

What’s new:

– massively vivid easier-to-use app UI
– built for new themes & add-ons
– customizable switches
– universal apk (ready for modded tablets)
– ICS native (built on sdk 15)
– more weather services
– even more colors & clocks
– multi-location weather
– device specific User Guide
– show/hide widgets in the main menu

You can pick up the current version of HD Widgets in the Play Store for $2 and it has been a constant on all of my tablets for quite some time. There are lots of options and different widgets to choose from which definitely makes it worth the two bucks in my opinion.  (more…)